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Found 20 results

  1. This has probably already been brought up, but it is something that has confused me highly. So you have Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, all rulers of their respective places. Great, that's awesome. Questions though arise for me. Why is Princess Celestia and Luna not Queens? To be a Princess means you are the daughter of the King and Queen, where are they? Obviously from what we can glean, they have passed away. They are never shown, nor really talked about (unless somewhere in the comics, to which I am not privy too unfortunately, so please educate me if this is so). On the same page? Great. SO, if the King and Queen pass away, that makes the become a Queen. So why is it not Queen Celestia and Queen Luna? Or since Celestia is the older of the two, Queen Celestia and her sister Princess Luna? Why have the titles not changed? Now we also have Queen Chrysalis, which is explicitly stated, obviously, as a Queen. Why is she given the title of Queen and Celestia and Luna, and even Cadence, are not? It should even been King Shining Armour and Queen Cadence, but again, this is not so. You'll also notice King Sombra kept his Kingly title, and turned out evil, even if in the comics, he started off as "good". We have good Kings then, but hardly ever, IF ever... GOOD Queens. There has been a theory put forth called, aptly "The Princess Theory" and what it tackles is the issue as to why female main characters in certain things are called Princess without the knowledge of the whereabouts of their parents, either they are not mentioned or it is made clear that they are dead. That would boost the character up to QUEEN, but it never happens. Why? The theory goes that little girls like the idea of "Princess" because of what it denotes. Royalty, status, special treatment, yet kindness, care, beauty, and above all: YOUTH. Queen means older and MORE RESPONSIBILITY. Little girls (Disney and society assumes) wants all the perks of royalty but not the RESPONSIBILITY of a nation like a Queen has. It's less desireable to a young child to have responsibility. Disney has had a ban run, (if you notice) of making Princesses the "good guys" and all the Queens "bad guys". Have you noticed this? Queen has become almost equal to "bad guy". The EVIL Queen, trope. This has become so engraved into movie and story pop culture it's become an unfortuante staple. So therefore, in MLP, they don't call the "good guys" Queens. Notice, QUEEN CHRYSALIS.=EVIL. PRINCESS CELESTIA/LUNA/CADENCE=GOOD Why cant we break this cycle? Why cant we respect and honour the actual royal titles? Why can't a Queen be good? Why is age, wisdom and resposibility taugh to young girls (and even boys!) as undesirable? Why can't this become a positive? Thoughts?
  2. I wanted to try something new and then decided to draw them together in a single picture. Yep, isn't something, like, "amazing" but it's good enough.
  3. After a few hours of drawing, I finally finished it. I had a lot of fun drawing this, especially drawing Celestia's mane and tail. What do you think?
  4. Been wondering for a while- ever since a few episodes after Twilight got her plastic pony playset....I mean, castle, from Hasbro....I mean, the Tree of Harmony. Where are her royal foot servants? Should her castle be that empty, without royal guard and ponies to wait hoof and hoof on the Princess? Should poor Spike REALY be the one to be doing the dishes, as seen in "Amending Fences"? Should Twilight's friends be the ones tasked with trying to repair the castle's damages, as seen in "Party pooped"? Sunbutt, Luna, and Cadance each have their own staff to tend to them and their castles. Heck, even the Yak Prince Rutherford, Duke and Duchess of Maretonia, nd Prince Blueblood do, I'm sure. So why do you think Twilight doesn't, and makes her friends- who have their own lives, work, and responsibilities, do the work that could be left to royal staff....if she had any. Why doesn't she have any, like the other royals?
  5. This is just something I whipped together real quick, I wanted to show off the mane/tail animations I did of Celestia and Luna. The color quality annoys me, but that's what happens when you know nothing about Flash and save as GIF images. What do you guys think?
  6. Armored Princess Celestia Well, for the continue the Collection of Armored i maded the Powerfull Princess Celestia, or Princess of Sun , one of my Favorite characters, i hope you liked
  8. I have many of comics! Please chet it out!
  9. Greetings everypony. In accordance to executive order #2401GH-b "Like Stop Hating on the Military You Guys", I am here as spokespony of the Royal Guard to improve public perception of our esteemed organization by answering questions you all might have about us. So go ahead and ask away! I'll be here all day. (For future reference, the current guardponies are: Aevum Shield: male, 28, pegasus, currently recovering from a head injury, indicated in goldenrod. Dark Moonbeam: male, 27, batpegasus, indicated in indigo. Silver Wave: male 29, unicorn, indicated in gray.)
  10. There is nothing that i found on the wiki about Filamina the Phoenix and i want to know what everyone thinks about the backstory and life of her.
  11. I sure don't. I hate to be that person to make a topic about this, but I believe we have greater things to worry about than some baby. -_- (This thread was not meant to insult those who actually care about the baby, or live in Commonwealth countries. )
  12. What are your opinions on using the royal we in a fanfic with Luna? Does it seem appropriate, or does it come off as stupid? (Note, this is post-nightmare moon.)
  13. I have been interested in various royal families for a long time. But in light of newly crowned Princess Twilight I had to ask who is or was the hardest working royal? I've broken it down by the various royal houses still in power today and the various members who do more than "hold a title". If i have missed any please add on into the discussion. Because most Royal Families spread across more than one country ill try to list them as such. Some houses are actually branches of older ones that don't exist. How interesting. Correct me if im wrong but my observation points to most European royal houses starting from a German line. For the sake of discussion lets add in pretenders too. Pretenders being individuals currently leading their royal house which is currently no longer in power. Did you know Napoleons great-great-great-grandnephew is a banker in New York? Here is a list of Royal Houses i have done a bit of research on: House of Equestria: Magical Land of Equestria House of Windsor: United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms House of Oldenburg: Russian Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Greece (Formerly), Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg (Formerly), Duchy of Schleswig-Holstien (Formerly) House of Bernadotte: Kingdom of Sweden House of Glücksburg: Kingdom of Norway House of Bourbon: Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies House of Orleans: Kingdom of France House of Bonaparte: Second French Empire House of Hohnzollern: German Empire, Kingdom of Prussia, Kingdom of Romania House of Savoy: Kingdom of Italy House of Orange-Nassau: Kingdom of the Netherlands House of Romanov: Russian Empire House of Pahlavi: Imperial State of Iran House of Hashim: Jordan, Iraq and Syria Imperial House of Japan: Empire of Japan House of Saud: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia House of Chakri: Kingdom of Thailand House of Solomon: Ethiopian Empire Senussi Dynasty: Kingdom of Libya (formerly) I narrowed it down to 6 individuals who I think are the hardest working: Princess Celestia of Equestria King Abdullah II of Jordan Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Diana, Princess of Wales Anne, Princess Royal Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan Briefly I'll explain why i made these choices: Princess Celestia has been able to keep the keep the cycle of day and night continuing in Equestria for a 1000 years after and in that time no major uprisings (that we know of) have occurred and during her reign Equestria has seen massive expansions and development for its people Jordan is one of the few countries not effected by the Arab spring primarily (I think) because of the amount of reforms enacted by his government which the people of Jordan seem content with. He is often the voice of reason in the region and people do seem to listen. He has done many things i don't think many royals ever do. He wrote of his trip across Southern California on a Harley Davidson. He even made a brief cameo appearance in Star Trek: Voyager. He was told he could no longer go skydiving after ascending to the throne. In Japan the government goes through many Prime Minister's because they can be voted out with a vote of no confidence. The Imperial Family of Japan is the oldest continuing line. Crown Prince Naurhito speaks across the world on the importance of Water Conservation and sanitation, a subject which i think is often over looked. Clean water in Asia is a subject of growing importance, but one he has stressed for years. He also raises awareness for blood donation. Recently he attends ceremonies and events on behalf of his father the Emperor. British royals have always wowed me because they have a way with their words that makes you feel very inspired and generates a desire to do more. Princess Diana's work to help ban Landmines internationally is a big one for me. People often forget about them and then they kill innocents long after the conflict has ended. But enough from me I want to hear from you.
  14. Welcome, children of the Equestrian empire. I am here to elude your suspiscions of [myself], the death mare. As the eldest sibling of the royal lineage, I can answer any and all questions you may have conjured. Speak quickely though, for this must be our secret. I do not belong here. My name is Mizuki. I am the queen's first child, the half-blood offspring of a royal equestrian and a lowly species of foreign origin. I was born as a "death" elemental and was, hence, despised by all at an urly age. It was never within my power to descide who dies, and the pleas of mercy are all but futile without a hefty price. I am blind, for I was born without pupils. I am incapable of judging those who I must kill, so I am fully capable of doing so without mercy. In truth, "murder" is quite enjoyable. Sample Questions- All sample questions that are used within this forum will be removed from the list. Therefore, you may either ask your own question, or use one of the following. You may reword the questions if you like. Why is it that the hair of Luna and Celestia has an elemental flow, but that of your own and of Cadence's is of typical consistancy and movement? Why is it that you were banished from Equestria? How did the alicorn amulet come into existance? Why do some alicorns have different body types than typical ponies? What significance does King Sombra have towards Celestia? Why did Celestia not wish for Luna to acompany Cadence and Shining Armor against King Sombra? What is the typical lifespan of an alicorn? If Luna reprosents the night, does she also have control over the dreams of other ponies?
  15. What do you guys think? (I'm really sorry if I've posted this in the wrong bit, I'm new here! Do plushies count under art? I'm assuming a sculpture would, and a plush is kinda a soft sculpture.)
  16. Three of the Guards in this picture are Alicorns (1 Grey, 2 White). The all-white Guard in this picture has no wings or a horn, making him an Earth Pony Guard (Earth Guard).
