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Found 30 results

  1. So I've tried at various times to have a romance RP with Fluttershy. Some of them went all the way, a lot didn't, but both had one thing in common. None of them rang "true." Inasmuch as it felt natural for Flutters to fall for my characters. Maybe it's me, my OCs tend to be very "adventure focused" swashbucklers or martial artists, great for Daring Do (who I had one of my better romance RPs with) not so much for Ms. Shy. At the same time, she's shipped all the time with Big Mac and Rainbow Dash. The former is decidedly old school manly, if not exactly an action hero, while the latter IS an action hero who relishes in death defying feats and flies first, asks questions later. When written well in fanfics, the relationship comes off as natural. With Fluttershy being attractive because of her gentility and purity and she to her partner for their strength and will. So I don't see how at least two characters of my own that exist in between those emotional ends, being both willing to take action but not on a hair trigger with more of a reserved sense, would be incompatible with Fluttershy. On the other hoof, meaning no disrespect to anypony in particular, she hasn't been played well in my experience. Seems like most play a simplistic or season one premier version of her rather than the more developed version of her now. Do any of you guys have good RP experiences with Fluttershy as a romantically involved character? How was she played well? Was she paired with a character that wasn't a treehugger (literally or metaphorically)?
  2. I will keep insisting with this matter, because I Just have to be insistent about this. I’m looking for a Role Play (1v1 or 1w1) developed in the Equestria Girls Universe. But I must also know your opinions about this matter. What do you think of Roleplaying in Eg versions? even, do you think this kind of activity is something that you can find active in the fandom? or do you think I’m wasting my time looking for something like this? If you would not like to roleplay, at the very least can you point me a good direction to find this I have been looking, for at least for 7 months. Have some mercy by helping me or just crushing this illusion? in both cases I would appreciate the comments or the help, when you have wondered the internet for so long trying to find something you once lost, it takes an emotional toll, a big one at that.
  3. Before I begin, I should probably start with a little bit of information about myself. As someone who's been writing for about 16 or 17 years now, eight of which have involved on and off roleplaying, I thought I'd share a little bit of the wisdom I've accrued in those years. While I have met a lot of people with very interesting ideas (quite a few with ideas better than mine), I've also met a few with some...well, they certainly are interesting ideas, but implemented very poorly. As such, I'd like to have a sit and impress upon you my two biggest personal pet peeves in regards to character creation. First, let's start off with the most common one I've seen, and an archetype that I, myself, am guilty of using at least once in my life: The Traumatized, Chaotic Good Vigilante. Not that it's a bad archetype, especially because the best example of it is none other than the Dark Knight, himself. What gets my goat, however, is the way I usually see it applied. Some people tend to forget that they're supposed to be designing a character with a trauma, not a trauma with a character. Yes, trauma scars the psyche and the character can never really forget that it happened, but it shouldn't be what defines them. They had a personality before, so why are they suddenly cold, unfeeling, angsty murder machines now? Where was the transition? More importantly, however, it's not realistic. Someone who constantly ruminates on past traumas, kicking themselves for things they could have done, and otherwise reinforcing their victim complex will eventually develop a neurosis in the form of extreme anxiety and paranoia. A healthy character (not necessarily a good one) will have found a way to accept what happened and not let it define who they are. Victimhood is a choice, and they choose to be who they are. Either condition is an interesting route to develop a character, feel free to try one! The second character design choice that irks me most is what I like to call "Tumblr Tokenism". As someone who lasted just over two years on that wretched site, I saw plenty of examples of this. What is it? Essentially, like the pet peeve above, their character was based upon one single idea. In this case, however, it was their identity. In my honest opinion, when someone asks you to describe your character, the adjectives that you supply should not have anything to do with sexuality, gender, or race. What effect does that have on their character? What is so interesting about them being gay/bi/trans/agender/black/latino/etc? Why don't you tell me what their favorite color is? Their favorite hobby? What they do for a living? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are their aspirations in life? Don't get me wrong, a character's identity is an important part of their character, but it shouldn't be a selling point. Create an interesting character first, THEN decide on their identity. If it's common sense that judging a character on the color of their skin or the sex they're attracted to or the gender they identify as is wrong, then why are you making such a big deal out of the color of their skin or the sex they're attracted to or the gender they identify as? Of course, if you're trying to tell a story of discrimination, then there's an obvious exception in that sexuality, gender, and race does matter. Outside of that, though, your character's identity should be the least interesting thing about them. Collective identities do not exist, and those who identify as something don't always share the same experiences. First and foremost, your character is an individual, and if you want to write a more than one note character, then you'll treat them as such. Anyway, that's all that I have for now. Thanks for reading! Give a brohoof if you enjoyed this or leave a comment if you have questions!
  4. It's too bad that I'm so new, I don't know how to post pictures. Can somebody please tell me how! XD
  5. Hey guys! It's been a while since I was last on here but I decided to get some suggestions and opinions on my Warrior Cat RP site's map description (since the map is not done yet.) Here goes: The map consists of 4 major territories; SparrowClan to the upper left, DoveClan to the upper right, RavenClan to the lower left, and OwlClan to the lower right. A river snakes it's way down through DoveClan territory from a cliff at the outer edge. The water that cascades down forms a small pool at the bottom of a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a small cave, but I'll get to that later. The river, after bottoming into the pool, sneaks down DoveClan until it touches the border between DoveClan and OwlClan territory. from then on it follows the border until it branches out into two paths near the middle of the territories. It forms a border between RavenClan and SparrowClan, as well as RavenClan and OwlClan. The path between RavenClan and SparrowClan climbs it's way north around the outer edge of SparrowClan territory and stops to form a large pond. On the other side of the border, the land slopes upward into a flat plateau-like expanse with twoleg houses covering it's area. At the bottom of the slope, on either side of the river there is thick vegetation: Juniper bushes, brambles, and many other other types of plants, many good as medicinal herbs. DoveClan, the territory with it's land sliced in two by the river, is formed of open moor, with rolling hills and lush, although somewhat sparse, vegetation. Trees clump together around the hill sides where they meet the river, forming a small clearing between. On one side of the river within the clearing is where the camp resides, sheltered from the wind by the hills and trees. Another smaller clearing resides a little ways away, nestled between the hills, unsheltered by the trees that surround the camp. This is the training hollow. The trees from OwlClan also come up around DoveClan territory, snaking their way behind the expanse of hills. OwlClan's territory is primarily medium-height pine trees. dense with underbrush and pine needles. Few deciduous trees grow in the thick woodland area. The woods open up to clearing surround by thick brambles, guarding all around the space. A large, hollow tree that had fallen many years ago lays under some of the brambles, offering an entrance into the large camp that OwlClan calls home. Not far from this clearing is another, smaller clearing. This one isn't surrounded by brambles and instead is just offered by the absence of trees. This is where OwlClan's apprentices train to become warriors. OwlClan doesn't have much medicinal herbs growing within it's pines but past the line of trees where they break away to make room for the river is a clearing where herbs that need lots of sunlight and water grow particularly well. Near where the river stretches between OwlClan and RavenClan is where the Pine trees thin out and mingle into deciduous trees, creating a mixed forest for RavenClan to call home. The trees are less dense here, but still close enough to provide protection from the rain and wind. The sky can be viewed through the branches and leaves of the trees overhead, unlike the thickly wooded areas of OwlClan where the trees provide a sort of roof. Brambles also grow thickly here, with more lush vegetation to hide among and patches of herbs growing across the territory where sunlight lays in swatches. A clearing makes its way into the trees, a taller oak reaching into the sky within the space. Around the tree is where RavenClan makes its camp, among the sprawling roots and trees ringing the clearing to make dens for themselves. Smaller and less guarded is near the edge of the territory, a spot surrounded in vegetation and brambles. This is the training hollow. At the Southern edge of the territory from RavenClan to OwlClan is a large twoleg area. the river stretches through it. Last but not least, SparrowClan. This Clan is also populated by trees. Oaks, Birches, Beeches, and Ashes cover the vast majority of the ground. Not many brambles dot the landscape, but berry bushes and flowers are not a rare sight in Newleaf and Greenleaf. There is quite a bit of space between trees, but it is still partially sheltered from the sky. Near the center of the territory is a hollow, where the ground dips down. Rocks that stick up from the earth, covered in moss, mark the camp between the trees. Nearby another hollow is carved into the ground, being the place where the apprentices train. The cave that rests behind DoveClan territory behind the waterfall is the Mooncave, where Medicine Cat go to speak to StarClan. Spikes of rock dip from the ceiling and reach from the floor, dispersing to show a deep pool where the moonlight reaches from the entrance. It seems to glow. From the area where the river splits is an area untouched by markings of territory. This area belongs to all of the Clans, where meetings are held under the full moon. The corners of each Clan dip down here, surrounded by flowers, herbs, brambles, and small trees. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. xD Tell me if anything should be changed or added, and please tell me how you like or dislike it. <3 Thank you all!
  6. Eversince i was a kid, i always kinda liked to pretend that i was somebody else because i had (and still kinda have) a very vivid imagination. I wasn't somebody who had many friends during my childhood and i mostly spend my freetime of school, to play video games and watching movies. I love to get into my thoughts then and pretend i was one of those characters, or sometimes just be myself and interacting with the world. These days, i use my imagination to create my own character, that i can relate to, which as you know is Mesme Rize. I wouldn't just Mesme Rize my OC. I would even go so far as to say that he is my Ponysona, because he has some of the personality traits that i have, with some extras of course. I always loved to imagine myself as a larger then life creature. In this case, a 30 feet big ponylamia that loves hugs and hypnotizes ponies. There are some people that probably would criticize me, saying that i should remain with my head in the real world, or that i should grow up. I think it's okay to let your imagination go from time to time, because it's a nice way to relax yourself and let your problems step aside. I think my imagination helped me make more friends then ever, be it through doing Fanfics, Roleplays or whatever. Do you guys think so as well? Do you also have a vivid imagination?
  7. I've been looking around interwebz for some good tabletops with ponies. Unfortunately I failed to find any that would appeal to me. So if you have any suggestion I would love to hear it. Otherwise I might end up creating one but I'm laaazy.
  8. im thinking starting a role playing thingy but i have no idea what content to put in it.... to be honest i have no idea what goes on and i dont want to put my OC in and then not be able to do anything, so what do you do there? don't worry i will not copy you i just want an idea of what kind of things go on ?! and also whats the difference between the equestrian empire and the everfree empire? (can you tell im new here?)
  9. Hello everypony, We all know that roleplaying is a very big industry here on the MLPForums and that many of these roleplays stop early/unwanted for any kind of reason. This is a place l want to create to pay special attention to what the characters and NOT the persons behind those characters have to say. Did something go wrong in a roleplay you have been in? Do you seek advice or just a short nice Roleplay for means of conversation? This is your place to talk, characters! We are important too. Wether you come here to to talk to another OC or to find somepony or simply to be here, there will always be a pair of ears open for you to tell what you want to tell. Don't be shy, problems are everywhere and there is no need to feel ashamed about them or to deem them unworthy to mention. EVERYTHING that is said here is treated with respect, wether you come from the harsh lands of Fo:E or a foal with "parantal problems", remember everypony deserves love and that is what we stand for in this thread. Signed, Silver Snow, "Roleplaying Tulpa"
  10. There have been a number of events lately involving inappropriate sexual content in private roleplays here, enough to the point where I need to touch on a few important points with the community at large. The Global Rules are truly global, so they extend to personal messages as well. For the most part, personal messages are private, and the staff doesn't monitor them. However, if someone reports a message, or if we have a strong reason to believe that something harmful is going on, that privacy is voided and we will review the situation. Roleplaying via PM is welcome here, but please keep the content in PG-13 territory or milder. This is not the place to carry out pornographic roleplays and/or cybersex with others. There are many sites that allow such interaction, and we aren't passing a negative judgement on it by any means. We just want this site to be safe and appropriate for a more general audience. On that note, engaging in sexual relations with a minor is never appropriate. This includes cybersex and sexually-fueled fictional roleplays. This does not extend to romantic roleplays with little or no focus on sexuality. Engaging in any form of sexual interaction with a minor here, including through fictional roleplays, will get you permanently banned immediately. You could also potentially face legal trouble. It doesn't matter if it's public or in a personal message. Don't do it. On a more general note: sexual harassment of any form is not tolerated here, and any instances of it will result in harsher penalties than simply breaking the NSFW content rule. To summarize, MLP Forums is not the place for sexually explicit roleplays regardless of whether or not they are private. Romantic roleplays are welcome, but please keep it PG-13. Do not get into any form of sexual relations with a minor, including sexually-oriented fictional roleplays. Do not sexually harass anyone, and respect people's boundaries. Please remember that some members of this community are as young as 13 years old. They should be able to have a safe and friendly experience here, as should everyone else. Thank you.
  11. Title says it all. I'm thinking of starting a Pacific Rim RP, however I am unsure of whether it would work or not. So, would a Pacific Rim RP work out or not? I'm talking Kaiju, Jaegers, ponies and Equestria involved. Would it work?
  12. Does anyone know of any good roleplay's around?,I accept these roleplay's only: Pony roleplays,Adventure time roleplays,Anmie roleplays (I mean roleplaying as anmie character's),Equestria girl's roleplay.
  13. I just started playing MLP RIM on Does anyone else on here play the game, too? I am looking for someone to rp with. My username is jasuminchan and my pony's name is Sad_Hearts. Please PM me soon.
  14. This is horse news, so view at your own discretion. (note to moderators, the article itself is not derogatory, but the comments section of the site can be, similar to youtube). But it looks like we would see an official pony role playing game in the works. According to the anon from EA who talked about it on both /v/ and /mlp/, the game is a 2.5d rpg set in the time before the royal sisters founded Equestria. They have 3 classes, and all 3 races playable.
  15. Hi there. I often start browsing the MLP Forums from its start page, by scanning through the list of most recent topics. Once it was a great idea, there was always something interesting to follow. But now I mostly see lots of roleplay threads there, whereas other interesting posts are drowned amongst them or drop out of the list altogether. The roleplay threads are also usually the most active, because lot of people view it and post there frequently, which, I think, is a bit unfair for other posters whose posts could be interesting as well, but they will not handle the "competition" of roleplay threads' activity. I don't have anything against roleplays, this is a great fun etc., and I'd play too if I had time. But if one isn't interested in ropelpaying at present, it is quite difficult to find any interesting threads when there are mostly roleplay threads on the most recent list. So my suggestion is to filter this list or split it into two separate lists somehow: one for roleplay threads, the other for "normal" discussion. This way the people who are interested in roleplaying would find their stuff easier, and others, which are not interested in roleplaying, would find their stuff easier. So I think it would turn out as good for both. Edit: Maybe even creating a separate list is not necessary, since if one participates in a roleplay, he would get notifications on the "Topics I've participated in" list anyway.
  16. LARPing, or Live Action Roleplaying has been a bit of a trend for the past few years. So I ask you people of the forums Have you LARPed before? If so, what was it like?\ I've LARPed before and it was so much fun. Here's a little deviantart journal entry to summarize it all: I went to SCarowinds with my friends yersterday and we role-played throughout the park. My friend role-played as his DBZ related character Gozak and I role-played as Steller the Raichu (Names will be role-playing names from this point on). My other friend role-played as Naruto. Every now and then, we transformed into higher levels. After getting scared several times, Gozak transfromed into SSJ3. At around 8:50, the time came for Gozak to transform into Golden Ape and he thrashed about in an open space, until Naruto cut off his tail. Unfortunately, I was injured during that time, but Gozak had a sack of Senzu beans to heal us all. Gozak then became SSJ4. I then finally transformed into The Legendary Eighteen Tailed Golden Winged Ultimate Raichu. It felt unconfortable riding rides in this form, as my wings and tails kept on getting crammed. Gozak had to blast a few zombies, as they were getting in our way. Soon, we headed to the arcade. I did DanceDanceRevolution. Gozak said that my power was 950,000 and rising. He said to not let it go over 1,000,000 or else it would be dangerous. Fortunately I could supress my power, and so could Gozak. But Naruto couldn't, as his power kept rising since he was the Nine Tailed Fox. If Naruto did not release any power, he would explode. After some more rides, it was over. We returned to our normal forms as we departed in seperate ways...
  17. I'm sure many of you fellow roleplayers have experienced a roleplay that started out really well and then died all of a sudden. It happens so often, it drives me insane. All I wanted was to have fun roleplaying with others and to develop a really cool story based on the creativity that stems within all our minds. But it always gets hampered because roleplays on these forums just keep dying! I just feel really disenchanted with roleplaying in general at the forums. There are so many stories that I want to act out but will never be realized because people keep giving up on the story! I can list off at least 5 roleplays that I truly wanted to keep up but died because of time complications and inactivity. I want to give my all to developing the love and care that a roleplay needs, but at this point, even with the roleplays that are still alive, I always get this fear that it'll just die, leaving all my effort and many others to waste. This blog post isn't just a complaint. It's a plea to the roleplays I'm involved with and the associated roleplayers. If you really love roleplaying, then you guys should at the very least, try your best to stick with the story to the very end. I know you guys may have life complications, and I understand. That's why I'm still waiting eagerly to get these dead roleplays back to life! I just want to hear from you guys...I just want a reason to keep giving the effort I've been giving to keep a roleplay up.
  18. Could anyone perhaps help me add a cutie mark to my OC character, Twila Starshimmer? I used GeneralZoi's Pony Generator--found here at DeviantArt, and there's an "import cutie mark" button, but I need help finding a cutie mark and also getting it to show up! Twila Starshimmer:
  19. Hi, everypony! Since I'm new to the forums and just found my first RP, I was curious how many RPs you all are in.
  20. Kindness: The Element of Kindness is found in characters who have a deep compassion for others, and an acceptance of others for who they are. A kind character seeks not only to do no harm, but also to heal hurts in others, and nurture them. While they aren’t necessarily as generous, encouraging, or devoted as others might be, a character who embodies Kindness has a deep compassion and empathy for others which most do not. They are more aware of someone’s feelings and well-being, and how their actions—and the actions of others—might affect them. For this reason, a kind character tends to be reluctant to engage in confrontation and might try to stop it before it starts, and would be the first to make peace afterward and take care of those who were harmed. Laughter: The Element of Laughter is found in characters who are optimistic at their core, and seek to use their positivity and energetic good cheer to make the world a better place. A cheerful character tends to be upbeat and rarely discouraged or fearful; even when things are at their worst, they can find the silver lining in the dark clouds. While they can tend to be odd or appear to not take things seriously, this is often not the case; a cheerful character generally understands the gravity of a situation, but chooses to focus on the positive and fun aspects of it instead of dwelling on the grim and negative. For this reason, a cheerful character tends to be more apt to encourage others than to oppose them; they are more likely to throw a party to try to change someone’s attitude than to argue with them. Generosity: The Element of Generosity is found in characters who readily make sacrifices for others, giving of their time, effort, possessions, and even opportunity. While Generosity is similar to Kindness, it differs in that while a kind character might nurture someone by making sure that they get the medical care they need, a generous character would absolutely insist on taking care of the person themselves. It’s not enough for a generous character to make sure someone gets something nice or something they need; a generous character has a deep need to make, give, or deliver it themselves, personally. This can get them into trouble by causing them to try to take on too many responsibilities and thus suffer from the ‘weight of the world,’ but it is this theme of personal and dedicated self-sacrifice which is the mark of a generous character. Honesty: The Element of Honesty is found in characters who focus on personal integrity, responsibility, and straightforward morality. An honest character is more than simply someone who doesn’t tell lies (in fact, they may lie if it serves a higher sense of responsibility); they have an ‘honest heart,’ and try to be dependable in all aspects of their life. An honest character usually has very strong self-discipline, and firm convictions in what they think is right or wrong; they rarely (if ever) cheat, even against their enemies. To an honest character, a commitment they have made is a sacred duty—an oath or vow that they must fulfill at any cost and by any means necessary. This can lead to an honest character being blind to the assistance others can offer, as they focus on their own personal responsibility and how important it is to their ‘honest heart’ that they make good on their promises. But it is this dependability and firm moral core of steadfast integrity which defines an honest character. Loyalty: The Element of Loyalty is found in characters who place immense value on those who they consider important, and choose those friends over others—and even themselves. A loyal character desires value and acceptance from their friends, and regularly does things in service to their friends which they do not—or cannot—do in service to others. While a loyal character shows aspects of the other Elements in the things they do, they usually show them more when serving their friends. While they might help others and reap the glory for themselves, when helping friends they are likely to do so even to their own detriment. This is the difference between a loyal character and anyone else: a loyal character will push themselves far beyond the lengths they would normally go to when they do so out of loyalty to those they care about. Magic: The Element of Magic is found in characters who approach the world with an outlook of idealism, faith, and wonder, and strive to see what makes all things special. A wondrous character focuses on the unique and the important, looking for what makes each pony, each situation, each experience, ‘magical.’ Often, a wondrous character tends to have an innocent, even naive, outlook on life; they have an optimism which is similar to (but more restrained than) a cheerful character’s. A wondrous character approaches situations with a unifying faith in the world around them and their friends, and more often than not, it is they who more readily see the ‘magic’ of friendship for what it truly is.
