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Found 24 results

  1. I'm looking for other musicians to do some collaborating with. It can be pony related, but it doesn't have to be either. I myself am mainly a drummer, but I am well versed at a few other instruments and have a good background in music as a whole. I invite anyone who may be interested to reply to this with any ideas that come to mind. It's been quite some time since I have been able to collaborate with other musicians, so this is something I am very excited about. I hope to hear from you all. Cheers.
  2. So recently I've been having thoughts on turning my bedroom into a home recording studio. And I've been doing research for the things I would need, and i realized that it is pretty Possible to do this! Because I have a pretty decent sized bedroom. I'm able to fit my drum kit in there And all I need would be a mic kit, some acoustic panels (to control the sound of the drums) and mic interface. because I already have the drum kit, my laptop and recording software. I've already imaged it to see if I could pull it off. And I can barely do it, my only concern is keeping the wires from the mics out of the way. This will be really cool! I can record drum tracks for people seeking for drums for there music and probably make a little bit of money. And I can record for bronies who make music Too!
  3. Hey fellow bronies, Just a quick question - if you photograph or make videos, what camera do you use, prefer to use, or wish to have? And what do you mostly film? Also, what software do you use/prefer to edit your videos/photography? I use Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I have a Canon Powershot SX60HS and I mostly photograph nature scenery/landscapes, the moon, and birds.
  4. It's been a very long time since I last posted here in this forum. I've been struggling on many things all this time. Things have finally settled down, though. During this time, I thought up a nice idea and part of it is doing Let's Play - videos. So for finally returning here, I'll give you me playing Minecraft! Please note: This is my first time recording a game session and giving it my voice so excuse me if I sound nervous. Also English is not my mother language. Ep. 1: Playing hardcore mode
  5. So I accidentally came across this game and having played Portal and Portal 2 I decided to try this game. Let the craziness begin. Time to start doing science... while seeing just what has happened. Enjoy!
  6. On this darkest night, strange things are happening that not even animals are seeing. On this darkest night... the dead are rising, the underworld invades. On this darkest night, do you dare to trick and treat? A picture that was sketched last year, but I never got around to finish it because I wasn't sure about this. This drawing was sketched by both me and my mom. My mom made the tree, the lighthouse, the bats and made the moon bigger than it originally was. I did the rest, including drawing the entire picture with the computer. I made the video run at 4x speed. I hope you enjoy the video! Part 1
  7. Well here's another MSX game for you to enjoy. This time you will see just how bad is my math when stressed against time and one unpredictable enemy. Enjoy!
  8. Join me in this fast-paced parkour game where I have to run for my life. Also I will try to find out why the game suddenly started to lag at one point and try to fix it. I truly haven't play this game since I installed Windows 7 and that was about 5 years ago I think. That's why I seem to play like a newbie here. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Run... Run!!
  9. Join me in this old and classic game where I try to save 7 children from kidnappers. Man this game brings back so many good memories. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Rescuing the children
  10. I have recently been wanting to have the ability to record audio, including voice, acoustic and electric instruments. I was hoping there was somebody out there who has some experience in this and could offer any advice, such as an adequate interface, dynamic or condenser microphone, boom setups, good software, etc. I use an early 2011 MacBook Pro. So, if you have some advice for a total audio noob, any help is appreciated!
  11. I'm looking to start doing few art art tutorials on my PC, however I'm a bit dense on what program I should use to record my desktop. I need a free software, that is easy to use, easy to edit, and doesn't take up a shit ton of space. I tried Bandicam, and whenever it recorded, it completely trashed the colour and made it very fuzzy. My goal is to make my videos at least watchable enough that someone can understand what I'm trying to teach them without them getting fed up with the video. I'm not so into this project so much that I want to buy software since I'll only need to make a few videos. Some helpful advice on software and etc would be helpful. Thank you!
  12. I read a comment on Mr. Enter Johnny Test review on YouTube that stated that the shit the Ocean group went through before Friendship is Magic. I wanted to facepalm because Ocean has no involment in FiM nor are they involved in Johnny Test. JT and MLP's voice acting are recorded at Voicebox Productions, Inc. Much like Ocean, Voicebox is also based in Vancouver. And the recording studio behind G3 was BLT Productions, Ltd. another Vancouver recording house. Ocean's not the only recording company in Vancouver and it annoys me when people make that misconception. Here's Voicebox's voice demo in case you didn't know.
  13. Just wanted to share the first ever video that I have made. It has bad quality of song because I was using my laptop's internal microphone and that's all I have at the moment. Anyways, here's the link: Feel free to leave a like and subscribe if you liked it and whatnot. Who knows... maybe in the future I'll do gameplays and whatnot. Anyway, enough with the rambling. Enjoy.
  14. Recently, I got an Elgato Gaming Capture Card in hopes of it helping out in video quality. The thing runs fabulously, but I've been having issues with audio, lag, and other technical issues of the sort. Most of my problems are in the audio category, though. For anypony who has an Elgato, could you tell me what you'd recommend as a good setup for recording?
