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Found 42 results

  1. You ever go to a pier or some type of gathering and get a caricature of yourself drawn? The artist may make your head comically large or nose extremely small, or anything of the sort. And all that's asked of you is a bit of cash and time. I also understand that people like to get their OCs drawn. Well, why not let ME draw your OC for you? I'll do it for free with a smile on my face! Here's the tiny little microscopic problem: I'm absolutely terrible at drawing. Four year olds might make smarter artistic design choices than I do. And there in, I think, lies the fun. Why not cut loose and let me make a bad picture of your OC for you? Just describe what you think I'll need to know (please keep it somewhat concise; you WILL lose me in long paragraphs), and if you have a suggestion to make it a funnier picture, send it my way as well. Are you a bad artist too? If so, why not volunteer some of your own bad pictures? This is all in good fun, of course! No offense intended on any of the works. So hit me with your best shot!
  2. So, I was just thinking about maybe creating a topic to put all of the artwork I've got from requesting it from others. I have it all in a folder, but I have considered maybe making a thread to showcase it. I'm not entirely decided if it would even be a good idea, but I wanted to ask before I really even consider if it would be in line with the rules? I would obviously credit the name of the creators(Atleast including the name from whatever their site name was at the time.) But would It still be ok as far as the rules go? Considering none of it would be my creations(Unless I want to showcase some of my mediocre art ;p.) Would I be required to get direct permission from each creator? Because some of these people have left the site considering much of it is quite old. Again, i'm just curious if it would be ok as far as the rules go, I'm not really sure if it would be a good idea or not, so I may not make it regardless, but I'm just asking if it is in violation of the rules in any way. Thanks.
  3. Spacey's Shop Welcome to my shop, feel free to roam around and check out my art. You can also check out my art on my DA account HERE. Rules: 1. Must adhere to when things are opened and closed 2. Art time ranges from a week to months to finish, please be patient 3. Any ponies from show and/or your own OC 4. You must have a pose in mind Requests (PM me) Art Trades (PM me) Collabs (PM me) Livestream (OFFLINE) (Link below) l V Form Layout: (provide this when you propose a trade or a pm request) OC's Name: References for color or color you want OC to be: Extras: (can add things like hats/glasses/bows/flowers etc...) Pose: Previous artwork examples: (If you want to trade) If you have any questions feel free to ask. Request List -Sapphiredragoon's Sapphire Radiance- (100%) -lightning flash's Lightning Flash- (100%) -Thunder-Wing's Thunderwing- (100%) -Sterling Crimson's Sterling Crimson and Blue Note- (100%) -Gemini Eclipsed's Celcius- (100%) -nioniosbbbb's Artemis Featherclaw- (100%) -Auriel's Skyshot-(100%) -TheAmazingPinkito's OC-(100%) -Alicornification's Lightning Spark-(100%) -Boo's Petal Spell-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's Addie-(100%) -Silverhope's Ocean Lily-(100%) -Pripyat Pony's Melody-(100%) -Everleaf's Everleaf-(100%) -Frozen Timelord's Midnight Frost-(100%) -Flooter Do's Sound Off- (100%) -Vitani's Midnight Shade-(100%) -Tone Shift's Kaymen Blooblood-(100%) -SuperCat's darkleroy10-(100%) -Alicorn Fluttershy's OC & Friend-(100%) -Damonater's Dam -(100%) -Dovashy's Steller Nova-(100%) -Hibiscus Bloom's Hibiscus Bloom-(100%) -Midnight Starfall's Skyla & Destiny-(100%) -BinaryPony's OC-(100%) -Sapphiredragoon's Star Dancer-(100%) -JennaBun's Jennabun-(100%) -Penny Senpai's Sweet Pen-(100%) -Pinkie Fazbear v1.6's OC-(100%) -TrevorGoesBrony's Green Dart-(100%) -Tao's North-(100%) -Sonata Dusk's Dove & Spark-(100%) -Maxwell237's Carter (Deviantart)-(100%) -Midnight Starfall's Stoneheart-(100%) -DJ Shy-3's DJ Shy-3 & Zamkin-(100%) -InvaderZen1234's Silvia (Deviantart)-(100%) -SonicRainboom2.0's Pin Point & Ed Ponies-(100%) -Cadance's OC(Private Message)-(100%) -Discordsboomboom's oc's- (100%) -Shadowking58's Moonlit Ace-(Shaded)(100%) -Pat.Rio.T.'s Pat-(100%) -Monotoneinkwell's Monotone Inkwell (Deviantart)-(100%) -Kagome235's Cocanut Cake-(100%) -Stormlight's