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Found 11 results

  1. So this amazing dumb shit named Rick Tyler had a brilliant idea: Erect a billboard that states, verbatim and no way around it, "Make America White Again." And that wasn't the worst thing about it. The worst thing about it was his justification for the billboard. About a safer, whiter America that hearkens back to the, oh, 1950's or so. Where racism was kind of, well, okay; commonplace, expected, and overt. I feel as though that's the direction we're headed nowadays: "Make racism OK again." Though what his billboard ACTUALLY said was this: "I'm afraid of people who aren't white; let's huddle in close and be afraid together." I understand people are afraid, but this is classic scapegoat territory. Don't just throw the supposedly guilty party under the bus; throw EVERYONE under the same damn bus. It's not as though white people ever commit violent crimes; that's crazy-talk. The people that are openly supporting fuckheads like Tyler need to do everyone a favor: Just outright SAY that you're racist. Even the likes of hate groups are willing to do that. Don't support someone like Tyler then turn around, hem and haw, and make excuses. Just say, "I'm racist, and I support a racist in the upcoming election." Stop bullshitting; you're wasting everyone's time.
  2. This is a story (or at least the introductory chapter of a story) starring my intentionally ridiculous OC Corncob: A cockatrice-turned-alicorn who was inexplicably transformed during a particularly rousing game of Checkers. I talk about him here from time to time, and I've finally written something longer than a forums post. The Ongoing Epic of [the Alicornatrice Known Simply as] Corncob by Siegfried Danzinger Chapter One - The Fateful Checkers Game Between a Squirrel and a Not-Chicken Tony the Squirrel lowered his mechanical paw towards the board with utmost care and unerring precision. His metallic fingers (more clamps, really) slowly squeezed together with a sound like a toaster doing something inappropriate to another toaster, and the selected Checkers piece was caught in a nigh inescapable grip. You could see it in his beady little squirrel-eyes: Victory was surely his. He made his move; hopping one of his opponent's pieces with an unintelligible - but nonetheless arrogant-seeming - little chitter in, no doubt, squirrel-language. Corncob was sweating under his feathers. He had to hand it to the guy: Tony had never played so well. While Checkers and board games in general were considered a waste of time by most cockatrices, Corncob had developed a vast love and deep appreciation for the mechanics of the game. And by this I mean that he realized he could move the pieces with his beak without them falling over or spilling off the board. (Chess had been a disaster; he'd managed to swallow a rook.) If he failed to stop his opponent's aggressive, very nearly competent (I mean c'mon, he's a squirrel) onslaught, Corncob's defeat would be so total and so shameful that he may never have courage enough to play again. And that was when it happened. Were you sitting in Tony's position, you'd have seen the following: A heretofore quivering chicken-and-lizard-like creature suddenly went quite still. The once apparent fear in his eyes gave way to a seeming emptiness. Which gave way to an appearance of being half-full. Which ultimately gave way to a look of steely purpose. Which momentarily faltered and resembled an unexpected release of gas, which quickly returned to the steely purpose thing. The cockatrice had never before experienced anything remotely like this. He'd played dozens of Checkers games. Well, maybe not dozens. At least four. Three, and no fewer. His short term memory was very - fittingly if not fortunately - short. He'd played at least one game; that much he knew. But that at-least-one-game had not so much as come close to pushing him towards the far boundaries of his burgeoning Checkers-related skills. This game did push. It pushed very hard - a shove, really - and promised to deliver the cockatrice to a place well beyond his limits. "Limits? What are those?" said some