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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to start making pony stuff like apps, games and animations, but I don't know where to start or what programs to use! If you could help me out, I'd really really love that! Thanks lots!
  2. Howdy folks! So I have never seen any kind of anime ever and I'm curious as to why it's so popular. What shows would you recommend I watch as an introduction to this type of show? I'm thinking of watching a few episodes to see what all the fuss is about!
  3. Anypony know of some good fanfics about a character getting shrunk? I only like ones that are not sexual, so as long as the story isn't like that I will take a look at it! I don't really care about genre (except romance mainly for the reason I mentioned before). I really would like the help! Thanks
  4. This is a thread where you can recommend addons on the Workshop (Or manual install if you can find some that work) for Garry's Mod. I thought this would be useful because the Workshop is an absolute mess of everything imaginable and since a lot of us have similar taste it would be nice to be able to recommend/share Workshop addons. And also for the manual addons because they're simply hard to find for Gmod 13. Make sure the Addons you recommend are working at the time of the post where you recommend them! Also specify if it is a manual install or workshop addon.
  5. I've become a little interested in Spider-Man lately, but I don't know where to start (in terms of cartoon series). When I looked on Netflix, about 7 different results showed up! Which one would you guys recommend to introduce me to the Amazing world of Spider-Man? (PS: I heard Spider-Man is a brony. Yeah...)
  6. Hi, I'm looking for an anime or a fanfiction meeting as close to what I'm looking for as possible. Bronies are among the kindest people I've ever met and rarely do they judge other people for who they are and what their interests are, so I figure this is the place to ask. ^^ I'll be totally honest with you.. it's going to take some avid anime-watching / avid fanfiction-reading experience to understand the following, but for the possibility of some of those people finding this thread: I'm looking for: ecchi / comedy / fantasy / violent / entertaining b/b romance. - Probably only want a fanfiction if it's got ponies! - Either an anime or a fanfiction will do, I'm not picky. - Doesn't need to include every single one of those aspects, but the more the better! - I'd HIGHLY prefer b/b. Hopefully you understand. - Doesn't need to be clop or hentai, I just like it a little bit pervy if possible. (To-Love-Ru absolutely NAILED this). Something around the lines of To-Love-Ru, or Please Teacher!, except b/b. Hell, it would make my day to find out there's an anime with Kei x Rito LOL. Sorry if this is in the wrong catagory, btw. Anyway, shoot. I'll consider all suggestions, thanks.
  7. I've taken to listening to podcasts lately, and was wondering if there are any podcasts that you guys listen to, and would recommend. I'll get the ball rolling with my personal favourites: Major Spoilers/Critical Hit/Top Five These three are lumped together because they're all run by the same site, and feature the same hosts (with a couple of extra in Critical Hit). Major Spoilers is a podcast about comic book news and reviews, and has led to me reading a lot of stuff I might not otherwise have found, as well as helped me with last year's christmas shopping. Critical Hit is an actual play D&D podcast, and is not only an interesting story with a great DM, but inspired me to start a regular game up with some friends. Top Five is exactly what it sounds like; a show in which the hosts give their top five in the episode's chosen topic. What makes these three shows great is the hosts, they're knowledgable about the subjects, have a good presence and personality behind the mic, and are usually pretty funny to boot. I recommend giving any of these three shows a look over at Major Spoilers. Filmsack Join Scott Johnson (of Extra Life fame), and his fellow hosts Brian Ibbott, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan as they mine the very depths of film entertainment. Each week, they pick a film (usually from Netflix, though as the UK lineup to Netflix is different from the US one, it doesn't make a difference to me) and watch it, they then discuss it at depth, often going off on random tangents. The podcast is great for film fans, and it's obvious that the hosts are all film buffs, but it's also a funny show with lively and enjoyable hosts. Check it out here. The Nerdist This podcast, hosted by Chris Hardwick, is generally based on interviews with various celebrities, nerd icons, and interesting people. Interview might be the wrong word though, as they feel more like a conversation, and often wander off in odd directions. Worth a listen due to a great lineup of guests, and some really interesting stories (such as the time Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller fame, once wrestled a naked midget in a pool of corn starch). Find it here! Talking Toons Talking Toons is hosted by Rob Paulsen, voice of Pinky, Yakko, two of the Ninja Turtles, and a whole host of other characters. It focuses on interviews with his friends in the voice acting industry, and has had some really interesting and funny guests. The behind the scenes stuff is fascinating, the guests are interesting, and since they're all his friends, the tone of the show is very relaxed. Check it out over at Rob's site. So those are my recommendations, what about you guys? Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?
