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Found 20 results

  1.'s_Spies The show has been on for a while (in fact it just ended) and hasn't be the most popular series but has a devoted cult following (which I'm a part of). While it plays fast and loose with historical accuracy (and some illogical story moments) it had really strong character development and it's probably the only serious modern drama about the American Revolution we're gonna get (no, Mel Gibson's "The Patriot" doesn't count) Has anyone else here seen it?
  2. In here, you can post videos of you playing ddr, or just talk about the greatest dance game of all time!!
  3. Prologue Years after FIM occurs, unrest begins, Celestia becomes increasingly alkziemerous and Luna vanishes. Cadence is too busy in the Chrystal Empire to help Twilight. Starving, war ridden, and plagued by numerous diseases, the people of Equestria cry out for the Mane six to do something. Thus the revolution began. We are now three thousand years into the war; this is the story of the final battle and the events that followed. Twilight and the mane six (all made alicorns long ago) prepare to launch a final siege against the remnant of Celestia loyalist who refuses to accept the elderly princess's disease. Canterlot castle sits a few miles into the distance, all sorts of unholy creatures protecting it (each for their own equally unholy reasons).In addition a few dozen ponies were guarding it, still foolishly believing in Celestisa's sanity. Twilight begins to speak. :"this is it my friends, the final battle. Either we win, we lose or all of pony kind is destroyed." indeed there were only about 500 ponies left in all the world, even outside Equestria. "Celestia must be taken out and a new government established" Cheers erupted, tired cheers, the cheers of a people with no hope. So the 150 ponies that were strong enough to battle charged canterlot castle and layed siege to it. Twilight was at the front of the action fighting Tirek, who had been recently freed by the forces of Celestia. She swung her sword up and cats a spell, but Tirek was quick and dodged both. He counters with a slash at her neck, barely missing. Twilight retaliated with a quick stab at his stomach and manages to impale the demon, ending him forever. Wiping blood off her sword Twilight Marched on Meanwhile, Fluttershy was in her own battle with a mighty Dragon. She used her power stare to cause it to yield and she slashed its wings off. Grounded, the dragon furiously belched fire that took out many ponies on both sides. Down to 450 ponies left in the world, the ponies were hoping to make this battle as bloodless as possible. Finally fluttershy got the upperhand when the dragon tripped over its own severed wings and she split its skull open with a large thud. Fluttershy began crying at the site of the dead dragon; Spike had been such a good friend before he grew up. The castle gate fell with a giant thud as Rainbow Dash rammed it down with her bare horn. "Good job knocking the gate down, but honestly rainbow, don't knock yourself out!" Advised Rarity "Yeah Yeah, I know" Muttered Rainbow Dash, obviously dizzy from the impact. They quickly took the inside of the castle as there wasn't much left of Celestia's troops, a fact that unnerved the ponies who realized what this meant population wise. 400 ponies left in all the world, many beyond the age of reproduction, many under, and many of the rest critically injured or suffering from PTSD. They found Celestia in the throne room, a changeling whispering terrible advice into the alkzeimerous princess's ear. Celestia looked up at her former pupils (for only the mane 6 entered" and began yelling nonsense. "Ah, the bakers have arrived! Bring me my Cake" the changeling whispered into her ear again. "Oh, traitors!" then leaped at the mane 6, shooting feeble blasts of magic. Celestia died quickly and painlessly at Apple Jack's horn. But the Changeling was tortured slowly over the next few years until it died from despair as the mane 6's soldiers questioned it. The day after the successful attack, what few ponies remained threw a funeral in honor of Celestia's memory. There were many tears, and fluttershy was found later the same day hanging from her neck in the castle garden. An investigation concluded it was suicide, which was common for several days after the attack. Many had had to slay their own family, and no one blamed those too weak to live on. All in all there were 300 ponies left when the last of the after-shock battles and suicides ended. Less than 50 left who could reproduce. One week later a summit was held to establish a new government. It was anonymously agreed that Twilight and the main 5 would be the new leaders. Immortality was taken away from the Alicorns, however, in order to assure that something like this would never happen again. Every 1000 years new members would be democratically elected, then the magic keeping the current leaders would wear off, and they would die. In honor of Twilight's old role as princess of friendship, the new government was named the Holy Council of Friendship and the laws of the land were based around the lessons the mane 6 (now mane 5) had learned during the events of FIM. Thus peace and prosperity was returned to Equestria.,,, for now. The end please tell me what you think.
