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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to start making pony stuff like apps, games and animations, but I don't know where to start or what programs to use! If you could help me out, I'd really really love that! Thanks lots!
  2. I made this post for two reasons, 1. Just to see the community favorites 2. To find a good show to behold Favorite Anime- FMA, Trigun, Angel Beats, Soul Eater Favorite Manga- D. Grey Man, Fruits Basket, Death Note
  3. This thread is a mix of a personal channel list collection for me to stop by as well as some recommendations for the community. I was actually quite hard looking for some until I found some non-music and non-sick-brutal channels, as youtube didn't show me the ones I was interested in for quite some while. Meanwhile, this is way better, also because of likes etc. I did there, so I am mostly getting videos recommended I do like to watch. But the start was pretty clunky. Feel free to post some other channels. Requirements for these in general: Friendly videos, non-brutal/splatter/sadistic, somewhat similar to the show I guess. AgrolChannel: ForgaLorga: I personally feel ForgaLorga and AggrolChannel might be very similar with each other, doing mostly MLP animations (not sure if ForgaLorga does so himself or only collects some) without much dialogues. Flufflepuff: - A popularity by himself about a very flurry, cute albeit not smart earth pony. I haven't really watched the following ones much, but they look promising: StormXF3: ^ Doing some videos with ponies put in RL videos to tell a story. AlStiff: MintyRoot: Single videos: - Basically a show-level (or above) episode. Have to see other Flaming Rich videos yet.
  4. I have been thinking about getting into Anime but I don't want to watch one that is sexual (like nudity or sex) or overly violent ( a little action is fine though) or graphic (like blood and gore). Any recommendations? Thanks
  5. So, okay, let me just say this isn't for me but for a friend who has not seen season 5 yet but only wants to watch the good episodes from this season. Off the top of my head, I can show him The Cutie Map, Slice of Life and Make Friends but Keep Discord. Are there others you guys can recommend for him?
  6. Anypony know of some good fanfics about a character getting shrunk? I only like ones that are not sexual, so as long as the story isn't like that I will take a look at it! I don't really care about genre (except romance mainly for the reason I mentioned before). I really would like the help! Thanks
  7. Good morning, everypony! Guess what time it is? It's time to announce the winners of the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest!!! First of all, I want to apologize for scheduling this latest contest during what proved to be a very inconvenient time for people. Even with the contest extension we gave, we still got only about half as many fics as we usually do for these things, largely because many folks were busy with end of the school year activities. But the good news is we still got some really swell fics, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit them, they were all a pleasure to read for sure! Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest!!! Winners First Place: Crusading For Eternity by TooShyShy Without a doubt the most all-around well-written entry of this contest, TooShyShy's Crusading For Eternity is a lovely little one-shot that poses a simple yet troubling question: what if one of the CMC (in this case Apple Bloom) didn't get a cutie mark even in adulthood? How would she find her purpose in life and cope with the fact that she has to keep searching for her destiny? The tone of this fic is very somber throughout, but never to the point that it's depressing. It genuinely feels as though Apple Bloom's going through the pony equivalent of a midlife crisis; she feels a lot of despair, evidently, but that despair does not manifest in over-the-top dramatics, but rather, weariness. This fic earns the way it makes you feel about these characters, and I for one was sold on accepting this as a possible scenario for AB in the future. Short and sweet, Crusading For Eternity is definitely worth a read, and more than worthy of nabbing first prize in our Spring Has Sprung Contest. Congratulations TooShyShy, and thank you for the wonderful read! Second Place: Cutie Mark Wishes by Silver Letter Our second place entry, Cutie Mark Wishes by Silver Letter is without a doubt the most ambitious entry we had. That's not just because of it's length, but rather because it works with both a very original character and original themes. Cutie Mark Wishes follows the tale of Ribbon Wishes, a young mare from a family of fortune tellers (whose special talents really are fortune telling) who goes on a journey of self-discovery, learning along the way how to accept her for who she is and share who she really is with the rest of her friends and family. If that sounds generic, trust me, it isn't, not in its execution at least. This story is very much Silver Letter's own creation, and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. While it's a bit rough around the edges at times, it most definitely earned itself our second place prize, and I'd recommend you all give it a look if you get the chance to do so! Third Place: Legacy: Double Rainboom by nx9100 Our third place entry comes from a fairly new writer, but it's very well written and makes for a fun and exciting read from start to finish. Legacy: Double Rainboom follows the story of Lightning Dash, a young pegasus colt who sets out on a coming-of-age flight test with a pegasus pony very familiar to us all. Along the way, they encounter all sorts of danger and adventure, and there are certainly some tense moments in this fic. While the main character had some OP/Gary Stu-ish qualities to him at times, overall he's still very likable and his energetic personality is very infectious. Definitely worth a read, and most definitely worthy of our third place prize. Honorable Mentions As I said before, we didn't have too many other entries in addition to our winners, so I'd like to thank both of our other submitters for their submissions and taking the time to write them. The Crusader's Crystal Quest by norcalforneigh/Digger2335 and Touch by Twilight Phantom were two very different but still very good fics. While not quite as good as our winning entries, both made for enjoyable reads in their own unique ways. The Crusader's Crystal Quest is a pretty silly but still very fun adventure tale that follows the CMC getting up to their usual escapades and shenanigans in the Crystal Empire, while Touch was a fairly dark and sad but also hopeful tale of a young filly who's had rough life discovering what makes her special. Both definitely warrant reads, and I once again thank their authors for taking the time to write them for our contest. I look forward to reading more work from all of the writers who submitted entries to this contest, and hope to see you all continue to hone your increasingly-impressive writing skills. Well, that about does it for this contest everypony! It was a lot of fun to read all these entries as usual, though again I apologize for scheduling it at an inconvenient time. The next contest hopefully shouldn't be quite as troublesome for people to participate in, and in fact, is just right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled this week everypony for a very special Poniverse summer fanfic contest announcement. We'll be looking to have some major community participation in this one, and hopefully some snazzy prizes to offer ya'll as well. But that'll be for another day; for now, a big congratulations once again to our winners, and a big thank you to all of our submitting authors. You guys are the best. Have a great day everypony!!!
