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Found 8 results

  1. I feel that Glimmer's going to make a big impact on the next season. There were multiple villains in the series but all of them had something to bring to the plate and their defeat has only brought more harmony to the friends. Her's is the only story to not include some sort of conclusive ending or a plot where the ponies didn't band together to do something. It felt like only Twilight had a hand in her reformation. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Starlight Glimmer the only villain that is a pony that doesn't have anywhere else to be. Nightmare Moon became Luna and is helping Celestia run the (not sure why it's still called a kingdom when it's run by princesses so...) Princessdom and Sunset Shimmer is in another world altogether... Twilight openly admits to Starlight being more powerful than her even though she's the Princess of Friendship which we all agree is where her overpowering magic power comes from. Let's not forget the fact that in order to become this Princess Twilight needed to complete a spell that Star Swirl the Bearded couldn't finish. Here we have Starlight Glimmer modifying a spell of his where he could only travel back a week. She travelled back YEARS!!! and made it such that whenever Twilight travelled back in time she would as well. We also recall how Celestia told Twilight that Twilight was the most gifted student she'd ever had so what does that mean for Starlight Glimmer? Next we move on to how Twilight told Starlight that she would teach Starlight everything she knew. Wouldn't this just put Starlight on a totally different level? Theory 1 I'm totally reaching here but I think Starlight will become a princess somewhere in the next season. She's going to have to fight off some sort of conflict within herself. Something is going to happen where she's going to need to choose between her new found friends and her nature like how Discord had to in the previous season. I gather that she's going to feel left out more and more as the season wears on because the friends have more of a history and there are only 6 elements of harmony. Theory 2 We know that there are 6 Elements of Harmony. In the current 6 we have, 2 Earth Ponies, 2 Pegasus Ponies, 1 Alicorn (perfectly alright as there can be only 1 leader) and 1 Unicorn (not as it should be). Starlight Glimmer might actually fill the post of missing Unicorn but that would leave us with a missing element of harmony. The 6 elements left a hole in me the moment Twilight became an Alicorn. It felt so unbalanced. I believe that the Tree of Harmony is hiding a 7th Element. Another reach but the ponies have done it so often that we can't rule it out: Forgiveness. There are so many examples in the series and even in the movies we see Sunset Shimmer obtaining forgiveness from the other girls. Let's not forget how Sunset Shimmer managed to help the girls defeat The Sirens in Rainbow Rocks and actually becomes part of the crew. The same could be said for Starlight Glimmer. She fills the void left behind by Twilight and she would become a powerful ally. Which do you guys think is more likely? Do you have your own theories? If so leave them below. Let's see what y'all have to say on the matter.
  2. Till season 3, we know that Twilight was Celestia's student and spent most of her time studying (and with her friends). And she probably spend most of her time studying even till the end of season 4. Now that she became the Princess of Friendship, what does she do everyday? The map does not call her everyday; infact she has been called fewer than 3 times this season. I do not think she even takes care of anything in Ponyville considering that they have a mayor for that. I have some clues, this transcript from Amending Fences: Twilight Sparkle: Thanks for taking care of that, Spike. After three events in one week, I really needed to relax with a good book. Spike: It's kinda funny, isn't it? All these ponies comin' to you for advice about friendship
  3. Since the main characters of the are clearly supposed to be the characters the intended demographic is supposed to look up to, I've been thinking, who is the best role model out of the Mane 6? My pick is Twilight Sparkle because of how much she has learned throughout the show, and her being the Princess of Friendship is clearly something young female children can aspire to.
  4. Hey, anybody here do cosplay? Horror cosplay! Movie cosplay! Even pony cosplay! Post yourself in costume, your props, your costume stuff, any of it, all of it, here! Let's start us off.... Here's a couple of cosplays that I've done- Pics of my The Lost World: Jurassic Park InGen Hunter Costume: My Trick Or Treat Studios Halloween II mask and knife: Some pics of me in full Myers costume: My Friday the 13th Part III Jason: Played with some effects on my camera to alter the coloration on my Jason picture. Much creepier, IMO: My cosplay weapons: And a Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Hobo Michael Myers that I'm currenty working on: ^Still need: -wig+beard set
  5. Ok so my favourite MLP character is Fluttershy and tbh i wish more people were like (as i do with all of the main six) her and i myself try to act like her more than the others. Does anyone else do this with their favourite pony? Try to act like them alot, I guess due to attachement how much better they are, compared to alot of people in this world.
  6. So I just had the idea (I'm not sure if it exists so please forgive me if it does) but we could create a facebook page called Equestria or something and we could create knew facebook accounts with canon pony's names and post situations and we could respond in the tone as the pony you rp as Idk just an idea again if this idea is out there already please excuse this Edit: I was thinking something like this
  7. This is the planning of a new roleplay called "Missing Coffee". So this is the plot: There's a pony (it can be your own pony, background pony, or one of the mane six) that is having a normal day until she goes missing. All of her friends start searching for her, and the journey to find her is VERY weird. After going to the last place on the list of places that they found in her house (I will write that note in the beginning of the thread) , they lose their hope and return to Ponyville to give the announcement to the rest of the ponies. Of course she will be found, but I, being the mane character of the RP, will decide how The ending depends on what the other ponies do, how they feel about her, in what alternate places they look for her, etc. Here is the "sign up" sheet: Name of the pony: Cutie Mark: Color Scheme: (eyes, mane, body) Gender: Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth pony: Place in the RP: Other: Here is my "sign up" sheet: Name of the Pony: Coffee Bean Color Scheme: Pale green eyes, auburn mane and tail (idea), chocolate brown body. Gender: Female Unicorn Place in the RP: Mane character, goes missing and her friends search for her. Other: She gets scared very easily and sometimes faints if she is very scared. ---------------RULES--------------- Both, mares and stallions are allowed. Keep the swearing to a very minimum. Don't turn this RP into a chat. There are chat rooms for that. Don't start the roleplay here. Tomorrow I will post another thread for that. --------------------------------------- I need a villain, five mane ponies, a witness, and tons of background ponies. If you can handle it, you can be more than one pony. (You cannot be more than one MANE pony.) If you don't get to be a mane pony, you can still be a background pony. Some background ponies can also be close to being mane ponies I hope this was very clear, remember to have fun and do not fight. Yours truly, Pastel. **If you want, you can post a picture of your pony in this thread. ***You can be added as a background pony at anytime. Mane characters have a limit and have to be in the RP since the beginning but background ponies can appear whenever
  8. (Okay. We are complete.) (Coffee Bean: Me. Silver Light: Hayze. Midnight Thought: Espionage. Dizzy Daze: Dizzy. Surprise: ThePinkazoid. Violet Velvet: Violet Velvet. The witness is Cherry Powder, also RPed by Violet Velvet. And the villains are Shadow, RPed by PinkiePie; and Gizmo, RPed by Linguz.) Coffee Bean smiled as she trotted through Ponyville. It was a beautiful day. Everything seemed to be normal.-Seemed-. Coffee walked over to a pony taking a milkshake near Sugarcube Corner. "Hey, Cherry. I heard that the bridge at the park is now like 100x bigger! Maybe you want to come with me?" Coffee beamed. (Guys, don't start yet. The only ponies that will appear right now are Cherry and Coffee. You will all appear after Coffee gets kidnapped, which will happen right now, when she gets to the park.) (** I said that at the beginning of the thread I'd post a list of places. This places will be found in a list in Coffee's house: Manehattan, Trotsdale, Everfree Forest, Fillydelphia, Mane (Maine), and Unicornopolis (A place where only unicorns are treated decently.))