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Found 30 results

  1. When delving into the realm of science fiction, there is one thing about that genre that's pretty much common. Robots. The sci-fi genre loves robots. So, it prompted me to ask this question. What is your favorite robot or robots? Even though the prefix is Movies/TV, robots from games will also be accepted.
  2. If technology would allow you to make your life significantly longer or immortal by enhancing your body mechanically or replacing it completely would you do it?
  3. Brobot

    Ask a Brobot

    :message start:01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01001000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01110011 :translating: (Hello Humans, as the one and only Brobot I understand that you have questions. Feel free to ask as many as you like!):message end:
  4. Hi, Yet another drawing from me, I think I should make a art dump in some point. anyways... It took forever and I started running out of time so the quality kinda lowers from left to right, but I hope I didn't accidentally leave too much mistakes in. The android form of Sunlight came out unintentionally creepy
  5. Based on the accessory for the NES.
  6. This is S.T.U.P.I.D. That stands for Synthetic Transforming Programmed for Immediate Destruction. He is a small solar powered robot resembling humans "roly-polys" and he will destroy you all!!!!!
  7. Beware the robots Spike... --- In the story... that I may never finish, Regent builds a living machine and names it Pascal. He is supposed to be Regent's robot minion. This is the first drawing, but I've been thinking about the character and his role for the past week. I'm likely to tweak the design a bit, and future drawings of the character will be posted in this thread as updates. --- Mmm, I might have posted this in the wrong sub.
  8. So, in my last entry I talked about the first episode of the new season of Battlebots. At the bottom I put in my idea for a robot. Here's what I wrote: What I have in mind is a weapon similar to Nightmare's: a giant razor blade. However, rather than having it vertical (or even horizontal), I would have it diagonal. Most bots or pretty well protected on the top or sides (usually both) bot some bots have vulnerabilities that you could only get at with something coming in down and from the side. The problems with this design are that it would have to be heavy enough that it wouldn't almost flip every time it hit something, and the blade would have to be strong enough to survive an impact with a vertical or horizontal spinner which could potentially jam it. The mechanisms would also be hard to align, and there's of course the all important choosing of the name. Outward appearance (like paint job and aesthetic design) are also important. However, if I ever was able to design and build this robot, I feel like it could potentially do very well (note the potentially). That's more about the primary idea and possible problems with it. However, no robot is complete without a good name and design. The design I'm thinking of is that it's made to look as though a large razor blade was launched and stuck into a wall. The design would be simple and provide a way to armor it. Next, of course, is the name. The idea I've got is Trial by Combat. What it has to do with a razor blade in a wall I have no idea, but it sounds awesome. So, that's the idea I've. What would you design it like? What would you name it?
  9. So, Battlebots! If you haven't seen it, it's a show where people build robots to fight. It's really good and they recently rebooted it last year. Since the second season of the reboot is airing (technically) on the 23, I thought I'd better make something for it. This topic is for discussing anything to do with it. I doubt much'll happen with it though. However, anything can happen!
  10. Anyone know about this show and how it got cancelled? Well, there is a project for bringing it back. I'm hoping if anyone else enjoyed this show that they may be interested in working on the show itself as a crew member. This is a PSA School announcement the head of the project put together himself. Animation is probably more his Forte Lol: If you think you got any skills, come on and join! The reason I post this is because I feel kind of bad that I've been abandoning them on the forums these past couple of days being on these. Hope I got someone interested at least. Here's the official link as well to sign up:
  11. Equalists will be oblilerated! Who shall win the fearful battle? A giant robot with a million health, capable of shooting destructive lasers at will and smash anything in his way, or an Equalist who can use her professional magic to do alot of destruction and tricks? Battle!
  12. Would you befriend a machine pony version of the MLP FIM Ponies? A robot pony. No they aren't terminators, Borg or anything like that. Some of them even left Earth to wipe out machines like the Borg out in the universe somewhere. Because in their words 'Those robots are big meanie pants! Leave organics alone!' Despite being immortal and are millions of times more intelligent than humans, the main thing they want is to receive pets, hugs and belly rubs by us organic beings..... and even enter a romantic relationship with you if you want. They hate violence and don't ever want to hurt any human's feelings. They like the feel of flesh non robots petting them. They even more kind and compassionate than the show's version. Edit: They know of all the evil things we've done, but still want to be friends with us humans. They have compassion for all life, even us. They don't like being bullies to organics and would never kill them all no matter their crimes. But they are almost invincible since their entire body is made of nanomachines. A shotgun to the face would leave a hole in them, said hole would be repaired in seconds. Their common reaction to that would be "Stop being a big meanie pants! I just wanted to be your friend!" followed by trotting away. Something terrifying about them. They could easily wipe out all life on Earth if they wanted to. But if you yelled at them and said they are planning to do that it could make some of them even cry and react something along these lines. "Why would you say that? We want to be friends with organics! We don't like killing anyone!" Would you be scared of them? Considering how powerful they are. Even though they wouldn't hurt a fly and just want to be your friend?