  8. So I'm dating a girl who's really into anime, and I mean into it. XD I've seen fair share of it myself (A little of Kill La Kill and such) I'm trying to get into Sword Art Online right now, but are there any other shows you anime experts feel like are worth my time?
  9. I bought a ps3 6 months ago to get into JRPG's from the console's release till now, I like action/turn based JRPG's but not so strategy RPG's. Can you recommend me some games?
  10. I think there's a book section, but I saw no posts and it didn't let me make a topic so, I'm posting here. It seems to me everyone is posting about music, t.v, etc. so I feel a bit out of place (maybe just me). This is meh first topic/thread, so don't leave me hanging :'( I've read some pretty great classics like Call of the Wild, Edgar Allan Poe stories, Great Expecations, The Odyssey, Animal Farm, etc. I guess in highschool, you're required to read the classics (but I still enjoyed them) and next year I'll be rquired to read Rasin in the Sun (I'm also in Pre-AP English). I hope to become an author and write great books, and I figure these Classics were so great that they passed on down to our generation. So what's better to read (and learn from) than the Classics? So, I'm just making this to talk about the Classics of literature, how they influence your writing, what would you reccommend, etc. You can talk about anything on here, about all types of writing(from poetry to screenwriting, everything), just keep the book discussion on stuff you either really love(so much so they're your favorites), and mainly stuff that are considered Classics. Try not to discuss things too "mainstream" or modern. Just some rules: - no manga/anime - Respect and no flaming - try to give feedback, ask questions, make comments, give writing advice, etc. This is gonna be sorta like a "club" thread, so if all goes well, people will reply more and always find something interesting here to talk about - to join this "club", all you have to do is participate regulary, get to know people, and have a good time To "leave", all you have to do is stop posting. - Keep the books discussed PG-14 or lower; if something is past PG(aka Parental Guidance)*, then state so. - Keep discussion PG-13 or lower(no signifigant detail il; be courteous to younger viewers - no advertising - if you wanna have your writing critque, do it at the right time. Do not critque one's writing by posting, but do it by PM - Rules subject to change * = have been changed/modified for better understanding My booklist: Harry Potter series, Nurse Matilda(book that inspired Nanny Mcphee), A Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Time Machine (H.G Wells), The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, 3 Muskateers, etc... I reccommend: The Adventures of Pinocchio--- The original 1883 Italian book, long before all the adaptations. Very good read, and my favorite fairytail, as good if not better than the 1940 movie. (free ebook) or
  11. I was wondering if any if you guys could recommend some anime to me since I've been getting into watching it lately. as for the things I like in animus are interesting characters, action, steampunk, little bit of humor. as for ones I've already watched and loved. attack on Titan, full. full metal alchemist and I've been starting to watch blue exorcist. so with that pls leave some recommended for me thanks
  12. Yeah, so my 3DS could use some new games and my wallet could lose a little weight. Any games you guys can recommend?
  13. I was looking for something to read, and I thought a book recommendation thread would be totes kawaii - I could tell everyone about my favorite books, and they could tell me some of theirs! You'll get something new to read, and so will I. It's a win-win! Here's my recommendation: A Long Way From Chicago and A Year Down Yonder, both by Richard Peck Genre: Humor A Long Way From Chicago documents the nine summers that siblings Joey and Mary Alice spend with their eccentric grandmother in a sleepy Illinois town. It takes place before and during the Great Depression. In A Year Down Yonder, which takes place a few years after the first book, the Great Depression is over and Mary Alice goes to live with her grandmother for an entire year. Both books are hilarious, lighthearted reads, and have earned a Newberry Honor and Newberry Award, respectively. My pathetic recommendation does not do these books justice - you have to read them to find out how awesome they are. So what are your favorite books?
