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Found 11 results

  1. Be warned, this may not be easy, Leave if this test makes you feel queasy You may have noticed all the time, A certain zebra speaks in rhyme In the middle of a forest called Everfree, she lives in a hut surrounded by tree To rhyme is not an easy task So only this is what I ask To play this rhyming forum game The end of two sentences must sound the same I have started, as you may see Now this game to you I leave
  2. It's easy. All you got to do is post a word that rhymes with the word above you. E.g. (that's not Equestria Girls) Poster KarlTheLemur - Blue Poster Mort Sadeyes - Shampoo Poster Ring of the Sun - Clue Poster KarlTheLemur - Too So I'll start.... Time
  3. In Swarm of the Century, Twilight asks Zecora for advice and when she gets there Zecora's balancing on a stick and then gets a fright, falls off, and asks "Have you gone mad?" but doesn't rhyme. Why wasn't she rhyming then, and on an unrelated note, why was she balancing on a stick?
  4. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies," Pinkie feels there are not enough Pinkie Pies to go around, and so she clones herself. In order to do so, she visits a mystical pond known as the Mirror Pool, and recites a poem that ends in something along the lines of "I won't be scared at the idea of being doubly mared." A mare is a female horse, a male is a stallion. Pinkie Pie is a mare, but what if a stallion wanted to clone himself. Would he have to say "doubly stallioned."? This may not work very well, because "stallioned" doesn't scan in terms of poetry, and it doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, rhyme with "scared". Is it possible the Mirror Pool only works on mares, and if so, why? What do you guys think?
  5. More water-testing on my part lol; trying my poetry this time: Bore in Ashen Winds by PegaMister (not my real name xD) Her azure wings unfolded And speak to me, she did "Show not this face to others In darkness, keep it hid" No beauty nor perversion No curve nor wing nor eye No lash nor look nor scandal Stay silent, till you die But surely this was music And this reproach her song Spilt lifeblood of the Gorgon No shame nor right nor wrong
  6. This game is fun and should be blast. However mess up and it surely won't last. Speak like the ancient ones who harvest different kinds of flora...manly the one known as 'Zecora'
  7. Simple; you can talk about anything you want, but it must rhyme. I'll start: you must make your words rhyme, or else your visit here will be wasted time.
  8. This is the assonance game, where you have to type out a word and the following poster will have to think of another word that almost rhymes with the previous one -- that is, its vowel sounds are identical to that of the previous word. For example, "rhyme" and "mine" are assonances because they have the "i" vowel sound, but they don't rhyme fully. In contrast, a full rhyme to the word "rhyme" would be "crime", and a full rhyme for the word "mine" is "nine". So it goes like this: Poster 1: The word is "rate"! Poster 2: An assonance for this would be "rain". After this, Poster 2 will have to think of another word for another poster to make an assonance of. Repeat this. Let's start off now! The first word is proud.
  9. I read that anything with text goes into this category. I hope poetry counts as Fan Fiction. "The Sun" Sweet coat of honey, with warm amber bristle; Figure divine, angel's hammer and chisel. Spoiled eyes and envy, cast swift harsh dismissal; Venomous words cause their beauty to fizzle. Some call you simple, outlandish or uncouth; Can one be so blind, to not see honest truth? Faithful and strong, such an admirable youth; An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Three scarlet apples, ripe and ready to reap; Mountains and valleys, some gentle some steep. Picked fruit of the tree, nourishment fills holes deep; Soft sweeping melody, will send me to sleep. Emerald lens, glistens softly in the light; Mirror of beauty, what a glorious sight. Its impossible, yet this moment feels right; How can the sun shine, through the thick dark of night? Thread of bright soft gold, soaking wet in the rain; Your pure burning soul, will warm me once again. The scent of straw, pervades from your tail and mane; Being one with nature, in bone, blood and vein. Pure stark white marks, upon your golden visage; Gazing upon you, inspires great courage. Six bright jewels, such a beauteous assemblage; Beacons alight, guide lost ships to their berthage. You the sun shining, keep the darkness hiding; Bearing good tidings, with five ponies riding. In me confiding, secrets speaking or writing; Memory abiding, beauty residing.
  10. Here are some funny pony poems I created Pinkie Pie Swear (The Extended Version Cross my heart and hope to fly Stick a cupcake in my eye Awesome swear by Pinkie Pie Almost broke by Fluttershy! Big Mac There's a pony named Big Mac With a workload on his back And if you ask to pet his little pup He always will say "Yup" Will update
  11. The eyes of evil we once feared A song of triumph to our ears through flames together in the night Fighting forever for what's right In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight A cry escapes the soundless fate This twisted game brings only hate We run into the clash of blades To find our purpose in this shade In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight throughout the grips of sorrow's hands A shining glimmer ignites the lands The evil forces we faced for all Retreat for now their master calls The battle has ended The hope of faithfulness The lives we defended From the powers of darkness In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight (This is my first publically released poem. Its a lyrical poem writen to follow a tune, so things may not entirely match up.)