new voice in his head. Formerly, that voice would have been a cluck; this one was decidedly in pony-language. (Note: Pony-language is the language most commonly spoken by ponies. This is, of course, assuming you are a chicken-like creature that doesn't particularly follow linguistics.) There were several explosive bursts of alternately orange and purple lights; Corncob's side of the table was all but engulfed by them. Tony, now contemplating wetting himself, shook violently and clung hard to the table with his metallic appendage. Something like smoke flowed over him, and the suggestion of a shivering silhouette began to form behind a billowy wall. Alicorns are a thing in Equestria. Ponies with both horns and wings that typically end up in ruling positions because they just do. The way a pony becomes (or "ascends to," if you prefer) an alicorn isn't entirely consistent, but there's one point on which you can usually rely... ...Chicken-lizard things don't go alicorn. Never have. Not once. There was this one dream I had where... But NO. Just doesn't actually happen. This time: It happened. The smoke slowly cleared. Tony was still holding fast to the edge of the table; he'd even less cause now to let go. Towering over the terrified squirrel (when you're a squirrel, it's not especially hard to be towered over), noteworthily positioned exactly where that bizarre example of indigenous poultry had once sat, was an orange-and-purple creature several times its original height and bulk. It still roughly resembled the cockatrice known as Corncob, but it was essentially a Corncob that would be regularly suspected of steroid abuse. The fact that he had spontaneously sprouted a spiral horn several feet in length was rather secondary at the time. But, to the curiously damp squirrel, the real horror lie on the board: Deep, chasm-like scratches clearly marked the path that Corncob's piece had traveled. The cockacor- alicocka- alicornatrice (it'll do) had taken every one of Tony's remaining pieces in but a single move. Defeated and thoroughly disturbed, the squirrel stiffened, fell out of his seat like a tumbling statue, and drifted into a lovely state of unconsciousness on the ground. Corncob, the cockatrice-turned-alicorn, stood up from the table; ideally, as ominous and overly dramatic music played in the background. He turned his batlike wings over in front of his eyes. Scanned, intrigued rather than surprised, over his new bulk. A sudden instinct (sounds better than throbbing headache) told him that his forehead had done something new with itself lately. "A horn," rumbled the internal voice from earlier. "And with it, the world." But then Corncob realized that he wasn't especially evil. "A horn," rumbled the internal voice from just a moment ago. "And with it... Horn... Related things. Not necessarily evil things. But definitely things." The newly-minted alicornatrice (it will grow on you) tilted his head to the sky, squinted with a secret purpose (or else the sun was in his eyes), and rocketed into the air. An unconscious squirrel was later discovered, given inexpert and rather half-hearted CPR, and then tossed into a trash can - more out of tidiness than anything else.
  3. Give the above user the most ridiculous or stupidest hate comment Jokes when they post about something random exmp: media, fastfoods, inventions, anypony or just give off hate comments out of nowhere lol. Ill start off with simple words.VVVV Worst description ever heard... Fax your grammer ya Gramnazi! dad makes the best pies for the office workers.
  4. What is the most ridiculous claim you ever heard from a hater? I heard some haters comparing us Bronies to the Borg and the Nazis? We don't have the numbers or the support to enforce people to join us like the Borg do. Yes, despite the fact we're all over the Internet, that still doesn't mean we have the power to take over the world. Maybe in some silly alternate universe where on becoming a Brony you gain the power to transform into a giant cartoon Pony, with a force field to protect it's body and can fire particle beams from their eyes. Then you could really compare us Bronies to the Borg.
  5. Me and Arylett have gone and started getting into this whole "Let's Play" thing on youtube, just for kicks and giggles. And one of the first things we had to go and record is one of our favorites, Kingdom Hearts! :3 We are new to this whole thing, so no fancy editing or any such things. No, just raw footage of us playing with the occasional background noise of cats and Arylett's mom being her normal loud self. Not much else to it, really. Hope you guys enjoy it! :3 List of currently uploaded episodes: Episode 1: The Journey Begins Episode 2: Darkside to Selphie's Skirt Episode 3: Where's the Damn Fish? Episode 4: The World Just Shit Out a Ship! Episode 5: "It's Blown Up Kid, I'm Sorry." Episode 7: The Lost (Audio) Episode Episode 8: Nipple Drive Episode 9: Flaming Homo Heartless Episode 10: The Gyyeaaaaammezzz! Episode 11: The Cute Wittle Doggie! Episode 12: Green Afro Pill Episode 13: Jumping Jane Episode 14: Tarzan's Demonstration of the Shitting Position Episode 15: The Mysterious Pokeball That is Donald's Head Episode 16: Return to Traverse Town Episode 17: Donald the Duck's Ass Episode 18: Oh God, It's Pinocchio! Episode 19: Lost in Agrabah Episode 20: Still Lost in Agrabah Episode 21: Goofy Evolves! Genie Jafar Uses Hyper Beam! Episode 22: The Kidnapping of Dildo Nose Side Quests: The Gummi Ship Tragedy New episodes will be posted Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Check back for more!:3
  6. What is the most ridiculous crossover you ever seen of My Little Pony? Name the story. I mean, I love crossovers. But sometimes I feel the story is bit ridiculous when you crossover such a show like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Warhammer 40K or something like Duke Nukem. Crossovers I find can be funny as hell, like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect saves the entire galaxy with his trusty steed Applejack, whom also is his unrequited love. But they get together in the end, much to shock of all of his crew. Or a crossover crackfic where Zoidberg and Princess Celestia fall in love.
  7. One particular thing that sometimes concerns me is what people seem to identify as familiar sights and sounds of going online. As I’m certain many of you will recall, back when many of us were first going online in the mid 90’s (which might I add was also when many online services began offering access to the Internet), what people identified as familiar sights and sounds included the unforgettable “You’ve Got Mail!”, “AOL Movie-Phone” or “AOL Keyword Nick”. Aside from that, what constituted of the “general” things you would online seemed a lot wider and not as much focused toward a single demographic; much of the stuff we’d do or explore online was playing games on, seeing what candy you could order off, hanging out at places such as or (I still remember the commercial), clicking onto while at school, and heading onto to see Phred (from the Phred On Your Head Show) and do lots of other cool things, all while you asked your parents to call your cable or satellite company to try and convince them to put Noggin on their channel lineup (this was before “Feetface” and “Moose A. Moose”). Now don’t get me wrong; I’m certain even back than the Internet did have some adult/icky places and sights and sounds that weren’t for everyone (I remember when I tried to search for images for my school projects while at school, and the filter system kept blocking the image search engines with “Pornography” as the listed reason; that’s actually how I first learned that word); but at least as far as I’m concerned, those things wouldn’t generally come to the average user’s mind immediately when thinking about using the Internet. But then, after Bush was sworn in and the Twin Towers fell, everything began to change. Eventually, the sights and sounds that people would identify as going online would become more centered on more adult/icky places and activities; and with that eventually came familiar yet icky and/or ridiculous “Internet Memes” that even today people still identify as familiar sights and sounds of going online. I won’t go too much deeper into this; not just because I don’t want this getting too complex, but also because I have difficulty describing my thoughts and feelings (particularly if I have a unique view or sense on something). On a side note, more recently though, while a significant number of these “Internet Memes” and other sights and sounds that people identify as part of going online appear to still holding up (and even giving inspiration for things such as Cartoon Network and the stereotypical “The 90’s are All That”), the ways people are generally using the Internet are changing once more. Take for example The Occupy Movement, and sites like, (though this site has existed for years),, etc. Today, a familiar trait of using the Internet among the general public is using it to embrace collective wellbeing, push for change for the better we can all share and work together make the world a better place. And speaking of collective wellbeing, another familiar trait that going online holds today is of course MLP:FiM and the proliferation its important messages of friendship and collective wellbeing though interconnection, art and music (like “Snowdrop” and “Children of the Night”), all while having fun everyone (not just the “adult” demographic, at least most of the time) can relate to and be nurtured by in appositive way. Anyway, now for this thread’s subject: Of all the “Internet Meme’s” you’ve seen that these days are also considered a familiar sight and sound of going online, what would you consider the most icky and/or most ridiculous (even if you do happen to enjoy them, which I do have all respect for)? Among these 5 listed “Internet Memes”, feel free to vote on which you feel is the most icky and/or most ridiculous: -Rage Comics: Personally, whenever I see an image of a familiar character like SpongeBob or a Pony whose face was replaced that of what they call the “Troll Face”, I don’t laugh, I instead get a bad feeling inside me which sort of gives you the urge to make like this ( If I were a child, I’d be scared of these faces and would want to avoid seeing them. -Rickrolling: There’s nothing really icky about this. The joke generally seems harmless, and the whole music video itself is very interesting; but why do people use the same video instead of something different? -Nyan Cat: Nothing icky about this one either (at least, the original GIF and video). Just can’t see what makes Gen Y and others go crazy over this. Even though it’s not icky, because it is an “Internet Meme”, it doesn’t feel like something “school appropriate”; it’s hard to explain. -The Duck Song (video): What made people go crazy over the well known video adaption of the song in the first place (so much that a children’s book was made from it)? The song is ok, but the illustrations are a teeny-weeny bit icky (but not repulsive). There are other, much better video adaptions of this song; and Songdrops has a lot of other songs that everyone can enjoy. -Taking images and writing something sensitive in that familiar font such as this ( It’s bad enough that people are encouraged to take innocent images and write icky interpretations on them (something I think Fred Rogers would be concerned about); but why do they use the same font?
