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Found 141 results

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s heard me talking about DAGames saw this thread coming. For context, DAGames is a gamer, musician, etc. over on YouTube (technically it’s a team, but the guy “Will Alex Ryan” is the head of the channel). He is infamous for his Bendy and FNAF songs, but he also has a variety of original songs as well that are really good if you’re into rock and heavy metal. Any favorite songs you have of his? Have you watched his regular videos? Are you just curious because you randomly clicked on this thread? All types of those discussions are welcome, so feel free to talk about anything and everything DAGames here Put warnings on stuff that has a lot of bad language or anything else, just for courtesy. That’s really the only rule.
  2. That's when I heard of playing a hand game of Rock Paper Scissors (since I watched MrBeast's charity tournament stream on YouTube back in April), since Equestria Girls series have characters in the human world with anthropomorphic human fingers, did one of the Equestria Girls characters played Rock Paper Scissors before? If they did not played this hand game before, then that's my idea. I will like one of the Equestria Girls characters say "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!" for size. Rock Paper Scissors is a fun game to play with any means of luck. For instance when they play that hand game: the winner of their choice is paper wraps rock, scissors cuts paper, and rock blunts scissors. How about this picture as a meme in Equestria Girls, which Sunset Shimmer chose rock and Trixie chose paper, and this means that Trixie beats Sunset with paper covering up the rock? In my thought in Equestria, Rock Paper Scissors could be possible to play in the Equestrian world of ponies, which they have hooves, but how could ponies pick a choice of rock, paper, or scissors without fingers on their hooves? Spike, Discord, Ember, and the dragons have fingers in that world by the way.
  3. Hello, everyone! After watching a video today on YouTube, I was just wondering if any of you listen to any modern rock and if so, what are your favourite bands and/or songs? I was also just a bit curious about this subject, since I've noticed there isn't really anything I could consider rock in the charts (with some exceptions), as they are currently dominated by electronic and/or rap music, and I would like to further expand my musical scope...
  4. What are your thoughts on Death Metal? What would your favorite band be?
  5. My local station just got permission to stop censoring music, so they can get away with playing songs that cuss constantly and not get in trouble. It's selection is pretty good too. Probably would give it an 8 -10; it still needs to work on getting local artists and less popular bands (preferably international) in their lineup.
  6. Just uploaded a song that was kinda WIP back when I made it in September 2017 to Youtube. I would have finished the song if my Macbook had not have broken down Pretty proud of the song despite some off its flaws, mainly guitar related as I am still kind off a newbie on guitar. I am however very proud of the atmosphere and the transistions in it. I plan on uploading some more Music that is actually finished in the upcoming weeks/months as well Feedback is always appriciated, although most of the songs I have on my Youtube is pretty old. And this song was far from being finished to begin With. Link:
  7. So after a show I got into a debate with my dad. He thinks all metal, from Iron Maiden to Korn, Motley Crue to Slayer, is all a sub genre of rock music as a whole. While I am of the opinion that heavy metal is it's own genre with it's own ever expanding sub genres. It's seems like a common reaction among people that anything with an electric guitar and attitude is just rock music, while any proud metal elitist will gladly inform you what is true metal and what isn't. But what is your take on this? Is heavy metal it's own genre, or is it just another part of the broad scope of rock music?
  8. A parody I did originally for a now cancelled sequel to Memefields, it's a ponified version of Toto's On The Run as a tribute to Rainbow Dash (I highly recommend listening to the original by Toto... even though it only exists has a live recording it has the quality of a studio recording)
  9. Hey, I looked around and didn't see a thread that is your favorite band, while there is one for someone's favorite song this one is the band because i have a favorite song but it's not made by my favorite band
  10. This is part of a collaborative project I did with another youtuber. It is my first dabble into rock music and I had a lot of fun DL link and complete song are found on the youtube page
  11. Hello Bronies and Pegasisters! So, I don't know if any of you have seen the promo of MLP: FIM - Season 7 Episode 4 - Rock Solid Friendship, but shortly in the episode there is actually......
  12. So these types of challenges have been making the rounds on YouTube. Time to start one here I guess. You post a song that you think will get the next listener to headbang, headbob, toe tap or knee shake. They listen and if they do any of those things, they admit they've lost. If they stand still, they post their victory. Either way, they'll post the next song and try to do get the next listener to lose. Let us begin, with a classic.
