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Found 19 results

  1. In my life, I have seen way more break ups and divorces than 2 platonic friends simply stop being friends with each other. So a platonic relationship is way more likely to last than a romantic relationship is.
  2. So, this is just another game . You must say something romantic to the user above, yes it can be something that you find romantic .
  3. Cheese Sandwich wants to tell the mare he has liked since he was a colt that he likes her. But how should he? So he asks Rainbow Dash for advice. If you like CheesePie, I think you'll like my story! Come and check it out! I hope you enjoy it!
  4. As with many other kinds of media, video games tell a story, and, like most stories, heroes usually have a love interest, and they both will usually show their love for each other with a big, deep, passionate kiss, usually near of after the climax. So, which kiss cutscenes from video games do you guys consider among the best?
  5. Hello, there! I write anime fluff fan fiction and I have been having issues with coming up with ideas regarding how the characters I am writing about come to meet or end up dating. I have tried looking up ideas on the internet, but I haven't found any ideas that I like. Could you spare any ideas?
  6. It is time . I'm finally uploading mah first pony art, and of course, it's some good 'ol me x her . Oh, how I love her so much <3. Anyways, I have two versions. Here's the one with all the erase marks and such, so this is like the "original draft" . And here's an edited one which is much lighter and more clean, but is also missing some small marks :/. As you can see, I tried to make our hooves hold each other, like romantically holding hands . I had a hard time trying to make the kiss look as good as possible, but I finally made it look good enough IMO . So, what do you guys think?
  7. So...what's cookin', good lookin'? What would your reaction be if the member above you gave you roses? ^-^ Try not to murder each other!
  8. I searched and couldn't find a topic like this; apologies if I've missed it or anything. ^//^ So, do you believe love at first sight is possible or a feeling that should be quickly acted upon? Have you ever experienced it, or know someone who has? It doesn't have to be romantic love, by the way; platonic or any other kind of love towards someone else counts too. ^.^ Personally, I've never experienced it myself (I have to get to know more about someone, and share more moments with them, to begin developing any strong feelings), but I feel it's possible to love someone very easily like that, though it's probably not best to trust the feeling too far.
  9. I never got a chance to show this one off. I am SLOWLY trying to get back into my groove, but my PAST keeps coming back to haunt me... :okiedokielokie: So starting today I'm hoping to get back on the trail of drawing, and plotting out my fan fiction. I'd love your critique of the above piece and will later link you to my Fanfic thread, where I am in need of assistance. Thanks everypony! Have a wonderful afternoon.
  10. So what are your favorite love songs? As of now my favorite would have to be The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin. This song sounds like absolute paradise. Led Zeppelin were always so passionate about whatever they were doing. Edit: Oh and please don't say things like "Well, what exactly is love?" and all that philosophical bullcrap. ಠ__ಠ You know what I mean.
