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Found 15 results

  1. Thanks to the work of our wonderful volunteers, the demo of Maradice Isle has JUST GONE LIVE!! If you wish to download the game and enjoy it up to the end of the prologue, you may do so here ( Don't worry; We checked and triple-checked it for viruses. It's clean ):!CJRGWChD!U2MSQO-tD5JRSA6a3Qsza6_CSXAj8HTV-QyaaEcmhTM Truly, if it wasn't for the amazing volunteers we found here on this site, this would have never come to be. And while the game does have a long road ahead until it's completed, we'll stand strong and see it through to the end, if for no other reason then so the game can not only serve as an excellent story of one young mares journey to save her island home from an evil she has no hopes of comprehending, but also as a nostalgic love letter to long-time fans of MLP: FiM, and one final hurrah to Generation 4 of MLP. Sadly, I cannot guarantee you all of the features promised in my earlier forum posts about the game, mainly because they're simply impossible to implement into RPG Maker VX Ace. But rest assured, we will be thinking up unique and creatives ways to compensate for this lack of promised features! We still need more volunteers to help us with the tilesets ( now that the project is moving onto Equestria ) and the character sprites, so if you think you've got what it takes, and are familiar with RPG Maker VX Ace and how it operates, please feel free to join our development Discord server to stay up to date on everything that's going on with the project! Or even if your not, feel free to join in with us anyway as a supporter. We could always use more friends to talk to and to pitch around ideas as development continues! Once again, thanks a lot for making this happen, and I myself will see you back here real soon for the full release of the game! *** NOTICE FROM BULLDOZER STUDIOS: While not exactly featured in the current demo release, this game is heavily story-driven, and will feature a unique storyline unlike anything you've ever seen in an MLP game before! Therefor, we firmly request/demand that all spoilers to the games plot be kept to a minimum, so as not to ruin the experience for those who have not played the game yet.
  2. We met at the front exit inside the Sherman theater after the MLP movie. We were talking about what we liked about the movie, and how few Bronys there were in our area. Until you remembered you had parked on the other side of the building. I was wearing a black jersey tee shirt with 07 as the number. Was hoping we could reconnect and chat it up! Apologies to mods if this post breaks rules.
  3. "Legend of Everfree" was released in Brazil, and "Dance Magic" was released in Poland, earlier than in America and other countries. I wonder why did Hasbro choose to release them earlier? Was it due to a partnership with other companies in those countries, or that Hasbro wants to seize a chance to sell their products in those countries?
  4. Two cool looking games came out, one is Early Access, one is a final release. Which is better? Which is Equal?
  5. Sup guys. Fire Fox just released a new feature that was inegrated with their browser, It's called "Hello" and it's a messenger that doesn't require you to be signed up for it or to have the same browser. You just give some one your chat-room address and everyone can chat via video or mic. If you guys want, we can chat in real-time, on that messenger, as a forum. I have a chat-room setup but I don't know if anyone would like to join such a chat room, seeing as some of your are shy and timid.
  6. With the recent announcement of Wii games being available for purchase at the Wii U eShop at yesterday's Nintendo Direct, fans have been feverishly thinking about what games they'd want to see get another release(and/or your like me wondering why they still can't get GC and N64 games on there, as well as DS games like they announced earlier). And while there's plenty of games on the system that should get another shot, seeing the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming soon made me think that it'd be the perfect opportunity for them to release games that either never got a chance here or are ridiculously expensive to get 10) Xenoblade Chronicles One of the 3 games that was part of Operation Rainfall, a movement meant to convince NoA to localize 3 certain JRPGs, and often considered one of the best RPGs of last gen(or at least best JRPG), Xenoblade Chronicles was only released in North America at Gamestops and is often hard to get without having to pay an organ for it. It'd be understandable if they didn't release it now since the New 3DS port of it is on it's way, but it'd be great to see it appear down the line for those who want to experience it on the console once Xenoblade Chronicles X rolls along 9) Last Story The second game of the Operation Rainfall trilogy and the latest console game created by the father of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi. While it's not as ridiculously expensive a few other games on this list(about $30 for a used copy at Gamestop), it's still a relatively hard to find game, but it's a fun one 8) Pandora's Tower The 3rd game of the Operation Rainfall trio, and the least successful of the 3. I never got a chance to play it, and I'm still having trouble finding a copy, so all the more reason to put it here 7) Madworld This game's actually pretty cheap($10 new, $3 used at Gamestop), but good luck finding it. Madworld is a gloriously violent and incredibly fun game by Platinum Studios, but is unfortunately one of the Wii's many overlooked gems. With Nintendo's recent works with Platinum like Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, seeing this on the eShop is only fitting 6) Captain Rainbow This is where the rereleases can really shine, releasing titles that never left Japan's shores