  15. Been doing a bunch of Silly Fics as the main focus of my channel and I'd like to see what you guys have for me. Basically I love the little short stories that writers will whip up in between serious updates or just to have some fun with their followers. These stories are generally about something random and out of the box which gives them a solid stance to be different from the standard adventure, romance and slice of life stories out there. So if you guys have a story you think is funny or something you think that I might like to read please post it here. Shameless self promotion is also fine. I'll just throw the latest here. I didn't actually put any effort into it though. Also on another note I'd love to help with anyone else's projects or readings if you need a random generic guy voice.
  16. I recently got a Dazzle capture card to record my console footage with, but the footage didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to. I'm also having trouble in the microphone department, too. Does anypony know of any console recording equipment and microphones that are of quality and affordable?
  17. Question for our recording ponies: What DAW do you use and why? Or do you think DAWs r lame and have a reel to reel and some ADATs sitting in your basement? OK, I'll start. I'm using Reason 7. I bought 6.5 and got the upgrade for free, which was a nice surprise. I hadn't used Reason much before but I understood the concept behind it. I use Reason because the interface feels very natural, and because as of version 7, it has all the features a talentless singer like myself needs to pretend they can sing better than they do. MIDI controlled pitch correction audio re-timing, taken from ReCycle. Other DAWs have had similar features for a while, but Propellerhead has done a fantastic job of integrating them so that they feel like natural parts of the program. And Recycle is top class, for what it does. So there's my Reason pitch. My background, before Reason, was Logic (haha that sounds funny) and before that, a Yamaha W7 and various other Yamaha synths going back til the DX 7 and some Atari ST sequencer I can't remember the name of *grumble* I also used Reaper for a while. It's excellent, for $40. So what about you? There are so many good ones to choose from, I didn't bother making a poll. EDIT: The Atari ST sequencer I used was Notator! Wow... that brings me back...
  18. Key Gear, you have been a long friend of mine on this forum. It came as no surprise to me when you became a moderator, and again when you became a tech admin. Regardless of the fact that I was completely convinced you were overwhelmed, (and I'm pretty damn sure you were) you still did everything happily, and poured your heart and soul into what you did. (common phrase lately, but a worthy one.) Your post moved me and had a deep impact on me as a human being. When reading your post, a song continued to play through my head. This song is called "Serenade" and was written by Franz Schubert. The very next day after you made that post Key Gear, my orchestra class spent a large amount of time playing it and practicing it. The entire time, I was thinking about you and the emotional post you made. It fit well. Too well. Key Gear, if you're reading this (which you better be!) I found that song matched the tone of your post well. Although it's sad to see you resign, it does not mean anything bad. In fact it may even be a positive change. Thus, it is for this reason that I chose to play Franz Shubert's Serenade on my violin, and record myself playing it as a tribute to Key Gear. Note: Uncut other than the echo. No tuning or improvement was made after this to preserve the emotional motivation behind this. You have my undying respect as both a fellow staff member and especially as a close friend. ~Silver Marcato, a.k.a. Silver Arrow ~
  19. I picked up another Xbox 360 the other day (i have 3 now), i had to get another one so that i could keep it behind my PC monitor. The only reason i bought one (i dont play my others) is to play Black Ops 2 on it and get some better sniper kills for my YouTube channel, which means that i need something to record my Xbox with, i've been looking at one of these: Has anyone used one before? What are your thoughts on it? Does anypony record video and have a better suggestion? I must use a HDMI cable as im playing on my computer monitor (through a HDMI splitter so i can switch to my PC to start the recording). My maximum budget is £200 (roughly $300) and having a buffer on it would be handy, to give me time to swap screens before recording, that Elgato states it has a buffer that will let you record up to an hour in the past.
  20. Just a little something I made earlier. I found it thought it was pretty neat, it's from this police recording related to Slenderman here; Here's mah remix: (WIP)
  21. When I found out Arylett was not only stepping down from being a moderator on the forums, but leaving all together, I was shocked. I wrote Arylett a theme song a while back as a part of my Staff Music Theme project I started a while back and I have loved it ever since. (The project can be found here.) With Arylett leaving, I simply had to give her something to say "Thanks for putting so much hard work into the forums and making it a safer, and more fun place!" http-~~-// This, is a recording of me playing Arylett Dawnsborough's theme live on the piano. Apologies ahead of time that the quality is so terribad. I haven't got professional recording tools yet. "" We'll miss you Ary, you were an amazing moderator during your time! ~~Silver Arrow~~
  22. as some of you know, I do gameplay videos on youtube. i use fraps but I don't like that it uses 50% computer usage during recording, slowing down the framerate of the game. is there any other recording software I could use? also something that doesnt leave clunky watermarks. cheers
  23. I've been looking for some recording software to record what's onscreen on my computer, preferably software that can hook up to a mic as well. I don't really know what to look for, as I'm just going to do some let's plays. It'd really help if it could be free and without any viruses too. Can someone please link if they know of some? If anything, thank you for taking the time to read