  11. Chapter 1: The Kit of the Medic The medic sighed, she was tired, yet she worked on her herbs, she felt a rumble of Pain,crrys of Battle rainned outside. She decided to rest,she curled up and fell asleep. Pain rustled trough the Queen-age cat, though she wasn't allowed to have kits. She grinned. Shallowleaf was a medic since she was 6 moons. She woke with a start, and noticed a young Sliver kit with her eyes,she picked up the kit and found a old abonded Two-leg school, she hid the kit in there. She smiled and raced back to camp, yet a human caught her. She smiled, she waited in the pound, suddly a teenager with Black hair came in. He came and eyed her, "She looks like she had a kit, I wounder if I can get her for the club.. How many bits.. Uh sorry, cash do you want for it, I'll give $5 for this cat" He said. The teen picked her up, and walked out of the area, giving what looked like a dollar bill to the same exact person that captured her, then left with her. He took her to what looked like a Asylum. Once in his room, he turned himseld into a cat and let her to explore the room. "So who are you?" She never seen a Two-leg turn into cat before. "I'm Chaostar' He said with a grinn, "Lets see, you look like a Shallowleaf" He said, he heard footsteps and turned back. "Shallowleaf, go hunting, try not to get caught, again" He told her, she hoped off , in seatch for her kit. Turns out the hunt for the kit was easy. She grabbed the kit and went back. She noticed that he was talking to someone in what looked like a vet coat. Chapter 2: The war in the sky. Cuddles casted a spell at her less favorite wich, she was surprised that Lisa was even fighting. What's with all these Potters,she thought. She pointed her wand at Lisa and casted the spell. She got a spell casted at her, which she dodged. After the fight, she apparited to their metting place which Mundungus later told her about. She smiled, he also told her about that Lisa fell, she decided to use a pollyjuice potion to pretend she was her. She grinned, "Just a little-uh, broken bones" Cuddles told then, she tried to look uppset to play in Character. They looked at her, like she was a spirit or as well, Undead. Chapter 3: The Blame Tian looked over, "you really believe WE did this?" He asked the main 6 with a smirk. "Your really believe your going to turn my Son into stone insteed of me?" Asked Discord,, as he heard the talk between the group. Tian smiled, "Why, I won't do something like this" "We shouldn't blame them" Fluttershy told the others. "one of them are LYING" said one of them "Both of them" said another... Tian laughed, "Give up guys, we didn't do it, I'm not even a plant person myself" Chapter 4: The Trick Cuddles smiled, still as Lisa. "Maybe I'll help to look for the Horcruxes, but I got to go to Hogwars, if you need anything, Owl me" She said,. "Are you saying you're going to help, Lis? Ron asked her. "Of course I am" She said. She Disappartied to the school and tried a spell she made to get rid of Polyjuice. It worked, she noticed it was the first day back. She met Amycus Carro, who was the new DADA professor. He oddly bowed to her, "no need for bowing Professor Carrow" She said. She noticed Snowyclaw on her Shoulder, there was a letter, she grinned and read it. Chapter 5: The Portal Into Another World. Tian smiled, "Besides the portal at camp, there might be a few portals, I might take a group with me" " How are YOU going to get a group of ponies to join" asked Rainbow Dash. "I'm reformed also, don't you forget" Tian told her. "Take most of the ponies" Princess Twilight told him. "Don't forget, I'm going with my son" Discord said with a fake sigh, "You won't need my help anyways" After gathering two handfuls of ponies, they went to the castle. He grinned, the others were following. At last, in a dingy room, full with Dark objects, a portal was buried. Tian took a step into the portal,he grinned, "This place looks different" "Seems like we're trapped?" said one of the colts. Discord grinned, "Tian, you might have to stay here, it looks more like an, um, school, I'll be checking around" Chapter 6: The Sorting Tian smiled.He followed the group of first years, he followed the others, while walking in he grabed a stick,which, he used his Chaos magic to make it into a wand. A wizard who might be the Headmaster grinned at him. As he was waiting to get sorted, he saw the Headmaster telling him to come to him, "What's your name"?" He asked Tian. "Tian, Disharmony" He said, instead of responding the headmaster pointed his wand at the list, "You may wait to be called now, Tian" The headmaster told him, he grinned and stood, waiting to be sorted. He grinned, after 5 minutes, he was sorted, "Tian, eah, Chaos, Darkness, a little bit of Bravory, SLYTHERIN!" Tian smiled and sat down, he grinned at a girl with Black hair and what looked like her BF, starring at him like her was mad. "Disharmony? Sounds like one of our last names" The girl asked her friend. Chapter 7: The New Slytherin After, Cuddles looked over at the new boy, "So, want to join the Deatheaters?" she asked him, trying to not sound annoying. "I'm leader of the Appirance group, Oh and I just got my DARKmark, I show you mine WHEN you get yours" She told him. H He seemed too old to be a first year, though he was rwally a 6th year. His dragon features amazed her in detail. She suddly got another Owl, she read it with a grin, "Seems like another person will join, anyways, I'm Cuddles Riddle" Chapter 8: The Meeting With The Deputy Tian smiled, "Of course I want to join, Cuddles" He said nervously... "Alright, just call me Lady or Princess Voldia, if you don't mind" Cuddles told him. "Well then, my Princess" Tian told her, Acting like Twilight, a little, he thought.
