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Found 8 results

  1. (Link to my page where my OC called JellieDelly is. (also yes its a weird name.): --->Link!<--- ) (This will be a bit weird. Ill respond in both real person form and Pony form. So uhm... yeah. As i always say! DON'T QUESTION IT!) Okay!... Lets... uh... do this?
  2. 1. She's fabulous 2. She's such an individual 3. Her voice 4. Her singing 5. Her mane 6. Her mane is purple 7. Her eyes are best eye model 8. She's creative 9. Generous 10. She's got diamonds on her butt 11. Glasses Rarity is kawaii 12. Her sister is best filly 13. Art of the Dress is an amazing song 14. So is Becoming Popular 15. Heck, any song she's in is enhanced by her voice being in it 16. She knows Karate 17. She's clever 18. Personality is complex as hell 19. Best quotes ever 20. 'But I thought you wanted whining!' 21. 'I'll destroy her!' 22. Crystal pony design is the best thing ever 23. Made a hat out of 3 pieces of hay and a drinking straw work 24. Totally shined every moment she was in season 3 despite not having any dedicated episodes 25. Best EqG design 26. Can always tell when her friends need help 27. Has a cat 28. Was awesome as Princess Platinum 29. She's just gorgeous, okay? 30. She's a unicorn 31. The only remaining unicorn in the Mane 6, in fact 32. Her butt looks good with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on it 33. Best wet mane 34. Still looks good with her tail cut off 35. Element of Generosity is best Element of Harmony 36. Dat white coat 37. BFF with Fluttershy 38. Totally owns a douchey prince 39. She's girly but not overly so 40. Has the best VA on the show 41. Best facial expressions 42. She is the answer to the universe 43. Her relationship with her sister is amazing and realistic 44. Doesn't want to be anything like her parents 45. Owns and lives in a boutique 46. So beautiful she has a dragon fawning over her 47. Says fabulous a lot 48. Is friends with 5 other awesome ponies 49. Is just awesome whenever she's on screen for the most part 50. Her name is Rarity
  3. Here are some of the more "odd" reasons why I like MLP besides the usual reasons like "they're cute" or "the characters are well developed", etc. I first really took an interest in the show because of how good the animation was for Flash. I was like... Working with Flash in the past a little bit was something I really enjoyed. I understand what's going on from a technical standpoint because of it (e.g., symbols, tweens, keyframes, etc.) MLP has some of the best animation I've seen for a flash cartoon. I sometimes like to think about what the animators may have done to animate a certain action/scene that interested me for one reason or another. I also was able to pretty quickly guess correctly the truth about Derpy's origins- as confirmed in an interview by animator John Martin Wong. (Derpy was made as a joke- it was just an error that she was visible in the final episode) I also like the movement of quadruped (or four legged) animals. Basically how they walk/run- kind of in the same way I like how an engine in a car moves/works. The reactions that intelligent animal characters can portray in addition to normal human reactions is something I really like also. What I mean are reactions such as slinking down/cowering when scared, happy jumping (like a dog for example), showing teeth when angry, lowering ears/head when sad, and other quirky things animals do. For some reason I also really like the blank stare/confused look of a crowd of ponies. It just looks kind of dumb but funny at the same time to me. So do any of you have some odd reasons for liking Ponies/MLP or am I just a weird rock here?
  4. Hello! So I have been wondering, (just like the title says) when and why do you use the forums? I think this could be a useful thread because it could allow people to spread the word about something quicker or so that more people see something important. Anyways, Thanks!
  5. So there are some characteristics that standout from her character to me. Those would definitely be caring, passionate, self sacrificing, patient, and smart. We don't get to know much about her from the show's standpoint asides the fact that she is the elementary teacher. They never really have shed light upon her past too much either. So here's hoping they give her the spotlight in a upcoming episode and not like hearts and hooves day that was a funny episode but it seemed kind of forced. I began liking her character a lot from reading several fanfics on her character and *not Cheerilee's Garden*... Artwork by philo5 Gorgeous picture btw Well its artworks like this and from one of the fanfics I read. It almost seems like Cheerilee is one of those characters who is really under-appreciated. Going back to the episode where the CMC remarked to her and was surprised she did not have a special somepony her facial expression idk felt like it gave a bit more depth to her character then. Like she wears a happy front at times but inside she may not be happy with herself. *Quoted from philo5* " Cheerilee never gets invited to parties. She wasn't at the Gala or the wedding and I can't recall any other party in which she was present. And she stayed home on Nightmare Night. Anyway, this (in my mind) would be her dress she'd wear if she ever got an invite to a party. It took a long time to get this design right, or at least to a point at which I could say, "Yep, that's a dress Cheerilee would wear." Obviously it's based heavily on her colors and her cutie mark. It's OK, Cheerilee. For now you'll just have to go back to a world of making lesson plans, grading homework, bratty students, snobby parents, and intrusive crusaders. And not having a special somepony. Just keep up that brave and cheery facade and things will turn around for you eventually." So yeah those are a lot of reasons I like her character a lot :3. Some ways I see myself kind of like her maybe so... All in all I did not expect to make this long at all but I let myself get the best of me xD! Have one last awesome drawing! Artwork by TwilightFlopple
  6. AJHunter

    Why a blog?

    Hey guys. I decided to start a blog, mostly as a place to write out and develop ideas, which I have a lot of, and to give updates on projects I'm working on. However, it'll probably just degenerate into me posting random crap and, eventually, forgetting I have a blog. But until that happens, I'll try to update around once a week with something meaningful and original. So, until I stop being distracted by the general chat thread organize my thoughts on some ideas I'm nursing, enjoy this propaganda!
  7. Just a video I made to show all those that are curious about the brony movement or those that dislike MLP why we like it... At least, why I like it. It may be evident why we like this wonderful series, but sometimes, it just needs to be said. Just promoting the community in a good light!