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Found 13 results

  1. As someone who likes to see both sides of every argument and learn each side's valid points and flaws, it's kinda demoralizing to me when I see people either aggressively label an understandable opinion and those who hold it as 'brainless' all in all, or who see their side as the only option and beyond criticism when there are actually many respectable reasons one may challenge or reject them. Obviously with some issues in the world, there will be sides that really don't hold up whatsoever even under a fair examination, but lately, it feels like a 'black and white' perspective is somewhat popular in places it really shouldn't be, and that really isn't of much benefit to anybody if we're to learn and improve. So, I thought it might be nice to have a topic steering away from the kind of aggressive 'discussion' black and white perspectives can sometimes cause, where we can instead talk about sides we aren't aligned with but still respect or understand (or even just respect for a few points it makes), be it political sides or even just sides in far smaller concerns like fandoms, console wars and such; as long as it's respect for people who share different opinions than yours, it's welcome in this topic. In my case, I guess I can think of two things for the time being: ~While I'm a vegetarian (previously a vegan), I have absolutely nothing against people who decide not to go with that kind of lifestyle; not only because it can be a hard change to make long-term, but it's also a lifestyle that has done more harm than good for some people who've tried it, so it's definitely not something I think people should feel forced to do. ~While I'm an atheist that left Christianity, I still get and respect why Christians (and followers of other religions too, but I'll focus on Christianity since I've had much more of an experience with it) see an omnipotent being in the universe's creation and in the way nature works- heck, sometimes I feel I sorta see it myself-; and despite having strong objections with certain stuff in the Bible as well as the way some followers use it to attack homosexuals and such, I don't hope for the religion to die out or think lowly of the many, many good people who follow it either. I feel like I have improved as a person after turning atheist, but I think Christianity can be a very good thing, and I'm glad it has helped a lot of people. How about with you guys? What sides/beliefs etc. do you have some respect for despite not aligning with them?
  2. Soooooo which is it? Which one do you respect the most? Choose wisely...
  3. No spoilers for Parental Glidance here, but this will give you guys an example of how much of an impact it made on me after watching it. Enjoy. Note: I'm not kidding when I say that the show MLP:FIM's S7 E7 "Parental Glidance" was responsible for me to make the decision to do this in the first place. It's amazing how much impact the show has in our lives. I cannot be more grateful.
  4. Quite often I feel like Lauren Faust, being the creator of mlp generation 4, gets put on a high horse ((pun intended), while Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of the entire mlp franchise as a whole, and the woman responsible for creating the designs of he toyline of ponies that Lauren Faust spent her childhood playing with, does not. So few g4 fans even know who Zacherle is, in spite of every other generation past g1 not being able to come into existence without BZ's contributions toward g1. The entire My Little Pony franchise has this wonderful woman to thank for it's success and long lasting legacy. What are you guy's thoughts on Zacherle? Should she be getting more respect and acknowledgement? (Podcast interviews, mlp convention invites, household name status, having a hoof...hand in g4 writing or merch designs?
  5. Sugar Pea

