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Found 104 results

  1. EQ / Roleplay Suggestions As we are building to complete Equestria for player's to explore and play in many area's, Any suggestions you have can be posted here and be considered by our Equestria build team! If there is anything to make roleplaying better for you and your friends in EQ just reply in the comments. Please note that equestria is under construction and we are working to finish Equestria, if you have suggestions about builds that are finished feel free to reply, anything plugin related will also be taken into consideration.
  2. Do I need to get my OC approved to be able to roleplay and if so how?
  3. Well, I doubt this is supposed to go here. I attempted to view the support ticket system to see if that would suit my queries better, but all I got was an error message. So I had to settle for this. To any mods who happen to be reading this, could you please delete all of my posts in the following threads? If it's not too much of an imposition?:
  4. I can't seem to find my OC in the thousands of characters in the database, help!
  5. Hello, I have a question regarding roleplay character profiles. I want to add a pony, but she's a crossover between MLP and an original character from an official anime so I'm unsure whether I am allowed to create a profile for it, as it's not a character of my creation. Thanks in advance.
  6. Did you know, fellow Ponyites, that the Elements of Harmony work beautifully as rules to roleplay by? If you fine folks will allow me a chance to explain, I'll be happy to demonstrate exactly what I mean here. Many roleplayers already follow a few of these particular tenets, and many others will hopefully be able to get the picture as explanations go along. I don't always make sense, sure... but taken in the whole of context, it might make at least some of it stick with you in the long run, so to speak. And so... GENEROSITY I see it all the time; RPers who want to have the spotlight on them as often as possible. From ninja'ing posts to just ramble-on walls o' text, it becomes more like trying to exist in the same world as the character, rather than a peaceful co-existence. However, there is a time when being generous can make a world of difference. By that, I mean things like letting other characters have a chance to interact without you, or allowing others to be the ones who strike the final blow at the Bad Guy. Remember, kiddos: it's not all about you. A good roleplay is about ALL the folks involved, and it would certainly speak well for you as a player if you just step back, take a breath, and let the other folks have their time in the spotlight too. P1: Snow Blind takes a flying leap at the hydra, and gives it a hard buck to the base of those multiple necks! P2: Whisker Twister's casting! He's got his spell prepared, and he's ready to shine! [P1 looks at the scene for a minute, his character well in place to finish the hydra...] {P1: Alright, Twister - you've got this; take 'im out.} {P2: For reals? Are you sure?} {P1: Eeyup - send that thing straight to Tartarus!} {P2: AWESOME! Thanks!} P2: Whisker unleashes his spell, and blasts the poor thing into unconsciousness! [P1 smiles.] P1: Atta-colt, Twister! KINDNESS Arguments happen. Characters step on each other's toes. The OOC Page is full of obscenities and mean-spirited ridicule. How many times have you seen this happen? Me? Plenty... at least, until a kind word or compliment is interjected. Then the anger can become silent, the mocking laughter awkward, and the desire to HATE each other gets a bit less. Keep in mind that everyone has stress and tension in their real lives; there are plenty of folks who roleplay just to relieve stress, or they want to make a connection that feels more natural and less like a strain. Be someone who compliments others and encourages their fellow roleplayers to strive for more. A little encouragement can go a long way toward making things better, sometimes. {P2: But I said Fallen Star was going to get the staff!} {P1: Fallen Star isn't worthy of handling it! Let Bighorn have it!} {P2: Bighorn is a little butthead!} {P1: So is Fallen DARRRRR...} {P3: Hey... there's no need for all this. Fallen Star and Bighorn are friends, right? Can you imagine what they could accomplish together?} {...} {...} {P3: Teamed up and using the staff between them, they might be able to take down that entire horde single-hoofedly!} {...} {...} P1: Bighorn looks at Star and smiles. "Here, you grab this end, and I've got the other - let's give 'em what for!" P2: Fallen Star smiles back as thy both begin to charge up. "Got it; you take the hundred on the left, and I've got the hundred on the right!" [P3 smiles.] LOYALTY Or as it's called in the American Southern states, 'stick-to-it-ive-ness'. If you agree to be a part of a roleplay, then BE a part of that roleplay. Post each day, or at least when it's your turn. Keep up with the storyline, so you don't have to be reminded. Chat with the other players about how to make things better. Heck, even just drawing a picture of the characters is a way to show your pride in having a role to play in this story. Even if all you do is ask 'are we roleplaying today?', you're showing dedication to the story, and that's absolutely what