Stormlight-(100%) -SopranoAurora's Soprano-(100%) -Houndoom's Hurricane-(100%) -Hyperhooves Request (Private message)-(100%) -Photon Jet's Photon Jet-(100%) -Pixie Doodle's Pixie Doodle-(100%) -nx9100's Ennex-(Custom Sketch)(100%) -WheatleyCore's Puzzle Piece-(100%) -Midnight Muse's OC's-(100%) -TwilyFan13's OC- (100%) -KingF1@m31990's OC-(100%) -Paladin's OC-(100%) -Pucksterv's Trivy-(100%) -TwilyFan's13's OC-(100%) -TwilightAqua's Aqua-(100%) -Buzz's Buzz-(100%) -Twisted Cyclone's Twisted Cyclone-(100%) -DJ Neon's OC & Pokemon-(100%) -Twilyfan13's OC-(100%) -JonasDarkmane's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dashe's OC-(100%) -Miss Tesla Rae's OC- (100%) -DJ Neon's DJ Neon-(100%) -DwhitetheGamer's Copper Strikes-(100%) -Stormlight's Stormlight-(100%) -Shadow Strike's Night Shadow-(100%) -DJ Gumball's DJ Gumball & Bass Berry-(100%) -TwilyFan13's OC-(100%) -Prophet's Camellia-(100%) -Sweet Pen's Eireli-(100%) -Auriel's Windshear-(100%) -Spark Thunderbass's OC-(100%) -DaughterofAvalons's Moonshine Melody-(100%) -El Duderino's Treble-(100%) -Moon Surgar's OC- Christmas Gift(100%) -Devinisme's OC- Christmas Gift(100%) -Mentis Soliloquy's OC-(100%) -Stormy Ventures's Umbra (Discord)-(100%) -Nightmare Star's OC-(100%) -GlimGlam04's Starlight Glimmer-(100%) -Chystal Snow's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's OC-(100%) -Flying's OC's (Discord)-(100%) -Stormy Ventures OC (Discord)-(100%) -Kitsune's OC (Discord)-(100%) -BIO675's OC's (DA)-(100%) -Caramel Gust's OC (Discord)-(100%) Trixie the Evil's OC (100%) Tilgoreth's OC (100%) Techno Universal's OC (100%) Lucky Bolt's OC (100%) Pixel Dusk's OC (100%) RDFan89's OC (100%) Trade List -Mistpelt's Ponysona-(100%) -Nai's Ponysona-(100%) -Scourge707's OC-(100%) -SpectraDust's OC-(100%) -Pirpyat Pony OC-(100%) -Changling Neon's OC-(100%) -StarNote's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's OC-(100%) -icyfire888's OC-(100%) MaryxMelody's OC (100%) Ezerona's OC (100%) Collab List -ginkoandlulu's OC(DA)-(100%) Smash that brohoof if you like! l l l V
  4. I haven't been on this site in well over 5 years now probably, but I came back to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion. I've been going through some rough patches in my life recently and I decided to start an album review blog as a distraction of sorts. I would appreciate it if you guys would check it out. I take requests as well, as long as it isn't anything too explicit. I review pretty much anything besides heavy (death, black, etc) metal and rap. Feel free to add me on Discord if you wish to request artists or albums, because I'm not very active on here. Discord: SwitSwat #4133 My blog:
  5. until
    It would seem that I have been neglecting my reading duties lately, and with a day off tomorrow {Tuesday? I hope I set the calendar right this time}, it's a perfect time to rectify that. Except, right now, I don't have anything on my reading list, so if you have a fic you'd like to be read to you, just post it here - just no gore please, and romance isn't really my jam. If nopony comes forward, I'll just pick something from FimFiction that looks promising. See you there!
  6. So im testing out this new style of mine, what do you think ?
  7. Hi everypony! hope you like my latest finished drawings !! Shimmering_Starlight ( My OC ) This is Jet Black he is not my OC He was a request from a friend This is my sisters OC Cloud Catcher! she was a request from my dear sister And of course we all know who is so I decided to try drawing from this angle and im glad didn't completely fail lol Just some pony practice .. the best thing about this is ... The are drawn with scented marker so the smell amazing!! that is it for now Thank you all every so much for taking a look
  8. Come one come all! Show of your art, skins and future/current projects/builds. -Skins can be either of your own creation or just one you are using. If interested I also take skin requests. Post a message here, by pm on the forums or on discord, with details regarding skin: - detail (how you want it to look). - reference (if possible) - size (standard is 512x512 with the ponymod) Art: Skins by me: Skins by others: projects/builds:
  9. Haven't been on in over 2 years! What better way to get back on then take some drawing requests like back in the day! Feel free to message me or just comment requests! I can digitally draw or just draw them IRL and scan them in. Up to you guys!
