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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, so I wanted to learn more about Celestia, Luna, and the history, so I started looking stuff up online. Still never found a whole lot, other than the Journal Of The Two Sisters official book (totally gonna get that). Plz reply with any theories or details you have... I need to know
  2. Hello my beautiful lords and ladies! I, lily, will be answering any questions you have for me. As said in the title, I am princess celestia's daughter, but she does not know what I am doing. So ask your questions!
  3. Had the hardest time deciding where this should go. The reason why I'm asking is for my fanfic, but the entire question has more to do with the show. If it needs to go to creative resources, my bad In trying to find out about Luna's and Celestia's family, I've run into a few snags. I found that Lauren confirmed on her DA that Luna and Celestia have no other siblings, and that Prince Astron--Blueblood?--is a distant relation. "He's the great, great, great... nephew on Celestia's and Luna's mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking..." So, from this we know the family tree is rather extended. Then there's Cadence. The main problem is her age. During Twilight's flashbacks, Cadence appears to be around the same age as the present day mane six. Later on, though, she appears to have aged normally, now looking to be the same age as Shining Armor. So, she would have to have been born more recently. This contradicts fan-theories that alicorns age differently. They could age at a normal rate, but cease the process completely once they hit a point of maturity, like Elves in LotR. But even that doesn't work completely: On Lauren Faust's DA page, March 20, 2011: "...Luna is not yet full grown, and some sort of evil magic turned her into Night Mare Moon. When she grows to an adult..." What do you guys think? Granted, I'm not trying to apply a scholarly amount of logic to the show, it's just artistic license can only go so far.