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Found 42 results

  1. Weeks ago watching brickleberry i saw that short scenes with reference of My Little Pony. Its not grand thing, but if you have seen references of MLP in other shows, post here for us to see! "Image of Brickleberry, the name of episode is "My Little Boy Malloy" i guess" "Image of Brickleberry, episode "Global Warning"
  2. DND

    Guess That Reference!

    Eh... okay. Might as well post this. Dunno if it'll be popular or not, but let's give it a shot. Basically a person quotes or gives a somewhat vague picture, description, or video of a reference that someone can guess and give an answer in the next post. Try to refrain from looking anything up. Here's an example: And so forth. Yes, I believe giving a vague picture of someone in your post for someone to figure out what it is counts too. So, let's begin. "Maybe we should call ourselves the Febreeze brothers 'cause we're feel'in so fresh right now."
  3. In the new episode, Trade Ya, I caught something I find hilarious. The Twins from Bioshock Infinite, Robert and Rosalind Lutece, were spotted wandering around the Exchange with a bird cage. Why were they there? What were they going to trade for the bird cage? What do you guys think of this?
  4. What are all your favorite MLP references to other media, pop-culture, etc? My favorites are the Star Wars reference in The Return of Harmony, as well as two references to "The Shining"
  5. Did anyone catch any references in the 2017 movie? The few I caught were: Transformers sound when Grubber's megaphone unfolded. Hungry hungry hippos. And the dial-up sound during Tempest's spell call. (Joke image I made.) Are there any I missed? And did any of them get a laugh out of you?
  6. No matter what level you are as an artist, such a journey towards improvement need not be a solitary one and is far more enjoyable and fulfilling with the company and support of others. Some create art as a hobby and recreation while others wish to make it a profession, but no matter which you may fall under, all of us do it because we find joy and pleasure in the simple act as well as improve upon our skills. This is one reason I feel that Octavia’s Hall here can be such a valuable resource on the forums for aspiring artists, no matter what medium you choose to express your artistic creativity, as it gives everyone a chance to share their work with their fellow members and gain valuable insight and advice on how to improve and grow. In an effort to build upon Octavia’s Hall to make progress toward this goal as well as assist these budding artists in spending less time looking for resources and more time drawing, that is where this little thread comes into the picture. Essentially, I wish to build a library of sorts, because we can never have too many of those! In here, I hope to provide a diverse array of tutorials, references and other such resources, categorized by subject and skill level, for easy and convenient access all of those that are interested. To me, anyone and everyone has the ability to draw, write, create music or create any sort of art imaginable; it is not some mystical gift or talent that is bestowed upon a few individuals by the alignment of the stars or any such nonsense. It simply takes time, practice, support and, this is quite important, having fun to help foster and bolster a creative individual. It is my hope that this little project of mine will at least help those in that regard, or at least help them learn something new and build upon their skills. But one person cannot do this alone, as there is a nearly infinite pool of wealth out there, which is where you come in. If you find a tutorial, reference or resource that you feel would be a great addition to this collection or if you have a suggestion to make operations run smoother or easier around here, please feel free to either PM me or leave a comment! As with every other threads on the forums, all posts must adhere to the Global Rules (no excessive blood/gore, vulgarity or any other NSFW content, no advertising, etc.) so please keep this into consideration when suggesting new materials to be added. I would also ask that if you do provide a proposed tutorial, please try to provide the name of the artist whom created it. This is not entirely necessary, but I would love to give the artists credit where credit is due (and I know I have failed to do this thus far, though I do hope to remedy this soon). I am hoping to add additiona tutorials and sections (including sculpture, music, plushie building and other mediums if possible) over time goes by, so I do ask for your patience until everything is initially set up. I know there is a lot of room for improvement here, which will take some time. Until then, please excuse the chaos around here, leave any suggestions or thoughts you may have and enjoy! Ponies Wings Expressions Hair Lighting and Shading
  7. Mentis Soliloquy

