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Found 15 results

  1. I've just gotten back from my new therapist, I haven't had a therapist since I was 16; I feel amazing. At first I was feeling scared and worried that new job opportunities and people would think I'm crazy or scary but after talking to my therapist she cleared everything up. It's absolutely OK to admit that you have depression or feeling scared/anxious, crying and letting it out felt so amazing. What do you guys think? Do you think therapy is good for anytime you're emotionally upset, or should you be like me and wait till it's almost unbearable then go in? I feel like I should of done this a lot sooner. Also discuss how medical and insurance should offer more options when it comes to getting personal health, some insurance companies refuse to help you with getting proper health, even if it's mental or drug/alcohol abuse. Personally I think it's bullshit, you should be able to say "I need help, I need someone to talk to!" and go get that help without any hassle.
  2. I searched for an answer to this question exhaustively, and found none. I apologize if this has been answered already. Sorry if the title sounded confusing. It's actually a pretty simple question. I am wondering why there is a difference in the dimensions displayed between images uploaded from one's computer vs. images embedded via url. Here, let me show you. Here's an image attached from my computer: Right? Ok, now here's the exact same image embedded via url: See? Why can't I make the attachment full-rez like this? I made a picture that I'd like to post in fan art, but it's kind of tall like this one, and, like this, it's barely visible when I attach it. I just want to know if I need to make an imgur account or something, and upload it there first, or if there's a way I can make it display properly by just attaching it. I know if users click on it, they can view the full image, but I want to make it as convenient as possible for folks. Maybe I'm just blind and missing something really obvious. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.
  3. Hey guys! Here's my new entry for my self-imposed challenge to draw, complete, and post at least one drawing a month for the year of 2020. But no updates on new stuff this time. I actually wanted to share the art I did for the months of January and February, since I only started the blog THIS month. So let's start with January.... Arctic Zotl For this month, I actually decided to go easy on myself and just count a commission I was working on as my monthly art piece. The commissioner had an ahuizotl OC they wanted my to draw, and they actually let me redesign them from the ground up. I don't know her name, but I know she lives a very cold, arctic climate, so I worked on revamping the zotl look from jungle dweller to that. She's got a slightly shorter head and shorter ears, so she doesn't lose as much body heat. She also has a neck ruff/mane and the teeth of a smilodon, to add an "ice age" flair. I quite like her, and so did her owner. On to the next month! Toucan and Hummingbird Rito Designs For February I committed to finally coloring some Rito OC designs I'd whipped up quite a long time ago. Rito are a race from the Legend of Zelda series, and I particularly like the more avian ones that were introduced in LoZ: Breath of the Wild. However, with the exception of one character who's based on a parrot, all the BotW Rito are based on more raptorial birds like falcons and hawks, as well as one owl. But there's so many cool and beautiful birds that could be turned into Rito! So I went designing a Rito based on both a toucan and a hummingbird, specifically a keel-billed toucan and a white-booted racket-tail hummingbird. Their feather colors are taken directly from photos of their real world counterparts, and I examined screenshots of the Rito NPCs to make sure I gave them unique but fitting armor. Which is your favorite? I hope you guys enjoy these art pieces as well as the ones I post in the future! Let me know what you think, and if by chance you have questions, let me know too. Love you guys. It's going to be a good 2020.
  4. I’ve always wanted to make a blog, but could never think of something to write about. And then it suddenly hit me that my self-imposed art challenge this year would be perfect! Partially because you guys can help keep me motivated. Anyway, this is literally a resolution I made for New Years. I drew almost nothing last year. Granted I had a new job to focus on, but it still really bummed me out. So here I am, resolving to complete and post at least one fully colored drawing every month for 2020. I’ll be sure to post another entry about the pieces I did for January and February, but I am on track for this month so far. Maybe even a little early. Spent my whole weekend on it, and I’ve almost finished the base colors for this March’s art project. This month I’m attempting to redraw a picture I drew all the way back in 2006... Yeesh. I feel embarrassed since you can’t see what the new version looks like yet. I’ve shown the progress on the new version to some of you, but I want it to be a surprise for the majority. I always suffer from a bump I need to get over during the coloring part. It’s the longest part of the art making process and can kind of drag as a result. For two reasons: One, you’re tying to sort out a color palette at the same time. And Two, it’s the step that’s closest to the finish line, and part of you just wishes it was done so you can get to the sharing part (the best part). But, luckily I can afford to do it in little bursts. It’s only a little over a week into March, so I don’t have to sit and work for hours and a time to get it finished. So I’ll be unlikely to get burnt out. But man... April’s gonna be rough... because I’ll have Animal Crossing: New Horizons in my hands by then and will want to do NOTHING ELSE for a very long time. Wish me luck! XD Lastly, here’s a link to my DeviantArt page if you want to see ALL my art: Anyway, hope you guys will stick around with me for this challenge. It should be a fun goal!
