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Found 28 results

  1. As you many of you know this already, the super bowl's commercial released a teaser trailer for The Twilight zone Reboot by Jordon Peele. I'm pretty excited about this actually, not only because The twilight zone is one of my favorite old show but Jordon Peele is a horror cinema's genius. After a successful movie "Get out" I knew Jordon will be a perfect candidate to make a reboot of the Twilight Zone. now... I hope this is not a "super bowl" joke but I believe it's legit. The series will be aired on April 1st. Free feel to share some thoughts on this.
  2. Hey. You know what really grinds my gears? Reboot titles. We all know that Hollywood shoots out reboots like a rapid-fire crap machine. Some of them are actually good and warranted, though. Many are grave injustices. But what annoys me to no end is when they give the reboot the exact same title as the original! No subtitle, nothing to differentiate it! This drives me f*ckin nuts, because you constantly have to describe which one you're talking about. Dates are ascribed to movies and games just to be able to tell what we're talking about. Take these for example: DOOM. Are we talking about this: Or this? Star Trek. This? Or this? Tomb Raider. This? Or this?! Ghostbusters. This?! OR THIS?!! I think I've made my case. Give them a frigging subtitle! Tomb Raider Origins, Star Trek Reborn, y'know, something like that! Instead we have to call them Tomb Raider 2013, Ghostbusters 2016, New Star Trek, Abrams Star Trek, sh*t like that. AAARRG!!! It burns me so much!! I had to type in the dates or "original" just to find the right images on Google! AAAARRRR!!!! Franchises that did it right? The Dark Knight, Man of Steel. What a novel idea. They didn't just call it Batman, and Superman. Now we know what we're talking about. The moral of the story is give reboots a different title or a subtitle, god dammit!
  3. When I first heard about the Duck Tales reboot I was a little skeptical, I mean most reboots aren't (to put it nicely) very good or anything like the original. But today I found out something that makes me want to check it out :David Tennant has been cast as Scrooge McDuck! I know, this doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be good or like the original, but anything with the Tenth Doctor is worth checking out! I know I'm going to check it out, but what are your thoughts? Here's the link to the original article:
  4. [MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD] I don't know how many people remember the old Reboot cartoon where people known as sprites lived in a computer system known as Mainframe, but as far as I'm concerned it was one of the most well written animated shows of all time (and one of the earliest CGI shows). The other day I had this horrible dream that they brought back Reboot as a live action series that was basically a ripoff to Power Rangers and had almost nothing to do with the original series. And the worst part of the dream is that they waited until the finale to bring back the original characters and the fans of the original show were portrayed as basement-dwelling neckbeards. Good thing that was just a dream. Oh wait....
  5. So in the past two years I've noticed Disney seems to be on a roll with a modern revolution. Instead of coming up with new fascinating, original ideas, they have decided to revive old iconic classics and remake them in live-action format, with voice casts featuring new and old members (given how some older ones have died and child voice actors are now adults with deeper voices). Some will stick stitch-by-stitch to the original movie's storyline, while others will be spinoffs or reboots centered around one character. Honestly I'm not sure how to feel about this. Given the incredible new technologies that have come into the world of filmmaking, the idea of all those simple hand-drawn 2D cartoon characters being reimagined in realistic 3D seemed very exciting for both Disney and their fans - well, some of them. Others are more on the lines of "Why bother with stories of old? Yeah they were amazing then, why try to make them more amazing now? Like, what's the point? People still watch 80s and 90s movies in 2018 and will continue to do so!" What do you guys think? Is this Reboot Revolution the right way to go for Disney? (The teaser trailer for Dumbo was briefly #2 Trending on YouTube earlier this week) Here are some of the movies that will be revived in live-action: Dumbo (following the original storyline, with some possible twists) A sequel to the 2016 The Jungle Book movie A sequel to the 2014 Maleficent movie Peter Pan (following the original storyline) Tinkerbell (her backstory) The Lion King (following the original storyline) Aladdin (following the original storyline) Cruella (villain backstory/childhood) The Little Mermaid (info is very loose - i.e. voice actors saying that they'd like to play certain characters)
  6. I heard on the radio today that Netflix is rebooting Lost In Space. For you youngins, it was an old TV show from back in the '60s. A new pilot came out in 2004 but wasn't picked up as a series; you can watch this on YouTube. There's also a movie that came out in '98. The DJ asked the listeners, what classic TV show would you like to see come back as a new series, and I thought I pass that along here. So what would you like to see come back? Me? I'd like to see a new Green Hornet series. I really liked the original that came out in the mid-sixties. It starred Van Williams and Bruce Lee (his first TV role). It was made by the same folks that produced the Batman series, but GH was a bit more darker and dramatic. I also saw the GH movie and really liked it, even though I think it bombed in the theater, and would like to see the same kind of characterizations. I also though Time Tunnel would be cool, but time travel's been done to death. Than I thought, how 'bout Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, but that's already been done as SeaQuest DSV.
