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Found 27 results

  1. I'm a pixel artist and I'm ready to get your requests with your characters. A long time ago I'm drawed faces and pixel sprites and get requests in this forum. ⚠️⚠️⚠️Information for NSFW requests.⚠️⚠️⚠️ All my drawings you can see here. For skip some questions you can say what characer you want to see, pose or what he/she will do, background, nsfw/sfw.
  2. Hello all! I'm looking to see what sort of interest there would be in written commissions, so I figure the best way to find out would be to offer some for free! Plus I get to build up a portfolio for later, Anywho, if you need help writing something or just want a scene/description/backstory/storyline written for you, feel free to post down below!
  3. Please note that a nextgen is a characters offspring/child - So I can make like, your OC + Applejack's children n all that. Doing free nextgen characters! It can be an oc x oc, cannon x cannon, oc x cannon character.. doesn't matter much to me. I doesn't have to just be ponies, either. I can do hybrids or just straight up other species. I may or may not use bases, WITH CREDIT, or I may just draw it from scratch. Just look down in the thread for my art examples. If you have preferences on what the foal outcome will be, pls tell me beforehand. Like if you want them to have a specific colour, want them to have a specific attribute, take more after one parent, ect. Unless otherwise specified in your post, I won't be giving them cutie marks.
  4. Well, I'm not really getting anywhere with my commissions,as no one seems to be biting, so I figure I may as well open up requests instead. I will put the link to my shop HERE anyway, just in case any of you want to be awesome and get commissions from me. I do mostly feral ponies and anthro furries.Some examples are HERE
  5. Hey everybody its me again back with this cute blepping pony to celebrate the fall season. I am probably going to be taking 1 or 2 so I can have some finished examples of this YCH. All pony races I.E unicorn,pegasi and alicorn Any gender You can also choose to have a little costume as well
  6. Welcome! I'm doing traditional (pencil and paper) sketches of Ponysonas or MLP OCs. Most examples of my work are in my Redesign Shop (the rules here are similar to there). Please: 1) Provide an image of one character you'd like me to draw 2) Inform me about any specific poses or expressions in your request 3) 1 request per week 4) Be patient. Understand that I may be very busy and it may take a while for me to upload the drawing I will NOT draw: -Mecha (robots or robotic body parts) -Lots of clothing (little accessories are preferred) -Backgrounds or props Please direct message me any questions you may have about the shop.
  7. Welcome to my shop I'm doing colored rough sketches Ponysona or MLP OC redesigns. You would give me a character whose original design you'd like altered and I will draw it. Examples of my work are here, here, here and here. Please: 1) Provide an image of the character you'd like me to redesign 2) Inform me about any specific changes in your request 3) Request up to 2 character redesigns per week Please direct message me any questions you may have about the shop.
  8. Due to upload limitations, I cannot add any new signatures to this thread specifically. However, all new signatures that I make will be uploaded to my Deviant Art account. Please check it out if you want to see any of my new stuff.
  9. °˖✧ Deerie's Request Shop 2.0 ✧˖° You can request art of your OC here. For those who aren't common with my artworks.. please follow these links: Art page - Deviantart 1 - Deviantart 2 this isn't first come, first serve. With some requests i might do them during artstream on picarto - others I might not stream and record at all. artwork will be posted here and possibly on my wall too, please be aware of that. If you want me to create something as a gift.. please specifiy that. Do's: Don't: Please keep dm's open, if i'm not sure what something is or how to draw it.. I will dm you to get a better answer! I can do custom characters if asked for and YCH themed artworks too. Completed: Progress:
  10. After the amount of attention my sleeping pones thread got I have decided to do a few for free. Now there are going to be a few rules/info but nothing to harsh or outrageous just to make sure you and I are on the same page. So with all that said here are the rules I will probably be doing just a few of these since they are fun to do and a good way warm up the ole drawing hand yet alone help practice my skills. The amount of time of each will vary from time of request to completion since I am working on more important pieces at the moment. Like my new YCH and a few other things. Now here's one the rules please don't bug me when it's going to be finished. I will not draw anything else except for the sleeping pony. I can draw your OC's and canon characters and I can even add an extra I will find a way to make it work. Please give me the best reference you can. I would prefer unshaded art of the character in question but I am willing to give it a shot if its a description or any other art of said character. I do place my mark on every finished piece that is not to be taken off or tampered with. Also if you wish to post it on other sites please credit me. Have fun and place your characters below I cannot wait to see what you guys have for me Slots chaosprincess - DONE Deerie - Pandora (Sketching) Tao - Bonnie Nut Cagey DSC - alex sinfalair Examples
  11. >> Closed until all requests are fulfilled! << - Update for those in the queue - I'm currently visiting family and won't be able to complete any requests for a few days, though I do have the current request in progress! I'll be sure to update when I can start drawing again, thank you all for your great patience! <3 Doing ponysona requests! - Feral only - First come first serve - Flat color sketch - At the moment, I'll only be taking five requests! Will update when I'll take more <3 - Drop your ref and I'll get to it! << Completed >> @Queue list: >>@Will Guide<< @DivineBeauty1000 @Lazy Ferret @Lucky Bolt @Kamii
  12. The point on this is that I will read any fanfic and I will tell you if you need to add anything and that will help with me writing my fanfics. I just pressed a random prefix because I didn't know what one fits this .
