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Found 51 results

  1. My first boyfriend proved that first is the worst. 6 years of both an abusive friendship and romantic relationship. He was shallow and lead me on and broke my heart a bunch of times and abandoned me at times. And yet I seriously thought he was "the one" the person I would marry and have kids with...But the biggest reason I regret this is because I prioritized him over everything and everyone and including myself...I was willing to walk on coals and dump lava on myself to please him. I wish I could've prioritized high school over him and my friends...And apologize to a friend a ditched for him. But...Eventually I learned I could live without him...Both in a romantic way and a friendship way.................................I wish it didn't take this long for the light bulb to finally go off in my head but......Sometimes a happily ever after is moving on.
  2. Are you in one? Do you want one? How do you feel around other couples? How many have you had? I was in a relationship for five years, but since November of last year, things have been going kinda sour and I just don't feel like we're together anymore, so I basically consider myself single I don't want a relationship right now anyways Sometimes I feel jealous around couples because I miss having what they had I only count three of my relationships since the others were either short or didn't feel like real relationships It's sort of annoying to me now to hear people always talking about them as if nothing else matters! That's actually something I liked about the first three seasons of's so friendship focused and there's no romance!
  3. In my life, I have seen way more break ups and divorces than 2 platonic friends simply stop being friends with each other. So a platonic relationship is way more likely to last than a romantic relationship is.
  4. PonyPowaX1000

    All the Celestia hate?

    Why do people seem to forget that Celestia banished Nightmare Moon in the moon an didn't actually banish Luna. And in the pilot it says she reluctantly wielded the elements to banish Nightmare Moon Whats up with all the Celestia hate? People seem to think Celestia did it in spite or because of the whole I'm the older sister stuff. If you dislike Celestia explain why or If she your favourite Princess explain why.
  5. I am aware that many ponies here are currently in a relationship. Some may not; not even I myself. But when you are in a relationship, do you say something sweet to the other person? do you always compliment them everyday? (I.g eyes, looks, personality, etc.) If so, what do you say to them? For example. If I had someone in my life, I'd tell them: "If hugs were leaves, I'd give you a tree. If kisses were water, I'd give you an ocean. If love was life, I'd give you mine." So give me your best shot, everypony! what would YOU say?
  6. Where do you stand in life? Personally, this is my score: I think it's a little far on the left, but otherwise pretty accurate. I'm a Christian fundamentalist but I am economically closer to a neoliberal like Barack Obama. I don't think this belongs in the political section because this is it identification and not discussion. I could be wrong though :/
  7. Emiko Gale

    Guilty pleasure shippings?

    I can't be the only one right? I need to get it off my chest. I mentioned before I hated the idea of Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony crossover ...At least as a canon thing but to be honest for some reason I really do ship Sonic and Rainbow Dash...I don't blame anyone for hating on me for that though. I also ship Twilight and Rarity...And I consider it a guilty pleasure because I don't have any rhyme or reason as to why I ship them together.
  8. Ships are magic

    Big Macintosh's cutiemark?