    Q.OT.D #58

    "To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater." - Bono
  6. You know, there was a thread going on about which MLPForum members you respect. Then it got me thinking, "there really wasn't a thread about mentors, role models, and the like for life in general." So this is the thread just for that! Which real life person do YOU look up to in real life? It can be anyone really. Steve Delabar: The ultimate "The Little Train that Could" story. He started off his career as a relief pitcher before undergoing multiple season ending surgeries on his arm. It nearly forced him to retirement from MLB and demoted him to a mere substitute teacher (not saying it's a bad career). Nonetheless, he worked hard when he got a second chance from the Seattle Mariners. Now he's appearing in his first MLB All-Star Game as a Toronto Blue Jays. He showed me that determination, work rate, and faith can get you very far in life, even if things don't go your way. Arsene Wenger: The manager of Arsenal FC. Longest standing in his club other than Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes. What makes him stand out for me is that he preaches financial prudence in a footballing world where lavish spending is king. He showed that even if going against the flow will hurt your popularity and position, the long term results will pay off. In 2004, Arsenal became one of the few that maintained an undefeated season. I'm an ardent Arsenal fan and I fully respect his decisions, even if it doesn't give trophies in the short run. Johann Sebastian Bach: He's one of the composers I respect dearly. Everything he does he writes, "Soli Deo Gloria." Only for God. It fits with my Christian faith perfectly. Bach died a poor, destitute man. However, his classical music lives on even to this day and becomes one of the most legendary composers of all time. He didn't care about gaining popularity in this world; he focused on God's glory, something inherent in my beliefs. So yeah that's just three of my models and mentors I look up to. Who do you have? I'd love to know
  7. HELLO FELLOW BROS AND BRONIES Today I want to RESTORE FAITH IN HUMANITY!!!!! *music from " Independence Day ' plays* Tell us good things that have happened to you or your friend, or talk about cool things people do for the homeless, the poor, and the down-hearted. to kick it off....
  8. So got to thinking out of all the bands that I like listening too. Who are the ones that I truly admire and respect the most? For me I do certainly have a couple. Starting off is a band that I have only recently gotten into and that band would be Rise Against. If you know of their songs and what the members of Rise Against stand for you know what I mean. Out of all the bands this generation what they stand for I have so much respect towards them. Love everyone of their songs. I believe they are one of the best bands this generation too I can safetly say I am proud to be a fan of Rise Against. Another band would have to be Disturbed. I have for a long time seen their posts on facebook and one of the members in the band has addressed many things in his posts that I remember standing out to me. They are a band I do respect quite a bit as well. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth is another artist I truly have great respect for as well. *Def. the Foo Fighters & Dave Grohl* I also like Andrew WK a lot too. So what bands/artists do you respect?
  9. Am I the only one who would love to see more griffons in the show? I have watched almost every episode of the show and I'm fairly sure gilda is the only griffon ever shown. There arent even that many griffon oc's, and even less fan art, fan fiction and respect in general. If anyone else agrees with me, then help me start a griffon uprising with your griffon oc's! Muahahahahaha!! But seriously, if you guys agree with me, then post it! Calling all griffon fans, I wanna hear your guys opinions, theories and reasons for lack of griffons, and how there should be more.
  10. It would seem to me these days that people don't have much respect for each other anymore. The internet is no exception to this. On the contrary, the internet seems to be the place where people have the least respect for each other. For example, I'm sure everyone know about the trolls. They exist for one reason and one reason only to get a rise out of people. I don't understand how pissing other people off or bringing others down could make anyone feel better about their pathetic existence. It just makes me want to vomit when I see a string of comments that only serve to bring someone down. Another thing that really, and I mean really makes me angry about people on the internet, particularly youtube, are the self promoters. If you don't know what self promoters are they basically find a very popular video on youtube and post in the comments section begging for subscribers. The funny thing is that every single one of these comments always starts along the lines of, I know nobody likes these but this is the only way to get views. Imagine you are the creator of the video that they are promoting themselves on. How would you feel? it's like if you were putting on some sort of show for your fans and I suddenly show up at the front door begging people to leave and come to my show after you had worked really hard to put on this show. What do you guys think? What are your experiences with trolls and respect or lack thereof on the internet? Do you hate the self promoters as much as I do? Let me know and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  11. I dealt with a lot of difficulties while I was growing up. I was extremely lonely, I didn't have much fun and most people made fun of me for being the outcast. Eventually the pain got so great that I exploded; I wanted everyone to know how much they hurt me. I felt so used, so... dead. I felt that I deserved respect for all I did. The problem wasn't in the physical, but in the spiritual. I was looking for something that was eventually going to turn to dust. I was attached. I look back and understand why I was so upset, but I know I really had no right to be. To be fully conscious means that there is a sympathy towards those who are asleep.
  12. Do you know how long it takes to type every person on staff's name 7 freaking times??? Well it takes a little while. But while You're here, take the time to tell me... Which staff can buck an apple from a tree like AJ the best? Which of these awesome people is the 20% COOLEST Who is the most Banana like Pinkie Pie? Who would The most studious, and deserving of the Twilight Sparkle title, of all the forum scholars be? The most glamorous of all the fashion focused staff member is? And who is the softest, most gentle, and the best with animals? Derp Derp Derp, Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp? Oh, and if you think any of the staff members should be any other pony, such as how Feld0 should be Celestia or something, please feel free to comment that right below there\/\/\/\/ Thanks to chaotic discord for the ideas. But then again... lol JK Discord, you're the best!
  13. Alright. Ignore this poll too until I can actually get on my laptop and do something about it.