  12. Prologue: The First Rising I stared at my mum, with both worry and fear then I turned back to the the sky. I flew about 2 feet off the ground and my horn glew dark orange, then it rose. I smiled proudly and looked down at the other ponies watching. (gonna finish this later)
  13. Just posted this on FimFiction! Story can be found here: Description: A jaded stallion catches the attention of two mares when he moves to Ponyville. Brought together by their shared connection in drinking alcohol, it is both the glue that binds them and the knife that separates them. Rated: Teen Tagged with "Sex" for heavy implications Read and enjoy! I always welcome critical reviews!
  14. A romantic poem i wrote after my boyfriend purposed to me at my first year of prom hope you guys like it I look into your eyes, as we sway from side to side. I don't recognize this feeling i'm feeling Is This love? You stare into my eyes You read me like an open book Is it true? Do I love you? You talk so sweetly, as my heart races. I lean in to kiss your soft, sweet lips. You smile and kiss me as if i was yours to start with. You smile once again. You stop swaying in front of me. I stare at you in amazement as you get down on your knee. You bring out a box, everyone around us stare as you open it. Everyone stares in Awe, A Diamond ring appears in front of my eyes I watch your lips "Will you marry me?" Tears in my eyes, i don't know what to do! Should i say yes? Should i say no? What should i say? I nod my head slowly, you get up and kiss me must i be this happy? yes! yes i must! "I Love You my darling" i hear you say Love in the air It overwhelms me My first year at prom and he Surprises me Love... A magical thing it is it is love that i am feeling now --EmmaForever--
  15. So this is just unbelievable. First off, I have been wanting to draw Pinkie Pie for a while now, especially since she's like my pony waifu. lol Secondly I've been hesitant to do so, for fear of messing her up. But tonight I just went at it! And this is the result!
  16. ...come fly with me. Tumblr post because I can't use the IMG tags on my iPad. "Not sure if my wings and Viscra's tail look good, the former are supposed to be spread and the latter laid down on the ground. I like how the rest came out though, even though Feather's back leg (touching the ground and turned away) took me dozens of attempts to get right." So I'd like some feedback on the wings. I think, for Viscra's tail, I could've made it wider with a couple of locks in the foreground to suggest it being spread out.
  17. here is my sumbition with my OC Colorful Crescendo, ill cross my fingers, i may do more submitions for this ship with mimie on tumblr, dear lord this took a while to finish, all day actually, what do you guys think? comment and tell me? -first time drawing anthers -.- be gentle-
  18. You are a boy, A beautiful boy. It makes my heart sing. And it sings songs of your kindness, And songs of your hands, Soft and warm, I want them to hold me forever. Hold me, And never let go. Hold me, my boy, And I will hold you. As long as I can. Safe in my arms, Safe in my bosom, I will make sure that you stay whole. Because you are the purest boy, Innocent and uncorrupted. Unlike all the others. No ordinary boy. You reached out with your hand, To touch the worn out old beast, And she growled at you at first. Tried to scratch and bite. But then she came to love you. I came to love you. And my heart sings again: He is the greatest boy of them all, The boy with the biggest heart, He tamed this old beast, And made her true beauty shine. You're just looking for someone to love, You've been looking all this time, Don't worry. Because you've found an old beast, A loyal old beast, Who will never leave your side. I will be your companion, As eternal as the stars, My hair as dark as midnight, And yours as light as sunbeams. Together, we will shine our lights, And rise as night and day. Because you are the boy, The only boy for me, No... you're not a boy now. You're a man. A big, strong, brave man. Who stood in the face of the monster. And made her his. ...I just wrote this five minutes ago. Um. It's sappy.
  19. DA link. You can also see a cropped+resized version in my sig, with larger font for visibility.