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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone! Sorry I've been really inactive on this site for a while, but recently I've discovered a nick for digital art, so I made no one other than, Vladimir Putin! I'd really like some feedback on my art. Also, who should I paint/draw next? (The Picture I used for Reference) This is my second attempt at making digital art, and this is probably the best art piece I've made in my entire life.
  2. Crystal Prep is shown as a prim-and-proper academy in the Friendship Games movie, populated by over-competitive, apathetic students and administered by a stern Principal who will do anything to uphold the academy's reputation. In regards to its cartoonish portrayal, I wonder what would Crystal Prep be like if it were more realistic, and how would its students and staff behave likewise? Also, how would they fare in the real world?
  3. So this is one of my drawings, hope you like it! It's a glass of water... Hm suddenly that sounds familliar I'm sorry the image is very small, I can't make it any bigger
  4. I mean, like super real, looking life actually ponies, and custom made. Not like a Breyer model painted to look like the Mane 6. Would there be a market for anything like that? Is anyone doing it already? How much would you be willing to pay for one, or all six?
  5. Do you like realistic or unrealistic fan fiction? Well as realistic as a story gets where magical Ponies are present. I like a story being realistic at least in terms of the reactions of a characters and people. Unrealistic story example, Applejack kills her whole family and everyone is Ponyville doesn't give a damn. A realistic example would be Applejack facing life in prison. Another example of an unrealistic reaction that would only happen if Human or Ponies had the mindset of Teletubbies in a weird parallel universe, Evil Conversion Bureau Ponies attacks the Human race and want them to be turned into Zombie Newfoals, and Humans is all like "We won't even fight you! Because Humanity sucks!" That's like saying Humanity in Mass Effect would welcome the Reapers attacking Earth because "we suck". Realistic example, the moment the evil TCB Ponies let humanity know what their intentions are, almost the entire Human race would go apeshit and war would be immediately declared. Whether one side or the other wins, depends on the type of TCB Ponies that are attacking and the type of Human defending, multiverse and all that stuff.
  6. Since I am a huge fan of CASTLE and Nathan Fillion because his first name is the same with mine. There was a school assignment on drawing your favorite actor, realistic... I love realistic. Well, I think my realistic skill got rusty.
  7. Hiya, I suppose I wanna share a pony drawing that I've had in progress embarrassingly long time :'D I started it back in December or so and I haven't touched it since. But I think I want to get it started again now. Anyway, here it is so far. I've used a regular mechanical pencil and a 2H graphite so far And plus, I have these two slightly older drawings I did that I still am just so dang proud of and can't help but show off These were also done with just a mech. pencil (HB) and 2H. For some reason I love to be very sparse with my materials in my pony drawings. I do not suggest doing this :'D So, hoefully I will be posting some actual new stuff soon. Thanks for looking!
  8. I would like to introduce you all to a game I've been playing a lot lately called Receiver. "What is Receiver?" Receiver is an Indie First-person-shooter developed by Wolfire Games, who are also the developers of Overgrowth. "Ok, what's so special about Receiver compared to other FPS games?" The main thing that sets this different from other FPS is the gun mechanics. In most FPS, interaction with your gun is often limited to just firing and reloading the weapon and perhaps using certain attachments that are fixed on the gun. For this game, it is much more complicated than that. There are many ways you can interact with the gun, you can interact with the slide, the hammer, the safety, the magazine, and more. You can pull the slide back to make sure that the round is chambered, you can add and remove individual bullets to and from each magazine you possess, and many more ways to interact with the weapon. There is no HUD (Heads-up-display)in this game to tell you how many rounds are left in the magazine that is currently inside the gun. The only way to find out how many bullets are left in that magazine, is to eject it from the gun, and to then inspect the magazine for yourself. "This sounds interesting, tell me more." This video should fill in the rest of the information about this game. http-~~-// "What do you think about this game?" The gun mechanics in this game is something I don't think I have seen before in a video game. the way the pistol works is very complex, I spent about the first 10 minutes in-game just standing in the first room just simply finding out how the gun worked, and how many ways I could interact with it. But that isn't in anyway a bad thing, eventually you memorize how to reload the gun without the help system. This game was literally made in just 7 days, and for a game that took just that long to develop, It's fantastic in my opinion. "Can I have a link to this game?" Unfortunately, Receiver isn't free, but it's very cheap, 5$ to be exact. In my opinion, the game is really worth the money. I would probably even pay double the price. (But don't tell the developers that.) Here's the link to buy Receiver.
  9. Has anyone here heard of Accel World? well Its a anime that is near-future world that has neural link that people have. There is a world called Accel World that is a secret among its players. The players get a powerful ability called "Burst link" which their minds accelerate at super speeds and have a advantage in the real world. If you want to see this anime, its available on Hulu for free to watch (yet there are ads but they are not so bad) What do you think of this anime?
  10. I drew this about 2 years ago. The entire thing was done with a regular mechanical pencil.
  11. That is probably the best FiM trailer. Ever. I didn't make it, it was made by the talented starrose20 FANTASTIQUE.