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Found 10 results

  1. Don't really know what to expect to come out of this thread, but i'm just going to throw it out there. This thread is for any of you fellow bass players out there, be it the acoustic double bass or the modern bass guitar. Feel free to discuss gear, techniques, styles of music, etc. I'll start.... I currently play a Fender Standard 5 string Electric Jazz bass guitar in standard black. I'm also a (learning) double bassist. I play a Samuel Shen acoustic upright and a German Schmidt bow.
  2. Welp. I have progressed a lot through Cytus since April 29th (Jesus it has been that long?!) and I have learned a lot. The are still there, but now accompanied by a few more playlists as well. Such as , which consists of songs I have Mastered, or achieved Million Master (MM) Rank; and two story-focused chapters: and . If you wanted, you can also upload your own tries onto this thread.
  3. Deemo is a game made by Rayark, the same company made Cytus. Quoting from a (very correct) review of the game, "While Cytus focused more on the gameplay, Deemo focused on the story. The gameplay is still good, able to be easy enough for beginners but also can be hard enough for expert players." I think that's good enough introduction. Have any of you played the game? And if you have, how far have you come? Discuss about the story, maybe?
  4. Hey everyone. Just curious as to who here has played the BIT.TRIP series. It's a series of indie games first released on the Nintendo WIi (later released on iOS, Android, NIntendo 3DS, and Steam). The six main games in the series are: BIT.TRIP Beat - hit "beats" with a Pong-style paddle in time with music, BIT.TRIP Core - hit "beats" with a laser that can shoot in four directions, BIT.TRIP Void - collect and "bank" black beats and avoid white beats, BIT.TRIP Runner - run, jump, slide and kick obstacles and collect gold, BIT.TRIP Fate - rail shooter / bullet-hell, and BIT.TRIP Flux - reprise of Beat with elements of the other games included. The games together tell the story of the birth, life and death of a character known as Commander Video. The story is told through a series of cutscenes between levels, and partly in the highly abstract and symbolic gameplay itself. It's quite deep and profound, it has at least one meta-story in it (in my opinion, the series is a commentary and celebration of the video game industry as a whole), and it's surprisingly difficult. I love it, personally. Curious to know what others think of it.
  5. I have just finished my finals and I have a ton of free time. So, I decided to resume playing Deemo. If you don't know what it is, It's a rhythm game on iOS and Android devices. It utilizes the touch screen to play the game as if you are playing a piano. I good and neat rhythm game in my opinion. I have all of the tracks currently available and my favorite song is... Wings of piano by V.K. Favorite Composer is also V.K. Favorite Collection is, no surprise, V.K's. I love that guy! His songs are sooo good! <3 If you played Deemo, what is your favorite song, favorite collection and favorite composer?
  6. It seems the one video game genre no one really talks about is rhythm or music based video games, and odd, considering the amount of replay-ability those type of games have. It can be something that's mostly about tapping to the rhythm, or about playing controlled instruments to play with the song in mind. My personal favorite for the list is the rhythm heaven series, it's a great game for the Wii and DS where you tap to the rhythm of many mini game style actions in order to win like hitting the golf ball at the right time. Honorable Mentions: Patapon 1/2 Hatsune Miku Project Diva Rock Band Guitar Hero
  7. Hi so I have 2 fan game ideas but it seems for the time being I only have the budget (and attention span of the rest of my team) to make one. I will get the other done eventually but I would really like to know which of these I should make right now. 1. A guitar hero style rhythm game with where you play as Vinyl Scratch and you must save Equestria with your music by Guitar Hero style playing various songs from the show, as well as remixes of them. 2. a top-down rouge-like dungeon crawler game, In this one twilight effs up a spell and the Mane6 get teleported to a secret dungeon underneath the Canterlot castle, as they try to escape they find some deep and disturbing secrets about the princess. that's about all I'm going to spoil about the plots of either game, so please tell me which one I should start working on first. Thanks
  8. Hey there. Me and Roaring Rhythm release our first collaboration Remix Track. It's a Remix of "Morning in Ponyville" I's just a first attempt to cover a song like this, so expect our future release to be "20 % cooler" ^^ Download at Soundcloud : Enjoy!
  9. Hey guys, here's a little project I have. Most of you probably never heard of beatmaniaIIDX (pronounce two-dee-ecks). Well, it's a japanese rhythm game made by BEMANI, the guys from KONAMI who make their music games. Dance Dance Revolution comes from there as well. The game consists in validating the notes scrolling on the screen by pushing the corresponding buttons on your pad/keyboard when they reach the bottom of the playong area. You have to be accurate and keep the rhythm to earn points. You will find more info on the gameplay mechanics here : Well, since the game isn't really well-known outside of Japan, it still doesn't have ponies in it. I'll be using Lunatic Rave 2, a beatmaniaIIDX simulator (the equivalent for Dance Dance Revolution would be Stepmania), to create notecharts on pony songs, and make them playable for everyone ! But there are some issues though. THIS GAME IS SUPER DUPER BUCKING HARD §§ Seriously though, it can be quite discouraging for beginners. Narrow timing windows, 8 columns tof keys to handle, and the game becomes ridiculous in top-tier level songs. Now go watch some Japanese Master to understand what I'm talking about : Of course, the pony songs won't be that hard. But even easy stuff is hard to handle when you begin. I chose this video to prove you that you don't need the official controller to play. Keyboard works fine too. Well enough talking. Here is an example of what I've done so far : Everything in the video will be the hardest difficulty, I'm going to do easy stuff as well I have an objective of 20 songs. Here is the WIP planned songlist. : Suggestions, ideas, help, comments and everything else appreciated ! Thank you for reading this ugly text
  10. Yesterday I was thinking. Celestia represents day. Luna represents night. It is assumed Twilight represents twilight obviously. Then we have Cadence. We have the three different phases of a day represented by three different ponies. However, the phases of he day mean nothing if the timing is out of order. I believe this is where Cadence comes into play. I think Cadence, as her name suggests, represents rhythm. She is the balancing force between the phases of the day(Celestia, Luna, and Twilight). I was wondering what others thought about the relation between these 4 ponies and if it was significant. Perhaps Cadence has appeared to correct the rhythm of Equestria since "the sun/day" has dominated Equestria for too long?