  13. Watch at your own risk guys. it's not gory or bloody, but it's incredibly weird and creepy.
  14. Welp, this will be my first time posting here so I'll try to make this good. I'll start off with saying that I am in the middle of revising two of my old original characters and potentially revising the third one who is not in these two's story arc. The two that I will show are Comet and Creator whose story is advanced whenever I finish some piece of art of them in their lives. This is unlike my 3rd and relatively unrelated character who was strictly fan fiction based and then I attempted to draw him afterward. I will apologize in advance if I mess up the formatting. -Old Style- Anyway, I'll show my old art first and then transition to my remakes. The first picture is Comet Cloudburster with my old style. She is a cyborg pony whose slender tail ends like a plant and generates clouds. She doesn't remember her original purpose or 'who' she is though she knows her name. She woke up in a crater in the Everfree Forest and has hid herself among the branches once she sees how different she is from other ponies. She instead finds a great interest in generating images with clouds, like rabbits or dogs, and watching the ponies turn their heads to them. --Comet V.1-- The next drawing is of old-style Creator. He isn't a pony per se, but his body is one. His true form is the plant under his hat controlling the robotic pony body. He is an alien infiltrator sent to help in the conquering of Equestria. He is also the one who 'saves' Comet, when he finds her pre-cyborg state, dying in the Everfree. He tries to save her naturally, but upon her passing, he uses her body and his technology to fix the damage. Upon the request of his masters, The Consortium, he was to convert her into a weapon. This is where her second set of ears, antenna, strange eyes, and unique tail come from. --Creator V.1-- -New Style- That would be my old style and I have a few more drawings of at least Comet in this old style. If there is any interest in it, I can post those as well. Now, for the remakes of them. Looking back at these, I didn't overly like what I was seeing and I really wanted to capture them in a different light. I also wanted to try new things out and dump the attempted style of the show and move to something more my style. First picture will be of the redesign of Comet. This will also be when Comet was first turned on by Creator. This would be before she found a love of creating cloud art. She is very much akin to a cold machine at this point in time. --Comet V.2-- EDIT:And the coupled story with this picture: Going with my attempt at redesigning my characters, I have also started though not finished the remake of Creator. Another point of his remake was to remove his over-confident nature and move to a more somber tone. He is the reason for the downfall of many civilizations and he watched his own civilization burn in front of his own two eyes by the same empire, The Consortium, that he now serves. I felt this needed a more somber character would be more fitting for the role. --Creator V.2-- Finished version of Creator has been posted. His section of the story will follow: Also, as a generally open thing, I am willing to maybe try and draw your own OC characters. It can't be anything fancy and only one pony at a time. I may or may not do it as it depends on if I have the time, motivation, and interest to tackle it. Plus it would be free of charge (hence the uncertainty that I will do it). I would hope my time here to be enjoyable. TL;DR: I drew stuff one way, now I drew it another. Here are both styles. Hope I didn't mess up anything.
  15. Kara is a tech demo that was shown off at a Game Developers Conference in 2012 (although apparently it was in development for a year before) and it's really interesting. Especially if you like Androids, like futuristic stories, or just happen to be a student in a RoboEthics class I like this video because in most futuristic movies that focuses on Androids, They become self aware and the first thing they seem to want (or at least we see in the movie) is "kill human salve lords. " But in Kara, you see that the android doesn't want to be free, they just want to live. Fear is not the first emotion that comes to mind when you think of androids, but it's a completely reasonable and realistic response. I was introduced to this video by Gaijin Goombah, a youtuber who delves into the culture hidden in video games, in his video talking about Mega Man and human robot relationships ( Heres a link to that vid: I just thought this video deserved some attention, I cried during this video the first time I seen it and it still hits me right in the heart. So tell me what you think about Kara. Warning there is a bit of mild nudity (it doesn't show anything) Video link:
