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Found 12 results

  1. Don't get me wrong, 'Keep Calm and Flutter On' was a great episode, and it's great that discord's a good guy and all... Or is it? Discord was, undoubtedly, the best villain ever. Not just of the show, but of all of entertainment. A bit psychotic, completely random, and with no regard for anything but his own personal enjoyment made him one of the most entertaining and interesting villains ever. Plus his voice is just fantastic. He goes right next to Vaas Montenegro in terms of total badassness as an evil guy. And they made him a good guy. So what now? If they bring discord back, then they have a few options, none of which are as good as the original. 1. He comes back and helps them out with his magic. It would follow the line of the show, yes, but it would be no where near as fun as when he was evil. 2. He turns evil again. This would be entertaining, but horrible, because it would show that 'friendship,' the key thingy in the show, is not as important or effective as previously portrayed. 3.He completely disappears. That would be just lame. So what do you think? Has Hasbro ruined the best villain of all time, or could something be done to continue making him a stellar character without conflicting with the running themes in the show?
  2. From what Lily Peet, to ToonKrytic , To Lighting Bliss and others have said, it is, but here I am going to give my own take on this. Comments are Welcomed #LilyPeet #ToonKryticY2K #GoldenFox #LightingBliss #Redemption #Repetitive #MLPFIM #My_Little_Pony_Friendship_Is_Magic #Tempest_Shadow #TempestShadow #Starlight_Glimmer #StarlightGlimmer #Sunset_Shimmer #SunsetShimmer
  3. Hello, I am MisterPyrite. I am here because I have commited a terrible sin. I have unintentionally stolen from what I thought were abandoned buildings, and for that, I sincerely apologize. Please, let me atone for my sins and repay those who I have taken from. It is the only way I can redeem myself. I will not make the mistake of assumption again, and will learn from this. and before you ask, no, the admins didn't put me up to this, I'm doing this on my own accord. I cannot be forgiven, until I have atoned for my sins.
  4. What are your thoughts on the number of redemptions in the show? not just of villains, but of antagonists too ("minor" opposition type characters like garble, trixie or diamond dogs who don't threaten all of equestria but still act as a minor villain) Do you think there's too much redemption, not enough, ect? Do you think the amount of redemptions has increased from s1 as the shows gone on, stayed the same, ect.?
  5. Okay, I'm gonna go a bit back to the Cutie Re-mark for this one...maybe even the Season 5 Premiere...on my thoughts on one of the most controversial, drama-inducing moments in the show... Starlight's reformation. Like many of you (maybe not most, but many), I was a little skeptical of Starlight's reformation, especially how rushed it felt. It just didn't feel right that a pony who brainwashed an entire village into thinking that cutie marks and differences are bad and then tried to rewrite history into a bunch of hopeless timelines got forgiven so easily, and that everyone was strangely accepting of her. Until I read a few reddit comments discussing it. One commenter provided a different perspective: if you stop seeing her as an evil super villainess and more of a pony who was desperate for a friend, her acceptance and reformation makes much more sense. I think the reason why her reformation left a bad taste in my mouth the first time was that I was seeing her as the former- let's face it, she was a formidable villain with an interesting, although screwed up, ideology. But you also have to remember that she was trying to also find true friendship (she even says in her debut two-parter, "I brought you true friendship!") as a result of what was likely a damaging fillyhood (I'm not gonna say traumatic event, since I think she was kinda overreacting to a friend leaving her, but I will give her that she must have grown rather bitter over time)- her experience drove her to creating her village and then trying to get petty revenge on Twilight (with devastating consequences, of course), even if it meant battling Twilight forever. She had, essentially, gone mad/crazy/whatever. So Twilight and Co., rather than simply vanquish her like a villain, just gave her what she needed- true friendship. I wrote this blog entry at two different times, so I feel like it might read a little awkwardly and discontinuously. I apologize for that, but I hope you still see what I mean (if you're reading this)
  6. With the reformations being hit or miss, I just want to ask, which character was the most redeemable?
  7. At the end of the episode we see a new Diamond Tiara, one who wants friends. I don't argue that, but I do argue that she is not in the least bit redeemed. Look at her explanation 1st off she lies about always knowing that she could get ponies to do what she wants. 2nd she phrases her cutie mark pretty scummily. Not, I can convince ponies to do things, but "what I want." I'd say that just as the CMC have slightly grown, DT also has slightly grown. She's taken on a different goal; having friends. But she isn't redeemed and she doesn't get how to have friends ('scluding bribes, of course).
  8. One thing over the years... one thing I've seen that is so important to becareful with is your own reputation. The things people remember you by and how greatly that affects your relationships with others in the long scheme of things. Let me ask this, do you believe that reputation is a fragile thing? Do you think that a person could enter a state of no return once they've ruined their own reputation. Or is it possible for that person to redeem themselves of their foolish actions of the past? Would it be better for that person to just accept how things are and move on?
  9. I never thought I'd be driven to this, but today, it finally happened. There seems to be a recurring opinion among the fandom that Queen Chrysalis, a villain who nearly laid waste to Canterlot, not to mention attacked Princess Celestia, captured Cadance and locked her away in the caves where nopony would find her, turned the Mane 5, Shining Armor, and Celestia against Twilight, locked Shining under mind control while sucking his love, set her army loose upon Canterlot and its inhabitants, and did it all with intent to harm and conquer, should be redeemed. Why the hell does the fandom want to see Chrysalis redeemed?! She can't be redeemed! She doesn't need love to provide sustenance for her Changelings, she wants love to grant herself and her army extra power! Extra power with which they would take over Equestria! Why would anypony want her redeemed?! Long story short, this should be one villain who is left as she is. Besides, it would make for a great friendship lesson: there are some people you just can't help. Who here agrees with me that Chrysalis would be better off destroyed? (Or at least as a recurring villain?)
  10. I have a challenge for all of you saying discord isn't evil, I got inspired by the "if discord never existed." What if discord had a remorseful moment "Gee maybe everyone would be better off with out me." and that's the best part, he wouldn't need to be visited by anyone else, he's bucking discord, he could likely leap back through time itself to see how equistra would be today with out him. That's kicking in so many ideas. Imagine equistra enslaved by changelings because no one got Celestail ready to bother with an apprentice because she never needed one. Or the crystal empire falling to sombre? I'm the first person these days to call discord evil, I'd like to be shown why his existence betters the world, don't care how, or by how much. Do you think the writers could make a believable scenario that shows equistra is better for him being around ^ ~.
  11. I was just recently watching "A tale of one shadow ( ) by NatashaSolitude, and I was wondering, "What if Sombra wasn't always evil, and originally had a lover?" I decided to make a script for an episode, using the video, with permission from Natasha, as a background for Sombra's return and redemption....Please comment on what you think about this. Changes are on-going, so check back often. Also, be sure to look at my script "Thirty Moons Under Ares" here on MLP forums. Here is the URL to the script:
  12. As Mandopony says, "We're a long way from Equestria," but every now and then we do something that gets us a little bit closer, if only for a little while. A redeeming blip of light in our seemingly constantly dark history. Case in point: The 1914 Christmas truce during WWI. The Christmas truce is one of the most inspiring and beautiful events in human history, in my opinion. A shining example that the power of friendship and love can turn the tides of war, if only for a moment. This is the real life Hearths Warming, and it's story never fails to bring a tear to my eye. How about it everypony? What is your favorite moment in human history (or even a personal experience!) that reminded you of the goodness that can lie in the heart of humanity, and the inspirational moments that come when people have the strength to show it?