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Found 8 results

  1. Has anypony else here worked with retail? If so, what are some of the most annoying customers you've had? I once had a customer call me stupid because I didn't understand what he meant at first and once I worked at a toy store and there was this toddler that kept throwing everything on the ground and the parents couldn't care less.
  2. It’s been awhile since I did one of these mall blogs. But the choice for this month is easy. Burlington Center Mall has been in a state of decline for about a decade now. It seems the end is now in sight. The Burlington County Times reports that the mall may now be in the process of shutting down for good. Burlington Center opened in the Philadelphia suburb of Burlington Township, New Jersey in 1982 to great promise. It lies roughly halfway between Philly and Trenton in the I-295 and NJ Turnpike corridor. At the time it appeared well positioned to fill a retail gap in the region. It also sports a fountain sculpture made by the renowned Zenos Frudakis who has created many pieces of public art in recent decades. It’s kinda funny that the most frequent question isn’t what’s going to happen to the mall but what will happen to the elephant? For the first 20 plus years of existence the mall did well. But other malls in Cherry Hill, Moorestown, and Lawrenceville received expansions and upgrades while Burlington stayed put. Burlington also developed a reputation for crime after a gang fight at the mall in 2007. This took a toll on business until the landlord could no longer make the mortgage payments. After being foreclosed upon, the mall was auctioned off to a group called Moonbeam Investments. They drafted some grand plans for redeveloping the property into an indoor/outdoor hybrid center. But the plans were never formally presented to the township and were seemingly shelved. In the meantime the mall continued to bleed tenants. Today in December of 2017 there are only about five stores left. Also, the wing containing the elephant fountain was walled off to prepare for demolition which never got underway. Dan Bell’s video dates from 2015 and it’s much worse now. Even the Foot Locker shown in the next, more recent video is now gone.
  3. For July's entry I've decided to stay in the Keystone state. Century III Mall is in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin. It was built on a former slag pile and opened its doors in 1979 and it was an immediate success. But the good times didn't really carry over into this century. By 2010 the mall was in a downward spiral of declining sales and stores. Other malls like South Hills Village or brand new outdoor shopping centers like the Waterfront were siphoning away shoppers. After several years of diminishing returns, Simon Property Group turned in the keys on this property just like they did with Granite Run. It was ultimately sold to Moonbeam Investments which has bought several distressed retail for rock bottom prices in recent years with intentions of fixing them up. It is believed Moonbeam plans to partially demall this building but no concrete details have been released as far as I can tell. Anyway I had the pleasure of visiting Century III during my trip to Pittsburgh in 2013. I already read a thorough write up on the mall at Labelscar's website seen here and it also has an entry at Dead Malls Century III was indeed a dead mall and delightfully so. The thing I enjoyed the most about the place was the unorthodox angles the various wings of the mall went off in. Also the mall is split level in some locations and it's all connected by a cool series of ramps and stairways. But one thing they didn't have yet was the carousel. Yup, if you've got nothing else to draw people to your mall, put amusement rides in there. Century III has gotten extensive coverage on Youtube and here are two of my favorite videos. The first is another Dan Bell entry: And this is from another Youtuber who is closely following in Dan's footsteps with a number of mall videos of his own: I almost forgot about that enormous but empty parking garage. It almost gave me the creeps as I walked past it. I don't think the food court was that abandoned either. In closing, Century III is one mall I'd love to visit again but chances it will close before I get the opportunity to do so. :/
  4. This is the first of what may or may not be an ongoing series for me. But I've been on a mall kick lately and I'm focusing on dead and dying malls in particular as they may not be around much longer. To start things off, I am posting a little feature on the colorful Forest Fair Village which is also called Cincinnati Mills and Cincinnati Mall. It has had several name and ownership changes through the years since it opened in 1989. To my knowledge it has never been fully occupied although it did enjoy brief periods of success. This is a huge mall with over 1.5 million square feet of space with room for about 150 stores maximum. Today it is said to have between 4 and 7 interior businesses that are still open. Forest Fair may be the deadest mall today in terms of the percentage of space occupied that hasn't closed altogether. One of the big draws here is the anchor store Bass Pro Shops. But they are expected to relocate to a new building in the Cincy area in 2016. At that time, observers expect Forest Fair's doors to close for good. But for now, visitors can still walk in and enjoy the building's unique décor. "Nickelodeon just called, they want their studio back!" The first video is from mysticblu who gives a complete walkthrough of all the areas that are still open to the public. And here's one more from Dan Bell who has a popular dead malls series on Youtube.
  5. I live in the Netherlands, but I'd still like to read the IDW comics. Even though I've managed to find most of them online at least one of them, the Holiday Special, has eluded me. Does anyone know where I could buy it? I checked the IDW site but that particular one can't be purchased online for some reason. I really want to read it because ever since Rainbow Rocks Sunset has been one of my favorite characters. I believe the nearest retail point for IDW is somewhere in southern Germany, which is a bit too far for me to travel to. Thanks in advance!
  6. I managed to accidentally send a document through to the receipt printer instead of the document printer. The result? METRES UPON METRES OF NONSENSE. This is only a tiny fraction of what wound up spewing out. So naturally, we ended up doing this at the end of the day:
  7. Anyone ever had a boss that you just wanted to drop kick in front of customers, laugh ludicrously, and carry on with your life? I've had many, and thankfully most of them have been dethroned or dishonored.
  8. Ever since they've been marketing them publicly in the late 70's, the best way known to buy a video games is the real, physical cartridge or disc bought from retail. The feel of buying the actual game with all of it's data, code, etc., packed into one tiny object that is really easy to store, carry around, and the like. Although, with the digital age of gaming among us, a lot of the our favorite games are only available via download on the online stores of consoles (XBOX Live Arcade, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, App Store, etc.), and on those respective online stores exclusively. While there's no possible way to store Angry Birds like we store all (and possibly most in the coming future) of our games from the past. But, in recent times, with digital downloads of programs, mostly games, becoming more and more popular, corporations have adapted to this, by allowing people to buy digital, convenient versions of games previously only available in retail, onto these online game markets. This will undoubtedly change the way we collect and store our games, if we choose digital over retail. This is an article on Nintendo 3DS Blog, mentioning that Nintendo have decided to make most retail 3DS games alternately available as a download on the 3DS' eShop: What is your opinion on this? Not just Nintendo, but most popular gaming giants that have been making this decision? Which do you prefer? The traditional feel of walking into a store, and picking up a game, buying it, and checking out? Or do you like having a copy of your favorite game with you at all times? My opinions: Retail/physical copy: It's the traditional way, the way it's been since they've sold copies of games in stores sine the late 1970's. I prefer this way because, not only would I hate too see this tradition go extinct in the coming years, but I much favor having the game, and everything with it. The box (video game box art is a wonderful thing; it can say so much about it, and sometimes can be considered art), the manual, any other miscellaneous pamphlets, and of course, the game itself. The cartridge/disc with all the memories inside, whether they are memories already had, or are just waiting to be had. Digital downloads: Yes, while it may be more convenient buying it faster online, while also getting the bonus of not having to change the cartridge/disc out every single time, no fear of losing the game itself, and the ability to have your collection right there, I still don't think it should be the dominant way of buying video games. I think the only games that should be digitally available to download, are games that are made exclusively for their respective online stores and platforms. Verdict: retail/physical copies