  8. Hello everypony! Ever since joining this fandom I have been a fan of the shipping fictions written about these lovely ponies. I have since found a craving for more than usual and thought that I might seek assistence from my fellow bronies. This thread is meant for recommending good shipping fictions to eachother to help sorting out the bad works than is bound to happen in a fandom as huge as ours. With that said, this thread is ONLY for SHIPPING stories, meaning ROMANCE between the ponies, because these are the ones hard to find when searching for quality reads. What I'm looking for is people with taste, be it unique or a common taste in romance. I would like everypony to think of this thread when they uncover works that they consider worth reading. If they stumble upon a new story that they found interesting. You should also post your existing favorites, telling us which stories you have enjoyed the most. Please try to restrain from posting self written works unless you actually find it to be a good read, this is not a thread meant for you to be noticed, but for fellow romance lovers to share good stories. A system to sort these fictions so it's not just a huge collection of names everywhere would be this (template can be found in spoiler): Name: Example Ship: Which ponies have a relationship in this story? Tags: Romance, Slice of Life, Adventure, Sad, Comedy (The tags shown on sites such as Fimfiction.) Global rating: The rating it have gotten on the website you found it on Personal rating: x/5 (What's your opinion on it compared to the global.) Content: What's the fiction about, and try not to spoil anything for the future readers. Why I like this fiction: Again, try not to spoil any major content of the story, give examples such as "I like the use of canon events" or "I love the way the author catches the atmosphere" or maybe "I really think the author have got the canon character's personalities spot on" Rated: Mature / Teen / Everyone. If the fiction contains mature content, be sure to adress how saucy it goes, not everyone is interested in clopfictions. Is it only a tongue kiss? Or suggestive actions without actual intercourse? Be sure to warn, but don't go indepth if it contains NSFW stuff. Status: Incomplete, Complete, On hiatus? Link: Where can the story be found? <><><><> I will start with some of my own favorites. These are three of my top fives and all contain a little different themes just to have some variation from the start. Name: Two's Company, Three's a crowd. Ship: Vinyl Scratch x Octavia (main ship), Lyra x Bon Bon, Twilight x Trixie Tags: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life. Global rating: 1597 tumbs up, 48 thumbs down. Personal rating: I'll give it a solid 5/5. It's my favorite story so far and have made my cry several times for reasons you will have to discover yourself. Content: The story is about Vinyl's and Octavia's relationship. They have their ups and downs, but they stand together to fight through it. It comes as a shock for them when they get news of an unexpected visitor in their life and will therefor have to adapt to this new aspect. Why I like this fiction: It's well written, follows a nice and steady pace. The characters personalities are well unfolded and the interaction between them are nicely done as well. The whole concept of the story is cute and very catchy, I found it hard to stop reading when I had first started. It's long, but the chapters are fairly short. It evolves around a single story line that's filled with usable content and unexpected turn of events. Rated: "Everyone" on Fimfiction, but I would personaly say "Teen" for suggestive context and semi-dirty jokes. Link: <><><><> Name: Teardrops and Snowflakes. Ship: Twilight and Trixie. Tags: Romance. Global rating: 511 thumbs up, 20 thumbs down. Personal rating: I would put it somewhere around 4,8/5. Content: The story is about Twilight harnessing secret feelings for the showmare Trixie, worried about what have happened to her after she ran away form ponyville after the Ursa Minor incident, Twilight sets out to find the azure blue unicorn to find out how she really feels about her. Why I like this fiction: I personally never liked Trixie until I read this fiction, it gives a nice background story for the change to a sweeter and more caring Trixie. I really like how the story was pulled off, the author seem to have found it easy to bind all actions together and make the story flow smoothly. The character interaction is also nice while the whole relationship is pulled off very well. Rated: "Everyone" on Fimfiction. Link: <><><><> Name: Until You Met Her. Ship: 2nd person ship between "You" and Rainbow Dash. Tags: Romance, Comedy. Global rating: 751 thumbs up, 15 thumbs down. Personal rating: 4,5/5. Content: You, a pegasus with a rare conditions hindering you unable to unable to walk on clouds nor soar through the sky, stumbles upon the rough and interesting blue pegasus by the name of Rainbow Dash. She invites you to a certain show after hanging up posters by your house and you are cought up in an event that will change your whole life. Why I like this fiction: I personally have a huge love for 2nd person fictions, being able to live oneself into a character is something I've always valued highly. This fiction does that very well by not revealing more about you than necessary to complete a long and intriguing read. The author have created a nice scenery for this whole event and have managed to catch Rainbow's more feminine and loving sides. It's well written overall and the story line flows smoothly until the very end. Rated: "Everyone" on Fimfiction. Link: <><><><> And that was my starter on this topic, I hope everyone will be able to follow the "rules" and post quality stories that are worth our time to read as well as not spamming the thread with useless posts of "READ THIS STORY, IT'S SO BUCKING GOOD". I made this thread and template in hope that people will contain their advertising of stories to a tolerable level. Thank you for reading this far and please, remember to post newly found works here if you find them worth reading.