  7. Hi everypony, I was wondering what different forms of MLP merchandise everypony has been enjoying lately? Unlike many I actually love how the new brushable ponies look, even better than before! What do you guys think?
  8. As you all are aware, it seems this generation of My Little Pony is about to come to an end, with a new generation coming in 2020(Wish the Simpsons and Family Guy did the same thing). But that being said, I had my own idea for a My Little Pony reboot. I call it "My Little Pony: Orphans of Equestria." The series would be much darker than Friendship is MAgic, with a color scheme inspired by Steven Universe. Also Backstory: Equestria. A place where Ponies of all sorts trot and gallop their way through. A place made of Magitek. Magic-based Technology. But under all that happiness lies a system rotten to the core. Once Equestria had Princesses and a Parliament that ruled with a kind spirit. It is now ruled by Chancellor Abacus Cinch, with an Iron Hoof. The whole world now lives in a facade of harmony, with non-Pony species being rounded up into slave camps. Note: With the exception of Nicole Oliver and Iris Quinn, every Pony will be recast in terms of Voice Actress Celestia Del Sol(Ideal Voice Actress: Nicole Oliver): The Main protagonist of the story. Long ago, Celestia and her sister Luna were cast out from Equestrian Leadership by Abacus Cinch. Since then, she has dedicated her time as caretaker of orphan ponies, with her assistant Sunset Shimmer at her side. But deep on the inside, she is building up a rebellion to save her own kingdom from Cinch. Since then, she has been on the look out for her sister Luna Della Notte Sunset Shimmer(Ideal Voice Actress: Will be recasted. Some ideal actresses include Britt McKilip, Chiara Zanni, and Sophia Ewaniuk) The assistant to Celestia. Long ago, Sunset Shimmer lost her parents to a horrible house fire, and has been adopted by Celestia as a surrogate daughter. She sees the world as a cruel a bitter place, all while Celestia tries to reassure her that it's far from it. Abacus Cinch(Ideal Voice Actress: Iris Quinn): Chancellor of Equestria, now its sole ruler. She overthrew Celestia and Luna to become the ruler of Equestria, even going as far as to abolish the Parliament. Her dream is to create a world where only the strongest Ponies rule, and everyone else is used only for mining out all the resources of the entire planet. A cold and cruel leader, she stops at nothing to gain what she wants. Twilight Sparkle(Ideal Voice Actress: Will be recasted): An orphan unicorn child. She is seen by Sunset Shimmer as more of a younger sister. It is said that she is one of the six children of Harmony that serves as the means of protecting the innocent from evil(Take a wild guess who the other five are). She is more upbeat and full of life compared to Sunset. Starlight Glimmer(Ideal Voice Actress: Will also be recasted): Another orphan unicorn child, and the younger sister of Twilight Sparkle. She was traumatized to the loss of her own parents and has trouble readjusting her life. Sunset and Twilight do what they can to help out their younger sister. Tempest Shadow(Ideal Voice Actress: Ashleigh Ball): The number one soldier of Abacus Cinch, and the leader of Cinch's Templars(Basically a form of a Secret Police). She is as ruthless as her master, and will stop at nothing when it comes to enforcing her rule of law. Diamond Tiara: In the original, she was the spoiled rich alpha bitch of Spoiled Milk and Filthy Rich. This time, she is the daughter of Abacus Cinch. Unlike her previous counterpart, Diamond Tiara is more of a Spoiled Sweet teen who wants to see the beauty of the world, only for her mother to keep her isolated from the rest of the world. She dreams of breaking out of her only home so that she may see the world. Little does she know, she plays a part in the rebellion against her mother. Discord(Ideal Voice Actor: Scott McNeil or Vic Mignogna): The Guardian of the Everfree Forest, Spirit of Chaos, and a long time friend of Celestia. He is also the surrogate father of Fluttershy, a timid pegasus who's afraid of stepping out of the forest. Nightmare Moon: A Dark entity who was defeated long ago by Celestia and Luna. Since her defeat, her physical form was split into a number of artifacts that contained a small portion of her power. It is said that Cinch is fusing these artifacts into Luna Della Notte to create a new Nightmare Moon. One important change is that Canterlot is no longer the capital of Equestria. This time, it's Maretropolis, a giant Magitek Mega City bustling with Pony activity. CAnterlot and Ponyville returns, but serve as smaller cities this time around. What are your thoughts on my idea? What would you add to make this appealing?
  9. Reboot of this thread Rules: 1. This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty! E.g. What I say goes. 2. Heh. Every inch of my work is flawlessly calculated. Look at the perfectly understated silhouette. How can you not see the beauty!? E.g. Don't try to move the plot along, I'll do that. 3. This is subtracting from my arts and crafts time. E.g. If your going to be away from the rp for over 1 week, let me know. Otherwise your character gets removed from the rp. (Ranks being in order of importance) ThunderClan Medicine Cat- Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- WindClan Medicine Cat- Silver Fur- Old silver she cat with green eyes (Blood Drops) Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- RiverClan Medicine Cat- Ice Flower Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- ShadowClan Medicine Cat- Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- P.s. You thinking that the leader is most important? You is wrong. If a leader is lost, the deputy replaces, if they are both lost then the most senior warrior would take over. If a medicine cat is lost, then the other clans would need to provide medical cat training to one chosen by star clan. Medicine cats are ranked the same as 'Teller of the Pointed Stones' or Healers
  10. Now that Samurai Jack is over, do you think Genndy Tartatovsky will do a Sym-Bionic Titan reboot?
  11. I am pretty sure everyone knows by now, but MST3K is getting a reboot! Joel Hodgson has completed the KickStarter and said he got new actors for the new reboot of MST3K!
  12. So Netflix announced a while back that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back with another series directly to Netflix. I myself am excited cause I love Mystery Science theater 3000. Are you excited? Here's a preview of the new series
  13. I really despise this reboot. The original show was golden until seasons 5 and 6 (they were alright, but they really weren't the same show) but this reboot is just half-Clarence, trendy garbage. Tell the story! Don't break your neck trying to make it trendy and for this generation! Who cares?!
  14. According to this, not only will Duck Tales will be in CGI animated, but there's a possibility that two other well beloved disney cartoons in Darkwing Duck and Kim Possible. Personally, while I'm pleased to hear this possible news, however at the same time, I'm worried how they're going to treat these reboots as: 1. Duck Tales: easily a top ten cartoon for me as it was Duck Tales that first jumpstarted the renaissance the cartoons in the 90's had despite being a late 80's show. It was really one of the first cartoons in the 80's to break out of the whole 'use cartoons to advertise toy products and little else' that plagued alot of the cartoons in the 80's by being a quality cartoon. 2. Darkwing Duck: An underrated cartoon that was one of the better spinoffs from Duck Tales. Sibsy loves this cartoon. 3. Kim Possible: Considered one of the few good disney cartoons in 2000's and many considered the best of the bunch till Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls showed up. MLP analyst Ilovekimpossiblealot loves this cartoon. Thus when doing a reboot, it risks making these shows worse than what the originals are and it could damage these lofty opinions that were garnered for their effort and work. Look at Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go as an example of how a reboot can ruin a classic. On the other hand, seeing how serious Disney wants to cash in on the huge success of cartoons this decade is a good thing and I hope it can continue that trend in the 2020's in a good manner.
  15. There are many games in this world that, while being really good or having very unique concepts, they are forgotten about in time. Tis' the circle of life for some video games and it is a sad thing. There are games that are sooo awesome yet never see the light of day again. Here, we can share some of these. What are some games that you feel should be revived for modern day? It could be as simple porting the game to new systems or full blown remakes or sequels. Here are a couple for me: Windjammers A Neo Geo arcade game that was essentially a take on Pong, but it looks friggin' awesome. I never actually played it but I discovered it recently on YouTube and this is a game that I feel would be amazing today, even if it was just ported. It looks incredibly frantic, fast paced and fun. Stubbs the Zombie This was a comedic zombie game where you actually played as the zombie. The gameplay, while seeming simple at first, was addicting as you would create a zombie army throughout the levels to dispatch of foes more easily, as well as having your own combat abilities as well. I feel like this game would be a massive hit in the modern day and I am surprised that Microsoft has not brought this one back.
  16. So after 20 years since the original aired we're getting a new incarnation of a show that many of us grew up with. I was a big fan of the original as a kid, I'm looking forward to this reboot. Unfortunately, not all news is good. We still have a year to go before it comes out and it's already causing drama. Members of the original cast and crew (Like Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, Craig McCraken) aren't happy with the fact that Cartoon Network hired new voice actors and have been going on twitter posting angry and passive tweets. (Some of these tweets I'll link below) Now, I have to say this. Seriously? This is a reboot, yes? What the hell were you expecting?! This kind of stuff happens all the time whenever there's another entry in a franchise. I mean, yes, It would have been nice if they had asked the original VAs but I'm not expecting them to go around asking every single VA from the original show. This is a new generation, it's a fresh slate. This happens all the time whenever a franchise gets another entry. It's been nearly 20 years since the original aired, this isn't a shock. Allow me to throw in a comparison guys. As you all you all know, I'm a fan of multiple franchises. The ones I bring up mostly are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Spider-Man and Batman. Look at how many incarnations of those four there have been. You might get one VA back, maybe a couple more if you're lucky but you're not going to get the whole cast back. This is really nothing new. I know I bring up TMNT a lot but the comparison is fitting. When the next generation of TMNT comes out I'm not going to expect Rob Paulson, Seth Green, Sean Aston and Greg Cipes to voice the Turtles nor do I think that the original voice actors from the '87 series (Rob Paulson, Townsend Colemen, Cam Clarke and Barry Gordon) should be the only one to voice the turtles. It's the same here. You can't expect the same voice actors to voice the same characters all the time. I think this was really immature of the original cast and crew. I expected better behavior from Tara, Lauren, Craig and everyone else partaking in this tantrum. EDIT: My apologies to the original cast. If it was just Tom Kenny coming back, I'd still think they'd be over-reacting but since they brought back more VAs for the supporting cast and even the VA of one the main villains, now I see the issue. I still take issue with Lauren Faust and Craig McCraken's tweets though.
  17. He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there... Danger Mouse, one of the heroes odf my childhood, got a reboot on CBBC. Judging from the first 2 epsiodes I watched, it is amazingly well done, slightly modernized, but still keeping the classic's charm.