  10. Hello everyone! I have decided to make an Art Dump thread! Basically, it's pretty self explanatory; just put all my pony related art here. Simple! Keep in mind, I haven't drawn ponies in month, and my tablets pen pressure is wonky, so until I get a new tablet, my art may seem a bit off. But that's okay! Now, lets get one question out of the way; Do you take requests? If you want a request, go to my official request shop. This is my ponysona. As you may tell, the legs seem a bit wonky. but like I said, my tablets pen pressure sucks booty, and I haven't drawn ponies in month. Plus, I find legs super hard to draw! Like, dang, it's super duper hard! Anyways, this is my ponysona. I may or may not change the design, who knows. And this is an OC I'm working on! As you can probably tell, she has no back leg. I'm still working on a backstory for her, but I think I'll make it to were she got an infection, and had to get it amputated. Still working on a name for her! She is a florist, she is outgoing, loves singing, and loves RockABilly music! So, that's I'll I got for now, but I'll keep this updated! Oh, and critique is ALWAYS welcomed .
  11. I wanted to practice with digital so I made an art trade thread on the request guild section. Here's a couple ponies I got done. You can check it out if you want a pony. I'm pretty chill about quality, as long as you try your best. It just gives me an extra boost to do em all.
  12. Hello, my friend Ray is working on a large animated project called The Cinnamon Chestnut Project. She is in Need of Background Artists......................Here is a Trailer done by her. To give an idea of her style. She Can be Reached at:;
  13. to force myself out of the block rut, I decide to give my art challenges with themes. I will chose two of your request for now do to ... you know, life. But when time become more available I will offer to do more request. now with no further adieu, the theme: pony replace! just give me your OC and I shall put them in a screenshot of your chosing from anywhere in the show (even past gens)! If you may, send me a picture of your OC and the screenshot though 'reply'. THe recreation won't be show accurate instead having my own artistic flare. wondering what's my style, check it out: ndogmario DA I shale notify the request I have chosen with a reply on the thread along with a quote of the requester. when it will be done depends on my free time, but I will do my best!
  14. Hey there ! Now that the holidays are ending, I thought it would be interesting to regroup my drawings of the past 2 weeks. those I already posted in this section won't be posted again, so I will only post the ones I've drawn for requests in the commission section, as I'm sure most of you didn't see them yet . I don't know if I have the right to do this though , I guess it's okay . If you don't want the picture I have made of your OC here, tell me, so I can remove it !
  15. HI GUYSS! I was wondering if anypony would like a signature? Im making them for free!! Okie Dokie, lets get with the information: They're going to look like this: I'll be making them with anypony you want! (Your OC, a canon pony, etc.) Im ONLY doing ponies, or anything that is very close to a pony. (bat-ponies, pony-___ hybrid, etc.) You can choose what expression the pony is making You can make the background: A color (or different colors) Day or night A picture of your choice (as long as its 100x600 pixels) Blank I can make more than one pony you can choose how many ponies you would like You can choose what the text at the top says, where to put it, what color to put behind it (or to remove the color behind it), or choose to remove it You can add or remove anything you want, as long as what you want to add isn't too extreme/complicated. Be exact So heres an example of an order: I want one with an angry pinkemena , i want it to be night, i want her to have a knife in her mouth, i want it to have my username on the top, with a strip of dark red behind it. Its okay to be picky! Thanks guys!
  16. Requested by @Wingnut.Someone pls explain dis to me. Yeah,because Senpai asked me with kindness and all,I'm gonna ship this ponies,because,who knows? Maybe they're OTP too <3 x SHIP AWAY <3
  17. Feel free to move this topic if need be. I'm still learning how this works. I'm an editor of simple Pony Music Videos (otherwise known as PMV's). If you want to see what I've done: I have a line up of songs I want to edit, and my next one is this: Here's the thing: this is going to be my first time doing a "sad" PMV. I've come up with some ideas, but they don't work. I like to make my PMV's congruent, meaning I want the scenes to fit with the lyrics while keeping the viewer invested. Any ideas of what I could do? I really love the song and I want to make it something special for a certain someone. Take a listen to the song and see if you can help. It would be extremely helpful.
  18. What you are seeing below is a Pinkie Pie drawing I just completed. All of my results will be posted up at But anyway, here's the deal. I am taking requests to what you want Pinkie Pie to wear. Make sure you keep it appropriate, k?
  19. Not doing hurtful things to your waifu chart *Nightmare style* Is it real? Or are you just screwin' around? Why is it not "Doing hurtful things to your waifu"? Is it bloody? Is it violent? Is it stupid? Do bears REALLY shit in the woods? Why are the requests taking so long? Why am i reading this? Why should i care about your shitty OC when i requested you to draw my awesome OC? Why have you barely been on the Forums lately? When will my questions be answered? ^So... Yeah. I've been busy lately. And my interest in My Little Pony has gone down significantly. Due to "not great" writing, and poor story lines in season 3 and 4 (My opinion) I've lost interest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, So doing anything MLP related is more of a chore. I needed a break from MLP so i've been working on mostly non-MLP projects lately *I'm not allowed to discuss them yet*. However, i am back to doing MLP stuff, so i should be back up and running very, very soon. I am working on requests again, and should be back to releasing them daily.... I hope. I also plan on being a bigger member of these Forums, since i never really interacted with anyone before. We'll see how that turns out. I am still packing and getting ready to move to California, so that will slow me down for another 3 weeks to a month. But after that, it's game on when it comes to the drawings. Soooo yeah..... ~Thanks for being patient with me guys. Oh, and as for the "Not doing hurtful things to your waifu chart" picture..... Is it real? or was i just screwing around? Well..... Just wait and see
  20. Hey there! I'm Syntax, and I've created this thread to showcase my music works. I'm new here, but I came to share my music, so I supposed I'd get right into it! I will periodically update this thread as I create more music, so come back often! Before I get too deep into anything, here's a link to my Soundcloud. So, a little about me and my music... I love music with a passion! Anything that has to do with music I can easily get into. I don't restrict myself to listening certain genres; I can get into pretty much anything (pop, orchestral, electronic, country, rock... the list goes forever)! I've worked with music for 10 years (more than half my life), and I've been composing my own music for 4 years. I work mainly in the orchestral field, ranging from classical to contemporary; though I've delved into the electronic field quite a bit as well. My favorite composers include Bach, Mozart, Beethoven (they're pretty much mandatory), Stravinsky, Antonio Vivaldi, Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer, Patrick Doyle, and Howard Shore. I use Logic Pro 9 (I don't want to upgrade to 10 just yet), with an assortment of plug-ins and VSTs to accompany my music-making aresenal. I am currently accepting requests! Really, ask me anything, and I'll get back to you (listen to my music first, of course)! That being said, it isn't a guarantee that I'll accept, but it won't hurt to ask! I'm seriously looking high and low for musical work, and fan-music seems like a nice start. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask! I'll get back to you faster than Prestissimo! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First on the list! I've finished this track recently (Soundcloud Link): Gypsy Bard - Orchestral Remix I loved MLP FiW. The original music was amazing, especially the lyrical songs! Gypsy Bard was a big favorite, and I knew I just had to spin it off as my own. Listen to it, tell me what you think! I'll take any form of criticism, advice, insults, whatever!
  21. Here ya go, Lullaby. As you now, I've been very sick and this isn't my best work. Just know that I tried my best
  22. this will just be a place for my pone art. Im not the best at drawing ponies. Not right now, at least.
  23. Oy, 4chan idiot here again. After roaming around awhile back on board /r/, I noticed how useful it is, and how many benifits it would have, had it existed on here; thus, I decided to make a /r/equests thread, since making a board would take too long. /r/ board is a board where posters can submit topics about something they're searching for, or would like to have people post of, i.e. wallpapers, music, anime/manga, tv shows, art requests, and misc. items. Now, since MLP Forums does not permit thr sharing of torrents publicly, some of those are knocked out the window, but you can request, and a fellow /r/eader can pm you. I'll start off; I am looking for the [guitar] tab of this song: Nirvana - Old Age (Track Version) [Also known as "Home Acoustic 04-Old Age Track Version"] If you can find it, or know how to make it into tableture it would be much appreciated. Happy posting!
  24. First three people to name a pony gets it drawn. Can be any canon character or OC. OCs need to come with reference, please. #1: Lightning Blaze - DONE! #2 : Project 2759 - DONE! Not as good as it should've turned out, but it's actually 5 am now and I should really get to bed. Prolly fix it later. #3 : Sharpwit - DONE! (Need more practice on 3/4 view things.) Extra : Blue Blur - not done yet.
  25. Hello! I'm Callisto, and I've been drawing ever since 1958. Here, you can request art from me, and you'll get said art for FREE! Examples of my art: "Caterpie." "A Lack Of Harmony"