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Found 4 results

  1. Yo! So me and my GF were planning on spending one last pony-convention together before I head off to AZ for personal biz. In any case, she's insisted on paying for the room, but didn't until it was too late (cuz she's a dumb dumb, but she's my dumb dumb <3). So, in turn, if there's anyone looking to split the cost of a room for the duration of the con, and looking for two dorks to crash with, it'd be appreciated. Thanks guys! <3
  2. Hi this will be my 4th year vendoring and I got a room with 2 Bed Spots Open ( Same Bed) 135 ech or 250 for both spots (couple discount) Thursday night to Monday Morning - 4 Nights Check in time will be 6pm to 9pm Thursday night, I am driving from LA to San Francisco Food: Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, bottle water, snacks will be provided throughout the con. Bonus: Microwave provided as well. If there is any accommodations needed, please ask away. For more info Please reply.
  3. Lol- I couldn't think of a better title. The plan of this thread is to have a more serious tone. * edit * it looks like a mod has put a better title You're in your living room or whatever (watching TV or something) and notice movement out of the corner of your eye. You look and HOLY $#!% it's one of the mane 6 just randomly standing there as a living creature with their same personality (and looks for the most part) from the show. They do not look like a normal "real" pony/horse. They're just as surprised to be there as you are to see them. AND NO- THEY'RE NOT JUST ALL SMILES HAPPILY RUSHING UP TO GREET YOU. Small talk is probably the least of their concerns at the moment. Put yourself in their "hooves" for a second. They don't know where they are or why, They also DON'T know who, let alone what you are. (Equestria Girls doesn't count please, LOL) So what would you do? How would you calm them down (if even needed)? Let's say they end up stuck with you for a few weeks before Celestia somehow comes to the rescue- how would things go? Something to keep in mind- our world is far different than theirs and they haven't a clue. If you're not careful they WILL get taken away and probably locked up for study and/or killed and dissected. I'm not saying that in a joking/sarcastic way either. I'm hoping to see some thought out responses on what you think would happen- and it's affect on the pony over the few weeks. *EDIT* I would approach the situation as a harboring a fugitive type matter. I'll post my other thoughts (and why I came up with this idea) later on- I don't want this initial post too long.
  4. -Chapter 1- Dusk's fingers tapped impatiently on the table in front of him. Someone was coming to rent out a part of his relatively small apartment, though he didn't know much of the person. Apparently, the person was a man, who always wore a suit. Suddenly, the door opened, but just a crack. "..Hello?" asked Dusk. "Anyone there?" He sighs. Must've been the wind, I guess. He returns his gaze to his laptop screen. Creeek...The door opened all the way, and a tall, slender man stalked into the room. The way he walked was strange; he didn't walk. He levitated. "O-oh! Hello!" says Dusk. The man dosen't have eyes, but Dusk can certainly feel the coldness from his gaze. "I'm Slenderman." The man whispers. "S-so, you've come to rent a part of my apartment?" Dusk asks. "Yes." "Okay, I'll show you around.." Dusk gets out of his chair, and slyly steps around Slenderman. "No problem, I already saw it," says Slenderman. "Well um, it's late, I'm gonna go to bed." says Dusk. "Goodnight." Dusk steps around Slenderman, who's gaze follows him as he walks to his bedroom. Dusk hops onto his bed. Okay, that guy is horrifying. Remind me why I let him stay, again. As the narrator, I declare ending theme time! ...Just replace Haruhi with Dusk, and everyone else with Slenderman.TO BE CONTINUED!