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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to my ask thread! Where you can ask me just about whatever question you want and I will do my best to answer them in my own unique perspective! Some of your ponies may know me, or at the very least, seen me around here. Well for those who don't exactly know me, I'm just your regular Earth pony who has a passion for inventing and travelling. Oh and I also have the best mare in the world! She's pink, awesome, and loves travelling just like me. What a perfect match, am I right? Anyways, I'm also trying to get over my shyness by doing this. I've been improving my confidence lately but sometimes you just have to go to outrageously great lengths, like what I'm doing now for you guys, to truly improve. So .... yeah ... ask away!
  2. I was just curious if a original character is in the approved character section of Equestrian Empire can the character be used only in the Equestrian Empire rp's or can they be used in the regular rp section as well? Do you need to copy the character information to do a 2nd copy of the character in the roleplay character database section. Does the above also fit for if one has a Feature Character for the show?
  3. So, basically as the title says. This is more of a test of the sites features than anything, but I am actually considering starting my own adventure role play sometime in the very near future. I have no ideas, or experience with this, so i'm off to a flying start, but I have someone helping me so we should be starting soon. Doesn't sound over appealing here I know, but hey. So, merh, if you feel like joining or giving me a try, let me know in a PM or in a reply Thanks! Me and @@Aqua Pura are the two who are working on this.
  4. First of all...BOOM - double interpretation title - away! Oh, and if this is in the wrong thread feel free to move it. I didn't want to post in the RP section because it's not about creating a roleplay or discussing you characters *as such* but if you feel it needs to be moved then I apologise. OK so, what im asking is when you actually role play (either on these forums, if you attend any live action Roleplays IRL or if you're one of the MMO gamers out there who gets really into their character) what do you do? - Are you the kind of person to get really into your character during the role play, speaking and acting as you would perceive that character to? - Do you play yourself, simply in a different body with a few changes? (see my example) - Do you take on too many roleplays to get into your characters successfully between one and the other? Now I read those back, and they make no sense to me and rewording them is something that requires me to move the mouse back up the page, so here: - If you really get into your character, do you lose yourself in the fantasy world you are taking part in, do you no longer stand in the shoes of Mr. Generic of plain street, but take up the role of Count Spontaneous from Interestingville? Do you find it easy to reply to other characters or situations in the way that Count Spontaneous would? - Do you simply play as yourself, taking the physical form of someone/something else, giving yourself a few abilities to keep it interesting for you, but easy enough so that you dont have to engorge yourself in the fantasy world for too long to get the full enjoyment? - Or are you the kind of person who gets impatient in roleplays and moves on to the next without finishing the other, and then your first one becomes interesting again and all of a sudden you find yourself caught in the middle of 6 or 7 roleplays, not being able to fully fit into the position and situation of the multiple characters you are controlling? My example on this would be: I find it really easy to get into the shoes of another character, but I also like to play as myself from time to time. Look at my OCs. Creeping Dusk is basically me, just with a few adjustments so it's an interesting experience, but easy for me to play as him without too much change to how I would normally act in those kinds of situations. But if you take to Ardent Discharge, he's almost the complete opposite of me, he's arrogant and adventurous, but in my mind I still find it incredibly easy to settle into that kind of a role and enjoy it. I'm just interested to know how you guys participate in Roleplays, do they interest you enough for you to sit and take part in more than one at a time? Does it take you out of the moment when you have to wait between each reply? Let me know
  5. I feel it's necessary to have a topic where one, you can manage your roleplay in and the other to actually start your discussion in roleplaying. Title: Slow Cheetah Plot: A young Pegasus (Tyger) in summer flight camp is too advanced for the course he is assigned to and is offered a position in the Junior Speedster Flight Camp. He declines the offer and decides to take a steady rise and complete the course with ease where he is currently assigned at. However, he runs into a problem when he falls in love with another young Pegasus, (Fluttershy) who is virtually the weakest flier in a summer flight camp, only flutter for a few seconds before falling. He sees this as a distraction, but still wants to complete the course anyway, knowing that he'll pass easily. But, as he begins to fall behind, he drops everything he explains to himself as a pathologic activity and wants to come back as a new Pegasus, and trying to get a chance with Fluttershy. It turns out to be a challenge when the others tease him, falling for a weak flier. Characters: Tyger (me), Fluttershy (PlasmaStormX- 15), Larva (Finesthour), Razor Gust (Linguz), Hunter & Skinner (NeverNeverland), Haze (ThePinkazoid), Silent Melody (Authetius), Peppermint Snow (Pastel). - If you have a character of your own you want to roleplay as, just post it here and I'll add you the list. Let me explain this roleplay title for you: The roleplay title, Slow Cheetah, represents a paradox. It's an escatic imagery in itself. Cheetahs are the fastest animals on earth, but in this scenario, the cheetah is conserving its energy. The cheetah symbolizes the love between the two. They can go fast, fall in love, get married, etc. but why do it if you know it is going to happen? Why not justify the reasons and explanations for such karma? The Slow Cheetah also comes to the forest, most likely curious. Perhaps it's about the cautiousness in the love and direction they are going.
  6. This is the Background info- The grand galloping gala is in Canterlot, The castle to be exact. Princess Luna is sat on the steps of the castle, looking very sad while her sister is greeting everyone into the castle. UPDATE! Its ponys attending the gala
  7. Welcome to my little day dreams! This idea is the product of boredom, fanciful ideals, and a school time day dream combined with some ideas from dozens of books and games I've played and read over the years. The below knowledge isn't REQUIRED for playing this game at the start, but it is rather important for the story (and i like details). Background Knowledge: Magic works like this: The Guilds: The Plot: You have selected, or been selected, to go to the Greenwood Academy for one reason or another. It is a school for especially talented and troubled teenagers. The Academy is isolated in the middle of the woods on the shore of Lake Michigan in Michigan. The school population is relatively low, with only 100-200 students at any given time. Make no mistake, This school is for the 'correction' of students who have been accused of arson, or have mysterious happenings occur around them. The fall semester is just about to begin. Character Details: Name: Sex: Age: Guild: Description: Personality: Other: (Maybe why you've been sent to this school, or anything really) Name: Arvena Sex: Female Age: 16 Guild: Wizard Description: relatively tall, average teen athlete. Long brown hair, eyes that change color randomly. Personality: Intelligent, a bit shy. Other: Sent to this school for correction due to two charges of arson. Name: Jacob Sex: Male Age: 17 Guild: Wizard Description: Adverage teenage nerd, usually wearing a sweater, pants and glasses Personality: Constantly nervous, extremely intelligent, cautious Other: He has been in this school for 3 years (only player character, all others must be new).
  8. This Here is Them Times ((Best title ever)) Unfortunately, I really have nothing to say in term of an introduction since the title really speaks it all. I’m simply looking for a Role Play partner who is willing to put up with me in my desire to proceed with a Pokémon themed game I’ve had in mind for a while now. I’ll begin by making a few lists below that are easy to follow! That should do it. Yes… lists… Plot: With another day passed and the setting sun casting a golden aura on all that bathed in its dying light, people and Pokémon alike began to unwind and settle down for a good night’s rest in Nuvema Town. Ever since Team Plasma were disbanded ten years ago, the town flourished seeing more trees being cut down to make room for a couple more houses and a Pokécentre. Though the town will never be anything like Nimbasa or Castelia city but it is more than just a quaint town at the side of the ocean with nothing out of the ordinary. Until now. Come morning, there is a strange feeling in the air; eerie. All is silent. The Pokémon that have rested in their poké balls stay faithfully where their masters have put them until it is their empty stomachs that cause them to break open and come out… only to find their masters have gone. The people of Nuvema town have vanished! It is up for the Pokémon of this poor town to figure out what has happened to their beloved people and find out if any other town is affected. Until they are found, all Pokémon in the PC boxes cannot be taken out and must remain there until the problem is solved. Rules in Q&A format: Question Answer How many Pokémon are you allowed to play at a time? Simple. You may play as many pokemon as you want! Whether they are background characters or a main character in the plot. What region is this? Unova. We will be using the Unova map which I will provide for those who are unfamiliar with it. What generation are we using? Use ALL of the generations! Just please, make sure your Pokémon has a legitimate reason for being in Unova if it is one that cannot be found in the game. Are we playing as humans? Potentially… I mean, in memories, yes, but I’m not sure if the humans will ever return! We’ll have to see. Post length? I would much prefer if you would be able to write at LEAST a paragraph. Please do not spare on the description and do not ever feel like you are typing “too much”. I will trust you to write what you feel if necessary BUT NO ONE-LINE POSTS. Legendaries? No one can play legendaries. The legendary Pokémon are NPC’s and will only come into play when they are needed. I will control them as a neutral party. What about zorua/zoroark? I don’t really think they count as legendaries? If anything, I see them more like pseudo-legends like growlithe/arcanine. Battling? Just… don’t kill off another character unless you have the author’s permission. That’s it. I’m going to update these as I see fit. Please remember to stay true to the site’s terms of service and keep the NSFW content off of this site!! Character Reference Sheet: Name: Gender: Ability: Nature: Brief Bio: Level: Attacks: Appearance: Alrighty! So... that is it for now. I guess I'll start off with my character's reference sheet and if we get enough players we can start. Name: Ginger Gender: Female Ability: Synchronize (Passes a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe.) Nature: Impish Brief Bio: Ginger and her owner Edmund moved to Nuvema town after the fall of Team Plasma. They moved from the Johto region and together live a very calm and happy life. Ginger was never a battling pokémon, she was always more of a house pet and the only pokémon to have Edmund as her master. They in a small little cottage right on the edge of the forest where they enjoy quiet evenings together listening to Edmund play his guitar. Level: 29 Attacks: • Confuse Ray • Pursuit • Sand-Attack • Quick Attack Appearance: