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Found 13 results

  1. Inspired by @TheRockARooster, I bring you: The Band Game. No, this is not the already popular 'The Banned Game.' Create a name for a band consisting of you and the user above you (you can include other users too if you want). If you approve of the choice of the next person to post, please be sure to give them a Brohoof. Reading a person's profile is a good idea, but it's not a requirement. For mine I will just pretend the user above me is @TheRockARooster. Hot Rock-olate!
  2. Hello! Time for an exciting new Forum game! The game goes like this: You decide to start a band, and you're searching for people to make up your band. You may only pick up to 8 People for your band! You can choose anyone from the forum to join your band, but you have to tell us what instrument they'll be playing! You will have to name your band aswell. You must be part of the band aswell. Example: Band name: TinCan Gone Airbourne - Vocals (I can imagine his Rock 'N Roll vide vocal range) Concord - Guitar (No way, am I giving this job to anyone else) ProjectRKA - Bass Guitar. ( Don't drop the bass... ) Crispy - Drums (As I Believe he would love to smash things) Kenniks - Keyboards ( He's good at it. ) DashForever - Mannager _____________________________________________________________________________ Let the battle of the bands, begin!
  3. Hey there, hell-bat ponies. So, my whole reason for making this niche (or is it?) little thread is to see if there's anypony out on these forums that loves Meat Loaf. That, and to see if I can learn of any particular gems that must've been evading me all this time! I've known about the Band for several years now, and am all over the albums Bat out of Hell, Bat out of Hell III and recently Welcome to the Neighborhood. So far I haven't really gotten around to trying most their other stuff, so, let's jump right in. My personal top 6 ML songs are these, in no particular order: Seize The Night If God Could Talk The Monster Is Loose Paradise by the Dashboard Light Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through Where The Rubber Meets The Road And here's a seventh close tie-in. Still AliveOh, and for those that are new to Meat Loaf, the link below is for the BoH III album, which is from 2006. Bat Out of Hell III Fire away!
  4. So I've decided to make a thread that focuses on New Wave/Synthpop music. Anypony here listen to this type of music? If you do, feel free to post your favorite bands and songs that fit into this genre of music. Even music videos are good. Here are some bands I like: - The B-52's - New Order - The Cars - Depeche Mode - The Police The list goes on Some songs I like: - Rock Lobster - The B-52s - True Faith - New Order - Blue Monday (both original and 88) - New Order - Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode - Message in a Bottle - The Police The list goes on
  5. Hey all! Here's my Wednesday song post! Wish That I Were More Thanks for listening!
  6. I was talking to my freind the other day and he said that his parents wouldn't allow him to listen to rock, i asked why, he said he had no idea. So I want to ask you what is so wrong about rock? I'm a fan of people like Evanescence, Metallica, and Lincoln park but that doesn't mean I have tattoos and piercings, but is that a stereotype that parents can't get off there mind? I'm quite confused.
  7. Her jam is "Another One Bites The Dust". Her favorite work-out song is "Don't Stop Me Now". Her pre-competition song is "We Will Rock You". Her victory song is "We Are The Champions". Her favorite friendship anthem is "You're My Best Friend". Her favorite "shower" song is "Bohemian Rhapsody". Her favorite karaoke song is "Somebody To Love" or "Killer Queen". and her favorite song to dance with her firends is "Radio Gaga". Agree with this? What other bands would RD listen to?
  8. Hello! Forums! Are you Ready to Rock?! Well big news for you! You're in a band alongside the 3 people above you! It can be any type of band, Metal, Rock, Pop, Blues, Dj, Classical Quartet, etc... Best thing is, you're incharge of the band, and you must decide, who plays which instrument! Pick a name for your band and go Rock those forums! Example: 1. Me - Guitar! 2. SuperP0n1 - Bass Guitar! 3. RainbowDashLover64 - Vocals! 4. FlutterSmash! - Drums! Name - PoniDashSmash! Now go! And!
  9. I play all the instruments and sing and write everything in my music. I'm also the dancing guy hahaha which one person said was disturbing, OH WELL
  10. I'm wondering what my fellow bronies think are the best rock albums ever made. Feel free to include Folk Rock; Heavy Metal; Punk Rock and such... For me, it's defiantly the following: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band (1967) by The Beatles The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) by Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin IV (1971) by Led Zeppelin Abbey Road (1969) by The Beatles Wish You Were Here (1975) by Pink Floyd A Night at the Opera (1975) by Queen Rumours (1977) by Fleetwood Mac Led Zeppelin II (1969) by Led Zeppelin Revolver (1966) by The Beatles A Hard Day's Night (1964) by The Beatles Rubber Soul (1965) by The Beatles Pet Sounds (1966) by The Beach Boys The Wall (1979) by Pink Floyd Animals (1977) by Pink Floyd Meddle (1971) by Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967) by Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin (1968) by Led Zeppelin The Beatles (The White Album) (1968) by The Beatles All Things Must Pass (1973) by George Harrison Band on the Run (1973) by Paul McCartney Who's Next (1971) by The Who Tommy (1968) by The Who Quadrophenia (1975) by The Who and a dozen more...
  11. *480p* for best sound* I have been wanting to make a PMV for a long time now and I got inspired from the Rainbow Dash - Your gonna go far kid PMV on youtube :3. I really like how this one turned out and would like your thoughts and etc on it. P.S. Rarity should have known better to fly close to the sun... as the saying goes
  12. This has got to be the coolest toy car ever! My little bro. was at the store with my mom today & he found this out of nowhere! He got it for me as a gift I gotta say I have the most awesome little brother ever!
  13. It is been a while since I last played my guitar :/ Plan on practicing alot more as of now. But did this cover a few months back. Really fun song to play