  4. Should we, the Brony nation, finally come together as a true nation? One with no ruler, just the ideals of Equestria, of the Elements themselves, as our guide. The New Lunar Republic, where we would Love and Tolerate the sh*t out of anyone who dares oppose us, but also no longer be afraid to go out and BE WHO WE ARE, 24/7, 365. With our own flag, our own holidays (Hearth's Warming Eve, Hearts and Hooves Day, Nightmare Night, etc.), out own colors, and our own army. Here to take on the world. I think this is a good idea. Anypony care to join me?
  5. I really cant stop giggling at this one
  6. Pacifica arise. property of all of Pacifca. By:Salazar Slytherin. Let our voice be heard from far off places, let our deeds be know far and wide,For I am an child of Pacifca and I am the sword of her rightous and divine Justice. Let our actions set us apart from other people for we are special in her gaze, let our enemies tremble before us for we are the hurricane that can never be stopped nor defeated. Let Pacifca Arise let peace ,Strength and prosperity ring from our gates let them ring for all of the world to know. Hail be to the Emperor hail be to Pacifica and the chosen few to serve along sides her. Let Pacifca Arise ,let all others fear us and tremble before us. Hail be to Pacifca ,Hail be Pacifca. Tare down the walls of the tyrants and put them under our yoke make them humble before us. Let Pacifca Arise , o let Pacifica Arise.
  7. Don't touch her hooves. Don't stare at her underbelly. Ponies don't have visible navels in the show. Ponies aren't -usually- drawn with navels in the fandom, less it's clop-material that is NSFW for our innocent forum :3 But, SFW artwork certainly does exist, and it is out there waiting to be found. For those select individuals that stumble upon them, cast thine images upon thy avatar box and join arms with your brotherhood. I'm fully capable of navel-ifying any images you find as well, as long as their belly is in view of course xP OC images are fine. Ponies have a right to have navels too :U Join the revolution and have a pony with a belly button as your avatar! Member list (both active and retired): ~56 Participators to Date~ -- Archive of participators & their pony belly button avatar(s): ~83 Belly Buttons to Date~ -- Archive of pony belly button signatures:
  8. we must group together against the ever going pony profile picture threat to arms!
  9. So there was this article published on Gizmodo yesterday that I found... simply exciting. In 2017, the city of Astana, Kazakhstan's capital, will look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Not only will this Astana get to host the World Expo, but it will be completely green, embracing the tenets of the Third Industrial Revolution, harnessing the clean energy given to us by the elements themselves. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really, really excited about this. If Astana's a success, maybe it'll lead the world in a direction that's less fossil-fuel-loving and self-destructive to the planet. What do you guys think?
  10. -Vector by Gigapony Ponies. In boats. Ponies don't usually have boats in the show. Ponies aren't -usually- drawn on boats in the fandom. But, artwork certainly does exist, and it is out there waiting to be found. For those select individuals that stumble upon them, cast thine images upon thy avatar box or signature and join arms with your brotherhood. OC images are fine. Ponies have a right to be in the navy too :U Join the revolution and have a pony with a boat as your avatar or signature! Not to be confused with the Naval Avatar Revolution, which was completely different.
  11. The Glorious Chicken Revolution shall begin, we are tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens, so grab a gun and join the fight, we are rebelling against the incredibly oppressive government of Equestria! Fellow comrades of The Glorious Chicken Revolution: Chicken Pankcakes (Myself and leader of the revolution) Dismajo Smittywebernjagermanjensen Eureka ÷Zero Samurai Heavy Our allies: North Korea Corgi Militia United Bird Rebellion against Equestria Comic Sans All of the Angry Birds Xbox One Iran MS Paint Discord, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra Members of the Oppressive Government trying to squash our revolution and keep chickens as 2nd class citizens: Sir Flutter Hooves Wingnut Jadesofblades Skullbuster Ashley Sir Luna Shy Shift The enemies of our revolution: The UN and NATO The US government Scootaloo All of the princesses The Elements of Harmony The whole Equestrian Military KFC Chick-Fil-A Church's Chicken Popeye's Chicken Howtobasic If you want to join the revolution, just simply ask me, and I will put on the list of the chicken revolutionaries! If you wish to be a member of that god forsaken government trying to repress our rights, just say so. The government of Equestria has until July 30th CST to respond to our demands or face war against the Corgi Militia, All of North Korea, and the Equestrian Chicken Separatist Coalition (ESCS).
  12. Come together, my friends! Today, shall be the mark of a REVOLUTION!!! Overthrow the bronies! Overthrow the chickens! Let desu ring! LET IT RING!
