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Found 8 results

  1. Scouring the internet trying to find a good thread or website to recommend games for my build. So far i get threads saying 'you cant play any games' or incomplete lists of games. So at my wits end, i made this thread. Hopefully in this thread we can all give feedback of what games our systems can run. Im aware of sites such as can I run it. However, its shown that that website is usually 50/50. Case in point, the website told me i couldnt run GTA 4, yet here i am playing it on low settings with no hiccups. To help others help you, one should download Speccy, which is a really good app for viewing your build as well as the temperatures. This will help others gauge what level of performance your PC is it. Many apologies if this is similar to a thread out there already. DESKTOP-0BD5P2M.speccy
  2. So to begin with, I'm not exactly sure where this goes on the forums. This seems to be the best place for it but if it needs to be moved, I'm totally okay with that. These are just the main tools and resources I use on a regular basis. I can barely draw a stick figure, so I mostly use line arts and bases. Paint Programs Not free, but totally worth it Paint Tool SAI - If you're like me and you have a laptop or tablet with a touch screen, this is definitely worth shelling out a little bit of money for a software license. Unlike Photoshop, which is also totally worth it but needs a monthly fee, this is just a onetime payment. (*NOTE on SAI: An online friend of mine who is also into GFX work said they managed to find a free version of SAI. However, it lacks most of the "premium" tools that I think make it worth paying a little for. If you do have the bravery and time to go looking for this one, be very careful where you download from. Deviant Art P2U bases - Deviant Art has some really awesome P2U bases out there. Unfortunately, some of the best ones art strictly SAI and/or Photoshop. Though there are many that will work on GIMP with some extra effort and hassle.) Corel Painter X - Okay, so this is probably a good chunk of money and I wouldn't suggest getting it if you are only wanting to do Pony OC things. There is also one hell of a learning curve; changing one little thing can cause your computer to go insane. Free Art Programs I use GIMP for raster pictures and editing bitmaps. I actually prefer GIMP because it allows for actual pixel control Inkscape/Ponyscape is good if you're working with vectors. I just started playing around with these, but it would probably be ideal for a "final product" type of image. Depending on your level of techie knowledge and GFX and basic skills (I can't draw a circle to save my life), there can be a pretty big learning curve to Inkscape. I really suggest reading all of the tutorials with the program and this place has some extra. Paint.NET, I can't say to much on right now. I just started peeking around at it myself but it seems pretty good so far. It's free, less hardware intensive than GIMP, easier to learn than Inkscape. And it has a layers function, yay! For Colors I'm a big inspiration person. A lot of my "ponies" start off from other images. I have a weird process of finding an anime picture, nature painting, whatever that I like first. Sherwin Williams has a program called Chip It. It is far from perfect, because it only uses paint colors that they carry to come up with palettes. It starts out with 5 colors, but you can use "Edit Colors" and it will show you 10, which is good because you'll almost always get some for of white or black. The bad part? It doesn't give you HEX or RGB codes for the colors, which is where comes in. Upload an image, pick an area of the image and it will zoom in. Pick your pixel and you'll get a color code for it. Depending on your paint program, you may have to use either HEX or RGB. You can use (which also flops to hex to rgb) to get color codes. Here comes the fun! I absolutely adore! I use it a lot for inspiration. If you have a basic idea in mind, Colour Lovers can help you pinpoint palettes (using five colors) that work well together. It also has a good section of basic shapes that you can use for putting together a Cutie Mark. And to take it one step farther, for things like shading and gradients, I use It's actually more of a tool for website design, but I use it for more details on palettes. It is also good for more basic palettes too since you can get monochromatic, adjacent 3, color triad and tetrad. You can use the "preview" and it will give you an idea of how your color pattern will look on different backgrounds. I see people getting crap for using certain colors because they "look bad". Well, maybe they do if you're looking at them with a highly reflective white background which can make them seem more neon. But if you're on a darker page, like a DA upload with transparency, your eyes may perceive them in a less intense way. (Random Rant: Not saying that there aren't some colors that are just garish together, but one thing I learned from web design is that there are a LOT of things that can affect how one's eyes perceive light and color. And it doesn't help that someone's eyes are usually as unique as they are and where someone may see blue-green another person might see greenish blue. Yes, there is a difference and it can be very frustrating.) Clipart for CMs if you totally suck at drawing is good if you have a program that can open SVG files. is a personal favorite because of the different file types available and a filter engine. (also has