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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone I thought I would start this thread since tinnitus is a fairly common and irritating problem. I myself recently just started having it and it did make me a bit anxious at first but I am learning how to deal with it. What helps me is going outside or doing something I enjoy to help distract me. So my question to everyone is when did your tinnitus start and what helps you to deal with it? I look forward to seeing everyone's answers and I will try to respond as much as I can.
  2. I'd figure I'd start showcasing some non pony artwork that I've made over the years from going to an art school. first i'll start off with a Cinema 4d still image of a classic steel cage around a wrestling ring. It was relatively easy to make. What do you think?
  3. Sooo A package came in the mail today. This was inside: Inside view: If you can't tell, on the inside it says: 20 percent cooler. I have no idea why it's so scratched up on the inside, but the rest looks AMAZING! Plus, the shipping took over 2 months so iv'e been waiting very patiently for this ring!
  4. After watching "A Canterlot Wedding" for the billionth time, I thought... Where are the rings put on a pony who isn't an alicorn of unicorn? Because in "A Canterlot Wedding" - the ring goes on the horn, and I couldn't possibly imagine where else a ring could go on an Earth pony of Pegasus. So yeah, any ideas?
  5. I was struck yesterday by an idea for a fun electronics project. Take a ring similar to this, Bore a tiny hole in the face of the ring, install a photoelectric sensor and hook that to a programmable sound chip and speaker. (You can cannibalize them from 'talking' picture frames and such if you don't want to order expensive parts from catalogs.) When you brohoof someone while wearing the ring, the darkness of their knuckles against the ring triggers the sensor and thus the chip, playing a 'clop' sound. I'm not positive I can fit all of that into a ring, even a chunky one, so my next thought was to go with a bracelet, but then the triggering mechanism has to change, unless you actually connect it to a ring with a wire, disguised or not. I suppose you could manage something clever with a RFID tag to make it wireless, but I foresee that causing more problems than it solves. What do you think? Are there any electronics experts out there? Any ponies with a soldering-iron cutie-mark?