  18. As we all know, reboots and terrible, money grubbing sequels are rampant today. I just watched the preview for this Terminator Genisys nonsense. You know, it feels like they're making fun of their own franchise. The whole movie looks like one big internet meme joke. Rather than coming with asinine ways to keep franchises running, it might be nice if they used that money to...idk...come up with something new, perhaps? You know? And then there's the reboots. Not just reboots, but reboots of reboots. Hey, now THERE'S and idea! They should reboot Reboot! Anyway, I believe I heard they're planning an Alien reboot. Wouldn't surprise me. That's really sad. I wonder when the Blade Runner reboot is coming? *shudders* So, my question is, what movie do want to see be made? Or, what movie do you think should be rebooted? I want a reboot of Dune. That's a movie that really deserves a modern, proper, good version. The orignal wasn't very good, imo, and it tried to cram too much into too short of time. We need a version that's about six hours. Like, two 3-hour movies. So what do you want to see?
  19. Hey so I heard a rumor that they were considering rebooting the old TV show chaotic and decided to go and log into my old account on the game, sadly as it turns out that is impossible because it shut down about a year ago. anyways I was just wondering if anyone on these forums used to play it, and if so would like to see the game or series started back up again?
  20. In case you missed it, Cartoon Network announced a little while back that The Powerpuff Girls are getting a reboot series, due sometime next year. While we still don't have footage, the fact that CN hasn't completely forgoten where it came from is great news. Hopefully, they get someone competent to do it justice. Who knows, maybe this means FiM will have some competition in the "girl power" arena.
  21. Inspector Gadget is back, this time in CG. A new reboot from the FiM house themselves DHX Media is coming later this year. An interesting fact, Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) will be the new voice of Penny. It doesn't look too bad, the CG is nice and energetic, and it looks to do a decent job bringing the show to a modern era. Though, Brain looks cheap as hell TBH. Here's what it looks like. It will premiere on Teletoon in Canada, and Boomerang everywhere else as part of the channel's new relaunch.
  22. Is anyone happy or angry or unsure that there is a reboot on the Powerpuff Girls. I'm excited since I'm also I huge fan of the Powerpuff girls!
  23. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time of year again. Nottingham's turned into Miami, resulting in an invasion of Wandering Spiders. So naturally, my brain is operating a lot slower and even less stable than it was previously. Moving on, after the Drama of last week, I felt we should sit down and review something again. Though in this case, this is more of a first impressions video, since the show is currently on a Mid Season hiatus (because America - if Egypt is the source of all evil, then America is the source of every bad idea ever). That being said, Max Steel. Let the Nostalgia flow. First, a little background - the original Max Steel was a early 2000 era show based on the Mattel action figures of the same name (who were the spiritual successors of their "Big Jim" line. This is even referenced in both shows, with "Jim McGrath" being the father of the Protagonist). It was also a Gregg Wiseman show. Yes, THAT Gregg Wiseman. If this isn't a memory jogger, I'm not sure what else is short of sitting your brain next to an electric chair. To give a short hand summary and review, the original Max Steel focused on the exploits of Josh McGrath, a nineteen year old professional athlete who thanks to an incident involving a killer cyborg, nanomachine gunk and an energy infusion gained superpowers, and thus became Max Steel - a secret agent working for N-TEK, a counter intelligence agency his adoptive father is in charge of. The show could be summed up as "smart people sometimes do stupid things". In a more sparse bullet pointing however: The first season is the ONLY season I'd strongly recommend people watch, with the Wisemann magic on full display. The second season is watchable, but I don't consider it up to the standards of the first season. It didn't help that a lot of bad habits (such as disappearing cast members, who were written out without an adequate explanation) started to surface here. The third...should be avoided at all costs. Really.It probably goes without saying that only the first season made it to DVD. The second and third Seasons have only been commercially released on Sony's own Crackle network. However, given Max Steel is very much merch