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Found 3 results

  1. Whenever I play an RPG I always give the characters the names of the mane 6, with roughly equivalent character perks and skills. For instance in Shadowrun Returns my character is a female elf called Twilight who is good at hacking and better at using social options to overcome obstacles than other classes. Anyone else use the mane 6 as presets for RPG's? It's pretty awesome.
  2. Okay so I just bought Fallout 3 Goty off Steam I used to have it on Xbox 360 about 5 years ago. My question is what mods should I get for the pc version and why? My Pc specs are as follows: CPU: AMD Turion II P520 Dual-Core Processor 2.30 GHZ Graphic Card: Radeon 5440 HD RAM: 4GB OS: Win 7 Home premium Bear these specs in mind because I want the game to run at a smooth 60 fps so although I want custom or improved graphics I don't want any mods that will decrease frame rate below 60. Thanks in advance!
  3. Welcome to the labyrinth. It is a standard role playng game. I got the idea from the Play the Game thread, but I guess it either ended or is about to end. I'm not sure. Anyway, lets get down to business. First, you create your character. It can be your avatar, an original character, or a character from Friendship is Magic. Please give a description, personality, abilities, cutie mark, etc. Please, no unstoppable gods (except me ). Next, you wake up, confused, in the center of the maze. I will act as both narrator for challenges, and as the Slendermane. I will explain my character latter. You must describe your journey through the maze. I will give you challenges, give you choices, throw traps and monsters, etc. (No, I have never played D&D.) Characters can team up and interact (it is encuraged), but they may be separated by me latter. Now, on to Slendermane. Take a look at my avatar. This is the physical manefistation of a powerful extradimentional being. It is based on the Slenderman, a monster from various internet horror stories. http://knowyourmeme....mes/slender-man It watches. It waits. It gives secret codes and clues (I'm not sure if I will or not). It drives you crazy. Do not try to attack Slendermane, or you will just wake up hours latter with a splitting headache, nausea, and possible rearranged internal organs. It will try to lead you. Where to, no one knows. No one knows what Slendermane's motives are (or if an extradimentional being can even have motives). It enjoys games, and playing with (manipulating) others. I will try to come by and update when I can, but no guarantees. I do have school. Please, enjoy yourselves. Enter the labrynth, if you dare.