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Found 12 results

  1. This is will be my on going area for video dumps from my channel that are Pony related. Each video will have a small description before you watch, as to give a sense of what I was intending. Season 6 episodes 1&2 "The Crystalling" Review (personal)
  2. Welcome again, I have created a new video. Now it handles a different kind of question, than my other videos. Why would some Brony leave the fandom. I try to analyse it, so unlike a review, I try to explain it on a regular bases with logic and provable facts. Enjoy my work. Uh and don't mind the train, I was on the road for my friend.
  3. So I saw this really strange, out of nowhere, message featuring this pony OC seemingly taking over other people's videos. The character is known as CarToonZ, he originates from ToonKriticY2K, and his "message" basically says he is allegedly going everywhere and targeting pony reviewers. I've seen him on videos from MisAnthropony and Lightning Bliss among others and I'm honestly confused. I assume it's all a harmless bit of fun and an attempt to spawn an ongoing prank or meme, but does anyone know why it's happening or how it started?
  4. Yeah, i'm taking up some data. so, how many reviewers can you name, how did you find them, and how often do you watch them?
  5. So, I've noticed that quite a lot of people on the forums review stuff quite a bit, be it episodes, games, movies or shows. I do note on YouTube, reviewers there tend to collab a lot. So this gave me an idea: We should start collabing with others. Now, you might think, "But Chikorita, how do we do that if they're all through a blog?" Well, that's where things get interesting. You can say offer through a PM to review, and then kind of both write the blog through it, imputing your own thoughts. Just when you post the blog, make sure the readers can tell who's writing which part. Let's see if this idea takes off. Haven't thought through all the kinks yet.
  6. I recently managed to pass the 200 subscriber mark a week ago, and I'm still getting subscribers at a decent rate (1 or two every two days is good in my opinion for my amount of content). Feel free to check out my channel if you'd like, I love getting comments and advice to improve. And that's why I'm here. I've done some reviews, some riffs, a couple lets plays and even some speed paints. But I wanna show my 200 + subscribers that I appreciate them and I wanna be able to get more subs in the future that I can entertain. I don't care if I get popular or not, I just wanna put a smile on the faces of those who enjoy my work, and while I do run adds, I make them skippable. But I'm getting off track, I need to know what to do for a 200 sub special, I tried doing a contest, but no dice - I guess I'm not that well known enough to pull that off. So... Any suggestions on what I should do for a 200 sub special?
  7. I would add in "Who would they be" to the end of that, but that's literally too long of a title. Now, we've got our many reviewers of episodes not only on YouTube, but on these forums. If the reviewers on the forums were someone in the analysis community, which one could they be most easily compared too? If I were to compare myself to one of them, either Mr. Enter or VoiceofReason. I have similar opinions to them on episodes and I could probably pull off their styles. So you compare yourself to a reviewer or compare another reviewer on this site to one.
  8. Hello everybody So I have been thinking the last two weeks that I wanted to make written reviews about all kind of things and to post it on deviantART. Problem is, I only have knowledge about cartoons, and how to review those. I know nothing about reviewing music, movies etc Now I want to make a group on DeviantART, with a few reviewers in them, that review all kind of things. So I'm ooking for reviewers who like to write and make reviews. I was thinking about this: -1/2 people with knowledge about modern music. -2 people who will review games -3/4 people reviewing movies -2 people reviewing cartoons -2/3 people reviewing other random things I was just thinking if some people would be interested in making this with me. If you are, please leave a comment in what you would want to review, your Skype name and your deviantART profile
  9. As the title says above, I want to become a reviewer, but I don't think I have the materials to do so. What kind of things do I need to become a reviewer?
  10. I was just thinking, is there that one brony reviewer you just don't like or can't stand? Well here's the thread for that. So , as the title states, which one is your least favorite? For me, it would have to be Byter. It's not the fact that most of his reviews after season 2 were negative (though it kind of makes his reviews slightly frustrating) it's the fact that when I read most of his reviews, I scratch my head and wonder why he's still in the fandom if he seems to hate the new episodes so much to the point where he only liked I think 2 episodes this season. So discuss away!
  11. All right, if any famous brony joined the forums, whether it be a reivewer, musician, animator or whatever, who would you want it to be? It would be cool to see people like Mr. Enter or VoiceofReason join or even DrWolf seems nice. Also, maybe people at Jan Animations would be nice. So discuss away!
  12. So apparently, brony reviewer Dr. Wolf's account was terminated supposedly for copyright which doesn't make since since his reviews consisted of using images and not actual footage. I've also heard it was taken down due to suspicious activity and if that's the case then it was most likely a false flagging troll. I could go on a rant about false flaggers but I'm not here for that, I'm here to spread the word about Dr. Wolf. Now SPREAD THE WORD!