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Found 48 results

  1. Let me know what do you think?
  2. Trilby owns a hat/clothes shop and this is it's design: I don't know what tiles I would use but This is just the general idea. I felt like if I added the changing rooms on the first floor, it would be too clustered. Here are all Streets Named SO FAR: I am thinking of adding streets named after the pillars and the founders of Equestria. Also there will be one called Full Moon, Eclipsed, Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight. There are some roads that used to be one but over time of deteriorating becomes separate. When I asked about any lakes/ponds Samurai Equine (who from this point on will be noted as SEq) also said and quote So those will be added soon.
  3. Here was the description I got from Samurai Equine: And Windy Breeze pointed out how Sundea Delight had her own Polar as well. This was my response in paper: I made many main streets and side streets. I didn't start naming them until recent but as I was drawing the streets, I was having the urge grow. I also made the ratio 1:6 here. I tried skipping to making the Town Center. It is a magic thing that changes to what ever the town needs but it was a failure because while I can think in 3D I can not draw what I had wanted. This was what I made: I sorta based it on the Crystal Heart due to it's magical nature but my failure to make it clear in my 2D drawing made me put it aside for now. At this point I had to make it clear, there are far more buildings and such that have yet to be marked. There are both small and big buildings unnoted. I began designing some of the houses/buildings we do have noted like the Icecream Parlor and Trilby's house. The Ratio here is 1:1 Soon Samurai wanted me to move the house and I realized the problem with paper. While it is good for planing, any adjustments would need another sheet and instead of redrawing everything for just one edit, I began making digital ones: I said this with these images: So this is everything so far. I will still make paper updates before transferring them to digital to make them easier for myself. I plan to plot this out as best I can before starting to build it. There is a lot to this but I am excited. I hope to update soon.
  4. Hello, I have a question regarding roleplay character profiles. I want to add a pony, but she's a crossover between MLP and an original character from an official anime so I'm unsure whether I am allowed to create a profile for it, as it's not a character of my creation. Thanks in advance.
  5. OOC Link: @Dynamo Pad Kitsune had just setttled in her new home just on the outside of Ponyville. She was really starting to enjoy the slower pace of the little village. She was just starting to get back into the swing of things. She had a few other pieces to finish up but then the concert and play season was over for a few months. She decided it may be time to try and get out there. Put some energy into meeting a few ponies or going to a few town events. She knew she couldn't stay cooped up forever. She bucked up and made her way into the town square. She remembered the little sweets shop and headed straight for it. Having a little chocolate seemed right. As she made her way, she took time to notice how pretty everything was. How quaint it was. How friendly the ponies were. Wishing her well as she passed by. Gripping her bag she took a deep breath to steady her nerves. "Today is a new day."
  6. On a site that's 80% dude, I've noticed a lot of female characters. And it seems to be a trend in most RPG games. So out of curiosity, why do you guys out there play as girls? Also if any curious ladies are reading and have played as guys before, why do you chose to do so?
  7. Hey guys! For those of you who knew me, I took a few years break from the forums. Well, this is what I was doing, AKA The rock I was living under for the last two years. From the 11th of October 2016 to the 24th of September 2018 I was in Chihuahua Mexico as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I spent that time visiting people in their homes and on the street, helping them come to know and understand what we as members of the church believe, as well as help those interested prepare to be a part of that church. I decided that upon returning to the forums I-d let you all ask about it if you want, as well as allow those who don-t know me to get to know about me, my characters, and my experience in RolePlay, Writing, Editing, and public comunication without confrontation. So, as the title says, Ask Me Anything!