  14. Well, Summer is here, and with that, comes the new summer line-up of anime that keep anime fans on their toes about what's hot and what's not these next 12 weeks. However, there are many, many, anime out there that many of us have never heard of. The plethora of anime in a diversity of genres can be daunting for fans that have already have quite a list of anime they've watched behind them, but do not know where to go next due to their particular overall likes and dislikes (such as I). There are quite a few die hard anime fans out there that check out just about everything that comes out (like Digibro), but there are those who try to stay in a smaller niche of anime, because they may not have the time to check absolutely everything out. Me, I don't want to spend all my free time seperating the wheat from the chaff, and thus due to my current overall "meh"-ness towards this summer season, I am at a loss for what to watch. I am sure there are other anime fans on here that run into the same problem, so let's dedicate this thread to helping one another find entertainment in anime that we may have never heard of or tried before! To help out, we should list a few anime that we adore, a list that gives others an idea of what we are looking for in terms of genre and story that also tells us what you have already watched. For those with long lists, that may get difficult because that can get overwhelming, but we can try our best. Secondly, we could ask about what we are in the mood for in terms of genre, because depending on how we are feeling in our own lives, we may not want certain anime at any given time. Thirdly, dub or sub? We all have our preferences, and though an anime may not have a dub, that doesn't mean you should skip it if you prefer dubs. Forthright, be open! Anime goes all the way back to the 1960's (if not earlier) and there is SOOOO much there to check out. Sure, older anime may be harder to find and may not even have a dub, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot if others have seen it and recommend it! For those responding, be specific to who are responding to. Hopefully, this thread will get a bit more people than I enquiring about what to watch. Everyone has different tastes, so it's best to mention people if there are multiple askers and you can answer for more than one person. Also, give a small description if you can or link to MyAnimeList the summery. Makes things easy and quicker that way. And remember, we all have our own knowledge in anime, and though some stuff may not be correct, corrective criticism should be encouraging, not demeaning. We are all fans here, so be respectful. For me right now. I really want to watch Psycho Pass because of Digi, but I am not for gore/violence at all. Ergo Proxy got me into technological future-centric anime, and boy did From the New World get me into psychological/physiological manipulation of the masses (beautiful anime btw). Really anything psychological that isn't gory is what I am looking for. Nothing really mainstream though/well known (i.e. Stein's Gate, NHK, Death Note, Lain, Madoka, etc) because I've most likely watched it. From the New World is fairly underground, so if you are looking for something more slow paced, not really full of action, but very contemplative with beautiful forested backgrounds, check that one out: I am also just looking for something lighthearted, funny, and NOT High School based. I've grown out of High school anime, because I'm settled down, married, and really look back on high school with a bit of disdain. I am interested in college anime (because I am college aged myself and going back in the fall), so stuff like Genshiken is right up my ally. The Devil is a Part-Timer is also quite funny and not set in high school. Any anime that isn't focused on fan-service (i'm a female anyways) and has a cast of characters that isn't in high school for the most part is what I'm looking for there. It doesn't even have to be comedy. Serious plots are good too, just no/little gore/violence. These types of anime I've really had a hard time finding, since the homeland demographics (Japan) really reminisce about high school so much.... I don't care much about dub or sub, although subs are easier to find and thus that's what I am used to more often than not.
  15. I'm a big fan of Tabletop RPGs but do you know how many game sessions I've actually played? NOT ENOUGH! So I'm reaching out to all of you here on my favorite forums. Does anypony here know of a site that talks about and hosts tabletop rpgs?
  16. I've noticed that MLPForum's banner-making guidelines have not been updated. Being a person that likes to make graphics, I wanted to try another shot at making banners, but I don't know the new format. Is this privilege exclusive now? If so, why?
  17. I have watched the show with dedication. I have watched many pony videos. But I want more. I want to find fan fiction, artists (especially comics), and more. So I am asking you, my fellow bronies, to tell me of such great works you have found be they can fiction, art, or comic.
  18. I'm currently listening to some Weird Al (Alpocalpyse) I'm wondering if there is any one else like him, with his parody songs an' all. He is pretty awesome, I need MOAR...Like him.... Is there any other's like him? Please, Note any down, I WILL listen to it! Thanks in advance ^-^ -Joe-
  19. As I stated in the title, I'm new to Steam. Though I created my account a while ago, I never really used it until recently. I'm looking for good, free-to-play (I have no moneys ;-; ) games that DON'T require a lot of processing power for a computer. I have a cheap, $300 Compaq laptop with a dual core AMD processor. Any recommendations? PS: I already play Terraria and I'm getting a copy of Dota 2 from a friend. PPS: Add me on Steam if you do so desire! Steam ID: zAngryUnicorn