being loyal to the roleplay is about. Things may come up that can prevent you from continuing - then be the one who gives a week or two notice, or write your character out, instead of just 'vanishing in mid-plot'. Plus, just because you may not be able to continue, it doesn't mean you can't contribute even a quick post on the OOC about how good it seems to be going, or how much you miss it. P3: Yo, when are we starting today? P1: We went for seven hours yesterday, dude! P2: Don't you, like, sleep? P3: Sorry, sorry... I was just hyped because I did a banner for the OP - check it out! [Obviously carefully crafted banner posted to OOC thread.] P2: Oh, WOW! That's WICKED cool! P1: And... you did that just now? P3: No, last night, while we were roleplaying; I finished it this morning! I mean, it's okay if you don't wanna play today, but- P2: Dude, that thing is INSPIRING! P3: Thanks! P1: Right, so give me a few hours to sleep, and it's game on. That thing is sweet! P3: \ *u* / HONESTY It's the best policy, of course. But more than that, it breeds trust, which can go a long way towards helping characters (and players) interact with each other more fluidly and effectively. If your character doesn't have a certain object or thing the group needs, DO NOT just 'manufacture' it out of thin air; instead, stick with what you have, and roleplay out the problem that it may cause. You might find it to be more fun in the long run trying to work around the missing thing. Would your character say something mean to their bestie, because that's how they are? Then stick with that, and don't waffle. As my dear mother used to tell me all the time, 'be honest with yourself FIRST'; if you know you can or can't do a thing, stand by that. Other players might end up trusting your judgement more, and following your lead a bit better. P2: Hey, doesn't Wind Shear have goggles? He should be able to see just fine as long as he has goggles. P1: Ummmm... [Doesn't have goggles normally, and hasn't written that he has any now.] P1: ...nope. P3: Whaaaaat? You sure? P1: Yeah, no goggles... so that means he's getting bug guts in his eyes when he dives! P2: Ewwww! Hahahaha! P3: Hope you brought some soap, at least! Ha ha ha! [P1 smiles.] P1: NOPE! Bug guts all in my eyes, and my eye boogers have feelers, wings and legs! P2 & P3: EWWWWWWWWW!!!!! LAUGHTER For cryin' out loud, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself! It's okay for a character to fail at something, and it's fine if an obstacle is more than you can surmount - just have a laugh at your character's expense, if need be. Or, if you find yourself taking things too seriously, then perhaps step back and find the funny in your predicament. Remember, this is supposed to be for fun; it's not a competition, and it really says a lot about someone who can laugh when the chips are down. You don't have to take things completely seriously; some of the best fics I've ever read have had the main character suffer mishaps and issues - and they were hilarious. And it made the character more relatable, more endearing to me as well. So maybe chuckle a bit at the stuff that makes you mad, and perhaps you'll find it hasn't got the hold on you that you'd think. P3: The spell wraps itself around their heads. "Let's see what's in your mind, shall we?" {P2: She reads minds - CRAP!} P2: Canter Clockwise has plans for a new type of armor that reflects magic. The diagrams are there, all Psycho Mare-tis has to do is copy them down, and they're hers... dammit. P3: "Ha haaaa! Score one for the bad girl! And what about you, Proud Hope?" P1: He's, umm... P3: Anything juicy? Spiteful? Embarrassing? P1: He's thinking about the time when he was a colt, and he farted loud enough to kicked out of the school library. P3: ... P2: ... [P2 & P3: HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!] {P3: Okay, that was FUNNY!} {P2: I did NOT expect that from Proud! Good one!} FRIENDSHIP It's magic for a reason. Folks you roleplay with aren't just disembodied fingers and brains behind a keyboard; they're real people, and they can actually make some really good friends, especially if you do your best to be a good roleplayer with them. If all of you are here to have fun, then share the mutual respect, and perhaps even make small talk in PMs, if you like... sometimes, even characters make friends, and players follow suit. Some of the closest friends I've ever had in my entire life came from roleplaying, and even if some of them didn't stay in touch, the memories they helped forge were wonderful and act as beacons of light when darkness falls, in or out of game. Don't be afraid to make friends in and out of the story, as such can make your roleplay more fun for everyone, yourself included. {P2: Okay folks, that's good enough for today.} {P3: Same time tomorrow, folks?} {P1: You bet! I LOVE this roleplay!} {P2: Cool... PM me if you have some ideas!} {P3: Got some right now, man!} {P1: Hey, mind if I join in?} {P2: Go for it! The more, the merrier!} {P1: Noice.} Try to fit these ideas into your current roleplay skillset, and you may discover the harmony they bring to your roleplay as a whole. BE the example; others may follow suit when they see a thing is working out well, and they'll be glad you're along for the ride. Excelsior, fellow Ponyites!
