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Found 21 results

  1. What do you do to relax after a long day? Personally, I surf the internet aimlessly for several hours xP Anyway ... discussion commence!
  2. I thought I would pose this topic, what type of things do you use to relax? I enjoy the times when I get to relax, you know, and be all lazy, and such. I love to listen to some good music, sometimes laying in bed when doing so. I also enjoy being alone with my thoughts, as well as the mysterys of the world in which we live. Enough about me, please share what you use, or things you do to just chill, and relax.
  3. Hello, everypony does anypony love doing Diamond Painting let me know?
  4. Some people love to watch sports, we all know this. Many here probably love sports and watch them a lot. Me, I don't watch sports much, but, strangely enough, I do sometimes like having a sport on in the background, whatever kind of sport game is on, I may have it playing in the background while I am doing other things. It is actually relaxing. So it makes me think, what is a relaxing sport to watch or listen to for you? Could be any kind of sport at all. For me, it would be GT racing. Yeah, the constant sound of the cars, the constant movement, for some reason listening to these kinds of videos is relaxing to me.
  5. Gaming can be a great escape for many people and there are many games that serve many different purposes for people, one of those purposes can be to just relax with. Are there are any particular games that you play for the purpose of relaxing? For me, right now my main game for this purpose is definitely Elite Dangerous, the Xbox One version specifically. I have been obsessing about that game so much lately but that's because I am addicted to it. It is such a wonderful game and it is also quite relaxing for the most part, as long as no combat happens, luckily I do exploring mostly and it is so calming. How's about all of you?
  6. Well alot of the time when I just want to sit down and relax and/or be left alone now these days I tend to simply browse the internet or listen to calm or melodic music. (Lulz yes) Edit: Oops... I can't forget playing Sonic 2... xD... So what about everybody else here?
  7. Here's what I've done so far to this orchestral cover. The version uploaded is actually older than the one I'm working on. I'm still adding drums and more instruments to the mix, but it's taking a long time.
  8. It has a bit of retro feeling, and it's relaxing. You know? I've always liked the retro games empty backgrounds, it feels your imagination how beautiful the landscape is
  9. It's been awhile since i made one of these, but this time i thought i make something a bit more therapeutic. This is for everybody, that might suffer depression and feel very alone. Try to give yourself a few minutes of relaxation and listen to it. Making you realize you're not really alone.
  10. Hey There Kids! Remember that one song by PegasYs that's really catchy? Have you found yourself dancing in the elevator because the music was too AWESOME? Don't you wish you could combine them both together? No? GREAT! Presenting the remix that nobody asked for: high quality download on ponyfm, mp3 on the youtube page
  11. I'm back with another Twilight drawing! Forgotten the aura. ;-; yes, the horn is there. look closely. Speedpaint for it is here: For those wondering, I did add the aura in the speedpaint, but then I changed something off cam and forgotten to add it back in. Journey through drawing ponies ^^ XD Damnn I was a stupid kid. Found these drawings while clearing my table XD Well anyways, I've seen a lot of people, saying how their art sucked and such. SO, here I am saying that.... That's bullshit. NO. It doesn't. It may look ugly to you, but how does one truly see art? Everything is art. I guess if it doesn't....................... well, 'perfect' to you in a sense, just keep practicing. I'm the type of person that, when 1 thing is out of place, I'll get frustrated and keep drawing it over and over again until I got it right. But sometimes it doesn't seem right no matter what I do. So, I'll go search up some tutorials, like "How to Draw Hands" and stuff. Don't compare yourself to other professional artists, it'll only damage your confidence. You go your own pace. Maybe one day you can look back on your own old art and laugh like I am now.
  12. For me, the theme for Giygas in EarthBound is something I've learnt to feel calm listening to- even in bed at night- after a while: What about for you ponies? :3
  13. Not sure if this was made. So i'll make it! The topic is exactly what it says on the tin! What songs relax you? Or help sleep? I have multiple ones. Here is one of them. What is yours?
  14. Can you bring up songs that you find relaxing? It can also be an album or a band/musician. For me, it'ls mostly Kammarheit which is in the Dark Ambient genre of music. Here's one of the soundtracks. So what do you listen to when you just want to calm down?
  15. It just so happens we don't have a thread dedicated to the more relaxed and downtempo types of music here! So post some calming and relaxing music you like here. Here's some of mine.
  16. Hypnosis.... Ok for some odd reason this topic has disappeared or is being put off (Claims of being dangerous when rarely is.) is the safest hypnosis you can do (Fluttershy Hypnosis) People Put this off cause they are scared due to problems with real ones (Make sure they have Trigger words) or other reasons 1. Trigger Words Are mainly triggered via Thinking about them. Thats why when you say them. (people think if others say it they will be put back into hypnosis.. Solution: Forget Said Phrases/ Pretend you didn't hear it) 2. Personality disorder? This is what happens when you are stupid and listen to hypnosis WAAAAAY to many times (Listen to it like 5 times in a row. NOT GOOD. Try Listening 3 times if it doesn't work it doesn't work) 3. Personality Changes. Average thing that happens but the solution is to control yourself (Sub-Conscious or whatever) 4. Last But Not Least....Permanent Hypnosis. This Is Annoying to fix due the many people who think: ITS ONLY TEMPORARY (The Solution is to try and gain info of the said hypnosis) Hypnoponies is a Safe-ish site Designed to make you A. Think You Are a Pony (one of 6 manes) B.Hallucinate that you are one C. Think you Are becoming one (Transformation hypnosis: Makes you think your body is reforming Sadly My Parents (I'm old but not that old) are currently on to me about this so im doing around 12 in the morning I hope You Enjoy Your Time Also Please Reply or something to tell me if you have had any problems Hypnoponies link:
  17. DashPony


    I wanted to capture the cold, lonely feeling of winter with this song. I hope I succeeded With every song I write, I want to tell a story. (Which is why I very rarely do anything with lyrics). This song is about Scootaloo being lost and alone in a snow storm. Use your imaginations to expand on that idea, or interpret the song in a new way. Let me know in the comments Fun Fact: The vocal melody is actually from Celestia's Ballad
  18. So, sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. Have some Rainbow Dash. "While I love working out, I have to say that the cool down is just as good as the exercise itself. Cooling off and relaxing on puffy cool clouds is arguably one of the best feelings in all of Equestria."
  19. Man, I'm just going on a drawing spree. I have no idea how to draw a cowboy hat from the top down. Forgot the apples on the trees, so let's just say that they were all harvested and Applejack is relaxing as a result of said harvesting. I'm really surprised at how the background turned out. The barn was something drawn last minute because I felt the skyline looked empty. I also figured out the deviantART embed thing. Enjoy!
  20. Post any relaxing music here.It can be any music thats relaxing.(You dont say!)
  21. Hey everypony, I just got into...everything and was EXTREMELY inspired to start writing some pony music. Here's my first upload. Now I think it's time for me to go to bed...