  17. so i watched the season finale. and holy fucking god my goodness, it was good. so what to do with such momental amounts of gasps and awe? make a poem about it, of course! tis been a long time since i did any of this. thank you, creativity, for finally striking the lightning rod that is my brain, again! it's a bit back and forth of the evilness of this episode (Queen Chrysalis taking form and spreading terror across Canterlot, minions feasting on equine hearts love, taking form of fellow background ponies... wait what am i doing here?) to the all-is-well-wedding at the end (when Chrysalis and her minions are defeated, and the REAL wedding can take form). they're separated from each other by the "---" that's located throughout the different paragraphs, until it finally reaches a climax (change in paragraph structure, supposed to be sort of hummed to the tune of Art of the Dress, because AofD is best pony... song, that is. la dee dooooo daaaaa wasting paranthesis space OH NOES), which is pretty obvious to spot when it arrives. all in all, i had great fun with this. and if you read this, and get the LEAST kind of goosebumps out of it, i have succeeded with writing it. anyways, enough boring talk! lets just get this over with! (like any of you even writes all the technical stuff about art, anyway. who cares about that? just jump into thiiiiings and be done with already! OH HEY LOOK MORE PARANTHESIS SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! GETTing bored of wasting space) --- The Royal Canterlot Wedding: Restoration of Harmony, by Viscra Maelstrom --- Assemble form, Chrysalian beings! Feast upon love, their equine hearts! Shrivel in fear, mares and gentlecolts! For the bride and broom has yet to kiss! --- Make room for marriage of highest court One Princess Cadence and General Armor Forever united, through wet and dry Their marriage is sure to make to cry --- Harvest the love! Crush the barrier! Make the royal kingdom fall! Not love, but lust, pollutes the air! The lust - oh lust! - for total dominion! --- As ye are gathered, in royal hall Make room for the bride, don't make her stall Oh crusaders of the mark, mark your positions For the royal princess, who makes her entrance --- Stall the ponies! Halt their path! Make sure not a single one trots through! Mirror their blows! Lend them down! Crush the loyal Spirits of Harmony! --- Slowly abiding, not to stress Royal princess hooves the carpet Eye to eye, and step by step Oh dreams of wonder, just almost there! --- Capsule the princess! Capture the spirits! Kingdom of Canter, you have been defeated! Accept your fate, and meet your doom! For the love of equine, has conquered all! Hoof by hoof! Horn to horn! Mare by colt! Love to love! Conquering! Magical! Powering! Enveloped! Love, for it shall conquer all! --- ... For by the powers of love To the strength of commitment Your magnetic enticement And restoration of harmony I hereby pronounce you... ... Mare and colt!
  18. Final Mare-A-Thon of Season 2 Begins 4:30 PM EST Friday Ends 2:00 PM EST Saturday Hello My Little Ponies, and welcome to the final Mare-A-Thon of Season Two in the Synchtube Room. First, some history. The Synchtube Room was created in August by Kurtiss, back when the forums were merely a concept. It was originally created to show the MLP Episodes to a neighsayer. However, it grew into something much bigger then that. Ponies slowly began going there to watch pony clips, and laugh with each other. The instant chat room made it easy to communicate with one another, and the polls provided a massive amount of 'Lulz'. Eventually, when the Forums were about to launch, ponies crowded the Synchtube Room, waiting eagerly for the forums to finally enter into existence. All you ponies that were there know how that went. : P Since then, having a Synchtube Party every friday night has been tradition of the forums. Eventually we began getting a bit more structured, and also began airing the New Episodes live there. However, all good things must come to an end, so more good things can rise from their ashes. Tonight will be the last Mare-A-Thon of Season 2, as we begin Friday Movie Nights Till Season 3. To end with a bang, and to celebrate the Royal Wedding, we shall be doing our largest one yet. We shall be watching every single episode of MLP; FiM, along with pony-related videos in between to spice things up a bit. It shall start at 4:30 PM EST, and should end just in time for when the New Episodes will air. We do hope you will join us for what is bound to be a historical synchtube Night, that shall go throughout the night, into the morning, and begin with the Royal Wedding. After all, isn't sleep overrated these days? You do not need a Synchtube Account to join us, watch videos, vote in polls and chat. However, the Webcam and voice chat feature do require an Account, so if you wish to use these features, make sure you create an account. Anyway, we hope you will join us for this grand Synchtube as well as tell your friends about it. It begins at 4:30 PM EST and ends at 2:00 PM EST. ~*~ ~*~
  19. Hello all, I need help. I do have a slight ability to draw, but I can't draw ponies. Not at all. And that is not good considering I have a good idea for the cover as seen here: I only drew one pony that was the fan made character I made which can be seen here: If someone could draw this and make it look professional, you will be marked as the person of awesome of the month (for me at least). Plus, I can brag to my boyfriend going "Ha ha! I got awesome cover art! :3" You will get credit if you make it both in the actual post and on the story. Thank you all for taking time and reading! Appreciate it! :] PS: All of the mane 6 have their element necklace and Luna has the appearance from Season 2.