  13. MUSIC. Near everyone listens to it, but what's the best Genre? HA, easy answer: Yes. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy, but all genres are great. Even if you don't like one, it's still good. You're opinion doesn't change the fact others enjoy it greatly. Music from this: To this: Is all so unique, so perfectly crafted, that it evokes responses to immensely different, and isn't that the great thing about music? From hard rock to country, all songs bring forth a special emotion that is tough to find anywhere else, because there's nothing quite like bobbing your head to the bass, or tapping your fingers to the guitar.
  14. Soooo........ keeping it nice and simple, I make musics which hopefully suits this section just fine to share. As tempted as I am to throw a whole array of tracks on here, have a couple of examples for the time being.
  15. So...did this thing tonight... This is the first time I've ever shared a cover of a piece by TSO. Critique is wanted.
  16. I figured I'd post this here just in case anyone is interested. I keep a list of a lot of metal and rock I've found in the fandom. Some of it I found with google's search operators. If anyone finds any more obscure stuff feel free to let me know. Reason I ask is cause I'm noticing stuff disappearing from the internet and would like to archive them if possible. > Edit: I decided to use a playlist instead. >
  17. Inspired by @TheRockARooster, I bring you: The Band Game. No, this is not the already popular 'The Banned Game.' Create a name for a band consisting of you and the user above you (you can include other users too if you want). If you approve of the choice of the next person to post, please be sure to give them a Brohoof. Reading a person's profile is a good idea, but it's not a requirement. For mine I will just pretend the user above me is @TheRockARooster. Hot Rock-olate!
  18. Hello, everypony! There seems to be a metal thread, as well as a hip hop thread, but not a punk thread. So I figured,why not start one? Post your punk rock music here! Melodic hardcore, punk rock, hardcore punk-any type of music that could be considered punky! I'll start: Show me what you got!
  19. Foo Fighters is an Alternative Rock band that was formed in 1994 by Dave Grohl. Credit Please feel free to discuss anything related to the Foo Fighters here. Official Website I almost don't feel like a large enough fan to make this thread, but no one else did. Some people on the Count to a Million thread posted songs by the Foo Fighters and got me hooked. I think they're a great band.
  20. Wich one do you guys like more? Personally, I love rock way more because I grew up with it and I think it sounds better. I've been arguing with a friend on this subject for a while, maybe you could help end the debate.
  21. There are alot of vocalists in rock, who have phenomenal and unique voices. But who in your opinion is the best? I go for 2 here. One for a classic artist and one for a more recent one, who is still active. One is Freddy Mercury, from the Band Queen: The other one, is Serj Tankian, from the Band System of a Down: Who are your favorite voices?
  22. Which band do you prefer, Foo Fighters or Nickelback? I think both of them are a bit generic/formulaic in their songwriting, though FF is less so. I haven't listened to as many Nickelback songs as Foo Fighters songs, so I may be a bit off. I also hate Chad Kroeger's raspy singing voice. It seems very fake and forced, like he's trying way too hard to imitate a grunge singer. On the other hand, Dave Grohl's singing voice is very dynamic and pleasant to listen to. The Foo Fighters aren't the best band in the world, but I like them much more than Nickelback. So what's your opinion?
  23. SFM animator EDPlus asked me to write a song for him. He provided the lyrics and I wrote the music. The song appears in his latest video, but you can view the song by itself bellow, as well as an instrumental with sheet music!
  24. I've been branching out from writing horsewords and stumbled into writing some song lyrics that would work well in a commercial rock/metal format. Now, in order to sell them to music producers, though, I need the music to go along with the lyrics. Does anyone here feel up to the task of putting music to these words and getting a share of any eventual profits? (Sorry if this isn't a good place to ask. Feel free to suggest better places.)
  25. The most prominent brony rock/metal musician that is currently active is PrinceWhateverer. He's also my favorite. Here's some of his songs: Some others that I listen to are Bronyfied (hasn't posted a new song for years) GatoPaint, Rockin'Brony, and Cyril the Wolf (he no longer makes pony music, though.) As I wrote this, I just finished listening to GatoPaint's amazing cover of Rainbow Factory. Are there any brony rock songs you would like to share, or any artists I didn't mention? Are you a brony rock musician yourself? I'm focusing mainly on hard rock, but feel free to share artists that make softer rock.