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Found 12 results

  1. I was thinking of this. Interesting how they all seem to have the same last name (At least I think Rarity's last name would be Belle.) plus they're all unicorns. But I can also see why they wouldn't be, as Sugar Belle is a baker and not into dress making or fashion(As far as we know.) plus, unlike Sweetie and Rarity, Sugar doesn't have a white coat to her. What do you all think? Do ya think it's a possibility at all?
  2. A Few seasons ago, MLP : FIM teased the fact that AppleJack and Pinkie Pie maybe related, however what pervented that from being proven fact, was a smudge on the documents that both Pinkie and Goldie had. And even through they contuned this in the "Hearthbreakers" (the Christmas) episode, we never got a real answer to wither or not AppleJack and Pinkie Pie are related. However, I got this theory that they may be, hear me out. If anyone has watched CW's "RIVERDALE" series, you may have noticed that there was some kind of connection between the Coopers and the Blossom's, but we didn't know what it was, besides the relationship between Polly and Jason, that is, until the 12th episode, where it was releved that the Coopers via Betty's Great-Grandpa were orginally Blossom's. But due to a betrayal, served ties with the Blossom's and their name, and went on to take the name Cooper, to distant themselves from the Blossom's. Now what if, maybe something happened (not as tragic or dark as in "RIVERDALE"), but what if some kind of misunderstanding or betrayal happened, that either caused one half of the PIES to separte themselves from the other and take on the name APPLES, or vise-versa. Just saying, that would explain the smudge in both documents. So hopefully we'll get an answer to this question on wither or not Pinkie Pie and Applejack are related. But what's your take on it, do you agree with my theory and do you think we will finally get an answer before the show ends (be it the 8th or possibly 10th? Season). Let us know below.
  3. Remember Bluenote from The Fault in our Cutie Marks? I think he might be related to Noteworthy. What about you?
  4. Changelings and breezies. They're both pony-like and insect-like. They could very well be related. *spoiler* It is revealed that changelings can become colourful, if they share love, at the end of To Where And Back Again.
  5. Just an idea I'm sure everyone else has made. What if one of the Mane Six, or Sunset Shimmer, was related to one of the villains? Example: Sunset Shimmer being Sombra's daughter.
  6. After seeing Rarity takes Manehattan; I have formulated a theory about how and when the keys to the box we've seen in the premiere will appear, Since there are six locks on the box, each character is going to have to relearn or revise their element of harmony in order for the key to not exactly appear, but be able to be accessed. And they'll each get a rainbow item that represents this. As we all know Rarity obtained a rainbow like thread by the end of her episode. It flashes just as Rarity did in her vision and based on Meghan's Tweets it's no doubt that it'st her key unless Meghan's trolling us. That moment when Rarity looked at the empty seats and the ribbon in front of that shimmered rainbow, as did her eyes, that's that moment of when she relearns her element or whatever. I believe this will eventually happen to each of the mane 6, So what do you guys think?
  7. This was my sister's idea but, she thinks and I do too now that Pinkie is related to Goldie Delicious. At the beginning of the episode, Pinkie took out a scroll from the bottom of the stack but the stack didn't fall, and the same happened with Goldie when she took out the book Anyway this may have no relationship with anything but I thought I'd point that out However, I am almost positive that we'll be seeing something related to Goldie. There is something fishy about her Thoughts?
  8. First off I was a little hesitant to start this topic just because there has already been multiple threads discussing the subject, but not exactly in the way I want to. Actually, I don't really want to even discuss it so much as I want to create a simple poll. This thread asked whether you thought the show should not have left the episode so open ended but I'm interested to know how many of you after watching the episode think that Pinkie is in fact related to the Apples and those who don't. Leading up to the episode I didn't think they'd end up being related and even after watching it the first time I still didn't think so but after watching the episode a second time I noticed something that I think might be a tiny hint that changed my mind. Remember the "Jenga" scene before the credits where Pinkie pulled a scroll from the bottom of the tower but it didn't collapse. Golden Delicious did the exact same thing with her pile of books. the similarity between the two scenes does look very intentional. Now I might just be looking for any coincidence but isn't there some sort of epigenetic inheritance thing (wow mixing genetics with MLP, I've sunk to a new low) where certain genetic material is passed down directly to the new generation from the previous. Maybe GD and Pinkie both inherited the same "Jenga Master" Gene from an ancestor. I'm at the point where I'm just laughing at myself now so I better stop but I hope you get what I mean, like when family members share the same habits or skills. Anyway if you could at least leave a vote that'd be appreciated.
  9. For me personally, Here's my Order, the characters I connect the most to, to the ones I connect the least to: Twilight Sparkle - Love of books, I love gaining knowledge, people have said that I'm intelligent, and I prefer being alone. Plus, people say I have a cleaning OCD. Fluttershy - Extremely shy but will lose it if you make me angry. Rarity - I hate getting dirty and I do enjoy the "pretty" things. Applejack - I'm usually honest about things and people said that I can be depended upon. Pinkie Pie - I love making people smile and I'm obsessed with candy and sweets. Rainbow Dash - ....I like flying and going fast? How about all of you?
  10. Just curious, but does anyponyelse want to see nods to the fandom in season 4? We got some before, but it was usually just derpy related. Would you like to see other background ponies taking on fandom personalities in the upcoming season. What do you think should be put in or referenced?
  11. I'm looking into going into voice acting, and need help with that. What I need is some projects in which you (The Community of the MLP Forums) need Voices. I can do Most Males Females (To an extent) Thank's to whoever asks! EDIT: Here's some examples for them Doubting Thomas's
  12. In the episode "The Show Stoppers", there's a filly named "Peachy Pie" who's in the talent show along with Sunny Daze, another filly. "Pie" might be a common surname, but what do you think? Are they related? This is Peachy Pie, btw. After looking at her tail, there is a slight resemblance between her's and Pinkie Pie's, though of course that Pinkie's tail is a lot fluffier than Peachy's. Do you notice the fluff at the top of Peachy's tail?