    My OC's

    links to OC's that are mine, this includes art and character entries for role-playing purposes. Mentis Soliloquy (Non-canon) Mentis Soliloquy (Canon) Emerald Bolt Sapphire Scarlet Crystal Summer (canon) Summer (non-canon) Beta 10987 "Aquamarine" Quill Soft Star (Non-canon) Soft Star (Canon) Ember Katarina Aghaveagh Credits go to the relevant artists. None of the artwork is mine so full credits to others. Venomous Melon Blitz Vardakas Flearia Emerald Star DJ Neon Vendi SaraEH Moon Sugar Pucksterv DJ Gumball Ave Prae Andy LiraCrown Melted Dog @Tealeaf @Crystal Vision Slawterthewolf Prophet Swinton SFyr ZzVinniezZ Bunnywhiskerz Editing and seconding of text help must go also to others who have helped me write my characters into reality: (Editing credits) Randimaxis Eloquence Temp files:
  8. So I made some fake season 7 titles and some fake season 7 summaries for each for them shortly after the season 6 finale was over! But maybe we do something fun? Have our imaginations roam free! So I'll give you the titles, and you can type down in the comments what you think the episodes are about! I've edited in my own summaries! Perhaps you can tell me what you think of them! Warning: If you didn't watch the season 6 finale yet, please turn back. Ok here are the titles! * Episode 1: Caving In - Part 1 - After the Mane Six, Spike, and Starlight Glimmer all have the same dream about a cave and a familiar-looking logo, the eight journey out to find it and discover its secrets. * Episode 2: Caving In - Part 2 - The Mane Six must complete the cave trials to find the secret within the caves (that secret is Scorpan); meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer must overcome her fear of Queen Chrysalis returning for revenge. * Episode 3: The Name of the Blossom - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Zecora travel to the zebra kingdom of Zebria to retrieve a missing ingredient for an antidote she has to make for Fluttershy's animal friends. * Episode 4: The Seed of Truth - When the Cutie Mark Crusaders visit Manehattan to see Babs Seed, they find out that that Babs has been avoiding her friends in the Manehattan CMCs ever since she got her cutie mark. * Episode 5: Rainbow Rescued - After Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash's life from a Cragadile, Rainbow feels that her ego is in jeopardy and tells everypony she saved Fluttershy. * Episode 6: Most Excellent Princess - When Princess Celestia gets too overworked, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Discord try to persuade her to take a vacation. * Episode 7: Scorpan Sign - When Scorpan's Birthday comes, he claims that has never had a birthday party before, so the Mane Six decide to throw him the best birthday surprise party ever; but things get out of control when Starlight Glimmer can't decide the perfect birthday present for him. * Episode 8: Cakewalk - During Pound and Pumpkin Cake's second birthday, Pinkie Pie becomes afraid that they might be growing up too fast and that they will forget about her. Princess Luna tries to persuade her otherwise in her dreams. * Episode 9: Teacher's Assistant - Princess Twilight tasks Spike to teach Starlight Glimmer a friendship lesson while she's out of town, but he has a hard time trying to find one for her. * Episode 10: Little Farm of Horrors - Applejack and Twilight attempt to fight off a disease that's been plaguing Sweet Apple Acres before Shining Armor and Princess Cadance visit. * Episode 11: I, Cyclops - When Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are sent by the Cutie Map to the Arimaspi Territory, they help a mother and son try to rekindle their bond when the son doesn't want to follow in his mother's footsteps. * Episode 12: The Manehattan Project - A rival store runned by Suri Polomare opens across the street from Rarity's Manehattan expansion, so Rarity pushes her employees over the limit to make sure she doesn't lose business to her. * Episode 13: One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest - When Scootaloo becomes depressed when fearing that she'll never be able to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for Junior Speedsters Flight Camp and she meets another flightless pegasus. * Episode 14: Daring Do: The Motion Picture - After watching the Daring Do movie, Rainbow Dash feels that it wasn't as good as she thought, so she decides to make her own movie under AK Yearling's approval. * Episode 15: King Thorax - When Thorax becomes stressed of having trouble running the Changeling Kingdom, Twilight, Spike, and Starlight head over there to assist him with his problem. * Episode 16: Crush Depth - After much courage, Spike finally decides to ask Rarity out on a date, but after she humiliatingly declines it, Sweetie Belle decides to take her place out of pity. * Episode 17: The Green Apple - After Applejack gets sick, she refuses to stop doing her chores, which starts to worry her family. * Episode 18: Lord of the Sings - When Pinkie Pie and Applejack get called by the Cutie Map to Fillydelphia, crowds of fans argue on who has the better music: Coloratura or Cheese Sandwich. * Episode 19: Be Our Guest - When Scorpan starts to take advantage over Twilight's hospitality in her castle, she starts to have second guesses of him staying. * Episode 20: Windy with a Chance of Lightning - The Wonderbolts summon Rainbow Dash to assist them in finding the ponies responsible for sabotaging their shows. (Guess who the two ponies are!) * Episode 21: Crouching Ponies, Hidden Dragon - Princess Ember summons Spike to the Dragon Lands to help her dragons gain an alliance with the water dragons; although, Spike suddenly realizes that the meeting has become more personal. * Episode 22: Fluttershy and Her Brothers - After Discord and Fluttershy's brother Zephyr Breeze meet for the first time, they instantly hit it off, but much to Fluttershy's ignorance, she doesn't notice them causing double the trouble they usually cause out in Ponyville. * Episode 23: Cutie Mark Industries - After the Cutie Mark Crusaders haven't been able to give cutie mark help in a long time, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon decide to help advertise them nation-wide, but after it becomes too effective, the crusaders become tired out. * Episode 24: I Got Your Yak - Twilight and Rarity get sent by the Cutie Map to Yakyakastan to help Prince Rutherford rekindle the trust of his subjects after a huge incident. * Episode 25: Brothers Unite - Part 1 - Queen Chrysalis breaks Lord Tirek out of prison, and the two build up a huge army of the Tartarus prisoners to take on Equestria. It is up to Scorpan to make peace with his brother, while the Mane Six call upon Equestria's allies. * Episode 26: Brothers Unite - Part 2 - The Battle of Equestria rages on with ponies, changelings, dragons, and yaks against Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and their minions from Tartarus. Scorpan tries to make peace with his brother before the Mane Six can use their Rainbow power on him.
  9. HUGE reference sheet of my mane character, Butter Pop! Hand-drawn digitally, though I did use a couple anatomy references!
  10. MLP sure does have a lot of cool references, and we already expect each new episode to have some bits of classic or pop culture hidden somewhere. But one still can find many surprising allusions that you hardly expect to see in such a show. Post them here! So, for me some of those are: Pulp Fiction reference – definitely didn’t expect to see it in MLP: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reference – a really nice one, I thought everybody forgot about that show: Grumpy Cat reference – right out of the blue. Probably, the animators thought “why the hell not?”
  11. Okay so, I've been thinking a lot on this and want to know others' opinions. Firstly, let me preface this with - I know many people perceive the fandom to be dying. They have since season 1, and we're all still here; there are plenty threads for that discussion, and it's wholly irrelevant to the topic at hand. ^^'' Long story short, we, the pony crowd, are getting referenced all over the place lately. Robot Chicken, Deadpool, that awkward Christmas movie The Night Before's Trailer #1, lots of cartoons like Gravity Falls, Power Puff Girls and Teen Titans Go, etc, etc, etc. In addition it's made headline news when a celeb like Will Shatner "comes out" as one of us, even though almost none of the celebrities themselves seem to think it matters much. So my question here is, has pony become a niche little piece of the wider pop culture or not? Is it in the middle of that? How would the 2017 movie affect that? Any evidence to add for or against my little theory?
  12. Bigmethod

    Secret pony references

    Hey all, i was just wondering if any of you have ever accidentally (or purposfully) made a MLP reference ? I ask this because yesterday when i came in for work, i accidentally said "Everypony" instead of Everyone, and i've only been watching the show for one week! Haha, please share you're stories or tactics if you have any =) Thanks. The gif below is me when i realize i made a pony reference =s Have a great day all!
  13. MoltenKitten

    Spoiler Reference Archive

    In this thread we will be collecting all of the references throughout the show so when we rewatch the episodes we can go "Oh hey I got that reference." To submit put it in this format: S0E00: Reference Example: S1E02: The ending ceremony is a reference to Star Wars A New Hope Please put all season 5 behind spoilers Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Equestria Girls Equestira Girls: Rainbow Rocks
  14. GreenDay33

    The Reference Game! (read OT)

    Ok. Here's how to play: 1. Look at the user above you. He/She will have posted a reference to a certain form of media (youtube, music, movies, ect.). 2. Then you have to guess what that person is referring to. 3. Then you yourself have to post a reference. It can be a line from a movie, a screenshot from a video game, anything that doesn't give away the official answer. IMPORTANT HINT: You also might want to ask a question so the user below doesn't get confused. Let me start of the game by making my post: What YouTube series is this from?
  15. SailorMedamonGirl1

    Need Help With Drawing A Comic

    I don't know where to put this, but just to be safe I'll put it in Everfree. I wanna make a comic (non-MLP/pony), and I just want a bit of help with it. Like lighting, shadows, backgrounds, perception, etc. I'm not asking anyone to draw it for me, I just want someone to give me some tips on making a comic (or I guess you can call it a manga?). If anyone needs a ref on what I mean, I'll post the comic cover that I'm working on.
  16. Often in a cartoon, a character or location of another property owned by the parent company will sometimes pop up as either a brief reference or a cameo. Cartoon Network used to love doing this, making it seem like all their shows were in the same universe at times. Has FiM done the same yet? Would you want say, Pepper Clark from LPS make a cameo, or Rainbow Dash reference Transformers directly?
  17. So a few shows such as teen titans has had a few episodes referencing mlp and even made a entire episode where they used generic ponys that were obviously a reference to a certain show. So I was thinking what shows would you like to see or imagine a mlp reference in? I'm not to sure there will ever be a time where an other show has a crossover episode with mlp but would you like to see or imagine a mlp go into another show or have generic a representation of ponys used in the plot of a episode?
  18. Here is an AAP starring Vinyl and her two buds Luna and Moonshine. Moonshine is a light-hearted, somewhat idiodic, witty, and plain ol' derpy lil' Unicorn. Her eyes are pitch black, for some reason. She also has a part-time job as Luna's personal guard. With that said, ask away!!! Moony is speaking Vinyl is speaking Luna is speaking
  19. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Why the pony references?