    Does anypony know how big mac got his cutiemark? It never says in the show!! if you've written a fanfic or something about it then I'd love to read it!!
  9. I'm really excited for the movie in 2017,i have a feeling it'll be like the ending of harry potter where they send their kids off, i feel like the mane 6 or 7 may have that same type of ending with some of them with fillies of their own learning about friendship as well, since it was said twilight ages like everypony else would't she want somepony to continue after her? maybe starlight, or her own daughter perhaps? if the show had an ending like that it'd let me and probably others feel content that they enjoyed their life and a good ending without any tragedy, or, maybe the movie might apply to more of the adult based fandom, being higher rated for serious moments. What do you think?
  10. Pinkie Pie, I should admit, could be considered one of the hardest characters to write, according to one of the official writers themselves. I've also heard that back in June 2013, some guy actually claimed that Pinkie has no chance of being in a plausible pairing. But surprisingly, lucky for us, all of that changed a little in later seasons of the show, where as of those three seasons (4-6), she now has had at least two episodes each with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity, and of course, recently, one with Fluttershy. I'm hoping that if the show gets renewed for another season (chances are, it should), she should get within one or two solo episodes (since she apparently had none this season), and probably another one with the Crusaders (since Pinkie's the only one who hasn't had any relationships with them yet), but no pair-ups with Rarity, Rainbow Dash, or Applejack. That's all I want out of a full 26-episode season.
  11. The reason I thought of this thread is because my sister is exactly that type of person. Running into one relationship and getting her heart broken, just to repeat the process over and over again. This seems to be a thing among most younger teenagers like myself, and it seems kind of dumb to me. This is kind of my general reaction whenever my sister gets a new boyfriend whom she says she loves. But really, this has come to affect some people's grades and become a way bigger part of their lives than it should at such a young age, or at any age! Do you agree, disagree? I like to hear opinions!
  12. Hey, everypony. Today I decided (out of boredom and not wanting to browse that website ) to start a topic on ships that DO NOT involve ponies. I made another topic elsewhere involving only MLP ships. Just search "let's talk about shipping" or use other means of navigating. RULES: There will be ABSOLUTELY NO FLAME WARS OR ANY FORM OF BULLYING. These are just fictional characters, don't take them too seriously. Trust me, I learned the hard way. NON-MLP SHIPS ONLY. If there are crossover ships between one MLP character and one non-MLP character, then feel free to post on either or both topics I made. So to sum it all up, HAVE FUN AND BE FRIENDLY!!!!
  13. Mist A. Chaser

    Let's talk about MLP shipping

    Hey, everypony. Today I decided (out of boredom and not wanting to browse that website ) to start a topic on ships that ONLY involve ponies. I made another topic elsewhere involving non-MLP ships. Just search "let's talk about shipping" or use other means of navigating. RULES: There will be ABSOLUTELY NO FLAME WARS OR ANY FORM OF BULLYING. These are just fictional characters, don't take them too seriously. Trust me, I learned the hard way. MLP SHIPS ONLY. If there are crossover ships between one MLP character and one non-MLP character, then feel free to post on either or both topics I made. So to sum it all up, HAVE FUN AND BE FRIENDLY!!!!
  14. I am not sure if a similar topic exists, but I couldn't find one. Then again, I am using mobile, and I am rather inept on this. So, I recently got back together with my girlfriend, who amazingly is also a Brony. I've been wanting to get her something pony-related that she'd like, but I don't know what. I'd feel childish just giving her a ponified drawing of her. But her mother and sister are also Bronies, and have given her pony merch as well. Mostly shirts; she has so many that I chucked that possibility immediately. I don't know if she has any of the comic books (her mother has a comic book collection, that's all I know). I guess I don't even need to get her MLP merch; we're both into other really geeky things. But basically, I need some general input. Any suggestions?
  15. Could Principle Cinch be Sunny Flare's mother for the obvious reason from looking at them? Could it be possible or too far fetched to really be true? THIS WAS MADE COMPLETELY FROM BOREDOM!!
  16. I'm going to put this here but if it is wrong then let me know. I just curious for all you taken Colts and Fillies out there. How did you meet your special Somepony? was it because of the Fandom or did you know Him/Her before? I ask because I recently decided it was time for me to try dating again and I'm interested in how you all met each other.
  17. Hey are anyponys boyfriend/girlfriend into ponies? Mine is and i wuv him so much we are both pegasus and we send eachother muffins! And a while ago today he said "Your the love if my life" then *hugs* *kisses* D'aww
  18. So this is a relationship thread - basically to discuss your relationship partner, post pics of them etc. I will start This is my partner richard - we have been dating for 2 and a half years - he lives in albany ny and I live in hamilton ontario, so we have an open long distance relationship - consists of visits whenever time and money allows - it works He is german swedish and lebanese background. the pic below shows him 4 years ago when he was heavily into powerlifting - his last relationship went sour and he got really depressed, started drinking and stopped going in the gym and gained a lot of weight.. that's what the second pic shows since he has been dieting and had bariatric survery (had his stomach stapled) and has lost a lot of weight.. now he just has to go back to the gym and bulk up.. it's been a tough relationship - he has a lot of things wrong with him physically, arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, synuvitis, etc. He's often in pain - the weight loss has helped alleviate that somewhat fortunately. He is an aquarius so he doesn't open up much and I am a libra so I find that hard, but I know he cares, I just wish I could see him more.. eventually the goal is for him to move up here.. I am 32 and he is 52, so there is a big age difference too, but as you get older, age becomes less of an issue - heck when I was 18 I didn't want anyone who wasn't outside my age range.. but that changes hehe.. feel free to post relationship pics and discuss your partner here
  19. Are you ever watching My Little Pony and someone says something, or a brief action is taken, that is an EXTREME plot hole, but the story just decides to gliss right over it? My first example would be Princess Cadence herself. Who the heck is she? We learned that she used to be a pegasus, but we learned that from a book. Who is she related to, how did she become an alicorn, was she a student of Celestia? My next example would be exclusively in The Crystal Empire, when Princess Celestia told twilight she needed to retrieve the heart alone. Why? If Twilight and Spike had listened, the entire crystal empire and the mane 6 would all be slaves of an oppressive tyrant. And also the stained glass only showed Spike, even though Twilight had done almost everything getting to the heart. And my last that i will talk about is Discord. Why did Princess Celestia want to reform him. He was reformed and the only thing he has done was try try to alienate princess twilight, lead them to a dangerous worm in the desert, and ask for a tiny glass of water. It would have been safer to just keep him in stone I Know in the end its just a little girls show, and this topic is purely for discussion, but this is still stuff to think about. And don't even get me started on Equestria Girls...
  20. Buck Testa

