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Found 14 results

  1. Soo, I was bored and started to doodle, but then I got really into it and I actually really like these.
  2. I think the hair should be cleaner, but hey, I just threw this together in 5 minutes. Maybe if I cleaned some rough edges, redid the main figure, and it might be good? IDK. EDIT: Yeah, this is terrible. I hate it now.
  3. Because ponies. Anyways, these pencil sketches took sooo much longer than I anticipated. I blame my damn perfectionist/OCD personality. I'm like Rarity with drawing :1 and it's annoying sometimes lol So I did the best I could on these two drawings. They're also the first any sketches of mine without any reference to use(vector, any already existing picture, source, etc.). Purely by imagination So let me know what you think. Here's Pinkie Pie. And here's a "Flutterhug." :3
  4. May be This was not the year for me. Not my year of great achievement, Not my year of Finding love or not my year for making a name for myself. No this has not been my year and it has not been Wolf's year. From my birth to the year 2000 I had something in me. I had courage, pride, joy, strength, will, curiosity and I had something here *Puts Paw on heart* However that Year...I lost it all and became a shell of who I truly was and became a ghost to all. I never fit in, I stayed to myself not giving anything. when I opened up I kept my cards close to my chest only showing what I wanted ponies and people to see and that was not much. I never kept a diary I never shared the full truth and I kept secrets that may never be heard ever again. I will admit I have heart Ponies and people, not often Physically in fact hardly Physically and some emotionally. Always non intentionally more often then not purely on accident. I have had friend become enemy's and some friends lost. I have made some enemy's friends and mixed with the good and the bad. However in the mist of it all I was always alone. since then I made a shell and many layers of walls to protect me. I had the skin of a dragon, the swiftness of a wolf, the cunning of a demon and the face of an angle. DDWA was what I created and they protected me from 2000 to 2013 it was in the last six months of 2013 I was introduced to a witch needs no introduction, but hay may as well. I was introduced to a show I thought was meant for girls "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" A friend suggested it so I thought I would indulge her request and watch the first two episodes as they were linked making one...literally the two episodes were streamed as one Part one and two. after watching the one episode i kept going and going and over six months of broken viewing I watched all of them up to 2014 January 1st so while I waited for new episodes I hunted answers as to when it will come out and I found the site MLPForums and By 29th January I developed a Pony sona/Wolf and began a true journey of my own. Little did i realize that yes the many years from 2000 to 2014 were not my years, Pain, anger, frustration, loss, bullying and having no real direction. However that changed because what died in 2000 was being born again. So no I had nothing, but now. I have been here just over a year January 29th was when Phoenix landed here and he is here to stay. We came here to find answers to a question we no longer remember and we came here finding more then we barged for. We met AppleGearRising. It was funny I was writing my first draft of my story and me and Apple had spoken a little and I liked his personality so I asked If I could use his OC or him in my book. Sadly he declined as he did not have an OC but he did offer assistance. We truly connected when he spoke of having a bad day so we had a PM chat hoping I could brighten it up and judging by what was said it helped. we then spoke on and off for a while until 20th of march and that is when I met Nick 1925. He Commented on a status Apple made and I could see he cared about Apple so I had a chat with him and went well I guess. He was a little uneasy about me but we quickly got traction in a conversation at the time. He strongly resembled Fluttershy because he was off and then I mentioned something he was passionate about he then went slightly excited but like Fluttershy quickly wound back down. However we kept talking until we has a stable ground in which he could confidently talk with me. then we, being me and Wolf, Nick and Apple began really communicating and we formed an almost brotherly tie, Like family. I have every message I ever sent them here on the forum and between them we have had over 1200 replies to one-another and in every reply we have been truthful and kind. I once said that between the three of us we could have used the Elements of harmony And I would not tread ether of them for anything...and I mean anything. you see over the past year I have been rebuilding my tru self and that is Phoenix, but I did not truly create him...My family did. My brothers, who I have never met. However I trust them more then any one else...I trust them like they were my true brothers and I love them the same way to....and unconditionally to. They could tell me anything and my view on them would not matter what they said. We are Family and that is all that matters to me.
  5. Okay, so I've have taken the time once again, to practice my pony drawing skills! Lol, so it took a good hour and this what the end result was. I'm pretty happy with the drawing. Like to see what you guys think. I may try drawing a series of each and every one of the mane 6 ponies soon. I just may need to practice a bit more. lol PS, I know her horn is barely visible lol... Practice does make perfect
  6. This...may be the first thing I have drawn in the MLP fandom that is actually good. It doesn't suck at least. I would like to get feedback on where I can improve. I think I have nailed the head. The legs and the proportions of the body maybe not.
  7. I am making a griffon OC. And I wanted some feedback on how to improve. And your opinion on the character design, and how I can improve in that area. Anyway, BEHOLD MY ATTEMPTED ART!
  8. Here is another sketch from my continuing project to draw myself as an anthropomorphic...I want to say wolf...I haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, here it is. I may find the other threads and link them together for all to see.
  9. After days of restless procrastination, I finally went onto the infamous stage of drawing my first anthro character, which is essentially just a furry version of me, known as Phase 2: Body. Also, due to extreme boredom, here is a bonus image that I took 5 minutes to draw. Feedback on the body sketch is appreciated, but don't bother with the 2nd one. It was just for fun.
  10. I am continuing the art project of mine to draw myself as a anthropomorphic animal. I have focused my efforts on this one to the head. I think it turned out well. Any feedback from those with experience in this field would be greatly appreciated. The second pic is me. I am putting it there so you can see what I was going for hair wise. Got done with a more finished version. It isn't colored, but it gives me a feel for how it will turn out. Any flaws, please let me know.
  11. I got the idea a while ago to draw myself as an anthropomorphic animal. Don't know why, I just thought it would be interesting. I decided to put a rough sketch up to see if I can actually pull this off and get feedback. Again, this is a rough concept.
  12. Hi everyone I don't know if anyone is going to think this is good or not. But whatever I guess, it got my mind of my headaches for a few days after exams and I kind of like it. Its pretty long, but I tried not to mack it a grimdark or anything distrubing. I can't stand anything too gruesom
  13. another day another drawing ^^this time its more a cold and rough picture in my opinion i colored it the same was as the last time...well not much to say here anymore XD tell me what you think
  14. Okay so I havent written a fic in a while and I think its time to start again. So heres the idea I had for the story, basically equestria is at war with the changeling country and Solarwind (my OC) Has been sent on a mission to gather intel. However once everypony is waiting at the gates the only thing that returns is a letter confirming the worst has happened. Intro is below I just wrote it and its 1:30 in the morning so please go easy on me... Love it? Hate it? What was your thought on this poorly assembeled intro? This is'nt the whole fic just a begining. I just wanna know if I should continue. Big thanks to @Clarity, for editing and fixing all my gramatical erors!