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Found 4 results

  1. TL;DR: should I have received an email confirmation after registering for babscon? First off: hi, I'm new here, and as English isn't my native language, apologies for any linguistic errors. About 2 weeks ago I made the decision to undertake a huge trip from The Netherlands to San Francisco and attend BABSCon in 2017. So I registered for a ticket on the babscon website and paid with paypal. Afterwards I got redirected to a page that I supposedly paid and that was it. No mail or any other form of confirmation that I can bring to show as a ticket of proof. I kinda was expecting at least a confirmation e-mail, as I was required to submit an e-mail address on registration. So I emailed babscon about this, using the same e-mail address, but to date I still haven't got a reply. Now this may be an issue caused by me using my private/own e-mail server which could be recognized as "not safe" or something like that (there's no thing as a spam folder or filtering configured on that server, so that's not the problem). Or maybe it's just that no confirmation e-mails are being send, I don't know? Could anyone confirm that this is the default (non)action after registering for babscon?
  2. (Inter) National Hug-A-Pony Day Registration Hey everypony ! In exactly a week (the 07/07/2016 to be precise), we will be celebrating the Hug-A-Pony Day ! That's why I wanted to create a little event for the occasion =D You'll see, it's fairly simple. Do you know how "Secret Santa" works ? Well, here, it'll be the same. All you have to do to participate is listed below : Reply under this post saying you wanna participate Add to it the name of the OC you wanna submit, a picture of it and its cutie mark if it is not visible on the picture of the full pony (or non-pony) OC. [WARNING : You can only submit ONE of YOUR OCs.] You have until Sunday to submit your OC. Sunday, when all OCs will be submitted, I'll find a partner for everypony. I'll let you know the 4th of July who you'll have as your hugging buddy. From then on, you'll have until the 7th (the actual Hug-A-Pony Day) to draw your own OC hugging the hugging partner I assigned you. You must not tell the owner of the OC that I assigned you that you got him as a partner. Next Thursday, I'll open an other topic where everypony will be able to show their work for the Hug-A-Pony Day. For those who are still puzzled about all this, I'll try to explain it better :From today until Sunday, you can register your OC to participate. Monday, I'll assign your secret hugging partner. From Monday until next Thursday, you'll have to draw your own OC hugging the OC I assigned you without telling anypony. On Thursday, I'll open another topic where you'll show your work. Anypony can participate, no matter their drawing skills or the species of their OC and your art can be traditional or digital ! So no excuse, you can participate for sure ;D If you have any questions, feel free to PM me about it and not ask below ! And as I'll be also participating, here is my submission of my OC Tinky Blue: I hope to see many of you submitting your OCs
  3. Anyone pre-register for next year yet? I'm still deciding which one to get...
  4. We've had a restriction in place since the day MLP Forums opened, preventing new members from uploading an avatar until they made five "counted" posts. The restriction was originally implemented with the idea of forcing registrants to make some form of bare minimum contribution to the site before being granted the privilege of putting a face to their name. However, as the community has grown from five hundred members to well over five thousand, the reality is that this restriction resulted in a growing amount of confusion and repeated queries from Blank Flanks puzzled by their inability to upload an avatar. What's more, due to technical restrictions, a new member that uses Gravatar or registered using Facebook Connect or Twitter Connect, would see their avatar/profile photo from those services here on MLP Forums, with no facility to immediately change it. This restriction has been lifted. Blank Flanks are now able to upload a 150x150 avatar up to 100 KB in size, just like Muffins and full members. At this time, they are still unable to create signatures or customize their profile. Additionally, their ability to change their display name has been revoked - without going into too much detail, we recently had a zero-post member "steal" a long-time member's name, then leave the forums never to be seen again. To be able to change your name, you now need to become a Muffin. I don't expect this change will be turning the community upside down; but I thought it was worth putting a proper announcement together for it because just about everyone here has been affected by the original restriction, and a few of you have taken it upon yourselves to familiarize new members introducing themsleves with the fact that they need to make five posts outside of Cloudsdale Colosseum and the Welcoming Plaza before the avatar settings become functional (thank you, by the way, to all of you who do this!). On a positive note, a creative avatar now has the potential to become a point of conversation with a brand new member when they're still fresh meat around here (and I say that affectionately ). And there's nothing wrong if your first experience with MLP Forums is a more personalized one!