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Found 5 results

  1. Prior to the forums converting, there were more emoticons than there are now. Some are missing, such as Crackle. Is there a chance of them returning?
  2. Because for me as a content creator and video production business owner, it gives us another way for viewers to interact with our content. And I am disappointed that they are even going with this. Sure annotations are not mobile-friendly and can get annoying (thanks to the party-poopers who spam them for no or useless reasons), but they are incredibly useful when used appropriately. I wish YouTube could make an equivalent to this that's mobile-friendly, but this is quite disappointing that YouTube will even be removing this when it isn't broken. If you agree with this video I shared above, please share it as far and wide as possible. YouTube needs to at least see that they should make a mobile-friendly version of this (No, Cards and End screens do not provide the functionality annotations allow).
  3. Just a thought... Even though she's featured less and less these can still say Derpy's in every episode, if you count the intro...(she's on the train for the few people who didn't spot her) If there's a new intro to the show (as discussed in another thread) Will they remove Derpy's cameo from that as well? I'm not quite sure about the whole situation now, what's been resolved and what hasn't... but last I heard, they were planning on completely phasing her out... Then again, she was in Equestria Girls I dunno... There's probably more than enough Derpy threads on this forum, but more won't hurt that much right?...
  4. -removed content- -removed content--removed content--removed content--removed content--removed content--removed content-
  5. The last My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode has been removed from the series forever!! You must give your reaction to the episode above you, then post the last episode that you watched in the same post. Now, the last episode I watched was Luna Eclipsed.