    From Watch Dogs to Transformers 4, references to MLP:FiM are almost everywhere, much to the chagrin and anger of so many people. Why would developers of various things sometimes enjoy placing references to the ponies in their works, and risk much more irritated haters of their works?
  20. FlutterFan18

    Infinity Blade III references

    Did anyone else notice that Isa's ring 'tamL' looks a lot like the elements of harmony? I have been unable to find any mention of this elsewhere on the Internet. I thought I might be seeing things but it looks so obvious. Tell me if you noticed this too.
  21. We all know MLP references alot of things in general, but what do you think when outside media (video games, T.V, comics, ect.) reference MLP or bronies? Do you like it? Do you think we need less/ more attention? Are you content with how the ponydom is portrayed by the masses? Find out next time on DragonballZ (I said it and I regret nothing)
  22. Alright, so the other day I was listening to a lecture and I kept hearing all these funny unintentional pony references. This is what happened... Guy: "So as you can see from this great plot...(something or other) MLP is very interesting" In case any of you didn't know before, MLP also stands for Master Limited Partnership and is commonly heard in the shares and investments world! Has anyone else had any encounters of unintentional My Little Pony references in their life? I have seen Winter Wrap Up sales quite a few times before too. if you can think of anything, do feel free to share!
  23. FourClove

    Fluttershy plush

    Hello everypony, My birthday is coming up, and I am expecting some money . can anybody refer me too a good store/website for Fluttershy Plushies? (Manhattan, NY) P.S. Something like this
  24. Just a topic where you can post and talk about things you saw in other media or IRL that could be any of the titular things. I'll go first. There's a town near me by the name of Lindale, it's only a couple miles away. For a while now, they've had a store called Pinkie Pie's Boutique. Even before I was a brony, I questioned whether the owners knew about MLP or if this was serendipity. So today, I'm driving through town on my way to a job interview. The shop is right on the corner where a red light is, so while I'm stopped there, I casually look out my window. That's when I notice that a new business has opened up next door to it. Fatt Apple Catering, with a big red apple emblazoned on the window. Fatt Apple Catering right next door to Pinkie Pie's Boutique. Is this merely coincidence or are these business owners doing it intentionally? I'll see if I can't get a picture later.
  25. Captain Brony (MG11)

    Power Ponies Superhero References

    I'll point out as many as I can but if I possibly missed one go ahead and comment. WIth a good knowledge of DC and Marvel it wasnt hard to find some things since the episode made most of them obvious. (Considering this episode's complete lack of subtlety) Let's go! Starting off with: -Antagonist named Mane-iac = The Superman villain Brainiac. -Mane-iac's stretching hair power = Power Puff Girl's Sedusa. (Woah, a non-comic book reference?) -Mane-iac's origin story = The Joker's origins story from the DC comic: "The Killing Joke." -The City Maretropolis = DC's Metropolis. (The city Superman lives in) -Rarity/Radiance's power (Making anything she can think of in the form of energy projection) = Reference to DC's Green Lantern and possibly Star Sapphire. -Pinkie Pie/Fili-Second's outfit/superspeed = DC's The Flash and/or Marvel's Quicksilver. -Rainbow Dash/Zapp's power to call weather using the lightning bolt pendant = Marvel's Thor. -Rainbow Dash/Zapp's Lightning bolt pendant Asthetic = DC's Shazam!/Captain Marvel/Captain Thunder. -Fluttershy/Saddle Ranger's transforming/super strength powers = Obviously Marvel's Bruce Banner/Hulk. -Applejack/Mistress Mare-velous' name and asthetic = Marvel's Ms. Marvel. -Applejack/Mistress Mare-velous' rope = The Lasso of Truth as used by DC's Wonder Woman. -Twilight/Masked Matter-Horn's laser powers = Various Marvel/DC magic users (ex. Doctor Strange, Jennifer Kale, Zataro, Dr. Fate) -Spike/Humdrum = The original/older version DC's Robin (Or any other useless side-kick for that matter)