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Found 7 results

  1. I have some decisions to make about housing because of very adverse decisions made by the landlady of where I am living now. There are many routes to go and innumerable variances in various traits, and one of them is to rent a house or apartment myself and then seek out roommates, rather than the other way around which I have been doing for years. I am utterly inexperienced with this and thus I ask you all for advice. I have been living in a house with up to 5 occupants for over two years here, renting out a room for 350/month (including utilities). I have been very complacent and unimaginative with regards to housing, but I was forced not to be when she decided to evict me due to the supposed effect my gender non-conformity has on her business there (the effect is pretty much zero). There is a wildly unpredictable legal component here which will affect costs and timetables since I have to fight in court even for the 60 days she must give me, and to raise the discrimination issue (this is illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act and HUD's interpretation of the protected Sex category, in case anyone is in a similar position). Do I rely purely on state law and try to leave by 28 December, or do I rely on federal protection and appeal a loss which seems likely (I might get a judge who agrees with a pro-trans interpretation, though) after the state's statute is followed? Is turning this into a protracted siege worth the costs financially? Will HUD or any organization assist me with appeals? However, the other component is even more important, the housing strategy. Do I look for low-income subsidized housing (I'm disabled and get benefits for that), or do I look for a room? What filters do I use to prevent both information overload and endangering myself with a bad situation? What is my cut-off financially and with regards to public transit? Yesterday and today, I had a rather important realization, one that is late and I am rather embarrassed about given my identification as a strategist and tactician: I could rent a 3+ bedroom and then bring in roommates to sustain that, giving me control and saving me from having to rely on the tolerance and whims of other people. Of course, I have never done something like this in my life, and this is the largest public place I am a member of on which such a question is within decorum. I also would be preferring bronies and furries in such a circumstance, so it's also somewhat relevant to bronydom. I have minimal knowledge of this process and thus need advice. Are such places usually furnished? Are there costs involved that I am not aware of (beyond utilities or having to suffer if a room is vacant)? Is there a high likelihood even with proper vetting and precautions, I will have to contend with bad roommates? Will finding suitable roommates take over a month usually? Is it considered reasonable to lower my share of expenses and increase those of the others (like, if there are 4 of us, have them pay over 25% each and me less) if I oversee the place and pay the landlord? Should I actually look more towards buying a house with some sort of home loan instead (I have nothing for collateral and am already 6k in debt, but have decent credit ratings), and then rent the remaining bedrooms as I would if I was only renting the place to pay for the mortgage and utilities? I thank you all in advance for your assistance. I hope I can pursue this option so I can for once be in charge of things and provide a suitable place for upstanding bronies and furries and others to live.
  2. Hello all! Bryan Chandler/Super Trampoline here! My roommate Sam and I have a room (at the Hyatt) reserved from Thursday night until Monday morning, and are looking for a few more peeps to share with to drive down cost. Sam is super chill, and I’ll be off staffing and partying most of the weekend. If you are interested in crashing with us for any portion of the con, you can respond to this post, email me at, or text me at (714) 496-3119. Hope to hear from you, and let’s get ready to Pony!
  3. So it looks like one of our roomates may have to bail, due to being sick. Even if not, there's only 3 of us in the room, and we could really use a 4th person for a better Hotel Share. We're getting a hotel room for Thursday-Monday, though if you're just wanting to say Friday to Sunday or Friday to Monday that's fine too! I'm a MtF TransWoman while my friend is Cismale. We don't care about your gender or sexuality, though we would like someone who is a Female Identifying, but that is not required. We're super chill, we don't mind if you fur suit. We just want someone who is chill, pays their fair share, and willing to keep their stuff in their corner of the room.
  4. Hay everypony! So right at the end of 2017 years BABS, I've already made reservations at the Hyatt for 2018 BABSCon. I have at least one person that will be returning with me. I am still looking for one more spot with someone that would be interested staying for four nights. The reservation is for check-in on the day before the event (March 29th) and check-out on the day after the event (April 2nd), by noon. This will be my third year and so far the room share situation has worked out well. Ideally I add 2 extra guests, which seems to work best and not over crowded. The maximum is 3 guests, making 4 total. So I will take who ever is interested and sounds like a good fit for what I'm looking for. So with a full room, it's really important for me to find people that are clean, quiet and respectful of other people's property and would be looking for the same as well. I wouldn't want any drinking, parties, smoking, or things of the sort. I'd prefer just to keep the room for the people on the reservation. If there are some other needs, let me know. Sleep is also important to me, I like to get to bed early, ideally 11-12 and get up around 7-8am and would be ideal to have roomies that like sleeping around the same hours. I should also mention when I first check in the room, though the rooms have been cleaned, I still wipe down surfaces with a sanitizer, to keep from catching bugs and has worked out pretty good so far from preventing con crud. So sharing with persons that could appreciate that and also wouldn't mind helping do their part would also be appreciated. Thanks everypony.
  5. Hi everypony my name is vicki . I am looking for a room Friday thru Sunday. I dont have a lot of money but I can provide food and other amenities . I am working as video staff for the con . I will be taking video for all major events. I really need help . I am coming to make new friends and to relax and forget a bought the bad things that have happened to me recently. I have really bad anxiety and i just need a positive environment right now thats not Sacramento . I am hoping for someone that will understand and has compassion bought my situation . You can message me and I will be able to explain why and whats going on with me . I am very bubbly and happy go lucky . I will be cosplaying daring do and I will possibly have my service pomeranin Yuki cosplaying as thorax. My FB is Reyoko Stinson. I am quite and clean . I am very sweet kind and respectful. very adventurous and i am alot like twilight. I love meeting new people and making friends . maybe we can negotiate money as well . I am hoping i can pay something. either way ill be coming down with or with out a room . XD i guess i can sleep outside .... heh ... I dont drink or do drugs . But if you drink or into 420 . it does not bother me . I just need to be able to sleep so i can do my best to produce good videos for everyone during the con . any help will be appreciated . I am sorry to trouble any pony .
  6. Looking for a hotel room to share with some / multiple ponies. I'm pretty quiet, and don't smoke. Flying in from Vancouver, Canada, so I'll probably be so exhausted, I'll just be passed out. Also going to be a vendor, so I'll be gone for most of the day. Definitely willing to pay a fair amount for the room share.
  7. So as of episode 100, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are officially roommates! They're personalities are pretty high in contrast, so I thought a fun and creative topic would be to imagine 5 things each character does that gets on the other's nerves. Here are mine: Vinylisms (things that bug Octy): 1. Leaves the cordless phone in random spots (she can just summon it with magic, Octy has to search for it!) 2. Runs the dishwasher before it is necessary (it cleans with wubs! wouldn't you?) 3. Leaves the remote in random spots (see #1) 4. Replaces burnt out light bulbs with glow sticks (seriously?!) 5. Parks her bass cannon right inside the front door (Octy still can't figure out where she got that thing) Octyisms (things that bug Vinyl): 1. Burns gingerbread scented candles (Vinyl thinks there are cookies baking, and is disappointed) 2. Snores very loudly (even for Vinyl) 3. Takes too long in front of the bathroom mirror straightening her hair (Her hair isn't even that crazy. What's taking so long?) 4. Borrows Vinyl's earbuds without asking (they have a different frequency response then her cans) 5. Practices her cello at 7 AM (Too early. Vinyl just went to bed 2 hours ago!) I may have cheated by using the wub dishwasher, but I just imagine funny scenarios like these or referencing these being made into original artwork. Also, if there are any other official roommate combos in MLP I am unaware of feel free to post those here too!