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Found 4 results

  1. What do you think is the most popular method, in terms of reviewing the show? Blog Video (Youtube)
  2. Hello! Welcome to my EQG Minis Review blog! Let me know what to review next! Okay, so on Saturday, Kmart was having a closing sale. Everything was 70 to 90% OFF! Being myself, I found the EQG Minis Canterlot High set! (Basically the dance) The original price was 19.99, but with he sale, it was 5 DOLLARS! I freaking RAN with it. Plus, Kmart was almost EMPTY. When I got home, I had some help from my mother to get all the stuff out. The set included.. - 1 EQG Minis Twilight - 20+ accessories - Photo-booth - And the dance setting! I did a thing to where Twilight was alone at the dance. She went crazy in the process.. The one thing I didn't like about the set was the arms. They could bend, but to a little space though. Overall, I can give this a 9.9/10. I recommend this for bronies that are fans of Equestria Girls. That's all for now. I'll probably do another review on a Pinkie-Pie set. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you in that next review!
  3. For context, please watch: Now that we have got that out the way, allow us to proceed. Greetings. I am Retro. An ex-reviewer of MLP episodes. Why? I don't like doing it anymore? Yes, but there is more to it, and I want those who are either small in the Bronalysis community or are trying to start up an MLP reviewing channel to read this, because this is important. Something I've noticed about the Bronalysis Community is how hard it is for the little guy to find their footing. Now, when I started, I knew I wasn't gonna be big overnight, I highly doubted I would ever be a big deal. So why did I do it? Because I loved doing it, and when I had people comment on my reviews, saying that I should do more, it kept me going. It made me want to push myself as a person and a reviewer. So why did I stop? Because the Bronalysis community isn't what I would deem a welcoming place anymore. You can't really do anything original, because you've only just started out, and people just think you're someone trying to cash in on the reviewing ordeal, when it's actually something you enjoy, and they brush you off and don't give you a chance. I've heard a lot of people who are very popular in The Bronalysis Community say in videos and livestreams, that if you want to do MLP episode reviews, don't do them because "there's too many reviewers already". This is what I mean by an unwelcoming place. If you wanna do something you love, do it. It doesn't matter if there are too many reviewers, you deserve a chance of doing what you love as much as anyone else. If at first you don't succeed in what you love, trying something else and finding enjoyment in it is the next step to success online. I'd suggest putting your own unique spin on the reviewing episodes formula, and eventually you'll have a style of reviewing that makes you stand out and gets you more attention. Why don't I do this? Because like I said, I don't enjoy reviewing episodes anymore. It's boring to me and just a chore to do nowadays, but if it's what you love, then do it, make yourself known and do what you love, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mind. Retro out.
  4. As promised, I created a blog for this thing. Now, to business.... This fantastic work of art was created via SFM. There is wonderful symbolism behind this masterpiece, most unseen. Not only that, but the moral behind it all is the most marvelous of all... Symbolism A man comes up to this random door, with mysterious music playing in the background, and the first thing he does is call out a name and knock. This symbolizes purity of heart. The last knock he makes is with his head, an incredible action to make to gain attention. He is uncaring of his health, and perhaps he gained a slight concussion afterwards. Although, despite these risks, he remained ok afterwards. This symbolizes bravery of the noggin. I should not forget to mention his beautiful smile upon his face. One does not simply smile softly. This symbolizes honesty. Unpredictable voice he has as well, one that brings a tear to my eye. This symbolizes the concept of manlyness. He asks the person behind the door, "Do you want to build a snowman?" Because it cuts off here, I can only assume that he broke the universe through the power of facial expression. This symbolizes luck. Moral You must stay honest even in the darkest of times. Might the universe incorrectly crash down upon you because of your face, you must continue listen to your noggin. Be manly, and have a pure heart. Perhaps one day you will soon be able to destroy the universe correctly. Final Notes If you have any suggestions for videos for me to "review," then I will gladly accept them. The only requirements is to make sure that they are "sophisticated" enough so that I can review them properly. Good day to you all, I hope you found this intriguing.