  5. [Moderators' note: please move this thread if it's in the wrong location.] Take your viewing device and (if you can) look up its resolution. It should come out as a number times another number, such as 1366×768. Multiply those two numbers together to get the total number of pixels; in our example, this is 1049088, or 1.04 megapixels. (If you have multiple monitors, add together each monitor's resolution.) If you're unsure, just take a guess. Without revealing your resolution, how many pixels are you looking at? I'll start: 7269888 pixels.
  6. Happy New Year!!! What a great year, huh? Time went really fast for me back there... Me created dA, Unforgettable school experience, and the day when my dad passed by, so sad But, i know that 2017 was awesome in drama. I am planning to do more awesome stuff this year, especially on my drawing First, Look at this... That was the piece i did on dA when i started doing things there. Felt like it was the best drawing i ever created on my app, no kidding I was like "OMG, I am good at this. Other artist don't draw with thumb so blah blah blah..." (shame on me ^///^) Now, take a good look at this piece i did on a week ago... Total different I can say that i barely finish a draw in one take like i did at first. I am pretty proud of my draw. But, still... It's far from my mindscape (...needs more practice, i am a noob by the way ≥///≤) Umm... I guess i did advertising (again) BACK TO THE LINE!!! 2018 is gonna be like... Me spamming art on dA, in my bed. The different is this time will be more hectic And hope i can be friend with more person So, that's it... Once again, Happy new year guys!!!
  7. Obviously with the new renovations to the forums a lot of things have changed, and of course there are a few things to dislike, however I personally find that the size of the avatars on forum posts are a bit too small, and they make the images appear a bit blurred because of it. simply upping the dimensions by 20-30 pixels can help fix this issue, for comparison 90px x 90px 120px x 120px The image itself is much more clearer and helps consume white space without taking up much space.
  8. It's finally that time! With two days left of my series, "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails", I thought I'd address something that has been thrown around quite a while. No, there is not a cover photo this time because I wanted to address this from a serious tone. This episode is a two-parter and will span until tomorrow where I'll be wrapping up the season and saying my good-byes until next month. It's been one helluva good ride, and I'm glad to have been able to share my experiences with everyone over the last month. This first part of "My Perception of the Brony Fandom" is going to be analyzing the main question and trying to answer as best as I can. Tomorrow, Part 2, will address some of my personal opinions. So, without further ado, let's get this show on the road. Here's a question that's thrown around quite often on these forums: "Is the fandom dying?" Now, for every brony who's kept up with the times and has closely followed their favorite artists and the show accordingly, they know just how devastating this realization can be. If you saw the show when it first aired, then you know just how much times have changed. It's hard to imagine something we all hold so dearly disappear after so many memorable years. So why are we feeling this way? Is this fandom truly dying? Can we save it? The answers to those questions are mixed with a solid, yes, and no. As with everything, times change, new ideas are born while others die. It's just a fact of life. But can something be saved? How long can we keep our sinking boat afloat? Considering our fanbase is consistent around a popular television show, many believe that Bronies will live on through the work of the fans, who, create art, animations, and other forms of artistic contributions. This is, in some way, possible. The real problem behind this solution, is that it isn't one. It's just a pass time. Each and every content creator is driven by a form of confidence known as, Inspiration. It's this feeling that gives creators the ability to build new experiences for others to take part in. The only problem is what gives Inspiration: the show. The show is like a rebirth. Something to give us a breath of fresh air before we drown in the unsanitary pool of crazed fan-theories. It keeps us close to the roots and reminds us all that deep down, we are, Bronies of the familiar kind. Without the show, though, we tend to find ourselves wandering astray and inventing new ideas like those horrid snake-ball-tail things that became famous during the Season 6 Hiatus. So to answer the question of this part, can we save the fandom? Yes, but at the same time, we'd all be destroying ourselves. Further and further away we'd drift from the source material, leaving us with nothing but crazed imaginations who only long for the sounds of thundering hooves being blarred from our large, 4k television sets. -RealityPublishing
  9. So I was going over the episode and thinking about the solution/lesson/resolution of S05E06 'Appleoosa's Most Wanted'. I thought it was an average okay episode, but I think one of the biggest problems that most people (including myself) had with this episode was the resolution over Trouble Shoes' personal conflict. So I spent some time thinking to myself about this episodes' lesson and I think I've come to some sort of conclusion. Feel free to call me crackpot or overthinking but I went on some train of thought that made claim that this was a sort of brutal honesty type of episode without the brutal honest bit (or at least a much softer touch). Actually what I mean by brutally honest doesn't sound what it means, but sort of the reaction and situation that is addressed by one character to the other in the situation of telling them to let go of their former idealistic dream/aspiration. Probably better put, I think I should just refer to Mick Jagger for this lesson as the “you can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need” (and the House MD bit is also coming up too). Let me explain what I mean. If you've ever watched House MD, you've seen this type of situation before (variations of it at least). House's team saves their patient's life at the end of the episode, but at a great cost. The end result is that the patient has to let go of their former dream/desire/occupation/aspiration because in their current medical state, it is no longer realistically possible to pursue that dream anymore, and then must learn to let go and move on with their life. I can't remember a particular House MD episode, but its a reoccurring trope that plays itself often into House MD and in a number of different variations as well. A more smaller scale example from House MD would be like in House MD episode S04E02: The Right Stuff – in the situation of Henry Dobson (aka number 26, aka 'the old guy'). In this episode, House is looking to hire new doctors to re-create his team. Henry Dobson is 64 years old and is nicknamed the old guy, (in his case, it's surprising to see a senior medical doctor looking to apply at a hospital at his age, and not be assigned at one already.) Near the end of the episode House confronts Henry and its revealed as to what Henry (aka 26) has been secretly withholding from the rest applicants: (transcript below) 26: Buddy Ebsen actually was allergic to... HOUSE: Yeah, I know. How old are you? 26: 21. HOUSE: You don't think it's relevant? 26: I'll likely have less time to use the skills you teach us, but I don't think that's significant to you. HOUSE: How about the fact that you never went to medical school? Which is why you let the unlucky number do the trans echo. At least you're ethically unethical. 26: Thirty years I worked in the Columbia med school admissions office. Audited all the classes. Most of them more than once. I just never got a diploma. HOUSE: You had to know I'd find out sooner or later. 26: I know you break rules. I thought maybe you'd break one for me. HOUSE: I can't hire you as a doctor. But you can still tell me what you think. You can also fetch me coffee, pick up my dry-cleaning, until I can decide whether or not to keep you. 26: So I'm playing this whole game to be like... Your secretary? HOUSE: Assistant sounds marginally less demeaning. 26: It's not my dream job. HOUSE: Actually it is. It's just not your dream title Henry (aka 26), never graduated with a medical degree and so it would be completely illegal for House to hire him as a doctor (not that he hasn't done anything outrageously illegal in the show before). But anyways, House can't hire him as a doctor. So Henry must accept that his dream job to work as a 'legally certified' doctor on House's team is not possible. But House explains that continuing on in this “game” is actually as close as Henry gets to working as a real doctor (alongside one of the most brilliant asshole doctor), since he's allowed to stay on House's temporary diagnostic team to solve real patient cases and obtain a lot more knowledge, theory and practice. Which still fulfils some of Henry's desires, if only for a short while. Sorry, long example side, this is the situation that I'm referring to with Trouble Shoe's resolution over his own personal conflict, although, his was resolved with more happiness and less bitter-sweet. IMO, Trouble Shoes seems like he was really written to be a simple character, which will be important later on with what I have to say about many who criticized his end resolution. We know about mid-way through the episode, that when Trouble Shoes was a young colt, he had always watched and enjoyed the rodeo shows and dreamed to one day becomes a rodeo star, even given his poor balance coordination. But he practised long and hard to try and work his nerve up and skills to try out for the test for entry into rodeo school (yes he says its 'rodeo school' in the episode, ~12:42). Of course we know his cutie-mark appears and that Trouble Shoes ends up messing up by mistake infront of the judges who end up laughing from his performance. Trouble Shoes becomes so depressed at his performance that he ends up not finishing and leaves early. However, Trouble Shoes still had a love and passion for rodeo shows so he still continues to go to Appleloosa to visit the shows, it's just his unfortunate clumsiness usually causes a mess. Anyways, later on the CMC want to help Trouble Shoes by trying to get him to dress up as a rodeo clown and perform in the rodeo show as a clown (now this is the real bit I'm sure everyone, including me, criticized as being poorly executed and I would say, was really under-emphasized). While Trouble Shoes messes up the rodeo clowns' routine (seriously, they were more like acrobatic performers rather than clowns), he entertains the audience who react with great laughter (yes I know many of you pointed out, this crowd is not 'laughing with him' – 'they're laughing at him' for being a foolish clown – let me get to that). Remember how I said that Trouble Shoes seemed like he was written to be a 'simple character'? This is where I believe it was made on purpose where 'Trouble Shoes' doesn't necessarily consider his situation fully, but also, learns to accept it, but also importantly, is encouraged by the CMC to try and continue with the clown act. He knows that he's been laughed at before for his clumsiness, but he looks towards the CMC for encouragement in trying to gain legitimacy and belief that his clown performance is still very good as entertainment. Again, consider that for Trouble Shoes that it was his dream to perform in rodeo shows (initially as a rodeo star). But over the years, due to his clumsiness, he's become depressed and believes that is forever doomed to be a walking disaster that will never be able to entertain and be a part of the rodeo show. He had to let go of that dream, but he never let go of his passion for the rodeo show. Its here, where Trouble Shoes finally gains something he never thought he'd get back, being a performer in the rodeo show. It's not his dream job, but it's also something he was still passionate about and cared for, its sort of like therapy for him at this point to deal with his depressing state. Again, the 'laughing at him' part, I think that Trouble Shoes is a simple character and is one of two things. Either he knows that the audience is 'laughing at him' and he just learns to accept it, but also understands that its part the aspect of being a clown performer or that he doesn't think critically enough about his situation because resurrecting his desire to being an entertainer in the rodeo show overrrides this thought. And yes, I think the episode, extremely under-emphasized this, and was somewhat executed haphazardly. It probably would have been great if it tried to make point more obvious in the episode, and helped it along. TL/DR: - the resolution of this episode seemed like (to me at least) it was about, “you can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need” type of aseop. But I do feel it was extremely under-emphasized in this episode and that's something to be critical about. Also, this was a much more sweeter, less bitter-sweet way of sort invoking this trope (I'm sure there's a trope that this is called on tvtropes, I just can't find it. Somepony else feel free to look and say). There are other problems about this episode as well, but that's enough for this thread. So, your thoughts, views and other things you thought about this episode's resolution? What else did you think? Am I reading too much into it? Responses please? Other thoughts about the lesson/resolution about this episode? Other criticisms about the resolution? Or did you like the resolution?
  10. My personal resolutions are to give more money to charity, eat better, and spend more time with my family. What about you all?
  11. Silverhoof wants to find and learn more magic, preferably spells no one else knows/remembers. He also wants to settle down somewhere and get a marefriend. Whats your OC's resolutions?
  12. I think the whole NMM situation could've been handled a little better. What could Celestia have done to appease Luna/NMM and end the conflict peacefully? I'm thinkin, maybe switch jobs? Luna can raise the sun while Celestia could toil in obscurity or even give Luna both duties, so that the subjects will have no choice but to appreciate her work. perhaps set up a decree: that the ponies are recommended to stay out late and observe the night time sky. Maybe even set up some official holidays, such as the Winter Moon Celebration to compliment Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration. I dunno. How would you guys have handled this differently?
  13. I'm gonna need our guys' help with something, because after 3 years learning how to use Photoshop, I'm still iffy on image resolution, and I need to sort this out. Keeping in mind that I plan on drawing line art by hand and then scanning it in for digital tracing and sprucing up, at what DPI should I scan, what DPI should I set my documents in Paint Tool Sai when I'm working on the images, and does anyone have a program for resizing images without loss of quality, seeing as I have no Photoshop?
  14. It seems like every episode of MLP is like a movie to me. I see a movie like a roller coaster. Here's what I mean It starts out normal. First the episode centers around a certain pony. Take Fluttershy for instance. In Hurricane Fluttershy, we see that the pegasus must perform a feat that involves flying in circles, which causes a water spout that refills the rain factory. We see that Fluttershy is a weak flyer. The coaster is still in the station. She is humiliated and teased. She then goes through training. The coaster leaves the station and starts the incline. Fluttershy gets stronger. At the peak of the incline, Fluttershy is at her strongest. Now comes what I like to call "the round turn". This is basically a lead-in to the vertical drop. This was the test to see if Fluttershy's wind power was strong enough. Unfortunately, it was still pretty weak. Discouraged and humiliated once again, Fluttershy runs off crying to where her animals live. The "vertical drop" has just occoured. This is the most depressing part of the episode, as we see Fluttershy, crying to no end. Her animals continually try to cheer her up. Then, her badger reminds her of the story. This is the "resolution ride". This is where all of the crazy stuff occurs. A "final incline" or a "final drop" can end it all. Fluttershy decides to try the feat. She struggles. As she continues, she hears the humiliating voices of the other pegasus continually echoing in her mind. But, somthing snaps in her! She deflects all of this and gets a huge burst of energy and manages to add the last bit of wind power needed to send the water into the rain factory! The episode ended on the biggest incline for Fluttershy, as she was crowned Rainbow-Dash's best flyer. So what do you think? From reading this, are MLP episodes like movies. I say yes. Other cartoons use this technique but they do it a more subtly.
  15. As much as I'd like to call this thread useless I think it deserves it's very own thread. I've been putting around one and a half hour's work into this and I am amazed. I've also given my avatar a little "Upgrade" as well if you haven't noticed. Without further ado, I present to you my latest creation!