  7. Okay, so we're all a part of this great, big world, right? Each one of us merely a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, yet our own existence is all we know... and so, we act accordingly and do what we can to improve our lot, catch up to and surpass our debts, and ally ourselves with many people in the process. Honestly, who has time for bad roleplayers? But, there are a number of archetypes in the RP realm who are seen as the spawn of a shoggoth, and are avoided like the plague once they're discovered for what they are. And it may take a while to spot them - some can hide in a game for YEARS before the ugly truth steps out of the shadows... This is what I am hoping to be a comprehensive list of many of the common types of BAD roleplayers out there, and perhaps a bit of insight as to their motivations and thoughts that brought them to such a lowly state. I also plan to give these different personifications funny names, as that should help lessen the blow to those folks out there who ARE these things and realize it while they're reading it. So, without further ado... or even further adon't... [#5: Squeaky Wheels ] "You all make your way to the top of the stairs, and you see the next chamber is filled with kobolds-" "Kobolds!? I don't have the right kind of weapon to deal with Kobolds! I'm at 17 hit points, and Torg drank the last healing potion three rounds ago! Why do you have to make it Kobolds? And why are there so many of them? You're putting too much on us! It's not fair!" "... oh, for cryin' out loud..." "Dude, c'mon - we're ALL hurt." "Yeah, but YOU guys are FIGHTERS - I'm just a ROGUE!" "Well, you picked it..." "But WHY do ROGUES have to BE so WEEEEEEEAK???" "... what a baby..." Squeaky Wheels are those players who seem to yell out, 'that's not fair!' at least twice per game; they believe that, if they pester the DM long enough, they can get rule changes, advantages and rewards for simply presenting themselves as weaker/lesser than the other characters. Mind you, they could have made a better character, or gotten themselves involved in something else, or they might have even tried to come up with a clever plan... but instead of these things, they would much rather wail and gnash their teeth than simply play the game as it is. DMs, listen closely: DO NOT ALLOW SQUEAKY WHEELS TO GET THEIR WAY. Mind you, if it's a legit issue (other PCs MASSIVELY overleveled or actual mistake on DM's part) then pay attention to it and deal with it properly... but when you actually give in to the infantile whines about how 'everyone else has it better than I do' and go easy on them... oh, honeychile... NOW you've set a precedent, and the Squeaker will now push EVEN HARDER to get that favoritism, because they got away with it before - so they can do it again. Or at least they honestly believe so. [Preferred Treatment: Ignore the whining, or inform them that they are sucking the fun out of the game and need to keep their whining to themselves.] [#4: Billy / Billie Badass ] "The town guard patrol comes to a stop right in front of you; seems they're searching for the culprits who stole the queen's favorite golden harp - you know, the one Divitz stole last night?" "Ohh, boy..." "But they're not hostile - in fact, they've heard of your adventures, and they want to know if you want to joi-" "I pull out my longsword and run the nearest guard through." "Wha-whu... what?" "Yeah - these guys ain't gonna catch ME!" "But there's EIGHT of them. And they think we DIDN'T do it. If we work this right, we can get away scott fre-" "Nope; killin' 'em." "DUDE!" "C'mon - they'll kill us all!" "No they won't - I'M KING SHIT OF TURD MOUNTAIN, BITCHES! If ya CAN'T KEEP UP, then you SHOULDA MADE A FIGHTER!" "... *sigh* roll for initiative..." These are the folks who don't think that there's any threat to their character's well-being - they charge into the fray, usually right in the center, screaming some inane battle cry or some such thing. They have it in their minds that they're about to open up a can of Whoop-Ass right then & there, and there will be blood on the blade tonight! The rest of the party? Pssssh, to HELL with them! This kind of roleplayer wants to get the glory - but they're willing to simply charge right into the heart of things, usually without a plan at all. They also tend to treat the rest of the group as negligible at best... at worst, they simply don't care if the others live or die, as long as THEY have fun. Carefully constructed plots, character background stories, helping a fellow PC in need - these are things that, to a Billy Badass, only 'slow them down' when it comes to showing off on the battlefield. [Preferred Treatment: Tell them they need to calm their actions down and work WITH the group... or they can go find another game to play.] [#3: Evil Weevil ] "Okay, you've knocked out & tied up the possessed innkeeper, and have stashed him next to his unconscious wife in their room; now you can start looking for the cursed sword that caused this trouble." "I'm checking the wall mounts for any ornamental swords on display." "I'll check behind the bar - might be there for defense purposes." "I sneak back while the rest of them are searching and slit the innkeeper's throat..." "What? WHY!?" "Dude - COME ON." "Hey, read my character sheet - it says, 'Neutral EVIL'. I gotta play evil." "But-" "And I kill the wife, too." "DUDE!" "Hey... 'EVIL', remember?" Playing an evil character in a good campaign can be fascinating, as the players get to witness how grey areas come to be, and how even the most heroic party can have its' bad seeds... but I'm not talking about those players. I'm talking about the ones who do all manner of things simply because they are evil. Evil should have reasons WHY they do what they do - villains of any worth have a plan (or at least a goal) in mind when they commit vile acts, and the ones who don't act with a plan at least have some form of sense behind what they do. To have a character who simply 'is what they are' is unimaginative, and tends to make the party feel awkward and harried, even if they don't do anything directly TO the PCs. For the record, the 'evil' PCs who simply 'do what they do' to to their own group? There's a SPECIAL level of Hell for you bastards. [Preferred Treatment: Explain that either they dial back the despicable acts a little bit, or they can make another character - with restrictions against anything evil.] [#2: Bookbob Rulepants ] "... and the dragon lets loose with a MASSIVE-" "STOP." "... what the Hell? WHAT!?" "According to the rules about dragons, here in section five, page 248, third column, it says that dragons have a cap on their breath weapon damage, and that anything this dragon could breathe on us would be a direct attack; there would be no 'massive' anything." "Look, I'm going for dramatic effect, here-" "Then get a bigger dragon; you told us this was a young adult, yes?" "Yes, I did. He-" "Then according to the rules, he should only be capable of letting out a jet of flame that is only 3 feet wide, and 16 feet long - like he's been doing the whole time." "BUT I'M RUNNING THE GAME!" "Well, I'd at least have hoped you'd know HOW to run it. I mean, your guide's right there..." "... can I backstab him?" "NO... I have a class multiplier that can negate the effects of a backstab; right here, in section two, page 87, fifth column..." When the DM is telling a story, the plot is ALL important. It even says in many rulebooks for games that IF the rules get in the way, then ignore them for the scene and move along. This leads to tales of fantasy and adventure that would have been stifled by rules that were supposed to represent how to deal with the normal stuff in adventures. The ABnormal stuff is the thing that happens when something unexplainable happens... when things just don't make sense... or when things happen that have no answer or apparently obvious reason. Life itself breaks rules all the time, and there's always going to be something that cannot be planned for, no matter how much you think you're ready. BB RP folks are the ones who will REFUSE to see anything capable outside of the given ruleset, and will step on a DM's creativity in a heartbeat. They feel the need to push on others that the RULES run the game, not the DM - and will force EVERYTHING that happens to be according to this rule or that. What's worse is when they won't back down, disrupting the game and raising a stink until they are satisfied that they have shuttered every window of mystique and wonder tightly, allowing ZERO room for imagination or embellishment. Rules are guidelines; when they become the ONLY things possible in a game, they become shackles to those who would be doing wondrous, fantastic things... if it wasn't for the killjoy with the rulebook over there. [Preferred Treatment: Show them where it says the DM's rules overshadow the ruleset - if they don't like it, tough.] [And finally, #1: MARY SUE ] "I'm HERE! NOW we can play! I brought Fennestri, my twentieth-level mage, twenty-first level priest, twenty-seventh level rogue and thirtieth-level fighter!" "Great... whatever. See ya later, everybody." "Wait... wha..?" "Yeah - I'm out." "But... b-but WHY?" "Because Fennestri SUCKS. She always gets the treasure, always wins the battle, always bests the enemy singlehandedly and..." "AND!? Isn't that AWESOMENESS PERSONIFIED!?!?" "Yeah... if you're Fennestri. See ya." Mary Sues are characters who are the BE-ALL, END-ALL, MOST POWAHFUL EVAAAAAAH... and they suck the fun out of a game for anyone who ISN'T them - including the DM. A Mary Sue is usually the creation of someone new to RPs, who doesn't know they can split several choices of neat stuff over multiple characters... and try to put it ALL into a single PC. When it's an honest gaffe, then it's okay - as long as they fix the problem points and make the character more flawed or not as powerful... ... then, there are the folks who actually roleplay with these abominations... and they think they're cool for doing it. Typically, if a Mary Sue can accomplish everything necessary to 'win' the game without help from anyone else (because they're so awesome, blah blah blah), then what are the other characters there for? I mean, they want to play too - not just watch someone else have all the fun. And if players aren't playing, then you'll lose players. Except for the Mary Sue; they'll browbeat you with their POWAAAAAH for as long as they can get away with forcing a DM to continue running a story with one in it. And trust me, if they find someone who ALLOWS them to do their Mary Sue thing? They become insufferable turds, and should be flushed with the morning poop as soon as possible before they begin to think it's okay to rule the game and make everyone their bitch. [Preferred Treatment: Point, laugh and say, 'okay, now let's make you a REAL character', and throw the Mary Sue sheet into the incinerator. ] Try to help change these players if you can, ignore them if you can't, and FOR LUNA'S SAKE, don't ever become one... and you should have a great time roleplaying.