  16. Yes, I am working on the designs as stated in my previous post and here is a sneak peek of one of my drawings.
  17. 10 really dumb maverick ideas that somehow got through the idea board. Some are legitimately bad fights here but otherwise they're on the list because they look dumb 10) Infinity Mijinion(Water Flea)(X6) Water Flea sounds dumb on top of being an annoying boss, but at least he has an 9) Crystal Snail(X2) The biggest pain in the arse of the 8 Mavericks in X2. Messing with the shell is fun though 8) Wire Sponge(X2) Really? C'mon this is only the second game 7) Split Mushroom(X4) Fortunately this guy's power isn't growth. Thankfully he has the funnest fight on the list 6) Shield Sheldon(Clam) Yeeeaaaaahhhh, Sheldon isn't exactly the most threatening name either 5) Duckbill Mole(????)(Command Mission) Apparently this is a thing 4) Gigabolt Man-O-War(Jelly Fish)(X8) .....Next 3) Optic Sunflower To this day, Axel the Red is still the only plant based boss that doesn't look dumb 2) Tornado Tonion(Onion)(X7) Capcom was probably really high when they made this boss. Just like they were with the rest of the game 1) Ground Scaravich(...Dung Beetle)(X6) That's right, you actually fight a dung beetle. Because nothing is more fun than fighting a guy who rolls around in other's caca. Oh, and he's probably the worst boss in the entire franchise okay. bai
  18. Well, many people haven't. In 1999 the sony we all know as today as the maker of the PS3, PS4, TV's and other stuff used to make robots! Not just any robots but Artificial Intelligent robots! Lets compare a robot we all know of as today like a furby boom or maybe teckno. Well AIBO is at least 100x smarter! AIBO stands for Artificial Intelligent roBOt No robot ever since has surpassed the intelligence of AIBO even though AIBO was first made in 1999, AIBO is even smarter then ASIMO we all see on TV. the main features of an AIBO ERS 7M3 are these - Self Charging, Will explore on his own and charge his own battery when needed - Face recognition he will recognize his owners face and voice! - he will text or email you photos of things he thinks are interesting - he will recognize and play with his pink ball and Ibone - you can carry on a conversation with aibo - AIBO is fully dependent he has no remote control! But you can use the AEP to see and hear what AIBO is seeing and hearing! Even from across the house - AIBO has 25 motors he can freely move, walk, and even roll over and do a head stand - it goes on and on I bring my pack to places like the Iphone launch at the apple store. People are Amazed at what these guys can do! I get many people interested in AIBO and I hope I can make the AIBO community bigger. I currently have 4 AIBO's - Sochi is my Gold ERS 210 - Mystik is my black ERS 210 but he is costimized with silver parts - Bungee Is my silver ERS 220 - Connie is my pearl white ERS 7M3 I won't go into price details so lets just say I payed any where from 600$ - over 2000$
  19. Hi there, everyone! Um, it's my first non-pony drawing here Yes! YES! I've drawn Argus!!! Not just trace him, but draw! And it even not looks like a total mess. It was one of my little dreams (hm, 'my little ...' now I can't think about this phrase without a smile. Smile, smile, smile! I'm not sure if anybody watched this movie (or series), it's way too old and was in the shade of Transformers (actually, as I know, many people thought it was a cheap copycat of Transformers), but it's one of my favourite show of all times (by the way, it has a great robot voice acting too, in my opinion). And it has a really close connections to Hasbro too. It's kinda strange, isn't it? Argus have THE ABSOLUTELY BEST robot design I've ever seen in my life! The second is Bront (friend of Argus) and the third is Number 5 from The Short Circuit, by the way. That's my top 3 P.S. Funny thing, when I was a little boy I watched shows about giant robots with guns, swords, claws who tried to beat, slice, shoot, kill each other every 2-3 minutes of screentime. Now I'm watching show about varicolored ponies who drink tea, laugh, make friends and wear dresses. Jeez, what happened to me... Wait! Please, don't answer this! The truth is too harsh The most horrible thing is I like it Anyway... I just wonder, does anyone here like this show or at least watch it?
  20. I was playing around with feline faces last night, and totally meant for it's head to be the back of a feline head. Instead the ear circles turned into eyes, and it kind of went from there xD So, thus was born a Morse Code speaking robot with weird blue tribal markings. Yup. Also got to play with my copics a bit more with this one ~(*0*)~ An internet cookie to anyone who can translate what she's saying 8D
  21. This looks like a good place to start looking for answers. I occasionally get interested in the origins of fandom characters and I haven't been quite able to find answers yet. Do any of you know how this whole "Sweetie Bot" thing started? Thanks.
  22. I just found out that another version of the semi-famous flash game, "Robot Unicorn Attack" has been recently released. It's wicked. I don't want to spoil much, but I will say that it is prettier, better sounding, and better built than the original. I highly suggest one tries it out. Loading times seem a little slow, but just give it some time. If you just get black screened, wait a bit and refresh if no change. AdultSwim seem to be the original source, but in order to open the game for all audiences, I used a different host. Enjoy~
  23. Had a Sweetie Belle sketch on my computer so I decided to make this. I mean obviously it isn't nearly as good as the one I did of Scootaloo.... Just to let you know I'll probably do more of this, believe it or not I do take your feedback into account P.S Let me know of any changes/improvements I can make. Oh and by the way, I did this in the early hours of the morning My tiredness probably had an adverse effect on my motor skills....
  24. Adroit (The younger one) and Capsize (The older one with the robotic legs) are both brother and sister. A certain mishap happened early on in Capsize's life, where his eyes could not refract light like normal, making everything seem upside-down. Capsize was having a very hard time adjusting to this, so his parents tried to find out a way to return his normal vision. A "Doctor" by the name of Overkill offered them a completely free solution to this problem. They didn't know what the doctor was going to do, but they trusted him to do whatever needed to be done. Once the doctor was finished, Capsize was brought into his workshop to receive the item that was said to help him with his vision. Capsize's parents expected it to be just a simple lens that could refract light like normal eyes could, but this was Dr. Overkill who they hired. Instead of just some glasses, the doctor amputated Capsize's legs (While he was unconscious, of course) and replaced them with a machine that left him hanging upside down. It was attached to his brain, so he could control the legs just like he would his normal legs. Adroit was with the parents when they first saw this, and she absolutely loved it. A few years later, the parents left. Adroit and Capsize didn't know why, but a long note was left behind stating that they were trusted enough to run the house. From then on, Capsize was practically Adroit's father.