  13. Hello! I am Ezzy and I love to sketch, you have no idea, I've decided to open a trade however, I go through allot of supplies in my request shop and I'm starting to want anything in return! Now, it's okay, not mad at anyone, I'm the one that chose to do requests ,but now I need a change of pace, get my practice, make people smile, and also get a silly or an amazing doodle in return! I accept any work of my OC's that are not NSFW My Oc's : Ezzy : Camilla : Symphonia : Iridessa : Namya : Rules : 1 : Give me credit for your drawing and do not claim the art style as your own. 2 : Don't sell any art I make you. 3 : Don't rush me, these are art trades and I'm choosing to do them on my own free time. 4 : I'm trying to learn, so if something doesn't turn out super amazing, I'm sorry, I could always try again. 5 : Nothing too complex, if it does have some questionable complexity we can pm about it in detail to see if I can wiggle in my attempts. 6 : I don't do digital only traditional. I love digital artists, but I'd rather have people who respect traditional to ask for requests, I do them all in pencil, nothing else, please respect this. 7 : No NSFW , Gore, or tons of violence! 8 : You MUST fill out this form so I can do things accordingly and it will help make things easier when sketching things out. Fill this out - Name : Gender : Personality : Interests : Species : Shot : Body, half body, or just head shot? Reference /Description (Must be detailed or pictures) : What do I do ? : Ponies, Gryphons, Pokemon, Dragons, Draconequeses, Seaponies , Changelings, Diamond Dogs, and various cartoon characters (Ask about it in pm) <3 : MY WORK : If you like me work and if you want to ( this is entirely optional) please check out signature my DeviantArt link should be there, I'd love to have your support!!
  14. I need some ideas for some art to show in my visual fan art section. Say your idea. Your idea may or may not get shown it depends
  15. Hello, Not good at much, so you can suggest a pose for me to attempt, but can't promise I'll pull through with the thing, this is good for practice either way, but to help give me their name, reference, and personality! So I decided for practice I should try some art trades, I am practicing only ponies atm, will pick the ones I want, if I don't pick yours it might just be too complex or I'm working on easier ones first. I only do my pencil sketches for now. Here are some examples : Rules : 1 : No NSFW 2 : No Clop 3 : No drug related stuff Slots : 1 : Dusk Nightshroud (Done!) 2 : 3 : 4: 5:
  16. I'm asking this question because I think I've seen people before who have request shop topics which lock whenever the number of requests is maxed out (to prevent people asking for "reservations"). My question is, do request shop topic creators have the ability to manually lock/unlock their topics? Or do they work with a mod to accomplish this?
  17. Wow, it's been a while since I've started a topic. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a comic strip and I've created an art style for the project. As of now, I'm playing around with it, but I was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Twilight Sprackle Apple Jackie I still regret inking this one. I'm working on the style with the rest of the Mane 6, but please feel free to give me any feedback (something that isn't, "your inking sucks" or "Get a drawing tablet") "The Quick Trigger" Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  18. Hello everypony! I'd just like to take a few moments of your time to explain the purpose of this post. I have found that I have a rather good talent of character design and development, which means I should be able to help you with anything from naming your pony, or even making one from scratch. Here I'd like to offer art, story, names, and concepts for anypony who might be struggling to figure out just what they want their pony to be. These will be finished in many variants of time, depending on what you need help with. I'll keep a current queue up here for everypony to see, so you know where you are in line. Current Queue
  19. hi this is the forum where u can request a profile for league of legends I will create it and lvl it up to lvl 30 and send it to u for free and you can pick the username and password and regen also u can request specific champ that u want on there if u want u can tell me the masteries and runes that u want other wise I will leave them blank also I will be creating random ones that you can pick from if u want I will post the ones that are done these will most likely be on the NA regen and to keep the passwords safe they will be sent by pm's and i will get them done as soon as possible
  20. So I just finished a request for DJ Neon, and so here it is. And here is my request shop in case anyone wants a pony drawing:
  21. If you haven't played the free to play steam game, you should. its a unique experience. But what I am working on is a DLC for unturned that will be available on the steam workshop. Unturned: Holocaust Island is a atomic-blasted island that will push the players survival skills to its full limit. So far there is a bomb crater, a few roads, and a never before seen zombie variant called the rad zombie. The rad zombie has a minimum of 300 health and 40 damage. Now I know what you are wondering, Why am I here? well I was wondering if maybe some people on mlp forums would like to help on this project by giving ideas for in game content. people who helped and have given ideas that worked well will be given credit to in the workshop content description! Change logs will be posted to confirm added content and deleted content.
  22. Im looking to start a free shop in the requests section. If you would post the link that ive been looking for or explain it with your reply id be very happy. But until then ill keep looking.
  23. HI GUYSS! I was wondering if anypony would like a signature? Im making them for free!! Okie Dokie, lets get with the information: They're going to look like this: I'll be making them with anypony you want! (Your OC, a canon pony, etc.) Im ONLY doing ponies, or anything that is very close to a pony. (bat-ponies, pony-___ hybrid, etc.) You can choose what expression the pony is making You can make the background: A color (or different colors) Day or night A picture of your choice (as long as its 100x600 pixels) Blank I can make more than one pony you can choose how many ponies you would like You can choose what the text at the top says, where to put it, what color to put behind it (or to remove the color behind it), or choose to remove it You can add or remove anything you want, as long as what you want to add isn't too extreme/complicated. Be exact So heres an example of an order: I want one with an angry pinkemena , i want it to be night, i want her to have a knife in her mouth, i want it to have my username on the top, with a strip of dark red behind it. Its okay to be picky! Thanks guys!
  24. Look like it's that time of week again its THROW BACK THURSDAY Okay any way here is my oc pony (skylar ) tbt verison Do you have a tbt Post a comment down below with the picture SHARE the tbt Trend!