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Found 66 results

  1. >LETTING OTHERS THINK FOR YOU Do not let them win! watch the mlp movie without caring that others said it was bad or good! make your opinion based on your own experience!
  2. What do you think is the most popular method, in terms of reviewing the show? Blog Video (Youtube)
  3. When do you think we can expect to see critical reviews? The film was just premiered in New York, but I think it isn't going to release worldwide until after October 5. I'm hoping we'll see some reviews from critics soon. I'm dying to get an insight as to how critics will take to the film.
  4. Bloody hell, the film is released in 4 days and I can't find a single critic review of it on the net
  5. With Season 3 coming to a close tomorrow, I thought it'd be nice to have a thread where we could share all of our reviews, opinions, and thoughts about the whole of Season 3. So go ahead everypony and post your Season 3 reviews in the comments below; what were your favorite episodes, which characters did you think had the best season and development, what were your favorite and least favorite things about Season 3, etc.? Whatever thoughts you have about the season in general, just share them below! Also, if you'd prefer to simply provide links to your own reviews in your own personal blogs instead, go right ahead! It's been a great season everypony, and I've had a wonderful time going through my first ever live season of MLP with each and every one of you on these forums! I look forward to a fun off season with all ya'll, along with plenty of great discussions, debates, speculation, and lots of new fan content to look forward to while we pass the months together waiting for what should hopefully prove to be a fantastic fourth season. Brony on, everypony, brony on! Edit: Well, here it is everypony, my incredibly long review of Season 3! This turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be, but it was well worth the time it took to write; if you decide to check it out, I hope ya'll enjoy it!
  6. Welcome Bronys, here i will peresent you my own reviews and content for My little Pony. Today I've my first englisch video ever. The thirteen Plots for season six. Suggested Plotpoints, who are interesting from my point of view. So far, enjoy the show. I have do another Video so far. I hopy you enjoy my Thirteen stupid reasons: Why your channel have no more subscribers.
  7. The other reviews will have their own topic.
  8. This is will be my on going area for video dumps from my channel that are Pony related. Each video will have a small description before you watch, as to give a sense of what I was intending. Season 6 episodes 1&2 "The Crystalling" Review (personal)
  9. I review an advent calendar. It get's weird. PG-13 for dark humour and some swears.
  10. I'm dor20 and I got a YouTube channel which got reviews of mlp episode: I already did half of season 5 I really recommend to check it out and I will update for any new vid ill publish if you have any commends, ideas or suggestions I will happy to hear
  11. Hey guys! You may remember me, i was active on the forum games a few years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth - but here I am again, to plug my latest creative endeavor! I recently started uploading videos to YouTube more often, specifically video game reviews and voice acting. I review good games, bad games, weird games and I'm also considering doing some Top 10 lists and the like! If anybody is interested, then I've some samples of my work here: So I hope you all enjoy what i have to offer - any constructive criticism is welcome, and all suggestions are also listened to!
  12. It's been a while since I last wrote a review. Well, seeing yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the original releases of Pokémon Red/Green in Japan on February 27, 1996, I thought it'd be a great time to review these games. These games were released in North America sometime in September 1998 for the Game Boy. You start off on a continent called Kanto as an unnamed boy (who's named Red) who is tasked by Professor Oak to fill the Pokédex and his grandson, Blue (who's called Green in Japan), is also chosen for the task. Along the way, you battle different trainers and wild Pokémon to get experience points. If a Pokémon reaches 0 HP, it faints. You can also apply status effects that can change the course of the battle, such as Thunder Wave paralyzing foes. What is a Pokémon, you ask? It stands for Pocket Monster, and they can be caught on fields, forests, caves, and with a fishing rod, in the water. You may even find them surfing in the water! As you get through the game, you'll earn Pokédollars for winning fights. Should you lose a fight, you'll respawn at the last visited Pokémon Center with half of your money gone. Poké Balls come in different forms, as the more rare it is, the easier it is to catch one. As for combat, there are fifteen types that work similar to rock-paper-scissors. Fire destroys grass, Water douses fire, and grass dehydrates water. There are more type advantages, disadvantages and even types that are immune to another along the journey. If you reach a certain level with a Pokémon (i.e. Level 7 for Caterpie), it will attempt to evolve. Pressing B cancels it, but if you choose to let the evolution go, it will evolve (usually increasing their stats). Speaking of stats, you have the usual attack, defense, speed, HP and special. Special in this game dictates special attack and defense. They can temporarily decreased and increased by moves in battle, or they can be permanently increased by vitamins you'll find. Speed also increases their critical strike chance, meaning a speedster like Persian can score critical hits more easily. Box management and trading are vital to completing the Pokédex. After 20 Pokémon fill a box, you'll have to switch to another one and save the game. You will find different aides for Professor Oak in route buildings who will give you items if you catch a certain amount of Pokémon. In certain towns there are gyms (not for working out, silly) where you have to fight the gym leader. As you fight them, their members will challenge you to battles. The gym leader will employ different Pokémon that you probably haven't met yet. Brock is the very first gym leader, who specializes in Rock types. If you picked Charmander as your starter, you're in trouble unless you can evolve Caterpie into Butterfree. Defeating him will get you the Boulder Badge and a Technical Machine, which in this case, teaches Bide. Be careful, once the TM is used, it's gone forever! Sometimes, badges can increase Pokémon's stats, or allow them to obey at higher levels. Eventually you'll find hidden machines that teach your Pokémon different field moves. These cannot be forgotten under any circumstance. In very rare cases, you will find Pokémon on the map deep within dungeons. These are considered legendary Pokémon, and you only get one shot at catching these. If you run away or accidentally knock them out, they're gone for good. The game tends to be criticized for its graphics, but trust me, I've played Game Boy shovelware with far worse graphics. Even then, it's passable for its time. The soundtrack is good and adds the atmosphere quite well. The gameplay makes up for it, with the player being able to come up with different team combinations to win. At the very end, you'll fight the most powerful trainers in Kanto, the Elite Four! They have to be beaten in one sitting and if you lose at any time, you start over from the first member of the Elite Four. Overall, despite time not exactly being kind to these games, they're worth a play through if you're looking for something to kill time with.
  13. Introduction ...Eye Guy? Ay yi yi yi yi... The Episode Our episode begins in the Location-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, where Billy is helping a young genius named Willy at the science fair. Willy's invention is a virtual reality machine, which is actually very impressive for a kid his age, let alone the '90's. Rita, meanwhile, wants to capture Willy for his intellect (so Rita's acknowledging her stupidity? Surprising...), along with the other smart children of Earth. On Finster's recommendation, she creates Eye Guy and sends him down. Meanwhile, the antics of our favorite bullies Bulk and Skull inadvertently get Willy disqualified. Dejected, Willy heads off to the park, when he is captured by Eye Guy. Somehow transported to an alternate dimension, the Rangers desperately look for him, then go to Zordon, who informs them of the situation. They confront Eye Guy (without his main eye, mind you), along with Baboo. They blast him with the Power Blaster, but he reforms and curbstomps the Rangers. Zordon tells Billy that he can find the main eye in the forest. The other Rangers hold off Eye Guy in the meantime. Anyways, after the usual Megazord battle, Willy is freed (FREE WILLY 4 CONFIRMED) and ends up winning first prize in the science fair after an apology from the judge. My Opinion Aside from several unintentional double entendres and plot errors, I enjoy this episode for the same reasons as the previous one: it's an Americanized Zyuranger episode. Eye Guy is also very unique in terms of monsters: even after being blasted, he's able to reform his body, not unlike Majin Buu. Final Score 7.5/10
  14. Introduction Greetings, everypony. PRfan93 here with another Power Rangers review. Today, we're going to be looking at the second episode of Mighty Morphin', High Five! Watch along with me! The Episode So the episode begins with the Rangers at Ernie's Juice Bar (Big surprise there... ), where Jason is attempting a rope climb. Trini, who has a fear of heights (which doesn't seem to have been mentioned until now, seeing as she could JUMP INTO A 200-FOOT TIGER ROBOT IN THE FIRST EPISODE! ), is scared that he'll fall. Zack tells her to stop because she'll make Jason nervous. Billy, our favorite nerd, then arrives, about to tell his teammates about his new invention...but then he gets caught between Jason's legs (...wat. ) and tumbles along with him onto the mats. Then our favorite wunks (wannabe punks, FYI) Bulk and Skull come along and mock Jason for his failure. Bulk challenges that he can get all the way to the top of the rope. Jason, being a good sportsman, lets him have a go at it. Needless to say, he fails. After this whole debacle, Billy shows his latest invention: the Communicator, which allows the Rangers to both communicate with Zordon and teleport to the Command Center when needed. (Wait a minute...he's talking about this IN PUBLIC, WITH A VOLUME THAT CAN LET HIM EASILY BE HEARD. ISN'T THAT BREAKING ZORDON'S THIRD, AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE?) Meanwhile, the Repulsa Gang cook up a plan to trap the Rangers in a time warp, like Rita did with Zordon 10,000 years before. So, Finster creates a skeleton monster with the rather unimaginative name of Bones, and sends him to trap the Rangers. When Zordon hears about this, he analyzes the time warp while he sends the Rangers to investigate Putty Patrollers nearby. They try to hide, but the Putties end up finding them (which is surprising, seeing as Putties are often shown to be better than bare bulbs in terms of smartness). Jason suggests that they SPLIT UP, GANG so that they can spread out the attack force. Trini manages to escape the Putties following her, but poor Billy is-*le gasp!* STUCK! AND WITHOUT HIS MORPHER TO BOOT! Trini, of course, manages to overcome her fear of heights and saves Billy. BUT WAIT, I'M NOT DONE YET! The Rangers, of course, still have to deal with Bones, who is at the amusement park with his time warp (which, in the original Japanese footage, is actually a portal to Hell) ready for the Rangers. But then, as usual, they fight Bones...which ends with Trini throwing his head into the time warp AKA H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS. FREAKING AWESOME. My Opinion As I was writing this review, I took the time to watch the episode again to determine its final score. While its plot holes (ex. Trini's fear of heights, Rita's plan not relating to the abformentioned fear) put me off, the episode's moral lesson of "don't let fear hold you back" and its more awesome moments (TRINI CASTS A SKELETON'S HEAD INTO HELL) helped the episode redeem itself. Final Score 5.5/10
  15. Introduction Hey, there, everypony. PRfan93 here with my first blog. Every day (or every so often, if I can), I am going to post a review of every single Power Rangers episode ever, from Mighty Morphin' to Dino Charge, with pop culture references and snarky humor abound! So sit back, relax, grab yourself some popcorn and those old MMPR-era action figures you never play with, and enjoy the show! The Episode After listening to that iconic theme song for the first time, the first episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers takes us to what is presumably the moon (but it looks more like the planet Arrakis after it got rain after how-many years), where two astronauts find what looks like a "space dumpster" (but it looks more like an antique casserole dish). One of them suggests they open it up...and what happens? They set free an evil space witch with a grating voice and several minoins! WAY TO GO, IDIOTS! YOU JUST RELEASED A SEALED EVIL IN A CAN, AND POSSIBLY DOOMED THE PLANET! These fine people, my friends, are Rita Repulsa and her minions Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar. Let's run a bit of background on them, shall we? Rita Repulsa - The ringleader of this fine ragtag bunch, Rita Repulsa is an evil space witch who was sealed in the Anti-Evil Casserole Dish for 10,000 years. Once she's out, she decides to conquer Earth...because...why not? Finster - Rita's official monster maker who resembles a Namekian/Pit Bull Terrier hybrid, he creates the foot soldiers and monsters out of clay. Squatt - One half of Rita's comic relief duo, Squatt is...well, I don't know, exactly. The Power Rangers Wiki says he's a hobgoblin, but he resembles what would happen if Slimer and a pig had a baby...only Boo Berry was the father as revealed on Jerry Springer. The point is, he's comic relief, and he and Baboo are hilarious. Baboo - The other half of Rita's comic duo, Baboo resembles a cross between Dracula and a monkey. He is often paired with Squatt, and their chemistry works well together. Goldar - Rita's right hand man, Goldar is FREAKING SCARY. I mean, look at him. He looks like a demonic version of King Caesar from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Though he may seem like the only sane one in the nuthouse that is Rita's gang, he actually has a flaw: his overconfidence and determination. No matter how many times he's defeated, Goldar always seems to think they can defeat the Power Rangers. ANYWAYS, ON WITH THE EPISODE! While all this is going on, we're introduced to our heroes: Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini. These five teenagers live in the '90s-tastic city of Angel Grove, California, where they spend time hanging out at the Juice Bar and Youth Center, run by Ernie. ...Not that Ernie. Jason (played by Austin St. John) - Jason is the typical martial artist of the group, and symbolizes what martial arts should be: a defensive art that should only be used wisely. He's the Red Ranger. Billy (played by David Yost) - Billy is your typical '90s nerd, always talking in technobabble and fascinated by the latest technology. He's the Blue Ranger, and actually sticks around for quite a while, first as a Ranger, then as Mission Control for the next teams. Kimberly (played by Amy Jo Johnson) - Kimberly is another '90s stereotype: the valley girl. She enjoys shopping, clothes, and other "girly" things. However, as time goes on, she develops and grows out of that, becoming more of an action girl. Zack (played by Walter Jones) - Zack is one of two token minorities on the team, representin' da hood, yo! He's your typical 90s hip-hop/rap fan, even going as far as to develop his own martial arts style: Hip Hop-Kido, which combines breakdancing with karate. He's the Black Ranger...emphasis on the black. Trini (played by Thuy Trang) - The other token minority of the team, Trini's the tomboy...or so we think. As seen in a later episode, she collects dolls. She's the Yellow Ranger...likewise, EMPHASIS. ON. THE. YELLOW. ...Now, I know what we're all thinking: "THAT'S RACIST AS ALL HELL!" But sadly, yes. The Black Ranger is black, and the Yellow Ranger is Asian. HOWEVER, I would like to point out that Tony Oliver, one of the executive producers, said they didn't know this happened until about episode 10. Likewise, Walter Jones was originally cast as Billy, but he wanted to be Zack, mainly so he could be recognized more. Anyway, while they're hanging out in the Juice Bar, we meet their comic relief duo, Farkis "Bulk" Bulkmeier, and Eugene "Skull" Skullovich. Bulk (played by Paul Schier) - Bulk is supposed to be the typical punk/bully, but, like Skull, he comes off as more of a class clown. He and Skull appear throughout the series starting with this episode, going though major character development. He eventually becomes an uncle to Skull's son Spike in Power Rangers Samurai. Skull (played by Dr. Jason Narvy) - Like Bulk, Skull is the class clown. He and his best friend go through character development, and he eventually has a son. ...Aaaand, then an earthquake happens. But this is no ordinary earthquake...THIS IS RITA'S DOING! Out in the desert, the mighty wizard Zordon asks his robot assistant Alpha 5 to "recruit teenagers with attitude". AND THUS, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS-IIII MEAN, POWER RANGERS WERE BORN! So, the teens are teleported to Zordon's base, the Command Center. He tells them their mission, they (unsurprisingly enough) don't believe him, and they leave. Zordon (voiced by David Fielding) - Zordon, a powerful wizard from the planet Eltar, fought Rita Repulsa 10,000 years before. He is trapped in a time warp, leaving him as a giant floating head whose lips are sealed open with Elmer's glue. He's the mentor to the Rangers. Alpha 5 (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) - Alpha 5 serves as the Command Center's caretaker, and little brother to the team. His catchphrase is "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" So, upon leaving the Command Center, the teens are confronted by Rita's footsoldiers the Putty Patrollers. They then realize that Zordon was right, and they morph into the Power Rangers for the first time. After defeating the Putties, Goldar arrives. He and the Rangers battle, and upon losing, Rita uses her magic to make him grow into GOLDARZILLA! Realizing that they can't defeat Goldar normally, the Rangers use the Dino Megazord for the first time. The Megazord and Goldar battle for a bit, then the Rangers defeat him...again. Afterwards, the teens return to the Command Center, where they celebrate their first victory. My Opinion While the Rangers are bland, and the monster vs. robot fight cliche, overall I thought this was a very good introduction to the Power Rangers franchise. It sets the basic formula, and executes it perfectly. My Score: 7/10
  16. I've decided I'll be reviewing MLP's season 5 episodes. I thought it'd be cool to have a thread here for all the reviewers on the forums to meet, talk, and announce their work. So if you want, post your channel or blog here and any other information you want to. I'll then add you to the list in the OP and together we can have a jolly good time critiquing our favorite show Reviewers: LZRD WZRD YouTube: Latest Review: Equestria Girls Next Planned Review: MLP S5 E1 Statement: "Feel free to message or Skype (see my profile) me any time. I'm open to collaborations with others and would love to check out any work you've done." Magenta Rush YouTube: Latest Review: Winter Wrap Up Next Planned Review: Suited for Success Statement: If you'd like to collab or just chat in general, I only bite on occasion, so feel free to send me a message! I love meeting new friends :3 chirox the pony Blog: Latest Review: Swarm of the Century
  17. Good morning, everypony! Guess what time it is? It's time to announce the winners of the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest!!! First of all, I want to apologize for scheduling this latest contest during what proved to be a very inconvenient time for people. Even with the contest extension we gave, we still got only about half as many fics as we usually do for these things, largely because many folks were busy with end of the school year activities. But the good news is we still got some really swell fics, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and submit them, they were all a pleasure to read for sure! Without further ado, here are the winners of the Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest!!! Winners First Place: Crusading For Eternity by TooShyShy Without a doubt the most all-around well-written entry of this contest, TooShyShy's Crusading For Eternity is a lovely little one-shot that poses a simple yet troubling question: what if one of the CMC (in this case Apple Bloom) didn't get a cutie mark even in adulthood? How would she find her purpose in life and cope with the fact that she has to keep searching for her destiny? The tone of this fic is very somber throughout, but never to the point that it's depressing. It genuinely feels as though Apple Bloom's going through the pony equivalent of a midlife crisis; she feels a lot of despair, evidently, but that despair does not manifest in over-the-top dramatics, but rather, weariness. This fic earns the way it makes you feel about these characters, and I for one was sold on accepting this as a possible scenario for AB in the future. Short and sweet, Crusading For Eternity is definitely worth a read, and more than worthy of nabbing first prize in our Spring Has Sprung Contest. Congratulations TooShyShy, and thank you for the wonderful read! Second Place: Cutie Mark Wishes by Silver Letter Our second place entry, Cutie Mark Wishes by Silver Letter is without a doubt the most ambitious entry we had. That's not just because of it's length, but rather because it works with both a very original character and original themes. Cutie Mark Wishes follows the tale of Ribbon Wishes, a young mare from a family of fortune tellers (whose special talents really are fortune telling) who goes on a journey of self-discovery, learning along the way how to accept her for who she is and share who she really is with the rest of her friends and family. If that sounds generic, trust me, it isn't, not in its execution at least. This story is very much Silver Letter's own creation, and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. While it's a bit rough around the edges at times, it most definitely earned itself our second place prize, and I'd recommend you all give it a look if you get the chance to do so! Third Place: Legacy: Double Rainboom by nx9100 Our third place entry comes from a fairly new writer, but it's very well written and makes for a fun and exciting read from start to finish. Legacy: Double Rainboom follows the story of Lightning Dash, a young pegasus colt who sets out on a coming-of-age flight test with a pegasus pony very familiar to us all. Along the way, they encounter all sorts of danger and adventure, and there are certainly some tense moments in this fic. While the main character had some OP/Gary Stu-ish qualities to him at times, overall he's still very likable and his energetic personality is very infectious. Definitely worth a read, and most definitely worthy of our third place prize. Honorable Mentions As I said before, we didn't have too many other entries in addition to our winners, so I'd like to thank both of our other submitters for their submissions and taking the time to write them. The Crusader's Crystal Quest by norcalforneigh/Digger2335 and Touch by Twilight Phantom were two very different but still very good fics. While not quite as good as our winning entries, both made for enjoyable reads in their own unique ways. The Crusader's Crystal Quest is a pretty silly but still very fun adventure tale that follows the CMC getting up to their usual escapades and shenanigans in the Crystal Empire, while Touch was a fairly dark and sad but also hopeful tale of a young filly who's had rough life discovering what makes her special. Both definitely warrant reads, and I once again thank their authors for taking the time to write them for our contest. I look forward to reading more work from all of the writers who submitted entries to this contest, and hope to see you all continue to hone your increasingly-impressive writing skills. Well, that about does it for this contest everypony! It was a lot of fun to read all these entries as usual, though again I apologize for scheduling it at an inconvenient time. The next contest hopefully shouldn't be quite as troublesome for people to participate in, and in fact, is just right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled this week everypony for a very special Poniverse summer fanfic contest announcement. We'll be looking to have some major community participation in this one, and hopefully some snazzy prizes to offer ya'll as well. But that'll be for another day; for now, a big congratulations once again to our winners, and a big thank you to all of our submitting authors. You guys are the best. Have a great day everypony!!!
  18. This is something that I first noticed just recently and it annoys me to no end. With the recent release of Inside Out, I have turned many corners on the Internet and found mountains of mainstream media articles praising the film's inspiration and profound themes, one even favorably comparing it to other mind-related films including The Matrix and Inception. Before that, there were piles of articles in both mainstream publications and animation enthusiast communities questioning the direction feature animation was headed. Even the uninformed who call feature animation a "genre" were concerned with the quality of animated films. Then there's the state of TV animation. To call it a tale of two cities would be a gross understatement. While demanding quality and praising attention to detail is promoted in the feature film side of the industry, similar voices are less heard or even silenced using the age-old "it's just for kids" excuse, or "it's only a comedy/it's only a cartoon". TV animation is held to a much lower standard than feature animation. You do not see people writing about and flocking to Gravity Falls the same way you would for any equivalent feature film, and you don't see professionals illustrating how Teen Titans Go! reflects any trends in the industry with the same conviction as that discussion about Turbo and Planes promoting the "cult of self-esteem" that went around back in 2013. The downfall of Nickelodeon is just background noise compared the waves being made about DreamWorks Animation's downfall. My short answer to this is the simple fact that there's more money in feature films, with all kinds of financial risk and reward involved, from the multi-year-long production process to the lucrative and widespread marketing campaigns surrounding their releases. However, there must be a deeper reason as to why TV animation is treated so much lesser than feature animation these days, almost as if it's irrelevant, by most of the mainstream. I'd like to see if any of you have anything to add to this.
  19. I'm going to be very blunt about this, I don't like number scores. I feel like they take try to quantify a qualitative value, and inadvertently are opening their review to unnecessary criticism by doing so. "What makes you like one six better than the other? If one is better than the other how are they ranked the same?" They shout from the comment section. Here's the real question, though. Do these numbers actually hold any meaning, or is there more to it than that? I don't think I can determine this for you, but let me try to explain where I'm going with this. You see in psychology there is a phenomenon called implicit association. As its name suggests it's when we base our interpretation of parts of the world around us based on what we have learned in life. In the case of review scores this can be problematic, as the reader will often interpret a number based on his or her own scale. For example, AngryJoe rates video games based on 5 being considered the average with 1-4 being considered subpar, and 6-10 being considered above average. However, most people interpret review scores in association with what quantifies as passing and failing within their education system. Say AngryJoe gives a video game a 5, then. A viewer comes along and either takes issue with the score being so low, or associates that with being worse than it actually is. You see, us humans have brains that work in bizarre ways. No matter what is said in that review, the connotation will more than likely be decided by that little number. Our minds want everything to be broken down to its simplest state for easy absorption. It's a fact that is likely responsible for our species having the drive to create, though it comes with a trade-off like many good things. Let's tackle the real question then: Do numerical scores actually mean anything? I'd say yes, actually. I don't like them personally, and I likely will never use them, but reviews are generally meant to reach the broadest audience possible, and discuss one's outlook on a specific title. In the writer's mind that score signifies what their own connotation of the game is. It's the simplest breakdown of an opinion possible, generally acting as a sorting system rather than a sunstitute. At the end of the day reviews are just opinions, anyway. If you don't agree with number score, that's fine. Everyone is different, and as such not everyone cares about the nuances of the written review. It shouldn't be discredited, however. The written review is the writer's attempt to explain that score. Your interpretation and theirs both house their own meanings. Personal meanings. All text is open to interpretation, after all. Even in texts largely about other texts, or even the text criticizing their texts, the true meaning lies in the eye of the beholder. Thank you for reading through my ramblings all the way through, and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any feedback you have for this blog, or just general comments you want to share below! I'm open for anyone to chime in. See you in the next blog!
  20. Ah yes, welcome to my first real entry on this website. Today I'm going to be reviewing the first Ninja Turtles game on the NES. Granted it's been many years since I last saw the 1987 cartoon, please bear with me if I make any mistakes. Konami released this game around the same time the classic arcade game was released. Unlike it, it was a 2D platform game that had overhead combat segments and the action sequences. This game sold four million copies and won Nintendo Power's Game of the Year award for the NES in 1989. Now, my main issue right away is how many liberties the game took with the Turtles licence. None of the major villains besides Bebop, Rocksteady and Shredder appear. There were multiple cheap shots in the game. The story is that the Turtles are trying to get a hold of the transformation gun to change Splinter back to his human form, and Shredder has it. He orders Bebop and Rocksteady to kidnap April O'Neill. Now we're off to save her and get the gun back. All four turtles were playable, and it seems Konami really messed up balancing them. Leonardo had his katana and had decent range and acceptable power. Raphael had sais and had the worst range and power. Michaelangelo had okay range but unimpressive power. Donatello, however, boasted excellent range and power. There are a few other weapons to use in the game. A boomerang, a shuriken, three shurikens and a scroll. The boomerang works as you expect it to be, the shuriken travels in a straight path, the three shurikens travel in a spread-out fashion, and the scroll summons a damaging wave of energy that deals massive damage to enemies in its path. There's an invincibility pickup that will cause your turtle to attack wildly, destroying enemies in one hit. Now for the main part of the game, where it all falls flat - the gameplay. The game is way too difficult in some places, and I'm not sure if they balanced the game too well. There are six levels in the game, and I'll go in-depth on each level. Before I forget, you don't recover any health from beating a level. Enemies respawn if you so much as scroll a couple pixels away, and the enemy groups also randomly change. Level 1 - The first level introduces us to a steamroller that will squash your turtles, one-shotting them. The bad thing is sometimes it shows up, other times it doesn't. As mentioned in the story above, April has been kidnapped. Now, if you lose a turtle here, the game lies to you as there's no extra turtle rescue in this level. Bebop serves as the midboss, whereas Rocksteady serves as the main boss of the level. I think everyone knows the trick on defeating him by now. Level 2 - Ah yes, the dam. This was the bane of many players back in the day, and for a reason. The Foot Clan planted eight bombs underwater, and if they go off, it's game over, regardless of how many turtles you had remaining. The swimming controls aren't the best and it's easy to be pulled by the kelp or electrocuted by the seaweed. I'm not sure how the seaweed could be electrical but oh well. Once you disarm the last bomb, you'll watch a cutscene where Shredder taunts the turtles that he has kidnapped Shredder. Level 3 - This takes place in the city. After hearing Splinter has been kidnapped, the turtles have to save him. The turtle van can shoot missiles to destroy steamrollers and barricades. By here, the jumping issues become much more pronounced because you have to make pixel perfect jumps to avoid being washed away by the currents or falling off a building. This is the first level where the game breaking Scroll weapon appears. You fight Mecha Turtle at the end of the level, who's a palette swap of the turtles, followed by some jetpack-wearing enemy who I don't even recognize from the show. Level 4 - This level takes place on the Foot Clan's Air base. The blimp is guarded by a Giant Mouser, and along the way there's hatches that will lead you the way. There's molten lava that will destroy your turtle if you so much as step a toe into it. There's also a full pizza in hatch #18 where it's blocked by a sarcophagus-style spiked wall that will kill you in one hit. Whether it was a troll move by the developers or not may never be known. In the same hatch, you face a giant Mouser who can be exploited by pressing start at the right frame. Level 5 - It's dark outside, and