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Found 2 results

  1. OK, so I want to start a band, problem is, I can't really come up with original material. And what I am thinking is rewriting an original song with some new lyrics but keeping the original song in there, with the original lyrics as well, mixed with another song in my band. It's not Plagiarism if I say to the crowd and on the Album that it is not my original work? Also, do not ban this, this is a Plagiarism debate and some help for my band, not a Piracy forum, as Piracy is illegal here on MLPForums, anyone who talks about pirating music will thoroughly be reported to administrators. Anyway, my band's name is going to be called the Friendly Roman Countrymen, and it may take a year for me to start it so go easy on me. I'm trying to make a song based on ''Surrender me'' from Air Combat 22, about a Ski-Slope of love, if I say that it's not really original then I won't get sued, right? I need help with lyrics about a Ski-Slope of love, about a man who goes down the ski-slope with his love interest and it escalates higher and higher the more they go down the slope. But I need it written in a way that's not ''Sappy''. As people hate Sappy music. Like I said, it's not plagiarism if I state that it's not an entirely original song right? And If I tell them who the true creators were? Or do I say it was half original? I need some help, I'm not recruiting anyone at the moment, and I don't want to recruit anyone on these forums, so if you can just help me, share with me your experiences of being in a band and tell me more about plagiarism, then it would help. Thanks. Forgot to say I need Ideas on this ''Ski Slope of love'' song that are not sappy. Don't people hate sappy music? I'm as patient as a badger. Just waiting for someone who has ideas, that's all. Remember this is not a piracy thread, as piracy is illegal on the forums.
  2. I was attending my global history class and we got the roman empire, me and my teacher have actually debating in class about it aswell. (Scores 3-2 if you wanted to know) so today we got to watch ancient Rome the movie, which over Neros rein. I was asleep through the first half, but I tuned in just before the assassination attempt.... God, I should've stayed asleep, the way he killed all them. In public, no excuses and no escapes either. Then he threw an art festival and starred in it while Rome was nearly backrupt?! Back then, Actors weren't what the are now, back then was in social status just, just above a beggar. So this was like Queen Elizabeth mud wrestling. After words he literally killed his wife infront of his servants because she mentioned how he dropped one prop. He kicked her to death and killed their heir aswell. He then went on tour with his act, in a poor attempt to earn money. While there he made a plan to force all the wealthy to put everything they Had in their will to him and then kill them. Not a moment later, he executed this plan, and it was bloody.... He even turned one of them into a women and watched them do it aswell. They then got enough sense to rebel against him, and force to commit suicide. He called himself a god, but I disagree with every part of me to even speak those words. He in my opinion may be one of the worst people on the history of humanity. Did he do good? Or did he doors bad stuff that I forgot to mention? What's your opinion of him? TL;DR? I think Nero is horrible what do you think?