  21. Can anyone recommend any good RPG's for the original PSP (ie not vita)? Preferably not anime/manga in art style, and not fantasy.
  22. It's simple. What is the hardest thing for you to roleplay? For me, I'd have to say fighting/tournament RPs. In these RPs, it is SO tempting to godmod/powerplay/go OP. This is due to the fact that each player wants to win. I struggled with this in an RP, which sadly I had to withdraw from. The fact that you have to be fair in this type of RP constitutes to why each fight between each character is very long. They can't go for so long and soon it has to end, and this is where I struggle the most. I try to end it quickly, but I might godmod without being conscious of it, until someone catches me doing it.
  23. Alright, as long as I have been here, I have seen sooo many different roleplays. They ranged from a well woven plotline, to a poor rushed line that centered around a specific character. Now, there are quite a few genres of roleplays, in which some are very difficult to organize. Here are some qualities, which I believe make a great roleplay A well woven plot: Every roleplay has to have a plot (except of course Slice-of-Life and other similiar types. The plot ultimately determines how each character will play out. If the plot is too shallow, the roleplay will be very confusing. This is common for first time rolplayers, as it is hard for them to organize their thoughts and put them down into words Not too much canon - Sometimes, roleplays are the best when they don't involve canon situations. I believe that canonism is one of the major obstacles that roleplayers face and it is a tricky decision for some DMs to make their roleplays with or without canon stuff. Personally, I'm a fan of non-canon, but I do put canon stuff here and there. This one is a big one: Every character should contribute something in the RP: The worst RP is an RP where none of the other characters get to do what they want to do. It's basically a one-man-show but with a little bit of background characters. It is a team effort in an RP. Whether it's exploring new lands or going on a noble quest, every character has to contribute something in an RP A plot that keeps your fellow RPers engaged and won't get boring very quickly What qualities do you think make a good RP and what do you struggle with the most when it comes to RPs? For me, what I struggle with the most is trying to make my thoughts into words. I've had this issue since I was little. But I've been working on it.
  24. I generally get you're realistic show-based Roleplays people partake in on these forums but there's these ones that make no sense to me. In particular the Grimdark ones and the ones that you take a completely other franchise but just puke ponies all over it. Grimdark - I can kind-of see why these show up, but I don't get how someone would commit there time to just Roleplaying out some violent RP/creepy RP and completely ditch the message of the show. Other franchises - I like the artwork/parodies some people do of franchises with Ponies, but if you just swap out the normal protagonists and put ponies in there place it looks rather dumb and plays out rather dumb. Why not just RP the normal universe not pony affected. I don't hate our Forum Rpers... I play Pen and Paper games like every weekend with my friends and family. I am even considering putting together a pony one if I can find people. It's just some of these Roleplays on the forum ditch the shows nice-spirit or put it in places that make it and the franchise it's in laughable.
  25. I have two good role-plays that i have in my mind. I don't want to give too much away but the one that i am TRYING to get posted is a revise of the very first role-play i ever tried to get started up. I have several theories why it failed, but dwelling on it serves no purpose right now. Every time i get started on writing the post I get pulled away from my computer. I either have to do work at home, or i fall asleep. It really is frustrating since i have a good feeling about my revised Role-play. Listen, i know what you're thinking: Oh you must have time since you posted this blog entry and whatnot. I am thinking that too. I would be writing in my roleplay searching thread, but i always get pulled away no matter what. Like I keep saying, "The universe hates me and doesn't want me to start this role-play." Though now that i think of it i could just neglect the inane things that pull me away from my computer.