  8. When I was a kid, I absolutely adored my Super NES - there were very few games I passed up, simply by virtue of wanting to experience them ALL. I'd done so much with games, that I felt like I was growing a bit jaded and bored with video games in general... and after so many years of gaming, my interest was beginning to flag. After all, the story was always the same, right? Bad guy makes a move, good guys wipe them up. End of story, close curtain, applause. But in 1994, that changed. I had already been a fan of Watchmen (still just a comic book series back then), and was fascinated by the idea of the heroes FAILING. It was mind-blowing, and I ended up writing out a number of different things based solely on that premise. But, as much as I'd seen it in comics, I was still not seeing it in any of my beloved video games... Then, I picked up a game that changed that for me: Final Fantasy III. To this very day, Kefka will ALWAYS be my all-time favorite villain. Why? BECAUSE HE SUCCEEDED. He stole power, ousted the one who'd started the whole thing, LITERALLY became a god, then proceeded to reshape the world as he saw fit. The heroes in the game FAILED to stop him - and it cost the world almost everything. I'd say that makes him the baddest villain ever, hands down. In that vein, there are a number of villains who, IF they ever actually won, would most certainly bring about the equivalent of Hell upon their worlds... and heroes would be weak, starving and on-the-run almost constantly, in addition to their seemingly hopeless plight. THIS is where the "Villain Victorious" alternate universe comes in. What happens when, say, Discord is triumphant in his bid to take over Equestria? Let's say Twilight never HAD her epiphany, and ended up leaving Ponyville to return to Canterlot with her proverbial tail between her legs? Or perhaps, what if Queen Chrysalis HAD pulled a fast one on the collected ponies of Equestria, and Twilight continued to linger in the cave with Cadence as the Changeling Queen spread her influence over the entire Crystal Empire... and possibly beyond? Maybe Flim & Flam actually DID beat the Apples, and the once proud Sweet Apple Acres became nothing more than a factory cranking out cheap, scuzzy cider... to say nothing of the Apple family's displacement? Or, if you REALLY wanna change things, we can say that Nightmare Moon was NOT defeated by six random ponies, and instead she rules over Dark-questria with an iron hoof, leaving the ponies within cowering in shadows - can you picture it? The point is that ANY of these scenarios can occur - the possibilities are endless. Creating a world based on the idea of a villain succeeding will take more than just "here it is", because something like that will require you to rebuild (in some cases, LITERALLY) the entire known world; ad-libbing the scenario is NOT recommended. BUT, with a few of the right questions to ask, and a couple of character changes, you too can show folks what would happen if the heroes ever fell from the sky in defeat. First, you have to choose a villain. No, this is not always an easy thing. Villains have certain rules that they're supposed to follow - at least, without the GM becoming the Stanley Kubrick of roleplaying - and choosing which one to put forward into your narrative leads to questions you should ask, like how would they affect the world if they beat the heroes? Chrysalis, undoubtedly, would attempt to rule everything from her false throne... but Flim & Flam wouldn't WANT to rule; they only want more bits. At the same time, it's obvious that Nightmare Moon would plunge the whole world into darkness... however, who knows WHAT someone like Discord would do if he ever became victorious? (It must've been pretty bad to get locked in stone for his previous escapades.) Depending on the kind of story you'd want to tell, you can pick a villain that matches that idea. Dystopian Equestria? Might get that with Chryssi. Want a place where bits make the pony? Flim & Flam, at your service. ANYTHING GOES? *snap* Discord's your guy. Make sure to work the narrative magic in the proper direction, too. After all, if you choose to nominate Nightmare Moon as the star villain of this world, then you probably would rather focus on HOW the eternal night has affected crops and colors in the world... but you probably don't want to have an entire arc about Changelings; that would be better done under Queen Chrysalis. Second, we bring the world the villain has created into focus. The world tends to reflect what's put into it; with Celestia & Luna in charge, things are peaceful and harmonious... well, MOST of the time, anyway. But that's because their influence reaches all the way across Equestria - and they embody the idea of a fair and just rule. Villians, do they do that? *snicker* So, a world ruled by a villain should reflect that particular evil, as well. After all, we're talking about a world that has effectively bowed to the villain's whims, in lieu of heroes available, and therefore has a visible stain on what would normally be a happy life. The size and shape of this proverbial stain truly depends on HOW successful you wish the baddies to be. Maybe Flim & Flam DID win with their Super-Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000... but all they did was take over the farm, kicking out the Apples and taking over? Then things might be a good bit bleaker around Ponyville - doubtless - but Canterlot might not be affected very much, and Yakyakistan not at all. Of course, if taking Sweet Apple Acres from the Apples was just the start of their soon-to-be-massive contraption empire? They would have based themselves from the farmland they acquired, then slowly began making profits & buying up land - perhaps even displacing ponies to take their homes! Eventually, even with Canterlot and the Princesses trying to present a nice front, bits would become the new law - anyone that doesn't have 'em, doesn't get 'em. Perhaps they DO as they were seen to have done in an alternate dimension, and have the farm razed to the ground, build factories, and turn Equestria into an oppressive, steampunk-type world full of greed. Ooooooh... *points to arm* goosebumps! The bottom line: a world conquered by a villain will tend to shape itself around that villain - and players will appreciate the differences as long as they make sense... except for Discord, because what fun is there in making sense? Third, define the opposition, and how it fits into the world. NOBODY likes the rule of a villain; there will always be resistance to any form of tyranny. That being said, the condition of such can be quite varied. Many villains worth their salt hunt down and destroy opposition, so most of them will be at least somewhat secretive... but the levels necessary should be dictated by the evil at hand (hoof). Rebels against Chryssi would have to be SUPER-secretive and THOROUGH in their methods of recruiting, else they become infiltrated by Changeling spies... or perhaps they already are, which is why they never seem able to succeed. However, if it was a faction standing against ol' Discy, it truly wouldn't matter WHAT the resistance does - he's too powerful to really be effective against, so everything they do would seem pointless. Remember that your players are supposed to make a difference in this world - it's okay if the opposing forces aren't effective, because that's supposed to be what your PLAYERS accomplish. Make them the reason the rebels start succeeding... because if they're succeeding on their own, then there wouldn't be a villain-ruled world, right? The other thing to consider is how the resistance is DEALT WITH; are they exiled, executed... or possibly far, FAR worse? These things should be not only considered, but planned for - at least minimally. This way, if the players seem to be having trouble defending themselves from this world, then you can always have the resistance help them out. With this kind of basis, you can now move on to working with your players to fit into the world you've ruined created for them. Unless you are doing the whole "you get teleported/phase shifted/magically blasted into this dark world" scenario, then one would assume they came from THIS world. That being the case, your players should try to write their characters to fit into this new and sinister existence. If Nightmare Moon were in charge, then there might be an angry farmer (no sunlight) who might stand against her... or perhaps an ex-royal guard (no Celestia) would take up arms against the threat. Maybe even a displaced Party Professional (no mirth) would join the fight, or even a griffon or diamond dog would have a chance at helping out, because they miss the sun too? Helping your players craft characters that fit into the world can help you define it better, as their input could possibly bring up ideas or possibilities that would make the impression of your world much firmer than OCs who simply transferred over from (insert your OC's homeland HERE). With the above in practice (and more that I'm sure you can come up with on your own), you can build and populate an entire world where things are bleak, ponies are depressed or enslaved, and the entire story feels as though it's about to teeter off the edge into oblivion... which is where the players come in to save the day. Hopefully. Who knows? There may be some day in your future that you find yourself part of a ragtag group of refugees, fighting to free Equestria from the vile grip of the wicked King Sombra... *wistful sigh* Now... go out there and twist those worlds like fresh pretzel dough! Excelsior!
  9. I would like to present the ponies of MLP forums a virtual world platform called Second Life. It's where anybody can pick up editing skills to modify the world around them or how they look however they please. There are Pony communities already there, with plenty of welcoming faces ready to greet anybody that visits, and a marketplace system for Avatars and More. I will help anybody that messages me here in the forum personally over discord, through game or ect. I'd like to do anything to help the Pony Community live their dreams.
  10. I want to know what everyone's discord servers are so we can check them out and maybe affiliate with one another! I prefer servers revolving around roleplay. Either way it has to be MLP based <3 Here's the link to mine. Let me know what your server is about along with a link and I'll look at them all! NeighTown is a simple town that had once experienced a terrible blizzard. Now, Lumi, the princess that rules NeighTown, keeps everyone's home safe. You can read the town's backstory in the server. Once you've created a character and an admin accepts you, you will become a civilian and see all of the roleplay channels. They are hidden to keep guests from spamming or trolling and keep the group clean. Participate in events and assignments and build relationships!
  11. In my perspective, I think it was essential part of my life…so for any person interested in it, I welcome you. Allow me to set up some rules: 1. For This I would like for people interested has seen the 4 movies and the specials of EG. 2. Have an open mind regading NSFW or SFW matters. 3. Have a description of The OC or OC’s you would be using and if possible have an image (Better if made by yourself) of him/her/them. Here I will leave the one I will be using of my two OC’s Check him out and if you find him interesting, not me or comment here! 4. Let me know what kind of scenarios you will want. 5. If you get bored or feel its not able to go on anymore, let me know without feeling guilty of hurting me or other one. 6. Don’t feel shy on exploring around with plot twists and events. If you are interested comment here or private contact me so we can work the details, I’m open to Hangouts, Tumblr or Facebook.
  12. Well well well, Pudding wants to roleplay! Its been a long time since I've last done it. Good thing I've been practicing my writing skills for years! Sense I'm a horror junkie, I want to start off RPing again with a spooky story. Anyone can join as long as we all get along and have some roleplay experience. Sound good to you? Alrighty, lets begin: Story (Its almost Autumn in Ponyville! The trees are changing colors, the pumpkins are being carved, and the rain... the rain will come in full force. Things are starting to seem unfamiliar this year, especially with the appearance of a new mare in town. You see her staring up at the greying sky. No one seems to notice her except a few other ponies who walk by. Who is she? Why are dark clouds gathering? Maybe you're just feeling under the weather. Still, you cant help but be curious...)
  13. Making this blog entry to keep track of all the OCs I use for RPing since I can only have so many links in my sig xP Carnelian Clout - A multi-billionaire viscountess from the Crystal Empire. Ask her anything! Succulent Scent - An indomitably positive crystal pony perfumier! Soft Zoisite - Carnelian's estranged, hemophiliac, autistic savant of a son. Ask him anything! Proud Ametrine - Carnelian's estranged daughter with anger issues. Low Key - A young unicorn noble living with Carnelian Clout as her ward (and paramour). Bronze Bulwark - A cocky, flightless pegasus with a complete immunity to magic. Ophelia & Dahlia - Fraternal psychic twins with complementary talents
  14. Hey, So I was wondering, any of you guys every played as Twitter pony? I used to be in control of and man, was it incredible to be a Twitter pony back in the day (bahaha sorry, I'm feeling old today). Then things got weird and everyone started killing off their characters. I kinda forced my Octavia through a wormhole and then she came back like a few months ago and it was all a barren wasteland. So, any twitter ponies around?
  15. I want to start by making it perfectly clear I am loathe to make any kind of suggestion here. To this day I count first making a suggestion in this forum to be the worst thing I ever could have done on MLPForums and I have regretted doing so ever since. The only thing worse than the usual poor reception to any suggestion I make, whether helpfully or sarcastically, is how elements of what I do suggest have often been incorporated anyway with precisely zero acknowledgement. At least somebody ends up looking good for my efforts. So for me to foolishly put my neck on the chopping block once again, it is because I believe what I am talking about is on the same scale as an African elephant occupying a very small apartment. Roleplay participation in Equestrian Empire has dropped off a cliff, and was doing so before the switch in forum software which corrupted the character database. This has even been evident among roleplayers who play cast characters, and have a (supposed) minimum post count per week that they are supposed to maintain. A quick glance at the dates of posts in many roleplay topics will tell you that has not been the case. Activity is nearly at a standstill. To stimulate more roleplay, especially the high-quality roleplay that EqE is supposed to attract, my suggestions, aside from the obvious one of fixing the character database as quickly as possible, are: Abolish the minimum post count requirement for cast characters. Roleplaying is supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore, and it does no one a service when roleplayers are forced to make quick, brief, hastily thought-out posts to satisfy a minimum. Lift the cap on the number of people who can roleplay as any cast character. I've said before I have no intention on giving up playing Applejack, but how many other people who might have roleplayed in EqE didn't bother because their favourite character was taken and they can easily and readily play them in Everfree? I have tried to increase roleplaying in EqE by offering to start a thread with anyone who wants to, especially those playing cast characters. Only two have taken me up on it. All I want to do is roleplay more, especially since that's all I can hope to get by posting here. I've done my bit as a simple user. It's the staff's turn.