  8. Well, that's a long title, basically you have to think of something ridiculous to say to post above that is related with what the persons saying. I'll start. Pickles are a tasty treat with peanut butter.
  9. CSI made a completely ridiculous episode about furies and gamers apparently (But I haven't seen that episode). So how about Bronies? Forgive me; I haven't seen this show in forever. A middle aged overweight guy was beaten to death then shot by some other Bronies over an argument over who is best pony. A simple argument over ponies went out of control and this group of Bronies started beating the victim. After the guy was beaten to a pulp, one of the Bronies (The slimy one) pulls out a gun that he had for some reason and shots him. His friends freak out but the slimy ones say it’s all cool and they should just forget about it. They bury the victim’s body in a forest and try to forget about it. Of course the body is eventually found, and an investigation is started. Later a woman is kidnapped and tortured by the slimy guy. It turns out that the fanfics "Cupcakes" and “Secret Life of Rarity” really really aroused him and he decided to imitate Pinkie in “Cupcakes” and start his own number system. The reason he killed the guy at the beginning was because the guy called Pinkie Pie overrated and annoying. Of course most Bronies in this story are shown as obsessive middle aged men that live with their mom with a sexual attraction to ponies. What do think? Or is it not silly enough?
  10. You would not believe what happened to me at work, I knelt down to put cheese in the fridge and accidentally kneed the supporting bar which caused all the shelves to tilt downwards on top of me and me to squeal out in fear for my life like a little girl. Have you ever had fridge shelves careening towards you? It sucks, I promise. It makes you squeal. Not scream, not gasp, not cry out in pain… It makes you squeal. Specifically because every muscle in your body, throat included, tenses up as hard as it can. It’s awful. Just awful. So uhhh… Yeah i had every reason to squeal Cut to the part where I’m huddled on the ground twitching, drooling because I’ve lost all motor control. more specifically my boss Tim just staring at me while i'm all like "why can i hold all these shelves" and him being all "because you rack disiprine" but still evenything fell on top of me, it bucking hurt and i want to hear some work related incidents/mishaps that everypony else has been in. not too graphic please.
  11. Howdy Everypony! This is Klopp here, ready for questions to be thrown in my direction. Answers ready to be returned with great force and loads of silliness! I'll answer anything you like, and shall be as honest, humorous and tactful as possible. Any questions are welcome, whether they be about me, my life as a Pegasus, my job for Feld0 (Won't be giving out top secret stuffs >.>) Also any Questions about the Helikloppter are welcome, and encouraged. Just make sure to add a little variety, or else I'll get bored. Keep it clean though. The occasional pun is alright, but don't overdo it. I'll decide what is and is not going too far, and you'll know when your post suddenly vanishes with up to four traces. So, without further babbling; Ask away, everypony! PS: I shall attempt to keep my posts in this awesome shade of blue, but do not be surprised if I forget >.>