    Fluttercord in the evening

    Lazing in the evening with the lord of chaos, cause why not?
  21. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    What Do You Consider Cheating?

    So, what do you comsider to be cheating? Does your partner have to be caught full-fledged being intimate with someone else in order for it to be cheating? Or is them simply flirting with someone else considered cheating?
  22. Discolt

    Happy being single?

    A simple question that I'd figured I'd ask everypony. Are you currently single, and are you happy being single? A difficult question for many, but at least I know I can say that, yes, I am single, and yes, I am quite content with it. Not to say that relationships don't work/they're all bad/women are bitches/they only go after jerks/etc, but it's just... Relationships are a lot of work. They require time and effort, and as a person that does not enjoy long phone conversations and as an artist who cherishes his solitude, (this is the time when I think, write, create, imagine and draw, so I prize it quite a BIT) having a girlfriend seems like more than it's worth. Not to say that people out there don't have happy relationships; I'm sure plenty of you do. Maybe it's that I'm not in a rush to go get another girlfriend like I see many of my friends doing. I don't "need" to have a girl, per say. There are many more important things in life, I think, but then again, maybe I'm crazy. But enough of my drama. Are you happy being single, and if so, why? And if you're in a relationship, why is it just so much better than being single?
  23. This is a topic I very rarely mention and usually just ignore for the most part. But I have been pondering and it has been on my mind today so I just wanted to share my thoughts on the topic and hear others thoughts as well. Back in high school I did not really think much about dating let alone cared about it that much. I did "date" this one girl for what about 3-4 months but it was a joke and I would not even consider that a true relationship whatsoever. But I have been thinking it would be nice to get to know someone and develop a bond with someone where you like each other for who you are regardless of other things. I mean you know what I am say by this. I also believe building a relationship like this with someone takes time. But is seeking love or waiting for love to find you the right way to go about it? Well it is a nice thing to look forward to in the future. I also certainly believe things like this should never be rushed you know? But those are just a few thoughts if mine on the topic. What are your thoughts on love/relationships or just seeking love in general?
  24. For all of you in search of the threads for finding your special somepony on the forum, you're having a difficult time locating them because they have been removed. Since their inception, these threads have caused trouble for staff and regular members alike. Sometimes they simply left us scratching our heads wondering what the hell just happened, or why Member X and Member Y are now duking it out with half a dozen friends trying to be referees, or what's up with some creep exhibiting stalker-like behavior. On the surface, these threads may look innocuous enough to most participants and passersby. Just a bunch of members in search of that “special somepony,” no cause for concern. Seems rather sweet, in fact. You'd be correct in thinking this most of the time. There's no denying that some good, enduring relationships have blossomed as a result of them. Even a few romances that ended have transformed into longstanding friendships. The flip side of this is that quite a few “lovers' quarrels” have erupted as well. Some spats quite serious; some extremely petty. Why does this concern anyone besides those couples? Why not just punish those causing the problems and leave the thread alive for everyone else? Conflicts of this nature often affect more than those who instigated it. On several occasions, people having a fight resulting in the demise of their relationship have managed to get a handful of their friends involved. Friends who don't know how to react or respond, but are now placed in a very uncomfortable situation with volatile people who may lash out at them too if they don't handle the situation appropriately. Nobody here needs to find themselves trapped like that, afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing or nothing at all for fear of retaliation or losing an emotionally compromised friend. Nobody needs to be forced into choosing which of two friends they can keep when those two lose their affections for one another. Quite frankly, this sort of behavior is often stupid and childish. Given the number of people on this forum who are technically children mitigates the element of surprise, but that doesn't change the fact that this is all supremely obnoxious, a total waste of the staff's time, and that dozens of ordinary bystanders shouldn't have to pay for it. The staff, and I daresay everyone else on this forum, have better things to do than mediate intimate bickering of this magnitude. First and foremost, this is a fan site for bronies, not a dating site. Although we've allowed threads for that purpose to exist for a time, it has now become detrimental to our goal of providing the fandom a safe and hospitable social hub. It's time for them to go. But wait, there's more! Bad as all of that can be, we've got one more reason eclipsing it: predation. A few members have come and gone (often through a ban) with... dishonorable intentions. Soliciting personal information, knowingly making unwelcome sexual advances, and all of this typically to multiple members in a spammy fashion and regardless of whatever instructions or reprimands they're given. As tired as a few members are of being creeped upon, we're tired of dealing with creeps. These aren't the kind of people we want on this site, and harboring threads that attract them like flies to honey isn't particularly wise. Futhermore, we've had to have a few conversations with angry parents over this, particularly when their kid gets into a relationship with an adult here. Is it even our responsibility though, you may be asking? Shouldn't the parents take responsibility for what their children are doing online and stop expecting forum administrators to raise their kids instead, so everyone else here can do as they please in a responsible fashion? I, personally, say yes, and to any irresponsible parents out there: get off your lazy asses and stop blaming other people for your failures as a mother/father. That said, the fact remains that they do contact us, and we have to talk to them about whatever concerns them, and we have to start monitoring their kid and whoever they're interacting with to make sure nobody tries arranging a meeting or swapping some naughty pictures or what have you. We aren't equipped or staffed properly for such a task, nor should we even have to do this on a My Little Pony forum anyway. With the demise of these threads, things will hopefully mellow out for everyone. To those members that once enjoyed window shopping for a significant other, sorry for the inconvenience. You'll have to do things the old fashioned way... going out of your way to talk to people you encounter in your forum travels and putting a more concentrated effort into making their acquaintance. Sound harder? Kind of is. On the other hand, you may find the resulting relationships to be much more meaningful and enduring. Try to see this as an opportunity for personal growth rather than a hindrance.
  25. Hey-o Ponies! today ill bring you this questionarie about your views with Long distance relationships, there's 10 questions about your opinion, just remember, if you wanna explain your motives of those choices, or want something to add and express with your fellow bronies, you can share it with us in the coments, and remember to be respectful with replies, thank you!