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Found 7 results

  1. I was under the impression that brohoofs were the only reaction that would increase total community reputation, but apparently that's not the case. Currently, on my profile, the green box for Community Reputation says that I have "622 Brohoofs", but if I look at reputation activity, then under Reactions Received, I have 615 brohoofs and a scattering of other reactions that add up to 628 reactions in total. What accounts for this disparity? Do all reactions - not just brohoof, but also "yay", "thanks", "teacup", other temporary reactions, etc. - increase reputation? Do reactions to certain content not count toward increasing reputation? So, for example, do reactions to posts in certain subsections of the forums not count? Do reactions to status updates, status replies, blog entries, blog comments, etc. count or not count? I looked around a bit, but I wasn't able to find a topic or post that explains what exactly counts or doesn't count toward reputation, and I think this would be useful/interesting information to have. Also, would the rules for what counts or doesn't count toward reputation be liable to change in the future? I would appreciate any explanation that can be provided for how exactly these aspects of the reputation system work.
  2. What determines an individuals reputation?
  3. A thing that happens in gaming quite often is that a game will gain a reputation. Not just for the overall game itself, but sometimes, specific parts of a game will gain their own rep for whatever reason. Be it the level or section was amazing to people, or gamers thought it was insanely tedious or perhaps immensely difficult. There are many reasons why one part of a game can be etched into gaming history. So I want to look deeply into this subject. Here, I want to us to discuss levels or sections in games that have reputations for any reason, and if that particular part of that game either lived up to that reputation or for you, it simply didn't. I will start with one that is fairly infamous: Blighttown from Dark Souls: This is the part of the game you hear about constantly. When I started playing the game, all I heard about from people was how terrible Blighttown is and how it is one of the most difficult parts of the game and blah blah. When I got there and proceeded through it, all I found out was that one aspect of this reputation was true: It is essentially low-framrate town. Beyond that though, I honestly found Blighttown to be quite simple. Sure there are snipers that can give you toxic, but once you kill them, they are gone forever. Blighttown can be tricky if one rushes it, but that can be said about a lot of the game. I took it slowly and eventually overcame the area with relative ease. I personally thought the Tomb of the Giants was drastically worse. I personally felt that Blighttown absolutely didn't live up to the reputation it had gained.
  4. twiia

    Okay, I suck

    Okay, now I definitely suck. Popularity and reputation are still getting to my head. I've been told to try to be a fan in my own way. But now... ugh I'm just so jealous. I definitely suck. Even my very crappy fan art isn't enough to show my devotion as a Twilight fan. In fact, the only thing I did was piss people off. "I'm not the queen. Maybe I was gonna be, but now..." *sighs* stupid mind of mines. Popularity shouldn't be important, but it is for me.
  5. One thing over the years... one thing I've seen that is so important to becareful with is your own reputation. The things people remember you by and how greatly that affects your relationships with others in the long scheme of things. Let me ask this, do you believe that reputation is a fragile thing? Do you think that a person could enter a state of no return once they've ruined their own reputation. Or is it possible for that person to redeem themselves of their foolish actions of the past? Would it be better for that person to just accept how things are and move on?
  6. I think I can safely say that all of us here carry ourselves differently than others. Its only natural as everyone in this world is different. We each have something that we are stronger in than others and we all have things we tend to struggle with. What may be easy for someone else to deal with may not be easy at all for someone else out there. We all want to be respected by others, we all want to be accepted rather than to be rejected its in our nature. I wanted to call out something to attention however.... For those of you who find it hard to carry yourself confidence wise, have you ever been subject to others trying to "mess with you" they keep on and keep on trying to get under your skin to get a rise out of you? They find it humorous that you try and act like they are not bothering you when deep inside you would wish they would just leave you alone? As I said before for some people they can take jokes and stuff better than others... but I do think that some people like to try and run over others to make them feel out of place or unwanted. I know because I have been done so many too many times to count and the feeling sucks so much. It seems to me no matter how hard I try and become "stronger" or just in the sense gain the respect from others more the more I find out I can never do so. Sure people will say just ignore it, and just go your own way. But when you have been through this sort of thing after so long you finally get to a breaking point in which you wish you could over come. I feel like at times maybe I might be better off just avoiding others but I wanted to know if this mutual feeling of people trying to walk over you/ put down, is something you have experienced as well. Any personal advice I'd greatly appreciate as well
  7. Okay, so apparently the term brony has reached the masses at my job. Yesterday, we were all having a discussion about children's tv shows because the new person who works in our building has two kids. She was looking for suggestions of shows to watch with them, so you can suggest which show I suggested I said it was really cute and funny. Then she says, I have something really disturbing to tell you, have you ever heard of a brony? I said, yes, they are boys that like MLP. She shakes her head, my friend told me that they are boys that like to imagine themselves having sex with MLPs. They create characters for themselves and make senarios like this and completely sexualize the ponies. They are also really creepy and might be pedophiles. I was like WTF?! and I'm never in that kind of mindset either. I was so surprised that I had no idea what to say I just kind of stared at her. I was going to say well, so and so who works with us liked My Little Pony back in the 80s when he was an adult man, is he a pedophile? but so and so would not have appreciated me saying that so I didn't. I just said that they are boys that just like to watch the show. She then left. She's coming back today and I want to talk about bronies in a positive light. Any ideas of what to say? She's a very nice person, I just think she got the wrong information and her friend most likely heard about slash and clop fics through the grapevine and assumed that's how all bronies were. I'm a girl so she didn't think it was that weird that I watched the show. The other shows that were mentioned were YoGabbaGabba (I told her that was disturbing and she said no, it's really cute), Dora, Wishbone, Carmen SanDiego, Arthur, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Wonder Pets, the Wiggles, Hip Hop Harry and some Japanese show with people bouncing around as atoms.