  13. I've noticed that a number of us have been using G1 avatars based on FIM predecessors. Besides my own Posey-Fluttershy connection, I've seen DashForever and Nascarfan recently honor Firefly and Artemis briefly used a G1 Twilight avatar. I've also seen a Surprise avvie being used by somebody. This isn't much and yet the longest journey begins with a single step. I dunno if enough people are into this for it to catch on. I've addressed a couple of individuals about it and the reactions were a lukewarm "maybe". I have yet to use a real signature for my posts. But if I do have on made, it will probably be one of those pictures that show Twilight, Firefly, Surprise, Posey, Sparkler, and Applejack in FiM style. You Applejack fans are lucky...because FiM AJ is merely an updated form of G1 AJ, you're already onboard with this movement.
  14. The concept is simple. End all of your posts in… Edited by *Insert name here*, moments ago. Resistance is DUMB. Edited by a table, moments ago.
  15. This is a movement like all of those other "revolutions" we saw before, but this one is a bit more interesting. To join, get an equal sign (=) avatar. I have made several for my skype friends, and I can make one for you too if you give me a vectored image. JOIN TODAY! Members: MelancholicMemory Oh, and if you do this, please post in this thread and share your equality!
  16. Welcome to the Best In The World Revolution, led by yours truly! The Self-Proclaimed Best in The World © -- ~Chaotic Lightning~ -- So anyway, this revolution is all about anyone who claims to be the best in the world. So whoever does, post your opinions and such.. So far here are the ranks: General of the Revolution: ~Chaotic Lightning~ Commander and Chief: ~Wuvable Woona~ & Vacated Sergeant: Callisto 2nd in Command: Vacated Dictator: Muffin Thief So, I welcome all to fill these slots in. This is, ~Chaotic Lightning~ signing out.
  17. I saw revolution threads about bellybuttons and clothes. I decided that they both suck. Scrunchy Revolution is best revolution. 'K, bro? Scruchy Emperor Brushie Brush: Hansel
  18. Hey there, This topic is meant to be about the so- called "Arabian Spring", a series of protests and revolutions that started in 2010 and spread to nearly all the states in the north of Africa and Saudi-arabia as well as surrounding countries. This topic is to discuss and to share your opinion about how successful you think this arabian spring was until now, the advantages and the disadvantages of what is happening, the current development and what you think how it could evolve over the next months and years. I personally supported the first part of this revolution, that leaded to an overthrow of the regimes in countries like Tunesia or Egypt, though I paid some attentions to voices warning this instability resulting would help radical parties and groups to having more influence. I didn´t expect anything like: So, now we had our revolution, we will have some elections, will build only moderate parties, will try to be democratic. Maybe, someday it will come to this, I would be happy about this, but for most of these countries have been under the control of monarchs, warlords and clans (that are still there, they still have lots of power) for decades now, this is going to take lots and lots of time... Where we are currently the whole area seems to me like a big package of explosives, and a single dumb action coming from the USA or Europe could make it blow up and erase the good things that have been done with a big wave of brutality, war and hate. I guess you know what I am talking about: the provocating video coming from some privatierin the USA, making fun of the Prophet. We see what it led to, we see (once again) innocent people dying for the darn stupidity of just a few. The rtadical groups are strong and there are many of them. There are also some people who know and have plans for bringing peace and unity to this region, but they aren´t so many, and they have to be supported. The main part of the population has been dumbed down for decades, I guess many of them are confused, don´t know what to do next, and that makes them vulnerable and easy to affect (by radical islamists f.e.). Our (Europe´s and the USA´s quest should be know (in my opinion) to find these people who have a plan for peace and support them and their friends as good as humanly possible, to give them the strength to knock down these war-mongers and -lords and give these headless countries and their people a goal. A goal that could maybe, someday, if we have lots of luck and forget about our capitalism from time to time make this world a safer and more peaceful place for us all. One last thing, I know there are many aspects I didn´t mention, now it´s about you, I want to hear your opinions, and I guess you have a lot of good points, only thing I´d ask you to is to stay calm, not to insult anyone for what he/ she´s writing here and keep it respectful. Peace and Love Your Friend
  19. The Zoid Army has the forums crushed under an iron fist. But their reign of terror shall come to an end! Simply deface Pinkazoid's signature image and add it to yours! And unlike the Zoid monsters, we strive on individuality, so be original in your graffiti! ^Source image If you'd like, post here and I'll add your name to the list of rebels! For freedom, comrades! 1. Fizzyscarf-The-*nom* 2. Pinkie_D_Pie 3. Calirolls 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.