background, color pages, and animated gifs which can be useful) free clipart section. It doesn't have a search filter, but you can look through basic categories. has some good stuff of varying quality I personally enjoy WikiMedia Commons ( because if you can't find something, you can always request an image. I also have sunk to ferreting through There is no search which is a pain but it looks like it just grabs popular clipart from around the web. Quite a few of these have their links on the image itself, so you can sort of website hop. Also, if you see an image on one of the pay for clipart sites like fotosearch or 123rf, try looking at using the same tags. There is a very good chance that it will come up without a watermark. You can also use Google Images (mentioned below for different reasons) but be prepared. If you search by a watermarked image, you'll likely find that the first results are watermarked versions of well but I have also seen where a non-watermarked image will pop up too. Also, something I learned. ALWAYS use Google Image Search ( to look at your chosen image for cutie marks if you didn't make it yourself. When I first started trying to get my pen and paper characters online, I would just type a description in google and look through images until I found one that fit really well with what I had in mind. And it turns out some of them were custom cutie marks on DA that people had paid for. It is also helpful because sometimes you will run into the opposite. One person who came to me had "paid" for what wasn't even a tweaked clipart piece that was uploaded YEARS before her custom cutie mark was made. I still didn't use it anymore... but you'll find that, unfortunately, it happens quite a bit. Best tip I can offer is, sadly, go to google first and try typing in a term then looking through images but ALWAYS check your sources and terminology. If you specifically search for Cutie Mark, you're going to get images from DA that were created for others. Other Things - It isn't great and you may have to go in and do some tweaking up but this is pretty decent for removing white backgrounds from jpgs. If you have a more complex image, like one with little swirls, you may have more of an issue.
  3. So I had this odd idea in my head I wanted to share with everyone, I thought there is google, but then there are people who know things. Those little tips and odd tricks to doing things that are helpful and so on online. I wanted to start this thread with the idea that you (Yeah you reading!) know any odd thing about internet use or a PC (Mac too) trick you've learned you can share it here. I will link guides or the tips, etc here on the first post as they are listed and people can go on to contribute more as they learn. Think of this as a resource topic. Guides: Here is my contribution. How to take screen shots of specific sections of your screen. (This guide is for windows 10)
  4. Here we can talk about languages, learning them, and the wealth of information that's soon to come in this post. All your excuses for not learning: PAID - (Assimil: Russian with Ease) Teaches you basic-intermediate Russian via Reading and Audio, you can easily acquire an ear for the language (distinguish words even if you haven't heard them) and end up with a vocabulary far big enough to get speaking. PAID - (Russian Learner's Dictionary with words by frequency) Really good for when you want a word at your fingertips in an accurate way, instead of resorting to Google Translate (which does not understand colloquialisms and slight translation differences. - (Memrise Russian) Lots of courses in Russian to help you build vocabulary, practice reading and speaking, pronounciation, and so on. Plus you are rewarded for it and it makes it much more fun to learn. If you keep up with it every day while practicing with natives, you will most likely not forget too much of what you learn, whereas if you think that knowing "10000 Russian words" will make you suddenly fluent, you've got another thing coming at you PAID - (Michael Thomas Learn Russian) Uses the Michel Thomas method to teach you Russian. - (Master Russian) Explains the ins and outs of the Russian language on a basic-intermediate level so that you can better understand why things are the way they are. But remember, it never beats a native speaker. - (Babbel) A community where you can learn Russian in various ways. Other: (links soon) Colloquial Russian Teach yourself Russian Survival Russian a course in conversational Russian How to pronounce Russian correctly Linguaphone Russian course Russian a self-teaching guide Russian in exercises (English and Spanish editions) The new Penguin Russian course Ultimate Russian beginner-intermediate Russian grammar workbook Teach yourself Russian grammar uchebnik russkogo yazyka dlya studentov inostrancev French resources: German resources: Spanish resources: Portuguese Resources: Italian resources: Swedish resources: Norwegian resources: Danish resources: Icelandic resources: Finnish resources: Estonian resources: Latvian resources: Lithuanian resources: Chinese resources: Japanese resources: Hebrew resources: Arabic resources: Q&A: Speak other languages? Help translate this post! Help me to translate this post into its relevant form in other languages which I will put into spoilers as a subcategory of this post Future Updates Will Include: Portuguese, grammar sorting and links in subsections, Hindi, more Esperanto links, more inspirational videos and blog posts, custom-made Esperanto and International English keyboards.
  5. Okay, there's one thing about this fandom- no, about people that is really, really bothering me. People are telling me that they wish they could draw, that they wish that they had the talent to draw. Guys, you don't need natural talent in order to draw ponies. It really hurts me to see people say that they want to draw and they say that they just can't. One reason, is because it's not true. You aren't born with the talent to draw. Like anything, you have to put time and dedication into what you want to do in order to become better. This is the main thing anyone needs in order to become better in whatever they want to do- and this includes artwork. ANOTHER thing that does help is support, such as constructive criticism, tips, or any friends that support your delving into art. This thread is made to give all you newbies and experts another type of support. That is, very useful guides and tips here that any of you could use in order to improve in your FiM artwork, and maybe other artwork. I sincerely hope that these links will help anyone in need of them. If you've found any other guide that you think might belong on this here list, do not hesitate to contact me over Skype, PM, or DA. Now, without further ado, here are a few of the treasures I've found across the internet. ------------------------------------------------------------------ -INTRODUCTORY ARTICLES- -Thanks to MLPdrawingschool!- Don't Panic: How to use References: Making Art, a Process Guide: Keys to Success in Art: -SKETCHING- Undersketching and Refinement (MLPdrawingschool) -ANATOMY- Dshou's Anatomy Study: Pony Anatomy Study by VertreV: Common Anatomy Errors (MLPdrawingschool) Pony Anatomy Lesson (MLPdrawingschool) -LEGS- Dshou's Leg Studies: (Part two): -GENERAL GUIDES- Drawponies' Con Panel: Dragoart Tutorial:,-friendship-is-magic-style.htm -OTHER SPECIFIC GUIDES- MLPdrawingschool's Tutorial on Proportions: Viwrastupr's Tutorial on Proportions: Why485's Clothing Tutorial: Tutorial on Hair (MLPdrawingschool) Identifying Compositional Awkwardness (MLPdrawingschool): Basic Shading Tutorial (MLPdrawingschool): -CRITICISM- /Giving and Receiving Criticism./ Leave it to MLPdrawingschool to make these! Common Problems and their Solutions: How to Critique. For Critics and Artists Alike. (Critique Level 1) Critique Level 2 Critique Level 3 Taking Away the Feeling of Aggression from a Critique: -A GOLDMINE OF SHOW REFERENCE- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, and as you guys can see, I'm clearly biased over MLP drawing school. That Subreddit is one of the most helpful ones I've ever seen- it was the only reason I even created an account there. I highly recommend checking it out for more help- they'll critique your artwork if you want 'em to, as well. Alright, this is all I've got so far. If this helped you, please post in the comments below! I'm more than happy to know I helped a fellow brony out. If you have anything to add to the list, please, tell me right away. -RayFriedh
  6. As the forums get bigger, the ever expanding problem of not having an organized network for our board's resources becomes more of a priority. Two days ago, Evilshy and I began brainstorming an idea for a singular location that linked many of the board's primary resources, as well as plenty of the member-made resources. This ended up being pounded out in twenty-four hours, and after some looking over by our benevolent overlord, it's made its way into its very own announcement. --> This announcement page will be listed at the top of every single forum on the board, the exact same way Feld0's old 'Amazon' advertisement for the forums' has been. But that's only the beginning. This announcement will be linked to in various avenues, including the Automatic Welcoming PM sent to every new member by Feld0, inside the ToS page, the header (banner area/menu bar), the footer, and several other places. This might seem a bit excessive; however, this kind of simplistic "guide to all things" will strike directly at the heart of the forum's classic woe - users have so much to do and so many things to review that they may feel a bit "lost" when they first join. In which case, a guide of this sort will be able to offer wonderful measurable benefits. As the end of the page says, it is a living document much like the Board Rules and FAQ. It will be edited and added to periodically as new content is discovered/created. Everyone is more than welcome to link to topics or posts that contain basic, but very vital information that you think all newbies would want to know, or should know. For whenever this topic ends up becoming locked, users should feel free to contact the staff via Support Tickets for potential suggestions on what things might be addable.
  7. hulloo all, im having a bit of trouble finding good sites for referencing hairstyles. pony hairstyles are difficult for me to invent, and yet it is one of the few ways to define one pony from another. yes colour is always a reliable option, but a unique silhouette is important as well. anyhoo, some links to good hairstyle galleries would be appreciated.<--that's my point.
  8. Hello everybrony!This is not for a specific or concret game, it is only a few resources for ALL brony community,feel free to use as you want for your brony projects, you can even make changes if you really need.It make me happy to know that has been useful for you.I hope it helps some game developers and make the fandom bigger and more entretaining XDI am working in more locations soooo... next updates soon :)Ponyville residential zone tilesets: Pony, unicorn and pegasus template: And finally the enemies: You can find all of my works on : you are making a game or creating a ponified rom hack maybe I can help with graphic content...and sorry for my bad english XD More resources this time some items, if you have a good idea for some item tell me Now i'm working in Evergreen Forest location.I would be happy to receive some feedback, if you are making some game maybe I can help The second location,Evergreen Forest, with lots of traps! And finally the Evergreen Forest enemies: