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Found 9 results

  1. >> Closed until all requests are fulfilled! << - Update for those in the queue - I'm currently visiting family and won't be able to complete any requests for a few days, though I do have the current request in progress! I'll be sure to update when I can start drawing again, thank you all for your great patience! <3 Doing ponysona requests! - Feral only - First come first serve - Flat color sketch - At the moment, I'll only be taking five requests! Will update when I'll take more <3 - Drop your ref and I'll get to it! << Completed >> @Queue list: >>@Will Guide<< @DivineBeauty1000 @Lazy Ferret @Lucky Bolt @Kamii
  2. Hey ! Today was Clandestine's turn ! Let's get back to real drawing now . Hope you will enjoy it ! I'm waiting for the end of this week and the holidays following before reopening a brand new shop, more organised and focused on vector drawing. But before I'm going to finish most of the previous requests I already have, thus, the drawing here was requested by @Shadowking58 ( svg link ) To ShadowKing58 : I'm going to post it as a request from you on my dA, let me know if you don't want me to put the drawing there.
  3. I present to you beautiful people Becker (Fender)'s OC, Rosey Petals! Hope he likes it.
  4. Princess Moonlights OC. As requested, I'll post both pictures (the shaded and the plain) Plain vector in spoiler.
  5. Hey all you bronies and pegasisters, I will be holding a livestream pony request event around 7 pm Central time tonight. Those of you who want to join in merely have to post your ponies. Can be fan made ponies in the stream. I will get to as many as I can before the stream is over. A new journal will be posted when it starts so don't worry. Any questions, feel free to post them here. ~DJPon-3
  6. Here ya go, Lullaby. As you now, I've been very sick and this isn't my best work. Just know that I tried my best
  7. So I thought I would try my hoof at making a Christmas special so, if anyone would like their OC in it follow these rules. His/her name Picture or link at the bottom of the comment His/her personality OC's speech pattern such as a normal "Hey there how are you doing?" or "Howdy how y'all doin'?" Supporting or main. Your OC can be an alicorn but I would like to limit the alicorn OCs though. I also need some to help with the main six and your choices of side characters. OCs needed~ Voxal-me Chord-supporting for Voxal FireBurst-FireBurst Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC Main Support OC As for main cast. Twilight Sparkle-non-alicorn-me Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Your choice Please respond. (Twilight is played by me, she is the one hosting the party).
  8. So here's my first completed OC request. Yesterday on my second Feld0 sketch CrazytheRandomPony asked me to draw his OC and here's what I drew; as you asked I drew him sleeping on a cloud, but I've also added his notepad with the pencil, I know that I didn't get the mane completely right, but it still looks good. I hope you'll like it! Previous sketch: Feld0 sketch #2 Next sketch: Sweetie Belle.
  9. Hi! i'm new to the mlp forums, but have been a brony for a fairly long time now. A couple months back, I used the Pony Creator to make an OC, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw him professionally. His name is Bruiserdemon, and he loves playing the oldschool Idsoftware games on a regular basis. his cutie mark is the DooM marine. (in all it's pixelated glory XD) (if it's too small to see, save it to your computer and zoom in on it) he's also fairly adept at telekinesis and fire magic, but isn't very social. (as in, socially awkward)