  16. Tall Tales is a pet project of mine (and my daughter's) that is set in the MLP Poniverse. It has been shaped by innocent questions like "Where do Sirens come from?" or "Is there more than one Changeling Queen?", to Roleplaying is Magic created characters and stories, to bedtime stories told over about seven years to my daughter who shaped them with her interruptions. Even though it won't be licensed, I am actually working on a little anthology book that I will have made for her. It has been 100 years since Twilight Sparkle was crowned as the Princess of Friendship. Celestia had always told Twilight that she saw potential in her from the beginning and there was a reason she became a princess. What she didn't tell her was that Twilight's strong magical talents and her positive outlook would be needed in the future. Now that future has come. Anaphora is a pony who was born in Canterlot. Like most unicorns, Anaphora was always been a bit bookish. She has an innate magical ability that is very strong but it can be a little too strong. Even some of the most well-intentioned, simple spells have a tendency to backfire on her or those around her. Her talent can best be described as bringing out inspiration in others. Though her talent comes with a price; if somepony or creature isn't open to it, then it can hurt them if she uses it against their will (even if she was just trying to help). Nothing too bad but it will result in headaches at the least and nose bleeds at the worst. While substituting at Canterlot's School for Gifted Unicorns, Twilight begins to see herself in Anaphora who was starting to become a recluse. Rather than take her on as a student, Twilight sends her off to become her Ambassador of Friendship. She sends Anaphora off to the city of Tall Tales with the intent of having her reach out to some of the more unique species of Equestria in an attempt to build bridges and mend fences. In her travels and talking to others, Anaphora begins to find out bits and pieces of Equestria's history and the lands beyond. There is much more going on than meets the eye... TALL TALES WILL SEE More about the Elements of Harmony The rise of new Alicorns and the return of others (remember the unnamed Alicorn in the Hearts and Hooves day story?) A civil war in the Crystal Empire Exploring the lands to the West and South Finding a new species and building relations with ones that have been introduced A more detailed history Slice of Life stories from Vanhoover to Our Town, from the Frozen North to the Oubliette. Tears in reality and worlds TALL TALES BASIC INFO Tall Tales draws from a ton of sources, including the show, books, comics, Roleplaying is Magic, more popular fandom lore, and mythology As it stands now, Tall Tales has about 50 "unique" characters. Keep in mind, Tall Tales was actually just me and my daughter making up MLP themed bedtime stories as we went along so some of the characters are eerily similar to some of the Mane Six, at least on the surface. Now that Ariana is older, she is wanting to add more science and more updated technology too it. While it sounds strange at first, her reasons WHY such things exist are actually pretty understandable. (Just as an example, game systems and computers do exist in the Poniverse but if the ponies relied on them too much, then the ecology would fall to pieces. Just imagine what would happen if Celestia and Luna decided to binge out on Skyrim and the sun and moon weren't raised?) With 50 characters at a minimum and more being added, there can only be so many original names, talents, and color schemes. Sorry if you have an OC named Cherry Blossom with a similar color scheme. In the real world, people share names, may look similar [blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin], and even jobs. If "unique talents" were really entirely unique, then one pony would be incredibly overburdened so some ponies who have similar talents (with their own unique spin on it) may share jobs. I.E. Rainbow Dash helps with weather but is unique because of the Sonic Rainboom. Tall Tales actually has a timeframe. A "moon" is 30 days (29.5, the time frame from new moon to new moon). Yeah, she is getting THAT specific with stuff. Strangely, some of these characters which are my own, started off as only jokes and trolls (one in particular) but then I ended up using them again for a story and actually fleshed them out in a way that they work well. So yes, some have connections to canon characters. Others are directly related to secondary characters. Some may seem a bit Mary Sue... but that's because they were at one time, lol.
  17. Welcome to under the moonlight! My first roleplay! Its a roleplay made for any kind of roleplay! Current members: @Electro Flash (me) @Lezal Rose
  18. welcome to the school of gifted unicorns!! rule 1: no dating rule 2: no swearing rule 3: no marysues and no power playing. have fun!!!!!! Stumbles out of bed and walks to the book shelf, picks up lots of books and puts them in her saddle bags. ################################################################################################################################### at school she meets her friend red ribbon and walks to class with her.
  19. OOC: It was the middle of the morning. The autumn skies of Ponyville were as blue as blueberry-flavored Kool-Aid. The leaves that fell from the trees were orange, red, and yellow. He had one question: do foxes really exist? For all of the 27 years he has been alive, he had been taught that foxes were an extinct species due to a virus outbreak that caused them to bleed from every orifice. His curiosity grew as the morning progressed, and he got out of bed, put on his old Wonderbolt Academy trainer uniform, and went outside to admire the blue skies. Suddenly, a creature that looked like a hybrid between a dog and a cat sniffed his hoof. He looked at it, and was stunned. It was a fox.
  20. Roleplay thread is here: This is the OOC thread.
  21. Hello @Ember Aurora I thought we could do a 1x1 roleplay with Princess Comet Shower and Starlight Shimmer, if that is okay with you. Please just let me now below if you are okay with that.
  22. @Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer would you like to do a 1x1 roleplay with me?
  23. @Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer would you like to do a 1x1 roleplay with me?