driven, I am inclined to think that the original's seasonal rot was not a result of Wisemann having too much power or anything of the sort, but rather executive meddling on the half of Mattel. It didn't help that the original show went through three different animation studios during it's run - the first season was made by Netter Digital (whom I know nothing about), the second was made by Foundation Imaging (of Godzilla and Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles fame) and the third was made by...Mainframe Entertainment? Yes, THAT Mainframe Entertainment. Oh we fell of our rocker since ReBoot, Beast Wars and Shadow Raiders, huh? Mainframe would continue to animate the show even after the TV Series officially finished, which resulted in seven TV Movies and 37 "Turbo Missions" (later retitled "N-TEK Adventures") - a series of short, one minute episodes which were made solely to keep Max's presence alive. If you are wondering why you've never seen any of them, there is a reason - both the TV Movies and Turbo Missions were only broadcast in Latin America (So don't even try looking for an English Dub). This means that the new 2013 show - which we're looking at today - is the first commercial outing for the character in thirteen years if you're not from Latin America. Which is probably going to present some confusing aspects for people like me, who were big fans of the original show when it first aired. That is, if you can survive the fact they changed everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. The new Max Steel is pretty much set up to show it off as "not your granddaddy's Max Steel". Instead of the premise above, we now follow 16 year old Maxwell "Max" McGrath, who has just moved into Copper Canyon with his mother, Molly. Unfortunately for Max, things get a whole lot crazier when various organisations take note of the fact he's one of the few people capable of naturally generating and controlling Tachyon Unlimited Radiant Bio-Optimized (or TURBO) energy (I wish I was making that Acronym up). After being taken in by N-TEK (one such organisation, founded by his father Jim McGrath and currently ran by Commander Forge Ferris, Max's Uncle and a friend of his late father's), Max shortly meets up with Steel - a tiny sentient AI about the size of a phone who can link with Max to harness his energy and use it to fight crime and what have you. ...If you're seeing the similarity between this and another show, you're not the only one. It's very clear that this "Reboot" is aimed at the Ben 10/Generator Rex crowd, and the show does little to hide it. While I can't make too many comparisons having not seen either show (and having no desire too after seeing Man of Action's episodes they wrote for Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) so correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the Omnitrix - the little gizmo Ben uses to transform into his alien forms - work on a similar principle? To elaborate a little on that previous point, in the older show Max's probes were controlled with a little wrist device that allowed him to "Go Turbo", gaining boosts to his strength and agility for short periods, had a cloaking mode that wouldn't look too out of place with Prophet, Alcatraz or Nomad ("Stealth Mode"), enhanced hearing (which did not require any energy) and could change his appearance (used to his advantage to toggle between "Josh McGrath" and "Max Steel"). To contrast, Max...uses Steel to turn into various different armoured forms (a Strength Mode, a Flight Mode, a Scuba Mode and a Speed Mode have all been used so far) and can project holographic clothing (though one must wonder what material is helmet is made from, since it provides as much protection as a non holographic helmet). If the newer version doesn't sound like the Omnitrix or what have you, then I don't know what does. Before we go on, . Listen closely. ...Yes, that is freaking Shining Armour playing Max. His buddy Steel may also be the same voice actor as Claptrap. ...Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not Max Steel. This is The Hilarious Misadventures of Shining Armour and Claptrap, and I will now refer to them as such (it doesn't help that yes, Max likes surfing and Chilli Dogs, as confirmed by a conversation between him and Steel. Oh Friendship is Witchcraft...). You have seen this, and now you cannot unsee it! Nor can you unhear it! Now I can see why some of these changes were made. The "Going Turbo" business was perceived by some to be a metaphor for steroid and illegal substance use, at a time when such practices was a constant public issue, among other things (in personal opinion, if you look hard enough into anything you see what you want to see, so this line of argument is a little weak). However, some of the changes are very, very strange. Most of the villains so far (specifically Elementor, Extroyer and Toxzon) all originate in the TV Movies, though their backstories have been altered (Elementor for example is now four individual beings, rather than one superpowered being who can morph into different elemental forms), and thus unless you saw those movies (and your an old time viewer like me), it's going to leave your head scratching your post. However, some information leaking in suggests the return of Dragonelle, Bio-Constrictor and Electrix from the original show (how concrete this is is open to debate), and Miles (formerly John) Dredd (please note that John has the correct spelling of Dread as his last name) is around... ...Despite Mattel stating that the show "still retain the name, but feature different characters, villains, and an entirely new storyline". If that's the case, why bring Dread back at all? I know this guy is a totally different Dread (John Dread was more of a Chessmaster, while this Dredd appears to be more of a straight up supervillian), but still double standards much? If we're reintroducing some of the classic villains, then where are Psycho and Vitriol in all this? Is Psycho off auditioning for the role of the T-800 or something? "Ready for my close up, Mister Cameroon." While we're on the subject of what doesn't work - the soundtrack can't make up its mind if it wants to be Dubstep or Drum & Bass. It's horrendous to listen too, and while it may not incite the same excruciating physical and psychological pain and agony like the songs in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic does, we may have a contender strong enough to knock that horse off its throne as Worst Soundtrack. It's not all bad though. I really like the rebooted N-TEK, even if their uniforms look like a Global Agenda team who all decided to play Poison Medic that day. They're shown many times to be just as competent (if not moreso) than Shining Armour, in a genre that would usually delegate such an organisation to being almost entirely ineffectual outside of Shining Armour and Claptrap. There's also significant mystery to keep watching the show...meaning that the side characters effectively outact Shining Armour and Claptrap. Heck, Commander Ferris even gets some of the best lines, and is a sufficient enough badass to make me wish his voice was that of the original Command & Conquer Commando (I should call him "Frank"). Also I found the episode "Supermania" to be mildly amusing. Then I shoot myself in the foot as it's the only time the Humor really worked and something I'd expect out of a better show (i.e: Reboot comes to mind almost immediately) Overall, the show Average. Run O' the Mill. Cookie Cutter (though I wouldn't say "Designed by Committee - see Avengers Assemble for that). And I think that's it's biggest problem right now. It also represents one of the biggest problems in media today - "modern standards". The same modern standards that mean only GRIMDARK Superman is profitable, where show legacies are repeatedly urinated on by writers who simply don't give a damn, and which leaves me with one simple question... ...What exactly is it doing differently from Ben 10? Until The Hilarious Misadventures of Shining Armour and Claptrap can make up its mind, I have been your GABEN, and I will see you next time.
  24. Well after seeing the Superman reboot movie known as Man of Steel that was directed by Christopher Nolan, was a pretty good movie with CGI fighting scenes and spectacular special effects probably the opposite of what the critics say about the movie. Let's look at the cast: Henry Cavill - Clark Kent/ Kal-El Amy Adams - Lois Lane Michael Shannon- General Zod Kevin Costner - Jonathan Kent Russel Crowe - Jor-El So, let's cut to some of the pictures of the movie also.. WARNING: Be warned, there are spoilers inbound in this movie. So if you haven't seen the movie, don't read this if you haven't. So if you want to read this, feel free to do so. Here comes the pictures: General Zod played by Michael Shannon. Who was sent into a black hole, for murdering Jor-El and crimes against Krypton. Superman/ Man of Steel walking out of this Krypton ship. Superman battling one of Zod's evil forces in Metropolis. Superman taken into custody by the military to turn in Superman to General Zod. Jor-El on his final moments of Krypton before the planet was destroyed from the core. Well, if you want my opinion on this movie. I think that the movie showed pretty amazing fight scenes, and it basically followed the comics in some scenes. It may have surpassed Superman Returns, but it could not surpass the first Superman movie. There will definitely be a sequel in the works.