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Found 218 results

  1. Hey y'all if you want to draw a oc, just curious. I can give you a shout-out or something like that. I am unable to actually do any payment. Just curious.
  2. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    Hello! I am seeking out someone to create me a new signature. Size: 600x200 Text: None Vector: Background:
  3. Altastrofae

    Request Need Ponysona Drawn

    Okay, so, I would draw him myself, but there's one problem I can draw anything that at least somewhat resembles something real. So yeah, American cartoons are a no-go. I've tried, I can't draw ponies at all. Like, I can't even base them on real ponies, they don't look anything like real ponies. I have no reference other than the show which is drawn in a style I'm not quite used to! So, here's a description of him: Name - Altastrofae, sometimes called Astro by close friends Coat Colour - white Mane Colour - Midnight Blue with Silver highlights Mane Style - He likes his mane below his muzzle, at least Eye Colour - a Dark Blue that matches his mane Race - Unicorn Fashion - likes decorative scarves, and sometimes sweatervests, but if not anything else, has a favorite silken cloak with a ruby clasp Likes - Vegan Cuisine, the arts, poetry, philosophy, studying magick, and strawberries (Mmm... Strawberries...) Cutie Mark - An indigo/purplish orb inside the purplish outline of a butterfly. He's frail, but people often forget theres a whole pony waiting to break free Special Talent - Inspiring ponies from all walks of life, helping them break through their frail shells Other - He's Bisexual, and he wears glasses K, so that should be all you need. If you have any questions, you need not be hesitant upon asking
  4. I'm looking to get an MLP themed case for my phone, an LG Tribute Dynasty. It's similar to the LG Aristo & LG Fortune. Anypony up for designing an MLP themed phone case around this?
  5. Hi there, I hope that this post isn't breaking any rules, but I decided to save time looking through commissions and thought to ask if anyone would be interested in taking my commission request. I'd like to have a pony character reference sheet, it'd also help if I could please have someone design my character's cutie mark for me soon. I can only pay $90 AUD or less, that is my current budget right now. If you'd like to negotiate this request with me then please
  6. So, as the title says, I would very much like a avatar done of my oc Nocturne Dream, and one of her as a signature as well please. Here are some picture of her to use as reference:
  7. Venomous

    Request I Need Three Signatures

    Hello! I need three signatures made. Signature #1 Size: 600x200 Text: None Vector: Background: Signature #2 Size: 600x200 Text: None Vector: Background: Signature #3 Size: 600x200 Text: None Vector: Background:
  8. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    I am seeking someone to create a signature for me. It would be much appreciated. I ask that you please remain open for any editing. Size: 600x200 Text: None Image: Background:
  9. OK so this is going to be a huge undertaking if you decide to take it up and if you do I thank you 100 times over. For my YouTube videos I use a posable character namely Script Chime. Due to recent events and other causes I need a whole set of poses her and if you're able Elusive Shadows. This is the basic look of both of them They're both small and for lack of a better word fat (Also yes the bracelets are a main part of the character I just forgot to draw them when I did the idle standing pose on top of that for some reason I forgot to add the eye shadow on both of them). Elusive Shadows, for clarification is Script Chime's demon half, which she unlocked when playing around with another dark magic spell hence darker colors and demon wings and eyes. I will need it digitally and, though I can't be picky if someone does decide to take this up I would like to see an example of your art style. When its all complete you will be credited for the completed poses Message me if you are interested and I'll provide you with the poses I need the, answer questions you have have, and provide as much help as I can
  10. [potentially related to: ] So, pretty sure I'm in the right place: I am on the lookout for an RPG Maker sprite set of the Mane 6, various background ponies (and/or a generator for use in RPG Maker). This may be a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary request, but I haven't been able to find a decent sprite set for ponies (that is being offered by the actual creator, at any rate). If you have info on an artist who does game visuals / pixel art, I'd be interested in their site / contact info, or if you know of a generator which is already primed for RPG Maker. Thanks in advance for reading
  11. greetings everypony! This is Cast, Executive Director and Producer of Equestrian tales. We have come to the point in production where we are starting to build assets and move towards main production of the pilot epissodes of Equestrian tales. At this time I would like to ask for help in filling the backgrounds of our scene with character! We are looking for anyone willing to help and join the backgrounds and settings. Our pilots have many scenes that will require ponies, but our main goal is to fill the city thats being presented in the pilot episode, and opening scenes. Some characters will get more screen time then others, and some might include speaking lines down the road. As we are building this pilot to represent and maintain the lore and integrity of the brand we are asking for only Earth, Unicorn, or Pegasi OC ponies at this time, as Alicorns or other races will not be featured in the show at this point in time. If you'd like like to help and get your OC into the show, please post an image of your OC pony to this forum, or if you want to keep it hidden please pm me. Any kind of image will do, but please make sure they are PG, we will not accept from anyone that breaks this rule, as we are a child friendly production. MLP forums will be the first to see the progress of the pilots as they are built, and will get to see your pony on screen in some form as soon as we get the rigging and scene built. As part of this, you will also be credited in the pilot for the use of your character. As production moves on we may have to adjust a color here or there to make sure a character doesn't disappear into backgrounds, and items such as headphones, and other modern gadgets will also be removed, as we are over 1000 years in the past of FiM. Also note that your OC pony will not belong to hasbro or anyone else, we simply have a lot of space to cover, and building ponies with a general design already made is alot faster then from the ground up, and are hoping to give a little something back to the forums that helped start this journey. If you'd like to learn more about Equestrian tales, please follow these links. Thank you every pony, and hope to get your help in building these scenes, Happy Nightmare Night, and pony on!
  12. DarkShadowPonY

    Request magic auroa and oc design request ^^

    Ok so i like to have my oc to be more well lively u know the messy mane style , and also if possible can you guys do a magic auroa dark maroon red color for the horn ? also for the cutie mark a computer CPU style mark :3 and i am a very patient pony so please take your time no rush ^^ also a side note can it be in vector form to ? :3 thanks ^^ *boop*
  13. Hey there, everyone. Since Halloween is coming up, I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a costume for my OC. I was thinking of having my OC dressed up in a superhero type of outfit. I've been really getting into the anime, My Hero Academia lately. I was thinking if my OC could be dressed up in the hero, Deku's outfit. If anyone would be able to make the drawing, then I would greatly appreciate it. If the outfit is difficult to do, then I'm okay with any other hero from the anime. Here's a pic of what my OC looks like: Her'e a pic of what the outfit would look like:
  14. LittleMistakes

    Request Avatar Request

    So I have been thinking, I am in need of an avatar for an OC that I want to bring to life I guess you can call it, I am not looking for too much but I am looking to get or commission a nice clean avatar for my oc which would have to be explained to the artist as I don't have any visual reference for him yet due to the fact I had been a little too busy trying to get it sorted due to college work etc.
  15. I was wondering if someone could do a hopefully simple request for my new pony "Charity Ribbon". Can somepony maybe draw him in a cowboy boots on all fours? :O Whether you want to color it or not is up to you. I won't be picky. ^^;
  16. Stormy Venture

    Request Request for a discord Headshot of OC

    Looking for someone to draw my OC in a headshot format for my discord account, I have others that I use but mostly cropped images and are very old. I can provide my ref sheet if someone can do a decent job.
  17. Spacey

    Request Halloween~

    Helloz ^-^ just me sliding in asking if anyone is motivated enough to create some art of a costume for my Spacey below. Can be any costume, last year she was a roman soldier :p tanx to whoever may reply!
  18. Dawn Darkness

    Request Need an Art

    I am in need of an art of my Virin character for my book on Inkitt. I can't choose what they already has, as that'll not be the theme of my story. The art could be of Virin's body being covered by his white cape (he's an alternate character of my dragon and Dragon Ball ones), and only his head is seen with his brown hair and sapphire eyes. If any of you have questions, please do leave me a message in a PM, and I'll get back to you.
  19. DarkShadowPonY

    Request october themed pony :3

    Ok so i thought of another request if its ok to post another one for Halloween so as usual messy mane but more Halloweened themed being dressed up as luna or holding a candy bucket with luna on it or something like that....or better yet surprise me ! this is my first holiday request so its a little rusty xD
  20. PrincessLunaLuv

    Request Fangirl Mode wants to be a fairy...

    But I can't draw a costume for her. I don't have the skills to do it, and I was wondering if anypony could help her! Don't worry, I'll post some reference pictures soon. I'll try to make it as easy as possible for you if you take this request~ Fairy costume ideas: Keep in mind: These are REFERENCE pictures. You can use them as ideas for what I want, but details aren't really needed. :3 Fangirl Mode references: Just have fun with it. That's really all I ask. :3
  21. Lucid_Nightlight

    Request Costume for my OC

    My OC needs a costume for Nightmare Night. Here are three options: 1. Frog costume 2. Witch costume 3. Bat Pony costume Plz, he's been a good horse today
  22. Dawn Darkness

    Request A Spyro Story (Cover Art Needed)

    I am in need for an cover art for my “Cynder and Her Human” story. Message me through PM for any details you want this to be.
  23. Dawn Darkness

    Request Cover for Story

    I am writing a Spyro story called "Cynder and Her Human", and I could use an artist to create a cover art for the story. If you want details, PM me for any interest.
  24. So today I found out something interesting: The staff are working on allowing EG characters in EqE RP. I have a bit of problem. My character in EG style is kinda um, risqué. Now we're not talking naked or NSFW, but the art I feel would still be be inappropriate for a tame section like EqE. I need someone to edit (not redraw or remake) Lektra so her Lab Coat is closed. It's assumed she closes her coat when school matters are concerned, but I just would like to make sure people are aware she does this The art was never fully colored, but it's good enough that it can be assumed Basically I'm looking for help toning down the fan service/tease here. I had never assumed EG would be allowed in EqE, so it completely slipped my mind to ask the artist I was commissioning for a closed coat version I suppose if anyone wants to redraw, that's fine too. I just feel bad asking for a full art for free......... I'm doing spoilers in case people have scrolling issues This is an edit I did on my phone of the current version (below) with an earlier black and white version which had holo projected screen panels, which were suppose to but never made it into the more finalized version Although this is unfinished, this is what the finalized version would be if the coloring was fully finished The Cutie Mark, in case it's needed
  25. Venomous

    Request Signature Request

    I am seeking out someone to create a signature for me. It would be much appreciated. Size: 600x200 Text: None Vector: Background: