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Found 11 results

  1. Here we discuss the nature of people. Do you believe humans are inherently good or bad, and why? Or do you think something entirely different? Is everything circumstantial? Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? To start the discussion, I think part of what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to empathize. We use this to "put ourselves in others' shoes," and this acts as a deterrent to what we consider "morally wrong" actions. People who lack the ability to do this (effectively or at all) wind up being sociopaths of varying degrees. Basically, we are all selfish to a point, but the location of that point depends on who you are. I consider myself to be a loose realist. Discuss
  2. Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me, go to my shop here: So, before we get into the pricing and such, a few terms to consider: I WILL: Draw any canon MLP species (ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, etc.) Draw felines or canines not related to the MLP universe Draw couples of any orientation Draw kissing, cuddling, hugging Draw OCs Draw humanized pony-related characters ONLY IF you have a reference Draw mild gore/violence (discuss with me to determine limits - I'm pretty open with this one) I WILL NOT: Draw pornography/sexually explicit content or fetishes Draw very complicated machines or related items (just not good at it) Other rules/info: All prices are in USD. All works include a free simple background (see examples below). Highly detailed backgrounds will cost an extra $5-10 depending on the complexity. Each extra character costs an additional $5 (for sketch and line art commissions, an extra $3). I can draw traditionally (pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor) or digitally -- please specify which you would prefer! I can draw either in my own style or in a show-accurate style -- please specify which you would prefer! Here is what I mean: Okay! Now that all that's out of the way, here are your options! $30 Flat Colors examples: $35 Headshot examples: $45 Shading examples: (the CMC and "Happy Birthday" ones have free simple backgrounds; two unicorns with the rainbow have a $5 bg; other pieces have $10 bgs) $75 Reference Sheet examples: I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested in any of these please let me know and we can discuss! ^^ Of course the more I have to do the longer your commission may take depending on where you are on the list and how detailed you want your piece to be. Thanks for taking a look! If you want more examples of my work, or want to see the work above at a higher quality, you can look at my DeviantArt! Current queue: (none)
  3. Last night I began piecing together an AU work that I code named "Dragon Lord Spike." Spike is not the Dragon Lord in this image, but he is a feral dragon who was never adopted by ponies. In the scene, Spike looks on as Princess Twilight appears through a portal in the sky. He is standing in an area of Equestria that the dragons have attacked and set on fire. I call this a work in progress, though the majority of the work has been done. There are some things that need to be touched up, like the alignment of Twilight's wings and the light level on Spike. I'm also not fond of the area around Spike's neck. Something about that seems off to me. Any feedback you can give would be much appreciated. Anything that you might notice that needs to be fixed? This is the first time I've ever used image editing to create a scene like this from scratch, so I'm sure there are plenty of errors I've overlooked. UPDATE EDIT: Updated this with the image in the actual post. I've gotten no response at all on this, so I'm assuming it is because I provided the image as a link.
  4. I don't believe in accepting or escaping reality, I believe in changing reality. This is why I am a brony, someday I want to create stories about people you can look up to and inspire too.
  5. I've been tryign to draw horses for as long as I can remember and it's only been in the last few months that I've actually gotten anywhere with it!! I'm pretty astounded as to just how far I've come with it but there's still a lot of improvement to be done, so if you have any tips for me please share. (Note: Some of these are drawn on iscribble and are of poor quality)
  6. So this is one of my drawings, hope you like it! It's a glass of water... Hm suddenly that sounds familliar I'm sorry the image is very small, I can't make it any bigger
  7. Latest art in months, the rest are not finished yet. So here you are, non-pony art though, sorry.
  8. Haven't uploaded awhile in here... So as you can see, it's a little combination of realistic background with PONIES! That's right! Ponies, explosions, action. What a joy Link to a wallpaper Hope ya like it! -K97
  9. Hiya, I suppose I wanna share a pony drawing that I've had in progress embarrassingly long time :'D I started it back in December or so and I haven't touched it since. But I think I want to get it started again now. Anyway, here it is so far. I've used a regular mechanical pencil and a 2H graphite so far And plus, I have these two slightly older drawings I did that I still am just so dang proud of and can't help but show off These were also done with just a mech. pencil (HB) and 2H. For some reason I love to be very sparse with my materials in my pony drawings. I do not suggest doing this :'D So, hoefully I will be posting some actual new stuff soon. Thanks for looking!
  10. Well, I'm relitively new to being a brony but I've been 'arting' for quite a while. I've got a side account on dA that's ponies only and it shares my username here. (to anyone interested, I take point commissions. Three slots are open, though I need to make a proper price list.) Sometimes I plush too. Those aren't for sale though. Le bump with moar art? < "Tea Pony" runs his own tea shop here in ponyville and Rarity is a frequenter of the little place. Of course "Ghost Pony" goes there too! Once in a while even Octavia and some other more famous ponies stop by for a nice quiet drink. However, when that happens, "Tea Pony" gets a tad nervous. GAAAAAAAAAH Rarity's hair was a nightmare D: It's still not right! How do you all do it?! As for the way "Ghost Pony" is sitting.. Ionno. Maybe she saw Lyra and got curious? Artwork, Ghost Pony© me, ~Pamuya-Blucat, ~MetalGearP0n3 Tea Pony© ~ZanTheHawk MLP FiM© Hasbro
  11. Made my first fanfic at my Brony friends' requests! As for a basic description: Twilight writes a Shakesmarean Sonnet for Princess Luna in celebration of her 1200th birthday, but it is returned to her with negative criticism. Luna subsequently offers to introduce Twilight to more modern writing styles and philosophies. During her lessons with Luna, Twilight discovers the philosophy of realism to be depressingly fascinating, and decides to start writing realist-styled prose. She soon begins pondering the point of her existence. She comes to believe that ponykind has no purpose at all, driving her to become depressed at her insignificance. Can her faithful friends stop her feelings of uselessness before she's driven into doing something radical? Would love any input on the first small chapter, and any advice on how to improve it