Captain Rainbow has a small cult following on the internet and is one of many Japanese Wii titles that many people want to see. Judging from some of the videos and screenshots I've seen, I have no fucking clue what it's supposed to be about, which is probably what I want to see it more 5) Fatal Frame IV/Fatal Frame 2 Remake For some reason, after Nintendo received the rights to the Fatal Frame franchise, they've been held hostage in Japan. If they want to see if a market exists in the west(it probably does), it would be a good time to give the game a western release in time for Fatal Frame V(which I hope also releases in the US) 4) Disaster Day of Crisis An action-adventure game by Monolith Soft, the creators of Xenoblade, was released in just about everywhere but the US for some unknown reason. I remember being very excited for this game when I first heard about it and saw, so hearing that it wasn't going to be localized in the US was pretty soulcrushing 3) Zack&Wiki's Island Adventure Much like Madworld, it's pretty cheap, but much like that, it's also hard to find 2) Klonoa Klonoa is awesome. This game and this series deserves more love 1) Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn The sequel to the beloved Gamecube title, Path of Radiance. From what I've heard, it's the least successful titles in the series commercially. This along with the demand so high(especially after the surge of popularity the series recently got from Awakening) makes it one of the most difficult to get game in the series and on the system its on. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would prefer to get the game for $10-20 at the eShop as opposed to some of the ridiculous prices I've seen it go for I'm aware that there are tons of games I probably missed that people would undoubtedly like to see(like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which I've seen go up for $160 for some unholy). If you want, share your opinions on what you'd like to see come back on the eShop
  7. I've been waiting on an official release for a while, and now we have it! Hasbro has released some of the songs from the first two seasons of MLP on an official soundtrack. You can get it here on iTunes! Here's the list of songs: 1. At the Gala Song 2. Becoming Popular 3. The Smile Song 4. Art of the Dress 5. May the Best Pet Win 6. The Flim Flam Cider Song 7. The Laughter Song 8. Winter Wrap Up 9. B.B.B.F.F. 10. This Day Aria 11. Love Is in Bloom I already purchased the soundtrack and am listening through it right now. So far, all the songs sound great and the quality is excellent definitely recommend getting it if you love the show's songs.
  8. Spider-man fans and aficionados are counting down the days until May 2, 2014 when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released in U.S. theaters (U.K. fans get the jump on us by a few weeks—their release date has been reported as April 18, 2014). The first trailer has been released, revealing much, but creating many more questions. Fans of the show have broken down the trailer, picking out a few Easter eggs which may portend what we can expect from Marvel’s next superhero movie. Possible villains First, and most obviously, the trailer reveals a number of possible villains. Electro is featured prominently in multiple shots of terror and mayhem. Another prospect seems to be Rhino suited in a giant shell of metal armor rampaging through the streets. Finally, there is the vague conversation between a bed-ridden Norman Osborne and his son, Harry, about some future event which Harry doesn’t feel entirely good about. He asks, “What about Peter?” to which Norman responds, “Not everyone has a happy ending.” Mysterious hat-wearing man Not to be forgotten is the mysterious man wearing a hat who appears at the end of the first movie. In the trailer he is shown walking by display cases of The Vulture’s wings and Doctor Octopus’s arms, which seems to indicate he is no one good. writer Russ Burlingame said, “The character could be any number of people, and we’ve done some digging through the comics in the past and come out with a few good ideas—but considering the pervasive animal-themed villains in this film, I’m thinking Ezekiel from the J.M. Straczynski run is your safest bet—or Morlun, the yang to Ezekiel’s yin.” The fate of Gwen Stacy Everyone familiar with the Spider-Man comics knows that one of the biggest surprises in comic book history was the death of Gwen Stacy. Burlingame pointed out that in the trailer, “Emma Stone here is wearing the outfit Gwen was wearing in the comics when she died at the hands of Green Goblin.” Coincidence or precursor? We can’t say for sure. In the comics she died when Green Goblin hurled her from a bridge, breaking her neck. Third movie release date The third movie has already been announced for 2016 and reported the villains are expected to be the Sinister Six. Until these much-anticipated movies come out, fans might satisfy their Spider-Man cravings by checking out the warm, comfy Spider-Man pattern adult footed pajamas released by The company also offers pajamas with other Marvel characters so no matter what your preference, you’ll be able to find the right pajamas for you. Source:
  9. Welcome to another film review! So Today I was fortunate enough to see the a film that is about a week old in cinemas (only gone through one orange Wednesday ) so lets take a quick look at the trailer before my thoughts: As you can see from the trailer, its set in 2154, earth has become polluted and the wealthy have build a massive space station to live on while the rest of earths population resides on ruined earth. The rich have the capability to heal ANYTHING completely and they don't want to let anyone on earth into "elysium". This is where the main character "Max" launches a daring mission to try and save his life after being given a death sentence by a lethal douse of radiation. Impressions: The whole dystopia aspect is laid out nicely in the first 30 mins. They don't go over the top with the dystopia aspect. In fact throughout the entire film they stick well within what you would expect a future earth to look like. There is no over the top technology, and they use the use of special effects throughout is done in a manner that makes it feel real and doesn't go over the top and break immersion like in some films. I would like to add hear that it is a 15, and the language is not great throughout but the main factor is that some of the injuries in the film are pretty horrific (and well deserved of a 15 title). If you don't like violence I would probably steer clear of this particular title. Overall the plot is good, maybe a little predictable overall but defiantly could and should be considered as a well constructed narrative. The main characters are introduced quickly,however there persona's are not really built on that much at the start and it takes a long time for the film to really give them any depth. The main issues I have with the film is that I didn't feel like I cared for the characters at all right up until the last 20~30 minuets. This me made the first 45min feel a little bit out of pace and disjointed at times and it just didn't feel right. It was almost felt a little bit jumpy for the first 20 mins until the film really go going and it started to explain some things better. The ending is defiantly the strong point. I really started to care for certain characters towards the end of the film and it really started to draw me in. The film is much better paced at this part, taking it much slower and everything just flows much more nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending (so I'm not going to spoil it) and overall it made the film more then worth while going to see and better then alot of film's I've seen ! Overall, this was a slow starter, not getting into it until the last 20~ mins of the film, but wow are they full of feeling ! 6/10 Thanks for reading ! comment on what you think/ what your opinions of the film are if you go to see it!
  10. Searched for everything I used a topic tags. (Good god, I said EQD instead of EQG can i change that or does an Admin have to clean up after me?) I was checking out some movie times on and noticed out of the corner of my eye that towards the end of August Event Cinemas will be screening MLP: Equestria Girls. Just thought I ought to mention it somewhere in case anyone hasn't seen the movie yet and wanted to see it on the big screen. The tickets are only $7 as well so it's a fair bit cheaper than buying a copy. Hopefully this info is useful to some. More info:
  11. "Say what?" Yeah, I know what you think. And from a certain point of view I agree with you. Yes, it is good that Hasbro actually does something to please fans worldwide. Yes, something that could have been only limited to a release in the US comes to several countries now. Yes, we bronies can watch and support at the same time. But there is one question that can't be answered. At least not that easy. "Mom, why is Twilight a princess?" In case you follow the news on Equestria Daily, you might have read that the movie will come to Germany, Malaysia and the UK. You see, if someone watches the show only in their language or doesn't draw on sources like Youtube, it comes down to the simple fact that in most countries Twilight "didn't beome an alicorn yet". It is not just about the younger fans. If you follow the best-case scenario that every company wants, you buy what they offer from sources they support. Yes, Hasbro knows that many people watch FiM on Youtube. But those people also buy merch. Bronies buy merch and parents do as well. Equestria Girls may be non-canonical, but it resorts to canon actions that didn't happen in dubbed versions of the show yet. If you don't watch the episodes as they air on the Hub and don't watch them until they air wherever you live on this world, you are suddenly faced with that movie and things you "can't" know. I know. Hasbro is a corporation that can't hesitate when it comes to good chances. But spreading the movie all over the world before "Magical Mystery Cure" aired in those countries... I just can't relate to that. It is a huge fanservice, yes. But only for us bronies. And even then... I don't know. How about you?
  12. Theyve been working on this since, like 2011 right? Why did the images released show the weird pony-eared, winged designs? The trailer shows human ears, show style and wingless dash and Fluttershy. (Yeah, like in the human world there happen to be two winged ponies!)
  13. Ahoy, partners! I'd like to share with you the news. As of yesterday, my very first album "Tales from Far Away" has been released for free. "Tales from Far Away" is a compilatory album of all my pony tracks (as listed in the video teaser), featuring various instrumental genres. Enjoy the journey along an adventurous day through Equestria, and let the music of every moment, scene and memory flow through you. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more! Download available for free (check video's description) or donation if you may. Thanks for your time, and have a beautiful day!
  14. Yes, that's right! The first 2 seasons of MLP are coming on DVD in Europe by a company called Clear Vision. They are also going to do DVDs in the UK France, Spain, Italy and the Middle East. This is probably the most exciting news we EU's are ever going to get!!! I'm shaking in excitement as I type this!!! I've got 2 sources... You know what Hasbro and Clear Vision...
  15. Hey everypony! So I was just wondering.. When exactly does the new episodes air, i.e., when do people first get a legit look of the new episodes? I know they're pretty much available for download every saturday, but does anypony know the exact date and time?