you're at an abandoned warehouse that was taken over by the Foot Clan. Now, this level has one of the hardest enemies in the game there - porcupines. I still don't remember that from the show where they shoot damaging quills at you that deals about a quarter of your energy. The boss of this level is the Technodrome itself. It has a chance of appearing in one of the three tunnels at the end. If you can't find it in one of the tunnels, you'll have a long trek back outside for you. Any of its attacks will deals massive damage to you. The scroll again makes quick work on the boss. Level 6 - The final level takes place in the Technodrome itself. Keep in mind there's no checkpoints whatsoever in this level. If you die near or at the boss, you're going back to the start of the level. Laser soldiers are annoying to face because of how much straight up damage they do against you. There are three sections in the Technodrome, designated by colours, all while facing the most powerful foes you've faced. After all that work, you go face-to-face Shredder, and sadly, he's the easiest boss in the game. The scroll weapon knocks him back quite a bit, and if you stay on the right platform, he won't be able to do anything against you. With that said, the gameplay is really unforgiving. Pizza power ups are scarce, after losing all of your turtles, you're only allowed to continue twice. The controls feel stiff at times, and the hitboxes sometimes aren't exactly accurate on both enemies and turtles. Remember what I said about the jumping precision? It's worse because of the floaty jumps, and steering them isn't too easy. The enemy selection is also absurd, to say the very least. Besides Foot Soldiers and Mousers, I don't remember a single enemy who originated from the show. Some of the worst enemies, as I mentioned are the mutant porcupines and jetpack soldiers. Overall: D+ It tries to capture the spirit of the Turtles series, but fails miserably in each way. Age has not been kind to the game either, as people like myself have been more critical of the game's flaws years after it was released. Thank you for reading!
  21. So people tend to like these oc review things so I decided to open one, I'm usually pretty neutral on most OCs so I won't be too harsh. If you don't agree with what I say, please do not get angry at me, it's your OC and my opinion. I rank by the following: Name Appearance Personality Backstory Cutie Mark Current List: Blue Moon ner ChikoritaBrony MistBlitz Denim&Venom Minikirby123 Rainbowdash72 MechanicalDoom HunterTSN Candy Star Shadowking58 JonasDarkmane Overlord0909
  22. So now that season 4 is finally over, what did every one think? Good? Bad? Ugly? A true masterpiece worthy of being remembered for the rest of human existence? Share your thoughts here. There wasn't a thread of this yet, surprisingly, so I thought I'd make one.
  23. So I would like some feed back on a few OC's Design and such, not really posting a back story or anything, given I still might play around with the designed a bit and a few I plan to keep as is but still some feedback/insight would be nice and thank you! Tao OC's To be Redone and Tweaked Teal Drop/Surge Emerald Dawn Brine OC's Not changing but would still like some insight: Soot Rhode Nevermore Midnight Rune
  24. What do you guys think? What would yours be in real life and how did you choose it?
  25. Which is more reliable for you when deciding a game purchase? A well made, independent review from some guy on YouTube or GameFaqs, or editors from big name corporations like IGN, GameSpot, GameTrailers, etc. I'd honestly say the former, they come from actual people who played the game, and aren't afraid to highlight points the big name reviewers miss. Whereas the latter is most likely being endorsed by the game publisher to say a bunch of crap we already knew about the game, and glorify/exagerate all its positives or negatives beyond belief, to the point where it sounds incredibly unrealistic. If it's merely played for laughs, then it's not a problem (take Zero Punctuation for example), but if you're looking for a serious and honest review, its a big problem. Now obviously, there's going to be a few legitimately biased people out there, but most of the independent YouTube reviews of games I've seen were honest, and played straight.