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Found 2 results

  1. What do you think is the most popular method, in terms of reviewing the show? Blog Video (Youtube)
  2. Gosh where do I start? I guess i'll start off by saying I'm a frequent follower of the Crepuscular Bronies Discuss podcasts and I have to admit I couldnt finish the newest one (Daring Don't Discussion) after the first 15 minutes. Why? Because bronies and reviewers alike are still complaining about something (A complaint I personally believe is misplaced) and it completely grinds my gears: Being out of character and flanderization of a character. Lets get one thing straight: I completely undersand why people dislike flanderization and characters being out of character. When it comes to continuity and character development these concerns are valid. Actions that defy who the character is for no particular reason either because of the writer or plot convenience makes the character feel unauthentic to the viewer. The character then no longer feels consistent which can irritate or cause a viewer to break out of immersion with the story. Now before continuing I will cite some advice given by Joshscorcher: Consider the possibility that you're wrong. Most claims of flanderization and instances of a character being out of character are reasonable. However for the MLP fandom I find that FiM gets hit harder for this than any other show i've watched (Most likely because of the variation of writers). It seems as though when a character acts a little too much like themselves BOOM! Flanderization. If the character acts slightly out of character in reaction to an event BOOM! Out of character. I find this behavior erratic and grossly misplaced to the point of nitpicking. I'd like to ask reviewers and viewers out there to really think before judging. Characterization focuses around the developement and range of emotions that a character possesses in order to appeal to audiences on an empathetic level. Emotions and behavior that are quite varied due to the wide expanses that are the mind of a person. One of the main focuses of characterization is to determine how a character reacts to a variety of situations and stimuli. When a character acts a certain way consider the situation they are in. How would they react? What backstory or condition would alter their usual behavior and choices? Where some see flanderization I often find a character's behavior reasonable. Where some see someone as out of character i see them as being realistic. Not all behaviors are concrete and often times we find ourselves feeling different than how we felt the previous day. Emotional inconsistency is a real thing amongst people. People's attitudes are affected by a spectrum of stimuli whether it is one's psychological state of mind, feelings of pain or comfort, as well as knowledge from past experiences. All contribute and have noticeable affects on one person. Let's talk about Rainbow Dash in Daring Don't for an example: It's critcized that RD expresses behavior that is too exaggerated whenever she acts like a fanatic. Some believe she is flanderized because she is expressing an exaggerated version of fangirl behavior for the sake of comedic effect and possible fan-pandering. Though it may seem like flanderizing what needs to be noted is that this kind of behavior exists. There are people in the real world that act like this. It's for that very reason that this scene was included because they are characterizing Rainbow Dash by putting her in a situation that would excite her as a fan. These very traits and scenarios appeal to a number of bronies as well as people of other fandoms. Which in support of my earlier statement helps the viewer empathize with her because she was characterized to appeal to us on that level of relatability in turn making her a realistic character. (Not to mention she has also fangirled like this before in several Wonderbolt episodes which makes her definitely in character) I'm not saying FiM doesnt have a history of flanderization and characters being out of character but in my opinion it is accused of it way too often. This is where I shall end. If you have any questions, comments, rebuttals, or criticisms please dont be afraid to share. -This is the MechaG Captain Brony, signing off!