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Found 5 results

  1. The rogue-like genre is usually known for it's random nature and often difficulty in gaming, many rogue-likes have these features and it can make for some wonderful games. Sometimes not so much. What are some of your favorite games in the genre? Absolutely my favorite is The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, that is definitely my favorite one. :3 It is rather messed up in its story and all, but the gameplay is soooo good.
  2. newest addition to the DnD universe characters I have been working on for some friends hope you enjoy
  3. One of my most anticipated games for 2015 is a little gem called "Darkest Dungeon", made by the team over at Red Hook Games. I'll let the trailer speak for itself: Cool, right? I'm a huge fan of lovecraft, gothic horror, and themes that play on the human psyche, I also love rpgs, roguelikes, and dungeon-crawlers; this game seems to hit all of those notes, and with a beautiful art-style like that it's not a surprise I'm so excited about it. It's arriving on Steam Early-Access on Feb. 3rd, so the wait isn't even that long! So, anyone else looking forward to this and/or want to discuss it?
  4. Has anyone played Magicite? It's a steam multiplayer roguelike RPG. If you have played it what are your thoughts? If you haven't played it are you interested in getting a copy? My Steam profile if you want to add me:
  5. 'Ello! I wouldn't really call myself a big fan of roguelikes, but I do like them. I don't really know of that many, mainly just Dungeons of Dredmor. So I'm just wondering what some of the best roguelikes are?