  8. I'd like to try starting a RP, but I don't know where to begin. Any help from anyone would be great.
  9. Reboot of this thread Rules: 1. This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty! E.g. What I say goes. 2. Heh. Every inch of my work is flawlessly calculated. Look at the perfectly understated silhouette. How can you not see the beauty!? E.g. Don't try to move the plot along, I'll do that. 3. This is subtracting from my arts and crafts time. E.g. If your going to be away from the rp for over 1 week, let me know. Otherwise your character gets removed from the rp. (Ranks being in order of importance) ThunderClan Medicine Cat- Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- WindClan Medicine Cat- Silver Fur- Old silver she cat with green eyes (Blood Drops) Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- RiverClan Medicine Cat- Ice Flower Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- ShadowClan Medicine Cat- Leader- Deputy Queens- Warriors- Apprentices- Kits- P.s. You thinking that the leader is most important? You is wrong. If a leader is lost, the deputy replaces, if they are both lost then the most senior warrior would take over. If a medicine cat is lost, then the other clans would need to provide medical cat training to one chosen by star clan. Medicine cats are ranked the same as 'Teller of the Pointed Stones' or Healers
  10. OOC thread here @Raven Rawne It was early evening when the young ten year old bat filly was wondering around her little makeshift house inside the forest, looking for some fruit to make her favorite fruit salad with. "Hmm I thought I had more fruit than this, maybe if I check the cupboards" she thinks to herself and checks for some more fruit and frowns "Nope, damn it, looks like I'm going to have to go looking for some more" she sighs deeply before looking at her armor rack, she may have only been ten years old, but she had had some experience with armor and weaponry when she was staying with her friend's family. Sliding into her leather armor effortlessly and slipping on her hoof blades, she sets out to find some more fruit. After about an hour of searching the areas immediately surrounding her little home, she found some small fruits growing in a bush near a try and some growing on the tree as well, licking her lips, she begins to climb the tree to start picking the fruit.
  11. LINK TO OOC SILVER NOTE STAR TWIST NOTEWORTHY "Star, are you sure this is safe?" Silver asked her friend. "Of course. It's only a simple teleportation spell. I've been able to teleport myself and small objects no problem. I just need to practice on another pony. You'll only go a few feet at most," answered Star Twist, one of Silver Note's best friends. "Well, OK. Go ahead." Star Twist's horn glowed, her face straining. In a flash of light, Silver dissapeared. Star waited for her to reapear, but she never did. --- Silver Note rubbed her head. "Star, did it-" She stopped, looking at her surroundings. Where was she? Star Twist had told her the spell should teleport her a few feet at most, not to... Ponyville?! How was she in Ponyville?! Silver shook her head. You have to keep it together, Silver, she thought. Maybe I can find... yes! She had spotted just the stallion she was looking for. "Uncle Noteworthy!" Silver shouted across the market. "Oh, Silver. How are you here?" said Noteworthy, confused. "Oh, long story. Say, do you know how I can get back to Manehatten?" "Uhh... no." Silver's face fell. "But you can look around the market. All kinds of ponies are here." "Thanks, uncle!" Silver Note galloped off, looking for a way home.
  12. OOC Link HERE It was an unusually good day for Enigma as she had passed out in the Royal Equestrian Library after spending the entire previous day and night researching, pouring her way through many dusty old tomes and books about horror and the unknown, this time in her own spare time, but as she opens her eyes, and lifts her head up, she notices a letter for her. "Dearest Enigma, it has come to our attention that there has been a dark disturbance within the depths of the Everfree and we require your immediate attention. Yours Sincerely, Luna and Celestia" Groaning with morning cramps, she stretches her arms and legs, pats her tail who was still sound asleep and makes her way to the Throne Room. -A couple hours later- "Great, just great, not only do I have to go back into the Forest, but I have to take someone with me...but who? Nopony would be crazy enough to try to go in there, let alone with me" she mutters to herself "Except for.." she shudders, she knew of one such pony through his reputation, how-ever, it was still a long shot. It took her a short while to get to his usual haunt and knocked on his door "Hey Crescent, you in there? I kinda need your help and it's pretty important" she calls out to him
  13. LINK TO IC Hello, and welcome to the OOC of A Magical Mistake! This is my first time roleplaying on here and becoming a DM, so bear with me as I learn and get better at this art. Please do not join the RP without asking me permission on this forum. Current users part of this RP: @Silver Note @Celestial Panzerhund @Jade The Pegasister @WiiGuy2014 Current cast characters taken: Chrysalis - @Silver Note Please tell me to put you on this list if you are going to RP as a cast member EDIT (7/6/17): There are technical difficulties currently with the IC page. I'll keep this page posted to when it's up and running. EDIT (7/6/17): The IC is fixed. Click the link at the top of the page to visit it!
  14. Hello everyone and welcome to equestrian villains Victorious based on Disney villains Victorious the fans in which all the djsney villains have conquered bits of the world and ate now warring for control over all of it except now we have a MLP /Isfet verse version of it where Equestria had been conquered by villains hailing from both their world and not feel free to join enjoy the anarchy!
  15. "WELCOME TO DESPERADO HILLS," a voice boomed through out the small town of the same name. Ponies trotted through, some with tired smiles, others walking to their home. This place looked way too happy to be here, but they had never been attacked, so it made some sense. I passed a guard who nodded a greeting which I returned. I had no intentions of staying longer than the night, but until then I made my way to the munitions store named "Buck's Bucking Bullets,"
  16. Would anybody like to start a 1x1 RP with me? I am up for pretty much any genre of RP :). If anybody is interested, please do tell, and i will PM ya :).
  17. Ever since I began regularly roleplaying three years ago, one quirk that I have consistently seen among players is the paranoid belief that etiquette demands that their replies must be as long or longer than the one(s) that they're responding to. I've had enough partners to know that some people prefer a laconic style while others simply enjoy writing and give minute attention to detail, and it's important to state that neither style is "bad". In my experience, post length has no bearing on a player's skill, and they should instead be judged on the amount of "meat" in their posts. First of all, let me address the elephant in the room: what is "meat"? Let's look at it from the point of view of a food analogy, as seems most fitting. Imagine that, before you, is a nice, juicy steak. The meat is what you want, as it is where the majority of the protein and iron is as well as many other vital nutrients. Next to it, you have a large, thick slab of fat. While the steak does have fat in it, and fat contributes to the flavor of the meat, an entire steak-sized portion of it is nowhere near as nutritious and contains quite a bit of cholesterol. In short, there is really no reason to choose the slab of fat over the meat steak. Now replace that steak with a reply that's several paragraphs long. You can stuff it with as much "fat" as you like, and one or more of your partners might enjoy the perhaps learning that much more about your character. After all, fat adds flavor, and so does filler. However, problems arise when your post is so full of filler, covered in untrimmed fat, that despite having several paragraphs to work with, your partner only has enough material to crank out a few sentences. Sometimes, they don't even have enough for that. Before I go any further, I will openly admit that among the various people I may be describing in this tutorial, I am included. I am an absolute stickler for detail, constantly expanding and trying to cram as much detail into a single scene as possible. If I ever have to make a response that involves firearms, military tactics, biology, chemistry, etc, you better believe that I will have a lot to say. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and I applaud people who enjoy writing well enough that they just pour themselves onto the page. However, roleplaying involves two or more players, and I have known a few people who are exceptional writers, but terrible roleplayers. The simple explanation for this is, as writers, we want to be able to tell the stories we want to tell about our characters, but to do this, we need control over the environment. In a roleplay setting, however, everyone else is trying to develop their characters just as you are, and because of that, it might not be your character that gets to slay the dragon that killed your parents. In fact, your character might be completely left out of the fight, leading to an absolutely anti-climatic end to your character's story arc. While you could always coordinate with the other players to achieve the resolution you want, it just begs the question: if you joined this thread with the expectation that your character would take precedent over everyone else's, then why didn't you just write a fanfic instead? If your character's development is so important to you that you have to stifle the development of others in the thread to make it happen, should you have even considered joining the thread? That tangent aside, the point I'm coming to with all this is that, while all good roleplayers are good writers, a good writer is not always a good roleplayer. If I am to claim that roleplayers have a responsibility, it is to ensure that their replies are meaty and give their partner(s) something to respond to. Over my years of experience, I've come to find that the length of a post is completely irrelevant, and a single paragraph response mostly composed of dialogue can have more material for formulating a reply in it than a giant wall of text detailing a character's internal monologue on all the reasons why the TEC-9 is a terrible, piece of crap pistol with no redeeming values. The message I hope you take away from this is not that your posts should be dry, bland, and straight to the point. As I said before, fat provides flavor, and so does fluff. If the muse strikes, don't be afraid to write down what comes to mind, but do be sure to give something back to the person who so graciously gave you the material to craft this masterpiece you've written. Godmodders and bad grammar may be the most common scourges of roleplaying, but checking in on a thread to find that the latest response is nothing but paragraph after paragraph of mental masturbation can be just as infuriating.
  18. Ok so this has been brewing for a while, It's called 'Letters from Ponies' But it goes something like this. We get a bunch of Roleplayers who can write as the main cast. People can write a letter to a pony, where the RP will write a response to send back. It will be Emailed to a person who has fonts for each pony(Or if the RP want's they can do the fonts and print it them selves). will print the letter in the font and mail it to the person who write the first letter. The prime target is for younger fans of the show, who have an issue that they want a pony to help them with. Right now, this is just an Idea, So I want to see if anyone else think it is a good one? Pony ideas(You can suggest more): Celestia Luna Twilight Rainbow dash Fluttershy Rarity AppleJack Pinkie pie AppleBloom Scootaloo Sweetie belle Lyra Octavia Vynal(100% sure that is not spelled right) Doctor Whoves
  19. Having spent a few months on the site, I feel eligible to share a few thoughts I have concerning the area of the forums I mostly dwell in, namely the RP section -- or, to be more specific, the readily accessible part of it called Everfee Empire. Much of what I'm suggesting may already be a part of the plans for the roleplaying Poniverse site, but since it isn't yet here, I might as well bring these up. 1. Segregation isn't always a bad thing tl;dr Move some topics elsewhere to make the category more transparent. The current layout of the category makes it kind of difficult to use, as it's a huge melting pot of ideas, open invitations and discussions concerning currently-active sessions. From what I've gathered, the traffic in said category has greatly diminished in comparison to previous years, but to me it still looks like a few improvements would be prudent. a) Sieve the ready from the forming tl;dr Create separate categories for player-recruiting threads and OOC discussion of running RPs. A visitor to the category of EvE OOC will most likely be interested in finding a session to join him- or herself. Instead, the most active topics around there are often the OOC threads of RPs that are already underway, and neither interested nor open to accepting newcomers. Conversely, the posted offers of RPs to be launched get a few responses at best and after a few days fall onto a second page of the category, unless they're systematically bumped. And, since said practice in itself is somewhat questionable, it shouldn't be encouraged by how the environment behaves. Thus, it would seem wise to somehow divide the currently overlapping zones of these two levels of activity. b] Promote the quality tl;dr Exactly. Plus, high standard means a long time to reply, leading to the thread being difficult to find. At first glance, the RPing forums follow this principle: there is a separate category for "advanced" roleplays to take place in. After a closer look, however, the only purpose of said exclusion is enforcing the several-hundred characters minimum length of posts (which to a properly selected group is rather redundant, and may perhaps even be an obstacle, but that is beside my point). Especially since the differentiation only applies to running RPs, which, to be honest, aren't probably all that often sought - the participants either have them bookmarked or are notified of new answers therein. Now, I'm not saying anything of it is wrong -- but it is too little. The OOC section of the roleplaying category contains no such rift. And mostly any "advanced" RP topic is bound to be flooded in the rest of activity happening there. I do not intend to insult anyone in any way by saying this, but a majority of the posts appearing in the RP section contain a mere few words and are directed towards the sessions with lower requirements. It is a good thing! RPing is a fantastic way to practice written language, develop imagination, maintain a healthy, intellectual hobby and tighten the bonds between users. But with such an influx of messages to the topics that might be outside the scope of interest of those looking for more, the threads that would potentially draw them may easily go unnoticed. I recognize that this may create a little friction. RPs deemed to be "advanced" enough to be moved to their own category may be looked upon as elitist, and some may find it unfair if their RP isn't accepted into the high-brow "club". It is an issue that would have to be addressed along with the requirements for admission and I'd love to hear others' opinions on the matter. c) Take out the trash tl;dr There are 79 pages of RP-related threads. I doubt 5% of them is in any way active. This one would potentially require a lot of work, or a clever implementation of code, but how about making the forming (i.e. not yet connected to a running RP) threads have an expiration date? That way, topics which have seen no traffic over the course of, say, two weeks would automatically be moved to some kind of archive. With the deadline drawing near, the author could refresh it, proving they're still active on the forums and interested in carrying out the RP -- it would also function as a "within the lines", officially-approved bumping tool. And as an effect, the entire category would be made that much more transparent, which if implemented along with proposition a) could perhaps make the entire b] point redundant. To avoid confusion: as I see it, the archived topics would still be easily accessible, especially to their creators, who could refresh their expiration date from there to automatically have them restored to the active section. 2. Open discussion: RP learning 101 AND a refining tool tl;dr Provide an option to learn by public discussion, concerning both the basic skills and the more advanced techniques involved. I applaud the initiative to help the inexperienced RPers along, implemented in the form of the Mentor program. As I have pointed (perhaps in a somewhat unclear manner) some time ago, it does not meet all the needs of teaching and training people in RPing. It is discreet, focused on the individual and tailored to their needs. And it's commendable. Its effects, however, are in no way accessible to anyone who would seek the same answers in the future and thus, there is no way to search for already-answered questions in order to avoid pointlessly asking them again. Furthermore, while some may enjoy the behind-closed-doors approach, others might appreciate hearing opinions of more than one person on the matter. Plus, by asking the right questions, the "newbies" could involuntarily work for the betterment of the more experienced players, forcing them to ponder certain aspects of their hobby. On a related note, I find it almost unbelievable that a forums of this volume and age has gone by without a topic for the discussion of RP "meta". Beyond the basic educational needs concerning RPing, there is a world of topics that could provoke interesting and worthwhile exchange of opinions and ideas. How do you handle a player character dying? What is your outlook towards rule-heavy vs description-based RPing? What is the acceptable ration of OC to NPC? Do you plan far ahead or let the RP flow as it will? This is just scraping the tip of an iceberg, and I'm surely not going to request a Mentor to discuss such things with, especially since I'd be more interested in hearing a variety of opinions from different people. Why did I not just start the topic myself? Well, I'm really not quite sure if the OOC section would be the best place for it. And since I was already going to write here, I decided I might as well avoid irritating somebody with building without permit. 3. For pony's sake tl;dr Really? This one is a really minor suggestion, but how about a "Pony" or "MLP" tag to differentiate the pony-related RPs from those focused elsewhere? The authors often forget to make it clear themselves, and it would often provide instant clarification when just browsing the OOC section. Because that's the extent to which I see it implemented: OOC. Once an RP is running, there is no need to encumber its title with a tag that by then is irrelevant. Honest congratulations and heartfelt thanks to each and any reader who made it through the entirety of this post. I eagerly await whatever response this might provoke, be it from fellow forum users or the moderating staff. Kind regards, Hederik. Edited in: P.S. "b" + ")" is not exactly the same as "B" + ")" and I find it ungrounded that it should produce the emoticon rendered as . Not that I have anything against the emoticon itself.
  20. Hello, my question is fairly simple to me: Is the Equestrian Empire section of the RP area like I think it is, or is it a place that is similar to Everfree Empire in the sense that the RP threads don't necessarily connect with each other?
  21. What would you do if you had to fight against discord 1 on 1? Ideal if it is lore friendly. But who cares.
  22. I'd really like at least somepony to read my practices of writing and give me insightful and constructive criticism to help me become a better RPer/writer. I'll try to keep it pony related, but sometimes, I'll be inspired to do something completely different. It really just depends of the day and how well I sleep/feel. I'll PM you a link to google document or if I get enough requests, (If I ever do) I'll post the link on the thread.
  23. I'm in the market for a nice Space Role-Play but I doubt one is forthcoming on this forum. (No disrespect to its subject matter.) Does anyone have any recommendations for sites to go for Roleplaying with spaceships and lasers and adventurey of that sort?
  24. I mean, let's assume I don't want to use MLPForums to Roleplay (Nothing personal), and wanted to invite he RPers to use Blogger instead, creating a shared blog. Could I create a sign-up on Roleplay World? Another thing: Anyone can create a blog on Blogger, you just need a Google Account, that is the thing everybody have -- or will need to have.
  25. So what do guys think, is he good looking enough?